Meet the Contributors

Meet the fellow homeschooling moms who add their stories, wisdom, and ideas here. You can read about Jamie, the main voice on the blog, here.

karaa Kara Anderson is a homeschool mom and freelance writer driven by an unknown force to write everything down. She takes too many pictures and never leaves home without a notebook. Read about her adventures with her two awesome kids at Quill and Camera.

Kris Bales enjoys reading, photography, and blogging about life with her three weird, unsocialized homeschoolers. She has even learned to love running and biking in her quest to overcome obesity. She blogs about her progress at Eclipsed.

anne Anne Bogel is a compulsive reader, coffee drinker, and dreamer and schemer. She never planned on becoming a homeschooling mom, but is in her 4th year of classically unschooling her 4 kids. Anne writes about the intersection of the timely and timeless at her blog Modern Mrs Darcy.

Jena believes children need freedom to explore and be themselves to grow up to be emotionally healthy, successful adults. As she works on her masters degree in education, she blogs about her three kids (all graduated now!), her education philosophy, and how to be a great parent/teacher at Yarns of the Heart.

Amida Lee is a crafter at heart who loves to make stuff, a homebody who loves to venture outdoors, and above all else, a dedicated mom with the goal of raising lifelong learners. She used to stress about state standards and test scores but has since come to her senses and enjoys blogging about her family’s journey into unschooling.

kari Kari Patterson and her family are unschooling, church-planting, smoothie-drinking, frugal-living weirdos from Oregon. As a 2nd generation homeschooler, Kari enthusiastically espouses the same delight-directed method her mother did in the 80s. She celebrates life’s messy glory over at Sacred Mundane.

cheryl Cheryl Pitt has been homeschooling since 2001; she home educates five children from baby to teen. She is a brand consultant, avid social media user and founder of the 2:1 Conference. You  can find Cheryl at her blog sharing about homeschool, social media, health and dairy free living.