Using storytelling in your home education

The following is a guest post written by Shelli Pabis of Mama of Letters

What I loved most about my “Granny” was the stories she told about growing up on a farm with four brothers, two sisters, and all the “tricks” they pulled.  This was my first introduction to the power of a story.  Not only did they captivate me, but they gave me insight to where I came from. I can still hear her voice telling them in my mind.

In my twenties, I took a storytelling class by the late J.J. Reneaux, a well-known raconteur in the storytelling world and award-winning author.  She became my friend and reinforced my love of storytelling.

Though I don’t have the disposition to become a storyteller who travels and performs in front of live audiences, I decided that I would honor my grandmother and J.J.’s memories by telling stories to my children.  I want them to appreciate the art of oral storytelling and benefit from the wisdom that stories impart.

This is why I was thrilled to find Chase Collins’ book, Tell Me a Story: Creating Bedtime Tales Your Children Will Dream On.  It was just what I needed to jumpstart my imagination and start making up stories for my five-year-old.  If you think you can’t make up stories, then you need to read her book!

Collins offers what she calls the nitty-gritty story structure:
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