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A Mom & Dad Homeschool Team

Written by contributor Heather Bruggeman of beauty that moves

The last few months have been wild and crazy for our family. We’re selling one house and moved to another during the height of the holiday season, my work has picked up almost overnight to a beyond full time pace, my father is in the fight of his life health-wise and he happens to be (sort of stuck) more than 1,800 miles from his home. Oh yeah, and we homeschool.

I nodded all the way through Hillary’s post last week about collaborative homeschooling, as this is the very topic I was hoping to write about this month too. It’s really all I could share with you because without it, I don’t think we’d have a homeschool right now!

Feeling the shock and stress of my father’s illness combined with a wonderful but high volume of work, homeschool, and domestic responsibilities, I wanted to throw in all towels. Things seemed to blow up overnight! Life was nothing like this just a few months ago, but that’s how it goes and we need to roll with it.

On all fronts it was clear that these new time constraints weren’t going away anytime soon, be it the worried heart or the very full work calendar. I  looked at my husband one day about six weeks ago and basically said “I can’t do it anymore!” Without taking a single breath he replied, “Okay, I’m in. I’ll take over everything you don’t want or have time to do. Give me a list.”

And just like that, our mom and dad homeschool team was born.
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Join me over at Simple Mom!

Today I’m hanging out over at Simple Mom, and I hope you’ll come visit!

Tsh recently interviewed me about my new e-book, Mindset for Moms, and she asked some interesting questions:

  • Mindset for Moms is all about changing our thinking, not changing our circumstances. Why is this so important for moms?
  • Give me an example of when changing your own mindset changed your attitude.
  • What was the book writing experience like? How long did it take you to write it and what was your daily routine?

I’m also giving away 10 PDF copies of the book–head over to Simple Mom to read the interview and leave a comment to enter!

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Stepping Out of the Silo: Collaborative Homeschooling for the Whole Family

Are you homeschooling in a silo? Maybe you’re shouldering the full responsibility of homeschooling your child or maybe your family hasn’t found a homeschool community that works for you.

It’s easy to get stuck in rhythms that aren’t quite right, but it’s difficult to see what needs to change. We can become blinded by our own processes and begin to operate within a silo without realizing it.

We cruise the same online haunts for inspiration, we introduce ideas and lessons with the same techniques over and over, and we forget that our way isn’t the only way.

Making conscious efforts to collaborate with our partners, extended family and our communities can help keep our families happy and healthy and our homeschooling efforts innovative and fresh.
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Teaching Young Kids to Clean

Teaching young kids to clean
Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and founder of Steady Mom

A few weeks ago I confessed that the once-a-month cleaning system I had used for a while was no longer working for me. I mentioned that I wanted to find and implement a method that would allow my children (ages six, seven, & eight) to help with more in-depth chores.

Before I share the exact how-to’s of our new system, let’s discuss some good criteria for developing a plan to get your young kids involved in home care.

I wanted the cleaning strategy I came up with to adhere to the following four ideas.
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