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“Education seems to be in America the only commodity of which the customer tries to get as little as he can for his money.” ~ Max Leon Forman

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  1. The quote this week made me smile so much, because of a well loved college English professor. At the beginning of every semester he would encourage everyone not to skip any classes in a unique manner. He would describe a scenario where you were grocery shopping and had checked out all of your items but suddenly decided that you didn’t want the peanut butter you had already paid for and no one could make you take it. His voice loudly proclaiming, “You can’t make me take the peanut butter,” still rings in my head years later. :)
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  2. Hi,

    For a multi-cultural classroom, my novel “Goodbye Tchaikovsky” would be an added plus. It’s about a tween violinist losing his hearing. Check it out at

    I have 28 years of classroom experience leaving my 6th grade assignment due to a severe hearing loss. Imagine not being able to understand your students? If you need free advice from a gifted teacher, feel free to ask.

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