Weekend Giveaway: Peace Hill Press

This giveaway has ended and the winner has been contacted via email. Thanks for entering!

Welcome to today’s weekend giveaway, brought to you by Peace Hill Press.

Learn more about Peace Hill Press:

“Most educational presses are run by large, international companies. Not us. We’re a small company; we want to stay that way. When you call our office, you don’t get a phone tree; you get to talk to us directly.

Our books aren’t written by committee; they’re produced by a small group of dedicated, skilled writers who have training, experience, and (in most cases) multiple graduate degrees.

Our materials provide parents with a rare combination of academic rigor and ease of use. We are proud to say that our materials are the best books available for teaching history and language arts that we have seen. We’re also proud that as we come out with more and more products, they keep getting better and better.”

Today’s winner will receive a two year Language Arts combo for writing and grammar (pictured above), which includes the following:

  • Writing With Ease Instructor Text
  • Writing With Ease Workbook Level 1
  • Writing With Ease Workbook Level 2
  • First Language Lessons Level 1
  • First Language Lessons Level 2
  • First Language Lessons Audio Companion for Levels 1 & 2

How to Win

To be entered for a chance to win, simply leave a comment in the comment section below!

This giveaway has ended and the winner has been contacted via email. Thanks for entering, and thanks to Peace Hill Press!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She is the co-founder and editor of Simple Homeschool, where she writes about mindful parenting, intentional education, and the joy found in a pile of books. Jamie is also the author of a handful of titles, including her newest release, Give Your Child the World.


  1. Wow! This is an awesome giveaway!
    Nikki’s latest post: 5 Question Friday

  2. Wow, I really need this!

  3. Please enter me–what a great giveaway!

  4. I would LOVE this for my oldest son!
    Sarah @ OneStarryNight’s latest post: Create a Facebook Landing Page Using iFrames

  5. Great resources!

  6. Amanda Babcock says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my! What a lovely giveaway!! I have a handful of sweet ones that would benefit greatly from something like this!!

  7. I would so love to win this, please enter me.

  8. sounds lovely–thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Just found your blog and I love it! You are so encouraging. I’m in my second year of homeschooling. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I’ve been wanted to teach writing and language lessons! This is my first year teaching so I need all the help I can get! πŸ™‚

  11. I’ve been wanting to teach writing and language lessons! This is my first year teaching so I need all the help I can get! πŸ™‚

  12. Oh, this is fabulous! I’ve been spending the past couple months looking for a new Language Arts program for my kids (1st and 2nd grades) – how great would this be!! =)

  13. This is exactly what I’m thinking of for next year!

  14. This would be great for my daughter!

  15. ooooo I’d love to win this one πŸ™‚

  16. Oh, wow! Another great Peace Hill giveaway! This set looks fantastic. Thank you for this opportunity!
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  17. Hopefully this is easier than winning the lottery.
    Mindy’s latest post: More thoughts about reading

  18. i’ve just started homeschooling my kids. but i’m afraid that i can’t give them what they should get. This is just the thing that could help us. πŸ™‚

  19. WOW! What a great chance at improving our homeschooling for next year! LOVE IT!!! πŸ™‚

  20. As everyone else has said, wow! What a great giveaway!

  21. Shawna Barr says:

    What a great offer! I LOVE Peace Hill Press!

  22. This would really get our first year of homeschooling next year off to a good start!!

  23. We are starting homeschooling this fall and this would help make it a great start.

  24. We are about to start homeschooling our kids and this would be so helpful. Thank you!

  25. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Cynthia’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday- Nostalgia

  26. Love your blog and website! Would love to win some great resources. Thank you!

  27. I would absolutely LOVE to win these!!!!

  28. Thanks for the opportunity! These would be great.
    andie’s latest post: about the hiatus in posts

  29. Thanks for the chance!!!

  30. Stephanie says:

    Would really LOVE to win this!!! Thanks for having a give away!

  31. Veronica says:

    This would be an amazing gift!

  32. I am currently looking for our level 1 language program and this would be great

  33. Wow! Sign me up! πŸ™‚

  34. would love to win these! my daughter is not so keen on the ones we tried so far

  35. We are loving our way through the story of the world… and would love, love, love to try the writing…

  36. TerriAnn says:

    need this! great giveaway!

