Weekend Giveaway: Oak Meadow

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I am especially happy to welcome you to this weekend’s giveaway as it is a resource and company that has enriched my family’s personal homeschool journey–Oak Meadow Curriculum and School.

Their uniquely creative curriculum includes:

·         Creative, artistic assignments for all learning styles
·         Lessons integrated across subject areas for added relevance
·         Flexible weekly lesson plans to accommodate travel, artistic and athletic pursuits
·         A choice of assignments to encourage meaningful student involvement
·         Adaptable for different grade levels in different subjects
·         Print-based and online alternatives

Oak Meadow’s philosophy of education is founded on the following principles of learning:

An Approach Built Upon Academic Standards

“We have thoroughly studied state standards nationwide and have effectively developed a curriculum that is in line with rigorous standards while maintaining our commitment to a creative, innovative, and child-centered education.

Involve the Whole Child

We believe that true education involves more than just the intellect — it engages and integrates every aspect of the child. Our curriculum includes assignments that ask children to read, write, and think, and also to paint, draw, play music, write poetry, and build things, encouraging balanced and healthy development.

Support the Natural Development of Children

An understanding of the developmental needs of children is the foundation of our curriculum. We are mindful of keeping subjects well grounded in a familiar reality for the young child, and we gradually introduce abstract concepts as the grades advance.

Adapt to Each Child’s Unique Learning Style

Our curriculum is written to accommodate visual, auditory, and physical learning styles and provides opportunities for all children to learn easily, successfully, and enjoyably.

Create a Caring, Supportive Relationship

Children are not simply empty vessels needing to be filled — they are intelligent, creative beings eager to express new questions and ideas. The key to encouraging this innate intelligence lies in creating a caring, supportive relationship.”

Oak Meadow offers curriculum packages for preschool through 12th Grade. They also have an accredited school program you can enroll in to receive full academic credit and support from an experienced teacher.

You can read my in-depth reviews of the curriculum packages for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade. I also recommend signing up for the free Oak Meadow newsletter called Living Education. The most recent edition featured a wealth of information about teaching writing at home.

Today’s winner will receive one complete Oak Meadow homeschooling curriculum package in your choice of grade K-8!

How to Win

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This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for entering!

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  7. Oak Meadow has made a wonderful difference in our lives. We enjoy the comprehensive curriculum and it really does teach the whole child.

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