When It’s Too Hot to Learn

It’s too hot. The kids are cranky and we need to chill out. But I can’t help myself–no matter what we’re doing I see what we’re “learning”.

If you’re anything like me it’s thrilling to participate in everyday, organic learning. Watching my kids grow and learn inspires me.

But the hottest of days is a great reminder that rest and relaxation is an important part of being a whole learner.

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Interest-Driven Curricula and an Open Mind (2011 Curriculum Fair)

Written by contributor Hillary Boucher of Infinitely Learning

Children’s ages: 6, 3, and 10 months
Educational Philosophy Influences: Unschooling, Enki, Eclectic

Our children are quite young and so far interest-driven learning has been all we’ve needed. Philosophically, we are what is described as “unschooling.”

I am not particularly attached to unschooling as a rule-set as much as I am dedicated to individualized, case-by-case, interest-driven learning.

If there is anything I’ve learned in life and parenting it’s to keep an open mind and heart. You never know what might be around corner, how life will unfold or how someone’s needs may change.

I’m open to using any tool that helps facilitate growth and learning and I acknowledge that at some point it could include a specific curriculum.
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Working at Home & Homeschooling: 7 Life Lessons from a WAHM

Written by contributor Hillary Boucher of infinitely learning

When my husband and I set out to homeschool our three children while running two home-based businesses we had no idea what we were getting into. We knew we would love the flexibility, the sense of control and the bonus family time, but we didn’t realize just how well organized we would need to be or the added stress it would bring into our home.

My husband designs and installs stonework and we run the business end from our home. I run a local birth services business that includes photography, doula services and birth tub rentals. I also do web consulting work for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Three years later and we’ve finally learned how to make it work.

Here are seven things I wish I’d known when we started.

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4 Tips for Talking to Relatives About Homeschooling This Holiday Season

The following is a guest post written by Hillary of Infinitely Learning.

We know it’s well worth taking the time to prepare a holiday budget and plan seasonal activities ahead of time, but have you ever prepared yourself to talk about homeschooling over the holidays?

Chances are you will be visiting family and friends and attending holiday parties, and while you may have loved ones who support your choice to homeschool you might also run into those who have questions or who do not understand your homeschooling lifestyle.

You can help create smoother interactions with friends, family and even strangers by taking a little bit of time to plan ahead. Here’s how.
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