Weekend Giveaway: Peace Hill Press

This giveaway has ended. Thanks for entering!

Today I have another Peace Hill Press giveaway heading your direction–this time for 4th grade!

Learn more about Peace Hill Press:

“Most educational presses are run by large, international companies. Not us. We’re a small company; we want to stay that way. When you call our office, you don’t get a phone tree; you get to talk to us directly.

Our books aren’t written by committee; they’re produced by a small group of dedicated, skilled writers who have training, experience, and (in most cases) multiple graduate degrees.

Our materials provide parents with a rare combination of academic rigor and ease of use. We are proud to say that our materials are the best books available for teaching history and language arts that we have seen. We’re also proud that as we come out with more and more products, they keep getting better and better.”

Today’s winner will receive the fourth grade essentials package (pictured above), which includes the following:

  • Story of the World Volume 4: The Modern Age
  • Story of the World Volume 4: Activity Book
  • Writing With Ease Instructor Text
  • Writing With Ease Workbook Level 4
  • First Language Lessons Level 4 Instructor Text
  • First Language Lessons Level 4 Student Workbook

How to Win

To be entered for a chance to win, simply leave a comment in the comment section below!

This giveaway has ended. Thanks for entering, and thanks to Peace Hill Press!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. I think I’m going to win!

  2. WOW!! That is a GREAT giveaway!! :)

  3. I’d love to win this! Thank you!

  4. I have used Story of the World for 2 years now and my kids love it! Thank you for your blog.

  5. I think I learn as much from The Story of the World as the kids do. Pure awesomeness.

  6. Leslie M.P. says:

    Thank you! This is a great giveaway!

  7. I would love this! Thanks!

  8. What an awesome giveaway! I can’t wait to see who wins!!

  9. Bethany glozier says:

    We love story of the world!

  10. My daughter will be in 4th grade next year and she would love these!

  11. I absolutely love Susan Wise Bauer’s materials. I’d love to win! Thanks for the opportunity. (I love your site, by the way. Thanks for all the homeschooling encouragement.)
    Jennifer@SurprisingJoy’s latest post: Please Pass the Kleenex

  12. Great Giveaway!

  13. My daughter will be in 4th grade next year. This would be a wonderful gift since we’ve used many of the Press Hill Press books and have yet to purchase for 4th grade. Thank you for giving away such a wonderful set! Anyone who receives it will be blessed!

  14. We are using Story of the World and love it. It’s our favorite. Thank you!

  15. Kathy Newsom says:

    This would be perfect for my 9 year old daughter — and my 7 year old son in a couple of years! They are currently doing the Story of the World – 1 together and really enjoying it. Me too!

  16. Katie Sattelberg says:

    My son will be in 4th grade next year and I have always wanted to try your books. What a great way to start. I hope I win.

  17. I’d like to be entered. Thanks.

  18. Oh, this is exactly what I was looking for, for next year!!
    Kirsten’s latest post: Happy St Valentines Day!

  19. My son will be in fourth grade next year! Pick me!!! 😉

  20. I would love to win! That is the perfect level for my girls ages. :)

  21. We love The Well Trained Mind and would live to win this.

  22. Great giveaway
    Lynsey lindsay’s latest post: Weekly wrap up

  23. I’d love this for my niece.
    Melissa D’s latest post: Working- working- working

  24. Pick me please!

  25. I have twins going into the fourth grade! Great curriculum! Great giveaway!

  26. I was recently introduced to this website by a friend and I have been so encouraged by the content and just general help I find here. Thanks!

  27. we have used story of the world this year and hope to continue the series! thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Wow, what a generous package!
    Rachel’s latest post: Still Here

  29. thank you for this chance to win!

  30. This is great. I’ll have a 4rth grader next year.

  31. Would love, love, love to win this! I have a budding 4th grader in another year, with 3 more boys to follow after him. Could put this to good use :)
    Abby’s latest post: He first loved us

  32. What a great give away!

  33. Stefani M. says:

    Oooh, these would be very helpful. My daughter loves reading her SOTW!

  34. Thanks for offering. Love SOTW!

  35. Oooo, I would love to win this! We love Peace Hill Press! Thanks for a great giveaway!!
    Carrie’s latest post: Tasting Spring

  36. My sons and I would love these books! Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  37. I think the universe is speaking…My daughter will be in 4th grade next year and everyday I’m online investigating homeschooling. I really have my fingers crossed.

  38. Wow! Thanks!

  39. Enter me please!

  40. This is a great resource that I would love for my kids to have..thanks for giving me the opportunity to win : )

  41. I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  42. Our family would appreciate this. Thanks for the chance.

  43. Wow, sounds like a great giveaway.

  44. Great giveaway!!

  45. Sonya Lydford says:

    My older daughter has read Story of the World and is enjoying it immensely. I have three children under the age of 4th grade and I know the three older children would read the 4th grade Story of the World as well. Great offer. I’d like to get more acquainted with what you offer. So far, I like what I’ve seen.

  46. This would be super!
    Nichole’s latest post: Our homeschool hits the road

  47. This is really a nice giveaway! I would appreciate, so very much, these resources in our homeschool!

  48. Courtney Otto says:

    We use all Peace Hill Press curriculum and love it, especially story of the world!

  49. We LOVE Story of the world!! If I won, I’d be the happiest mama on earth!
    KYNDALE’s latest post: love- february 18

  50. I would so love to win this!