3 Days Till Christmas: 3 Activities Worth Doing

Written by Simple Homeschool contributor Renee Tougas of FIMBY.

With only three days left till Christmas it’s time to take a reality check and revisit your holiday priority list. For me, that means axing those non-essentials near the bottom that I haven’t been able to finish.

I’ll be shelving those supplies for the last minute gift I had hoped to make. And finally making peace with the bare evergreen wreath, hanging still undecorated on the front door.

I know I can’t do everything, but there are some simple activities worth making time for in these last three days.

1. Go for a walk.

It’s important to get outdoors, breathe fresh air, move your limbs and hopefully raise your heart rate a bit. Everyone knows the kids need to get out (do they ever!) but us adults do too.

kids run in snow

Photo by Renee Tougas

I know there are still tasks remaining on your to-do list. Wrapping gifts, Christmas cooking, and maybe traveling.

I guarantee a little time outdoors with your family, or maybe a solitary walk to save your sanity, will give you the physical and mental boost you need to finish your last minute preparations.

2. Light candles.

If you live in the northern part of the globe these are the darkest days of the entire year. And for many of us they are also cold. This is the stuff of story book Christmases, but the dark and cold bring with them an emotional toll.

I love what Lisa shared earlier this month in her post 3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues. I have this fourth point to add, light candles.

burning beeswax candles
Photo by Renee Tougas

This year I made my own beeswax candles (some to keep and some to give) and I have been lighting them all month. I love their smell and warm golden glow during the dark hours of evening.

Especially today, the next-to-darkest day of the year, light some candles and be thankful that sunlight is returning once again.

3. Sing, play and dance. (Party!)


There is never a better time to go caroling than right now. Many of the suggestions in this post you can do any time throughout the winter but caroling is truly a Christmas-only opportunity.

Some of my best childhood memories of Christmas were going caroling on December 23rd, the night of my brother’s birthday. It was so festive and fun and there was always a gang of us since we had just celebrated a birthday party.

house at Christmas

Photo by Renee Tougas

Caroling without a large group can be just as special though. Walking down your own street is a great way to meet your neighbors.

Or maybe you know a shut-in you can surprise? What about a near-by hospital or assisted living facility?

You don’t need to make it complicated and you might be out for only half an hour but it will still be worth it.


Our family loves watching movies together in the winter on our computer monitor (we’re tv-less). It’s easy to get carried away with this though if we’re not careful.

Throughout the month we’ve opted for games of charades on some evenings instead of screen time. Honestly, at first I thought (to myself), “Isn’t charades kind of boring?” But it hasn’t been.

Our kiddos love the acting and I love laughing at my family’s obscure and sometimes hilarious gestures.


Maybe my children will grow out of “let’s have a dance party!” but I sure hope not.

Now’s the time to crank up the volume on Jingle Bell Rock and Sleigh Ride and boogie. A good dance party first thing in the morning (right around chore time for us) can set a better tone for the whole day.

One of festive fun instead of indoor antsy.

Christmas tree light bokeh

Photo by Renee Tougas

What activities do you plan to do in the next three days?

About Renee

Renee is a creative homemaker and homeschooling mama of three. She loves to write, take pretty photos, and be in nature with her family. Her mission is to nourish, encourage, and teach; build relationship and create beauty. FIMBY is where she tells that story. Drawing from her years of experience and training, Renee also offers individual and personalized Homeschool Coaching.


  1. Great ideas! Thanks! I needed to hear that 🙂

  2. What lovely suggestions!! Thank you!
    I Live in an Antbed’s latest post: The First Day of Winter

  3. I found out yesterday I need surgery on my knee. Sleep came and went last night, and I was just woken by my dog barking. After reading your entry, there is a smile on my face and my heart is glowing from the wonderful memories evoked. Thank you and may God bless you.

  4. Wonderful list! I’m a little tired of heading outside though. This week I have been outside pushing vans out of snow drifts (two in two days) and so sore! I wish the next person would at least own a smaller car. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!
    Alicia’s latest post: Green craft round-up- Aromatherapy playdough- wine sweaters and more!

  5. Love your suggestions. I heard a new take on the game of Charades this week that should be fun to try. Rather than have one person portraying or acting out a subject or event and the team trying to figure it out, switch the roles so that the team all acts out and one person tries to figure out what they are all doing. It is less intimidating and people can relax more if they aren’t the highly competitive type.

  6. wrapping gifts, some baking, and most importantly spending time with my family. I was feeling stressed about getting it all done! Well its not and its okay. Happy Christmas! Oh and we didn’t get all the gifts for the kids. No $ and didn’t use the Credit Cards and I am okay with that too.

  7. Love these! We will do much of the same. And we’ll also read Little House, snuggled under cozy blankets. And make cookies and pumpkin pie. And paint our toe nails festive colors.
    Cait @ My Little Poppies’s latest post: Adorable and Forever Confused Song Lyrics

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