The best time to make resolutions is spring

Written by Purva Brown of The Classical Unschooler.

I‘m usually the annoying person at New Year’s Eve parties asking people about their goals for the new year:

“So, what are everyone’s resolutions?” I asked brightly at the last one we went to.

“I have resolved never to make new year’s resolutions,” my husband proclaimed. “And I’m pretty sure I’ll keep it this year.” Sigh.

I will admit, though, that he has a point. If I’m honest, by February, my resolutions have dissolved in a puff of smoke. The new school schedule has been shelved, neither my children nor I have made any progress on our reading lists and we’re deep in winter doldrums.

Because here’s the thing: who really wants to keep resolutions coming off a big party at the very time when the weather is working against us? Who wants to go running, lose weight, be kind, read more and save money in January? It’s pretty much the Monday of the year.

So here’s a thought: Try spring.

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Are you brave enough to be a homeschool mom?

Written by Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholar

Bravery: It’s my mantra this year.

Because new things can be scary. But staying away from new things out of fear? That’s even scarier.

Hyping myself up to make a phone call is not out of the norm for this introvert.

I’d much rather be trampled by wild rhinos…

And making yogurt from our local dairy barn’s milk sounded like a fabulous idea, until it was go-time and I found myself nervous.

What if I got it wrong?

But guess what? It was delicious!

Sitting in the kitchen eating homemade strawberry yogurt that I made with my own two hands had me feeling like I could take on the world!

What was I so afraid of?

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Bringing joy and delight to your homeschool

Written by Kara S. Anderson

My kids and I recently decided to have an impromptu Bob Ross Day.

We had been watching a lot of Bob Ross on Netflix, because it is calming and peaceful, and sidenote: if you are a person with insomnia, it will put you to sleep faster than warm milk and a Benedryl.

But it’s also super satisfying. In 30 minutes, Bob finishes an entire painting. And he makes it look easy.

“We need to do that,” we decided one day at Michaels, because there was a sale and we had coupons and sometimes, you just get really excited about something.

I happen to think that joy and delight are two very necessary ingredients in homeschooling, and before you think I am just talking about delighting your children constantly like a circus performer, tossing out candy and singing the state capitals at them, I am talking about your own joy and delight too.

“Never fill your schedule too full that there isn’t room for a little joy and delight,” I said recently on Instagram, surprising myself.

But here’s the thing – joy and delight aren’t easy for every homeschool mom. And how much is too much?

Let’s chat about that:

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How do you do the next right thing?

Written by Melissa Camara Wilkins

Mamas of grown-up kids, I would just like to say: I don’t understand how you did that.

I mean, I understand the growing part. I understand how they start out like squishy little peaches, and you feed and water them, and then one day they’re taller than you are and are “borrowing” your shoes.

That part I understand.

But the part where they turn into thoughtful, fun, endlessly interesting young adults who you could spend hours talking with, and then we’re supposed to send them out into the world? That part is terrible.

In related news, college acceptance letters have begun arriving for my oldest daughter.

My self-directed, witty and sparkling, creative and brave oldest daughter. It’s like these colleges think that just because they have “really cool writing programs” and “a great design department” they’re allowed to steal her away. (Yes, okay, she did apply. I did sign the forms. I don’t see how this is relevant to my angst.)

It’s just awful, this growing-up thing. [Read more…]

Why I don’t add anything new to our homeschool in January

Written by Shawna Wingert of Not the Former Things

I love the idea of a new year.

A fresh start. A list of ways to get back on track after the busy holiday season. A new planner.

All of it makes my type-A self a little giddy.

In the past, I have applied the same ‘New Year, New You’ approach to our homeschool.

I mean, what better time to add something new, change up our schedule, and refocus all the priorities I have for my boys’ education?
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