A chance to share YOUR homeschool day in the life (& weekend links)

weekend links
With all the snow we’ve been having, there’s been quite a lot of weather study going on!

A quick invitation today before weekend links:

Have you enjoyed our 4th annual homeschool day in the life series? I’ve loved it, and now I’d love for you to join us!


Feel free to write your own homeschool day in the life post this week on your blog. Then come by here next Friday, February 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day!) and share your link so we can check out and read about each other’s days.

Don’t have a blog? No worries, you can always leave a comment and tell us about your day, too. See you Friday!

Now on to our weekend links:

lavender's blue 1

The winner of this weekend’s giveaway by Lavender’s Blue Homeschool is Nikki – congratulations!

If you didn’t win, remember you can still use the code “VALENTINES” to get 20% off the Lavender’s Blue Homeschool kindergarten curriculum. Offer expires February 14th, 2014.

“In those days a boy on the classical side officially did almost nothing but classics. I think this was wise; the greatest service we can do to education today is to teach few subjects. No one has time to do more than a very few things well before he is twenty, and when we force a boy to be a mediocrity in a dozen subjects we destroy his standards, perhaps for life.”
~ C.S. Lewis


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Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She is the co-founder and editor of Simple Homeschool, where she writes about mindful parenting, intentional education, and the joy found in a pile of books. Jamie is also the author of a handful of titles, including her newest release, Give Your Child the World.

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