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Most parents, no matter where their kids go to school, can agree on one thing— education has become extremely complicated.

Pressure often piles onto children at early ages—I’ve watched six-year-olds cry after receiving the results of a spelling quiz. But despite starting school younger, extending the school day, and teaching to the test—national test score averages in the United States continue to fall, while dissatisfaction with the educational system continues to rise.

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Are we missing something? Perhaps making things harder than they were meant to be?

The goal of education is not just about making a living—it’s about creating a life.

Homeschooling is not the answer to every educational problem. But it does allow families who pursue it to be intentional—to focus on each child’s strengths, to help with weaknesses, and to nurture family relationships.

These families realize that the goal of education is not just about making a living—it’s about creating a life. One full of richness, depth, success, and so much hope for the future.

Simple Homeschool is here to help. Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, but we have one common goal: we want the best for our children.

I’m guessing you do, too. Whether you’re considering homeschooling, just getting started, or a veteran, at Simple Homeschool you’ll find inspiration and encouragement that empowers you to teach your children with confidence.

Together, as a community, we can help restore the joy of learning to our homes—and at the same time, make life (& education!) just a little less complex.

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