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On why I chose homeschooling

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because the kids waiting at the bus stop down the street, laden with heavy backpacks, seemed so little

* because it didn’t feel right for my children to be away from me more of their waking hours than they were with me

* because I’m a better mom at the beginning of the day than at the end of it

* because my daughter had spent four years of her life in an institution, and I didn’t want to send her to another one
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Weekend links

“Authority is just and faithful in all matters of promise-keeping; it is also considerate, and that is why a good mother is the best home-ruler.” ~ Charlotte Mason

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6 things I love about homeschooling

This post was written by contributing writer Kris Bales of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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Most homeschooling days are good. Some are great. And, some…well, some are just hard.

On those really hard days, it can help to remember all the things you love about homeschooling. Except, some days the things you love can be difficult to remember. A while back, Jamie wrote about the five things she loves about homeschooling.

I thought I might need a list of my own – for the hard days.

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Finding your inner calm

Contributor Amida writes for Journey Into Unschooling.

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After almost a decade of use, we finally chucked our old phones and upgraded to a new cordless set. It is nothing exceptional save for one new feature: the intercom. We live in a two story house and had spent many a time yelling up and down the stairs to whomever is on the other level.

Now, with this new phone, I jokingly remind the kids that, rather than screaming for someone to turn on the printer or come to dinner or what have you, they ought to find their “intercom” and speak calmly and in a more tolerable volume.

The funny thing is this little joke has leaked into other areas of our lives and has become a sort of motto: don’t stress, find your inner calm.
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Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and writer at Steady Mom

I‘m excited!

Excited because a big part of my personal mission in life is to encourage and inspire. Another part is to spread a message of freedom–and today I get the chance to do all of the above!

It’s launch-date for my newest ebook–Secrets of a Successful Homeschool Mom: A Manifesto of Freedom and Joy in Home Learning.
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