6 resources that inspire a love of learning

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6 resources love of learning
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Finding the right resource for your homeschool at the right time is a breath of fresh air. It can feel like the missing link, the answer you’ve been looking for, the perfect fit as you enter a new season.

In our home this year, Trishna (10) and Jonathan (9) have moved solidly into a new period of learning, called Love of Learning Phase. (If the phases of learning are new to you, you can find an overview here.)

This new phase has come with increased interest in academics, and therefore, more work for this mama as I try to keep up with them!

Through that work, we’ve come across six resources that are currently working really well in our home. Here they are in case they might work for you, too.
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How to help your child learn to read

Written by contributor Jena Borah of Yarns of the Heart

My little guy was six years old and we had been casually talking about letters and their corresponding sounds. I put a phonics page on my refrigerator and used it as a guide to talk about letters and sounds over a box of cereal every morning.

A month or two later, we were at the library and he noticed a banner on the wall that said “Reading is magic!” It must have been Halloween time. He turned to me and said, “Yes, reading is magic,” and continued playing with the toy train.

What? Did you just read that?

Not every child learns to read as easily as Peter. My daughter was 10 before it started to make sense to her, but all children go through that first stage of learning their letters and sounds.

5 Simple Tips for Teaching Reading

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Curriculum Choices: 5 Phonics/Early Reading Options

(Disclosure: This post contains five popular reading resources. I haven’t used them myself, unless I share otherwise. This is not a paid review, and Simple Homeschool has not accepted any funds in exchange for this post.)

I don’t know about you, but the idea of teaching my children to read struck me as both thrilling and terrifying.

A process that sounded exciting and natural seemed more complicated as I walked the aisles of a homeschooling convention or browsed resources online.

There are so many choices, but how do you know what you really need to help your child?

I can’t pretend to have figured out all the answers, but here are five popular options that will hopefully make the selection process easier for those of you starting down the phonics and literacy road soon.
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