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Extroverts homeschooling introverts (or the I’m going to lose it if we don’t leave the house soon post)

Written by contributor Hillary Boucher

I must have been around 15  years old when my parents told me that I could pick one weekend night to spend socializing with my friends, but the other would be spent home with my family. This parental declaration was met with dramatic tears and a larger than life teenage tantrum.

Looking back, my reaction may have been on the dramatic side, but it exemplifies what a big deal it was to me. Connecting with my friends and socializing was not only important to me, it actually helped me live a healthier and happier life. And it still does.

You guessed it — I’m an extrovert.
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When home is school

the great balancing act
Written by contributor Jena of Yarns of the Heart

We all know the feeling, right? School schedules versus family time. Housework versus textbooks. Who wins? Who should win? After homeschooling three kids to high school graduation, here are my thoughts on the subject.

#1 Life is learning.

Try to look at daily life as full of learning opportunities. Going to the grocery store is vocabulary instruction (what is a pomegranate?) and a math lesson (how much is this item per ounce?). It’s also economics (let’s stay within our budget). Here’s a link to free resources dealing with a trip to the grocery store.

Any routine family activity involves learning. Just let your kids in on your thinking processes. Why are we doing this? How can we do it more efficiently, more economically? You’ll be amazed at what they discover.
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Introverts homeschooling introverts (or the let’s just stay home in our pajamas post)

gifts to offer your introverted child ~SimpleHomeschool
Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

It wasn’t until years after becoming a mother that I really understood myself. I grew up feeling “different,” but I never understood my differences or how to handle them.

My well-meaning dad would sometimes say “Why don’t you go out with a few friends?” Yet that didn’t appeal to me at all after a long day at high school, followed by hours of dance practice. I wanted to stay home, read books, and watch movies–which wasn’t what supposedly interests your typical American teenager.

personalities at home

I took personality tests in both high school and college. I found them fascinating, but the word “introvert” always seemed like a negative to me. Thanks heavens, we now live in the midst of an Introverted Renaissance.

I not only understand myself, I love how I was made! I finally appreciate the giftings I have that others don’t. Want to know the best part?

I can help my own introverted child love and know himself from the start. Here are a few gifts we can offer the little ones who share this aspect of our personality.

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