Caught reading during (home)school


Written by Carolyn Leiloglou of House Full of Bookworms

I caught my son trying to read during “school” time this morning.

I was SO excited!

My son hasn’t been a big reader. Sure, he’ll read things for school if I ask him to without complaining (thankfully).

And he’ll pick up most of the picture books, fact books, or graphic novels I bring home from the library without any prodding. But getting him to read a middle-grade novel just for fun?

Not so much.

Which is why I was thrilled to see him trying to sneak a chapter during the end of science.

It got me thinking about my own experiences with books in school.

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When your homeschool gets way off track

off track
Written by Kara Anderson of Quill and Camera.

Oh February.

I am not the first, nor will I be the last homeschooler with a few years of experience to say that February can be a really hard month.

A lot of us tend to get off track. As parents we doubt ourselves. Our kids seem extra stir-crazy.

But this February, my family got waaaay off track.

Like miles and miles off track.

Like if it were on an actual train that had been headed to say, Alaska, we instead rode it to Maine and then crashed into the ocean.

Surrounded by ice and confused lobsters, I wanted to give up.

That’s just silliness, but here’s what really happened:

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The challenges of raising kids in an online world

The challenges of raising kids in an online world
Written by Deb Velto of Oak Meadow

Electronics can be an overwhelming presence in our lives these days, and their use has become a topic of debate–and source of guilt–for families everywhere.

Between our smartphones, iPads, home computers, video games, and high def TVs, electronics are woven into the fabric of American life whether we like it or not.

No one likes the thought of their child staring at the electric glow of a screen all day, but some purposeful screen time can open new opportunities for learning in our homes that was never possible before.
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Self-care for the highly sensitive parent


Written by Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy.

I‘ve known for a decade or three that I’m an introvert, but it’s only recently — after reading Susan Cain’s excellent book Quiet — that I discovered I’m also a “highly sensitive person.”

Whether or not you’ve heard the term before, that description should ring true for about 1 in 5 of you.
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The 5 love languages of homeschooling

The 5 love languages of homeschoolingJamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

A few weeks ago an issue with one of my children kept me up late into the night. You know, one of those little things that you can’t quite figure out.

After pondering, praying, and a bit of crying, I eventually reached out to my friend and homeschooling mentor, Rachel DeMille.

In just a sentence or two I outlined the problem and asked if she had any advice. And in one sentence she solved it for me:

“What’s your child’s love language?” 

Hmmmm. Love languages? I had that filed back in my brain somewhere as it relates to marriage, but I had never paid it much attention when it comes to my children.

And after some research into my child’s love language and a little attention in that area, this so-called “issue” pretty much vanished. Vanished, I tell you!

So what is a love language and how can I determine my child’s?

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