  37. Elizabeth says:

    These are on my list to check out at convention this month. They look so good. Thanks.

  38. I would love to win! We love PHP! πŸ™‚

  39. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  40. I’d love to win this curriculum. πŸ™‚

  41. Jessica B says:

    This would be great to win!

  42. Martha Mason says:

    would love to win these resources πŸ™‚

  43. Allie Stryd says:

    Pick me!! Pick me!! We want these books!! πŸ™‚

  44. What a wonderful giveaway! This would be just perfect for our family!

  45. Awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  46. This is a really great offer!

  47. Been using WTM ideas for years now, but always wondered about this LA curriculum, would love to try it out. TIA.

  48. Katie Campbell says:

    We have loved everything we’ve tried from Peace Hill Press so far. Thanks for the opportunity to try more!

  49. oh my goodness, i would LOVE to win this! i will probably wind up buying all these things anyway — please pick me! πŸ™‚

  50. Wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  51. We would love using these. My oldest will be in year 1 in the fall!

  52. We love PHP!!!!

  53. Just starting homeschool, this would be great to win!
    sherri’s latest post: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

  54. Would love these books for the fall!

  55. What a great giveaway!

  56. How perfect that you are giving this away as I was up late last night google’ing First Language Lessons after it was recommended by a friend. Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  57. Oh, this is on my wish list for next year’s curriculum! I would so love to win this for my boy.
    Sarah b.b.’s latest post: Sugar Body Scrub

  58. Jennifer says:

    I used the older First Language Lessons with my oldest son, who has a form of autism, and we loved it! It was a nice mix of gentle grammar and narration. I would love to win this for my second son! He will be starting it come July.
    Absolutelly love Peace Hill Press!


  59. What a great give away – we love SOTW but haven’t used any PHP LA books.

  60. These would be great to try out.
    Rosemarie’s latest post: Williams Gift

  61. Sounds perfect since I’m starting to homeschool my 1st grader in the fall! I hope I win!!
    Kristin S.’s latest post: Booking It &amp An Exciting Update About the Fall!!

  62. These would be so wonderful for my little student this fall! Crossing my fingers…!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: This Moment

  63. I’d love to win this set!

  64. Chelsey LeCompte says:

    I was just looking into Peace Hill Press and the curriculum they offer, this would be great to win!!

  65. I would love to win these! Thanks for the chance!

  66. Wow, what a great set of books!

  67. Oh, these would be so wonderful for two of my little guys! We use the history they publish. We love it!

  68. We’d love these for our three gals! I am going to check into them either way for our curriculum next year!
    Elizabeth’s latest post: Expectations

  69. Natalie E. says:

    I would love to win this!

  70. such a great giveaway. maybe this one will break my losing streak…
    kate o.’s latest post: from cabbage to coffee

  71. Courtney says:

    Love PHP!

  72. marta suarez says:

    I think these giveaways are wonderful ways of exposing the readers to different products that may be available to them. I had never heard of this company, but now am glad to have more sources as we start homeschooling this summer.

  73. I would love, Love, LOVE to have these on my curriculum shelf. Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. Wow, I was just planning to purchase these for my son! Winning them would be wonderful.

  75. Oh, this would be perfect, I have a son starting 1st grade this fall! Thanks!

  76. Would love it for my son!

  77. Liz Gerstung says:

    These are great books!

  78. This would be such a great help to us! Thanks for putting this up

  79. These would be great. I’ve eyed some of the items for a while.

  80. I have decided to use First Language Lessons with my son for our first year of homeschooling! I would love to win this give-away!!! Love this blog…lots of good, inspiring stuff for homeschooling families. Thank you!

  81. Samantha says:

    I would love to win this!

  82. Julie Capp says:

    Another great giveaway, crossing my fingers!!!

  83. These would be so helpful! Thanks for the chance!

  84. We would love to use these in our homeschool! I have been going back and forth looking at writing curriculum, etc.
    Margarete’s latest post: Lesson 6

  85. This is my favorite homeschool blog, and I’m just now steeping myself in The Well-Trained Mind. Thanks for sharing all the information you do …
    Glory’s latest post: approaches to education- curriculum

  86. nikiyamcd says:

    What great material!

