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Kassandra Brown is a parent coach, mother, and lover of life. Learning to set good boundaries and keep them with compassion has transformed all of her relationships for the better.

4 important steps to ease holiday parenting


The following is a guest post written by Kassandra Brown of Parentcoaching.org.

“You’re too clumsy to be my mom” shrieks my 5 year old after I knock her glass of Christmas punch off the counter.

I look at the spreading stain and bite my tongue on yet another reminder that putting glasses on the edge of the counter means they are more likely to get spilled. I am tired and distracted and just trying to get dinner going.

“Yes, I am clumsy sometimes. Let’s clean this up,” I say instead.

“But that’s the last of the juice and I really wanted it and it’s really special. If you love me you’ll get me more.”

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How to homeschool with empathy


The following is a guest post written by Kassandra Brown of Parentcoaching.org

“Time for reading” I say cheerfully while bracing myself for resistance.

Silence responds.

“What do you want to read today? You pick,” I say as I touch my daughter’s shoulder to get her attention.

Grudgingly she gets up and chooses the simplest book we have in the house. After making sounds like “why, I don’t want to, and can’t we do it later?” she begins reading.

She starts to wiggle and fidget, playing with her feet and getting stumped by words she read yesterday.

I help her sound out the words all the while feeling my frustration rise, hearing the irritation creep into my voice, and – on one particularly awful day – getting up from our studies to yell and stomp out the door to the backyard.

What happened? Can anything good come from this sort of communication breakdown and painful parenting moment?


But how?

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Self care makes childcare easier

creating a nourishing self-care practice ~SimpleHomeschool
The following is a guest post written by Kassandra Brown of Parentcoaching.org.

I open my eyes and feel two little bodies snuggled up against me. The pull to stay under the covers is strong especially since I know the chill I’ll feel going downstairs to the cold woodstove and unheated room.

But after a couple of breaths I quietly slip out from under the covers, careful not to awaken my girls. I nudge my husband and he drowsily rolls over to sleep in-between the girls for the next couple of hours. I slide into layers of pants, sweaters, socks, coat and boots then walk outside to take my first deep breaths of the day. Why?

I know that if I go and stand on the land and greet the sunrise I will have that anchoring with me the rest of the day. When I skip my morning practice too many days in a row, I start to get irritable, grumpy, short-tempered, and off-balance. I lose my perspective and start taking my children’s complaints personally.

Do you think a self-care practice could be right for you?
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