Note: To get these some of these deals you’ll need to “buy” the FREE or inexpensive Kindle ebook on the Kindle page & “add” the audiobook to your purchase. No subscription needed! 

If my link does not take you to a Kindle page, just look for the area that says “Buy with 1-Click” to purchase.

A few more details for those who need it:

If you have an Amazon account in the US you can easily take advantage of these deals. You DON’T need an Audible subscription.

Then make sure you have the Audible app downloaded to your device of choice. Log in to the app using your Amazon log in details and voila! Your book purchases will magically appear there, available for you to download and listen to in the car, at home, wherever!!

If you’re having trouble doing any of the above, try using a desktop or laptop, NOT a mobile phone!

For more information and suggestions, head to this post: How to use audiobooks in your homeschool.

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