  87. A fantastic giveaway! Very exciting πŸ™‚

  88. I love Peace Hill Material and have a few items, but would love to get a complete set. My daughter is starting 1st grade next year and I have two other children close behind. I’ve been so excited about there material that I have told many other homeschooling moms about it. Thanks for the opportunity and I love your blog.

  89. Jennifer says:

    We would love these texts!

  90. Jennifer says:

    This would be a great way to start our homechool journey!

  91. lisa thompsom says:

    These would be wonderful to use with my son. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  92. I have been using First and intermediate Langugae lessons for many years . My sons have benefited greatly from these wonderful books. The ones I have are tattered and worn with stained and creased pages. I would love to win this for the next set of kids ready to use them.

    Thank you.

  93. My family and I love Peace Hill Press products especially the SOTW books and audio cd’s. I hope we win!

  94. These books would be great to have for the Fall.

  95. I have been using First Language lessons for many years . My sons have benefited greatly from these wonderful books. The ones I have are tattered and worn with stained and creased pages. I would love to win this for the next set of kids ready to use them.

    Thank you.

  96. Will be back at homeschooling next year and would LOVE these awesome items!

  97. I would love to win this! We are just beginning to homeschool next school year and this would be so helpful!

  98. I really enjoy reading the blog and am looking forward to homeschooling my three!

  99. jettie tolbert says:

    never heard of them but sounds awsome will be looking into them for next year

  100. I was wanting to try these for the upcoming year.

  101. MichelleH says:

    What a great giveaway. We homeschool and would love to win this.

  102. LegoMommy says:

    We love PHP!

  103. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

  104. This would be AWESOME for my kids…I have a first grader, kindergartner, and 2 year old…they would get a LOT of use!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. I sure would like to win this giveaway!! Thank you!

  106. Yes, please! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!
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  107. Hoping to win this great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  108. This would be a great asset. Thanks.

  109. Jennifer says:

    I would love to have this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  110. I looked into these books after someone recommended them for children who have attention and sensory issues — they are gentle yet thorough in their presentation. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!

  111. Wonderful giveaway!
    Julie’s latest post: Pioneer Unit

  112. Marcie Tenk says:

    What an amazing giveaway! We would love this!

  113. We are new to this and would love the opportunity to learn more about this curriculum. I will spend some time exploring their website.

  114. What a great package! We would love to use these. Thanks for making it available.

  115. I love PHP!

  116. What a wonderful giveaway!

  117. What a great giveaway! I am currently working through The Well Edcated Mind with my high school aged child. I would love to use Peace Hill Press language arts curricula with my younger children.

  118. I think this would be a nice learning tool. Great give away!
    Rana’s latest post: This Moment

  119. I would LOVE to win this!

  120. TeressaN says:

    What a good giveaway.

  121. greengardeninggirl says:

    A great package. Hope to win this for my little ones.

  122. I’ve been enjoying using The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, and am intrigued by these resources as my kids get older!

  123. We love the Peace Hill Press!
    Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith’s latest post: 7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 32

  124. We plan to use WWE/FLL for my 1st grader next year. This would be great to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  125. Rebecca B. Hill says:

    I am considering changing our current curriculum and am happy to be made aware of this one!

  126. Danielle C says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  127. We’re new to homeschooling this year but have 3 little kids. I’d be so interested in just trying out a curriculum to see how it fits our family. T

  128. I have just become aware of php…. this is a great giveaway! Thank you for offering it

  129. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for offering this!

  130. I so love this site and the weekend givaways!! Would love a chance to use this curriculum πŸ™‚

  131. Perfect timing. I’m in the middle of reading the WTM right now and determining our needs for this next year. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  132. We love, love, love Peace Hill Press. It is so great to know that they will always be there putting out quality products. Thank you for doing what you do!

  133. Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. Beth Bush says:

    Such great looking curriculum! I have been eyeing these materials for some time now, and they would be a great addition to our new little home school.

