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Lisa Kremer is a Canadian married to an American with 6 fantastic kids whom she has homeschooled since day one! She and her husband pursue a life of adventure which includes missionary work, pastoring, and lots of road trips with the family. When she isn't racing after the kids, she's probably out for a run, chasing some inspiration and a chance to quietly contemplate her next blog posting for Life Is A Journey.

Summer is for letting go


The following is a guest post by Lisa Kremer of Life is a Journey.

In my house, everyone is ecstatic when summer holidays officially arrive – usually on a random day in June when I finally “give up” and put away the school books.

Then we commit ourselves to spend as many waking moments as possible soaking in the summer: sleeping in, playing outdoors and having not a care in the world. With summer, I can finally let go of the anxiety and stress of expectation and requirement. I can stop feeling frustrated at kids for not “liking” to write.

I can forget about the pages of math that we forgot to correct.

And I can hopefully forget that I’m not always the homeschooling mother that I wish I could be.

In our school district, we have tri-yearly reviews of our homeschool. At the end of the year, my facilitator will sit down, look over samples of each child’s work and grade them according to the following scale: 1) Exceeded Expectations 2) Met Expectations or 3) Work in Progress.

In the midst of all of this stomach-churning anxiety of assessment of not just my children’s achievements, but ultimately my “teaching skills,” I’m often left sitting at the table wondering how I would score.

If I’m brutally honest, there are an awful lot of moments when I feel like I deserve an “F.”
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When everyone is falling apart …

lisakremer4picmonkThe following is a guest post written by Lisa Kremer of Life is a Journey.

I can’t think of many things in life more stressful than selling your house and moving.

Add to that six busy homeschooled kids.

Add to that the fact that this is our second move in one year. (Military families, I salute you …)

The boxes were piled up and the toys had been sifted through numerous times, me continually asking the kids (and myself): “Do we really need to hang onto that?”
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