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Creating confident kids — in and out of the kitchen

creating confident cooks
Written by Kathreen Ricketson of Whip Up and the kids’ e-magazine Action Pack.

A note from Jamie: When Kathreen and I discussed this guest post last summer, neither of us could have had any idea that less than a year later she and her husband would both be killed in a tragic accident.
I wanted to republish Kathreen’s words here today because I love the way her love for her children–her deepest legacy–comes across and because I’d love to encourage you to contribute a donation for her daughter Otilija and son Orlando to support them in their future and as they grieve this unimaginable loss.

One of my goals – or maybe I should say – my most important goal as a parent is to give my kids the confidence in themselves to know that they can do anything, they can achieve anything if they work at it and want it enough. This confidence in themselves doesn’t start once they leave home and have to fend for themselves, it starts right from the beginning by giving them your trust and by giving them responsibilities.

You can do this in lots of different ways: being responsible for certain chores, trusting them with important tasks, and letting them get in the kitchen to experiment, make a mess and to cook.
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