  135. We’d love to win! Thanks!
    Randa Clay’s latest post: Free Phonics Roundup

  136. We don’t generally use a curriculum, nor have we ever used this publisher. I’d love to try it out as I feel my boys need something different. And I just like the picture of the turtle… πŸ™‚

  137. I love anything from Peace Hill Press! I’m starting to homeschool this fall and plan to use this curriculum.

  138. Would love to win this! Living in a non-English speaking country, I plan to homeschool my kids for language arts (unfortuantely, the local laws don’t allow for complete homeschooling, although I would love to).

  139. Love this!

  140. We have been looking at these books at the homeschool conferences. What a great giveaway – thanks!

  141. This looks awesome & would be great for my struggling writer! Fingers crossed:)

  142. I was just looking at this curriculum online the other day. What a great giveaway!

  143. This is wonderful, thank you for the chance! This is what we’ve decided to use for next year!

  144. Melissa Combs says:

    It would be awesome to have these books for my sons!! What a great giveaway!

  145. Hoping to win! Two boys learning at home, using SOTW already, but looking to buy WWE and FLL.

  146. Jolene in Michigan says:

    I am planning to begin homeschooling my 5th grader, 1st grader, and pre-schooler this summer. I need all the help I can get! πŸ™‚

  147. Sarah J. says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  148. looking at curriculum for next year – I would love these!!!

  149. Would love to win these great resources!

  150. Marianne says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  151. I would so love to win this – I love their materials!
    Roxy Schow’s latest post: one of those days

  152. I would love a chance to win for my up and coming first grader! Thanks!
    Sophie’s latest post: Climbing Up Through the Treehouse

  153. We are just beginning our homeschool journey, so I’d love some resources!
    Jess’s latest post: I am Complete

  154. Would love to try Peace Hill Press, I certainly enjoyed reading their books!
    Anastasia @ Eco-Babyz’s latest post: Ice Pop Joy Book Review &amp Giveaway 2 winners!

  155. wow! wonderful giveaway!
    thanks for the chance!
    happy weekending!

  156. I love Peace Hill Press!

  157. Melanie Macpetrie says:

    What a great give away, thank you. I would love to win this for our next year studies.

  158. Cheers to Jessie Wise and Susan Bauer! Love their books.

  159. We are just beginning our homeschool journey this fall and this would be such a blessing. Thanks for the chance!

  160. Pick me!

  161. Summer Davidson says:

    We use the Story of the World Series from Peace Hill Press. I’ve been wanting to try First Language Lessons and Writing with Ease. These would be great for my 6 year old.

  162. Thank you for this opportunity! We appreciate it.

  163. Oh we would LOVE these! What a great giveaway! Thank you!!!
    Gabby’s latest post: Giveaway – Chuggington Chuggers to the Rescue!

  164. Love Peace Hill Press. These would be perfect for our homeschool.

  165. I love, love, love these materials!
    Nicole’s latest post: Weekly Wrap Up- The Second Appreciation

  166. Would love these! Looking for a new LA program!

  167. Thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway!

  168. These would be a great head start on curriculum buying for us.

  169. Looks like great stuff. This is a new site for me!

  170. I’ve homeschooled my 8 kids; now I’m ready to use something different for my first grade grandson next year! This series would fit the bill beautifully!

  171. Amy Belville says:

    Good stuff! We love PHP!

  172. This is me putting my name in the hat. Good luck, everyone!

  173. Excited to try these materials!!!

  174. Love them! Thanks so much!

  175. Would love to win!

  176. I have been looking for a new language arts curriculum. This just might be the one I need!
    Joy’s latest post: Multitude Monday- Blessings 336-340

  177. I would love to win theese! I have an upcoming 1st grader and have been searching for a good language arts program. Even if I don’t win I think I will have to order this for next year! Thanks for sharing great homeschool info with us!

  178. Michelle Disney says:

    Oh yes please!

  179. Gayla Corsentino says:

    Thanks for this great give away!

