Angie’s Homeschool Day in the Life (with a newborn, 3, & 7-year-old)

The following is a guest post written by Angie Warren of musings from me.

The spring of 2011 brought my husband and I to the decision that come the fall, we would homeschool our then kindergartner. Having many experienced homeschooling friends and an arsenal of online resources – I felt armed with the best advice and enough ambition to tackle this long-time dream.

Then life threw a curve ball. We were pregnant.

An exciting time, a welcome addition to our family – yet I began to worry about our first year homeschooling with a very pregnant me, and then a new baby. My well-meaning friends advised me that the first year (or so) could be a challenge and it would take a bit for our routine to fall into place. As fall approached, I prepared. Our school corner was set up, my laminator warmed, and a new board full on pinterest. I was ready and nothing could stand in my way.

We started the year out well. The creative part of me was thrilled at all the fun we were able to have while learning, and my vision was falling into place. Our first grader adjusted without issue and the unfortunate situation of an out-of-work husband proved helpful as our three-year-old began to cause all sorts of ruckus.

Another curve ball. Bed rest.
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