5 fantasy worlds your kids will love

The following is a guest post by Corinne Jacob of Alternate Tutelage.

I started reading Harry Potter at around the time the third book was released; it was the first one I read, and remains my favorite to this day.

By the time the seventh book was out, my entire family was hooked.

We waited eagerly for its release and bought our copy almost the day it was out, my father getting to it first. My younger brother started on it the minute he got back from school, while I could only begin reading once I got home from college.

There was only one copy of the book, and none of us was willing to wait for the others to finish with the seven hundred-plus pages. The solution?

All of us read it at once. Each of us twisted into weird contortions holding open the chapter we were on, trying not to disturb our fellow readers who were on different chapters.

The L-shaped sofa helped.
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Homeschool inspiration: The homegrown pumpkins edition

homeschool inspiration

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support of this site! We rather unsuccessfully grew pumpkins this year for the first time! (Can't take credit for the big one, sadly.) Not too much of a result, but at least I got a pretty … [Continue reading]

3 ways simplifying might save your sanity

Three ways simplifying might save your sanity

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Giveaway: $100 package from Great Homeschool Conventions

Great Homeschool Conventions giveaway

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The 5 love languages of homeschooling

The 5 love languages of homeschooling

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