  180. Fantastic! You guys are great! πŸ™‚

  181. I *love* PHP and would *love* to win this!

  182. Can’t go worng with PHP stuff. Year 7 and we are still using it!

  183. This would be the perfect package for us! *Love* your program!!!

  184. I’d love to win this!!! Love reading your posts — they’re such an encouragement!

  185. I have just returned to my classical roots and would love to win this. I’m trying to budget to buy it all now. πŸ™‚

  186. Pick me! Pick me!
    Jennifer@SurprisingJoy’s latest post: Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face

  187. Would love to have!

  188. We would love to try these out!

  189. I could really use these for my son! Thanks for the chance to win.

  190. Great resources! We would love to have them for our early readers, too!

  191. Thanks for offering another giveaway!

  192. These are on my wish list for my two first graders! I would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  193. I would love to win this! Just in time.
    rachel fee-prince’s latest post: Salt

  194. I would love to win this! I have been wanting all of these things!! Love your blog, too. I am learning so much from you. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  195. rebecca carter says:

    wonderful giveaway

  196. amanda beavers says:

    Me please. I love this to be a part of our studies.

  197. These are really great resources – thanks for the chance!

  198. I would LoVe to win this set! We will begin homeschooling this year and I would love to use Peace HIll Press as a resource!

  199. Oh that would be so awesome to win this. I am starting to homeschool this fall and was going to use language lessons and hadn’t decided on a handwritting curriculum yet! Fabulous!

  200. I love your stuff and I hope I win!

  201. What a great giveaway! We love their curriculum.

  202. Stacey Bray says:

    We love Peace Hill Press!! Would love the chance to win this package. Thanks so very much!

  203. Capt Uhura says:

    Susan Wise Bauer’s products have been a perfect fit for my family. My oldest is mid-way through WWE4, my middle is mid-way through WWE3, and look forward to the time when my youngest starts WWE1.

  204. Here’s my comment to enter! I would enjoy these books, these would be great for teaching my daughter. I’m new to homeschooling her so these would be wonderful! Thanks for having this πŸ™‚
    Ashley’s latest post: The Business of Being Born DVD Review

  205. Such a fantastic curriculum…and perfect timing for my daughter. Thanks very much for the chance at this giveaway!!

  206. I would love to try this! Great giveaway!

  207. I soooo want to win this! Thanks for the chance!
    Megan’s latest post: Todays Calendar of Events-Event Calendar Function temporarily disabled-please use this listing!!

  208. Ahh… This would be awesome! Thanks!
    Jessica’s latest post: Doctors Office Tranquility

  209. We have been trying to find a good curriculum for LA … What a blessing to find Peace Hill Press, and just think if I won! πŸ™‚

  210. I love Peace Hill Press material – what a wonderful giveaway. Thanks so much.

  211. Would love to win this!
    Krissa’s latest post: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller Giveaway

  212. Oooh! This is on our list to buy next. We are on lesson 23 of First Language Lessons and my 6 year old son loves it. My 3 year old has memorized the definition of a noun and 2 poems along with him! What a blessing this would be to win the rest of the of the set and give away the extra copy of First Language Lessons at our co-op. Thanks for the chance!

  213. what a wonderful giveaway!

  214. nopinkhere says:

    I’ve heard such good things about Writing with Ease it would be neat to have it!

  215. Thanks for the give away. I would love to win!
    Amy-Cutting Coupons in KC’s latest post: FREE Tree from Lowes Earth Day Celebration

  216. Sue Klingseis says:

    I would love to win this giveaway!

  217. Jennifer Jones says:

    Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for offering this!

  218. I would love to win.
    Jamie’s latest post: the kindness of discipline

  219. What a wonderful giveaway!

  220. would love to win this!

  221. Great curriculum — thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  222. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  223. I would love to win this!!!!

  224. Tamara C says:

    We are relatively new to homeschooling and this curricullum looks great!

  225. I’m just getting started homeschooling and would love to win!

  226. what a great win!

  227. Great curriculum; great giveaway.

  228. Andrea S. says:

    This sounds awesome! Would love great material to teach writing.

  229. Michelle says:

    We are planning to use these books for our Language Arts curriculum–great giveaway!

  230. Peace Hill Press has great material.

  231. I would love to win this curriculum!

  232. Our family (even the adults) love Story of the World and I have heard great things about the other items from Peace Hill Press and would love to try them.
    Jen’s latest post: Words coming soon…

  233. Would love to win this! Planning to use this curriculum next year already.

  234. This sounds wonderful

  235. I would love to win this package.

  236. Rebecca Mettee-Carter says:

    Great giveaway!

