About Sheila Petruccelli

Sheila Petruccelli is a homeschooler, homemaker and homebody at heart. She believes a fancy pair of cowboy boots is just about as good as a superhero cape, even though her husband, two boys, their dog and the old farmhouse in which they live frequently test the limits of this theory. She blogs about her days at Sure as the World.

Starting the new year with intention


Written by Sheila Petruccelli of Sure as the World.

I always find it hard to re-start homeschooling in January. After our big break in December and all the festivities that month holds, January and February look long, dark and (if I’m being honest) overwhelming.

Even though the calendar is fresh and marks a brand new year, homeschooling is in that middle ground/no man’s land.

So we start small and we start fun. But most of all, we start with intention.
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Homeschool planning and the ‘room of requirement’


The following is a guest post by Sheila Petruccelli of Sure as the World.

Summer is planning time at our house. The upcoming year seems expansive, exciting and full of possibility — the towering piles of books, papers and post-its scattered everywhere are tangible proof of this.

For the most part, we follow the Waldorf curriculum and block scheduling works well for us. My big-picture planning consists of assigning each month a different subject to study, and this is true for every month from August through May except for February.

February is left absolutely blank except for the cryptic abbreviation, ROR, which stands for “Room of Requirement.”
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Dealing with homeschool doubt


The following is a guest post written by Sheila Petruccelli of Sure as the World.

Usually it sneaks up on me.

It starts as an infrequent whisper and quickly progresses to an insistent echo in my head. It undercuts my plans and has me second-guessing just about everything. It casts a shadow over the good days and magnifies the bad ones.

It follows me from morning to night and even haunts my dreams.

It’s doubt: a nebulous and invasive feeling of uncertainty that makes me feel as though I’m standing in quicksand.

It happens about once every homeschooling year, and it absolutely slays me.
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