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Outdoor cricket matches, royal weddings (which we watched while waiting for our flight), AND Jane Austen on the money?
Just a few reasons why I love England!!

How fitting to be finalizing the details of our Read the World Book Club from the United Kingdom this year!! There is still plenty of time to join us before we kick things off on June 4th…

Right now over 3,000 families have registered from all over the globe, and it would be so fun to have yours too. Find all the details and sign up for free here!

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Homeschool Road Trips, a division of Hip Homeschool Moms, is entering their 3rd year of organizing educational field trips. They not only provide the travel opportunities, but they go along and bring other families too!

Travel is even better when shared with other homeschooling parents and students. To find out about the trips coming up, head here!

Looking for an incredible educational experience for your tween or teen this summer? How about learning animation from a Disney/Sony professional!

Chad Stewart is a homeschool dad who has worked on movies like Tarzan/Polar Express, & now teaches online. Summer sessions start June 4th and there are just a handful of spots left, so reserve yours now! 

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If you feel like quitting

If you feel like quitting

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What do unschooled teens do all day?

Was do unschooled teens do all day?

Written by Melissa Camara Wilkins Teenagers are awesome. The teenagers I know have interesting ideas, share perspectives I haven’t thought of, and are still open to learning even as they’re showing me new ways of looking at things. At the same … [Continue reading]

Weekend homeschool links

Trying to get the yard back to normal after freakish storms in the Northeast this week! After just a few days, we have over 1,200 families from around the world signed up for this year's Read the World Summer Book Club. It's been so fun meeting … [Continue reading]

How to create a simple homeschool portfolio

How to Create a Simple Homeschool Portfolio | Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, Simple Homeschool

Written by Cait Curley of My Little Poppies It's that time of year again, homeschoolers! A time when many of us need to complete required standardized testing, evaluations, and homeschool portfolio reviews. Before I was a homeschool mom, I was a … [Continue reading]

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