  237. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! We have used many Peace Hill Press publications and like them!
    Tiffani’s latest post: Down on the farmSpring edition

  238. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  239. I would love to win these, and perfect timing. DD is set to start FLL and WWE in just a couple months. πŸ™‚

  240. Christine says:

    I would like to win!

  241. Would love to try this curriculum out!
    Ivy Mae’s latest post: Mastermind

  242. Michaele says:

    I am glad you e-mail. There are so many sites out there clamoring for our attention that one may stumble upon (while going seemingly in circles) – easily forgotten unless they have an avenue for speaking up and raising their hands and saying “I”m here!” Until I read the comments I was unaware that SOTW was related to this curriculum. This I will have to explore further. I would enjoy exploring this curriculum further if I win.

  243. Love this stuff…would be a great addition.
    Kim C.’s latest post: Kid 3

  244. Thank you for posting the contest!

  245. We’ve used several books from Peace Hill Press and have loved them all!

  246. Elizabeth Beer says:

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  247. Thanks for the give-away!
    Kirsten H’s latest post: My 2010 Menu Analysis

  248. What a great giveaway! We’d love to win.

  249. My 4 boys and I use Peace Hill Press curriculum in our homeschool. Would love to win this package πŸ™‚
    Abby’s latest post: Mirroring the Heart of the Father

  250. LOVE Peace Hill Press!! Would love to win this one! πŸ˜‰

  251. Ohhh this sounds good and would be great encouragement for our busy family. Thanks for sharing about this! (I also do book reviews and would certainly share about it if we used it on my blog)
    Loni’s latest post: Book Review &amp GIVEAWAY- Beside Still Waters by Tricia Goyer

  252. Thank you for this opportunity! I have been using Peace Hill Press products for the past 10 years, and I have been very pleased with everything I have purchased from them. Thank you!

  253. Thanks for the great giveaway. We currently homeschool using the WTM as our reference point. It is such a great fit for all of our children. These books would certainly help as we purchase our books for this year πŸ™‚

  254. I would love this for next year!!

  255. I’d love to try these.

  256. Meredith says:

    Oh how I love Peace Hill Press

  257. Great Giveaway!

  258. Jessica Jones says:

    I’l love to receive these books!

  259. I love Peace Hill Press stuff!

  260. I have only just found Simple Homeschool and am interested in Peace Hill. I loved what I saw in the sample. i am pretty new to home schooling and would love to see more of your products! Thanks for the chance to win.

  261. I just ordered the first language lessons to use with my first grader next year. Would be nice to have the entire set! πŸ™‚

  262. What a great giveaway! I’d love a jump start on our materials for next year!

  263. I would love to use these – after hearing so much about them.
    Heather’s latest post: Wings in the Forest-A Garden Chronicle for 2011 entry 5

  264. I love this curriculum!

  265. I’d love to win this!

  266. I already use this for my older boys, and have a first grader coming up next fall. Perfect!
    Kris’s latest post: Thunderbolts

  267. Katherine says:

    Please enter me into your contest. these books look great, and would be a welcome addition to our homeschool.

  268. I am starting our home education with my 4 and 3 year olds. These would be great resources for our future studies!
    Marni’s latest post: Wool Diaper Cover in Bright Pink- Purple- Orange and Brown Stripes- size small- recycled wool

  269. I love these!

  270. Dawn Land says:

    Please enter me into your contest. I’d love to use this with my daughter next year!

  271. would LOVE to win! love what i have of yours and would love to add more to our growing collection. πŸ™‚

  272. Amazing giveaway! Am going to start homeschooling my 1st grader in the fall and would love this!

  273. Germaine says:

    This would be a wonderful addition to our curriculum starting right away!

  274. PinkInTheBlue says:

    We absolutely love PHP products in our house. I’m so happy to see you supporting and encouraging them also. We gave away our learning reader PHP items when our older boys outgrew them because…no more kids. Uh oh! Now we have a 4 year old ready to learn and I’m SO happy to see PHP with so many more pieces we can use.

    Great blog!

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    love this website – what a great way to try new curriculum materials

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  283. Courtney says:

    I am a 1st-year homeschooler and this site has been so encouraging and helpful! These are the EXACT materials I was hoping to use next year… hope to win.

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  285. Courtney says:

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