Raising an Independent Learner

The following is a guest post written by Amy of Raising Arrows.

I am a firm believer in raising children who can think for themselves.  I want my children to show initiative and integrity whether I’m there spurring them on or not.  My goal is to raise children who love to learn so much they naturally do it on their own.

However, I also know I cannot expect my children to become independent learners overnight and of their own volition.  They must first be dependent on me and my ability to teach them the skills they will need to gradually increase their responsibility level from simple tasks to entire subjects.

But how do you accomplish this?  What if you aren’t sure where to start?  What if your children are older and you feel as if you’ve wasted precious time?

It’s not as difficult as you think and you can start at any age!  Here are a few easy to implement suggestions to get your child on a track of independent learning.

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