Homeschool Encouragement: Reflections from a Homeschool Graduate

The following is a guest post written by Rachel Cross of From the Pantry.

To all the homeschool moms out there who fret over whether you are educating your children the “right” way – this post is for you!

As a product of homeschooling myself, I remember my mom often feeling uncertain of her ability to offer us a solid education. In those days, homeschooling was not very common and many people were rather vocal in their disapproval and doubt as to its validity. But my mom ignored the naysayers, stuck to her guns, and chose to offer us the education she felt was best.

Looking back now, I am deeply grateful to my mother for choosing to homeschool my brother and me. I often reflect upon the wonderful gifts I found in our homeschool. In this post, I’d like to share the rewards I have reaped and remind you that you are giving your child something unique and beautiful through the choice to homeschool.

Here are seven of the wonderful advantages homeschooling gave me. [Read more…]

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