Essentialism for the highly sensitive homeschool mom

Written by Jamie C. Martin of Simple Homeschool

Ya’ll, I did it again. When will I ever learn?

I knew we had a busy day coming up, so I’d tried to mentally prepare myself: “Just take one thing at a time, Jamie. You can do this.”

And it started off well. All the things on the docket that day were “good, important things”—>

  • My own writing work
  • Our typical homeschool routine
  • handling unexpected attitudes and challenges
  • beginning to sort the kids’ fall/winter clothing (one of my least favorite jobs all year)
  • drop off a child at a piano lesson
  • pick up child from piano lesson
  • spend 45 minutes with kids cleaning up a few mounds of leaves (with five acres and tons of trees, this takes a lot of effort each year!)
  • {Here is where Jamie begins to lose it….in case you’re wondering}
  • 45 minutes to take a child to a rehearsal
  • trying to recover dinner plans when the ones we had in mind fell through
  • picking up child from a rehearsal
  • and all of this after not a lot of rest the night before.

I handled the morning well, but as afternoon neared I could feel myself “going under.” By the end of the day my body physically ached from emotional fatigue, my nervous system completely on overload.

Like an infant so exhausted they reach that overtired point where they just cannot relax, I spent another night without getting the sleep I needed, too.

If you are a highly sensitive homeschool mom too, you’re probably nodding your head right now.

Clearly I have not yet grasped what is truly “essential.” 
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Our experiment year: 5 discoveries so far

Written by Kari Patterson of Sacred Mundane

This year I ditched most of what we’d done before, and decided to take an Experiment Year. That is, a year to try new things, refuse to stress, return to JOY, and recover our lost love of learning.

By the end of last year I found myself frustrated by our workbook-driven, scope-and-sequence-bound educational existence. I just kept thinking, “This is not the life-giving, freedom-filled educational environment I had always envisioned for our family.”

Something had to change.

Turns out, almost everything did, and it’s been great! I am actually ENJOYING myself, my kids are enjoying themselves, and we’ve had ZERO TEARS over educational issues. Hooray!

These are not prescriptions, as every family is different. But I wanted to share five of my discoveries so far. My hope is that one of these might be an “Aha!” moment for you as well.

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5 ways homeschooling kept me from rebelling

Written by Rebecca Lindenbach of Life as a Dare.

Many people think teenage rebellion is inevitable.

I say it’s not. I never rebelled.

I recently wrote a book, Why I Didn’t Rebel, where I delved into interviews and research to figure out what parents of kids who didn’t rebel did right. And something I’ve come back to again and again is the role homeschooling played in my own story.

I was homeschooled from the first grade through my first year of university, and today I want to share with you five ways that homeschooling helped me avoid teenage rebellion.

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How to be a good homeschool mom on a bad homeschool day

Written by Jamie C. Martin of Simple Homeschool 

Your baby threw up all night.

Your toddler just can’t seem to stay in his new “big boy” bed.

You tossed and turned, trying to sleep but mentally revisiting yesterday’s math lesson gone wrong, that child who just can’t seem to make reading progress, that impatient sentence you shouted out of frustration, that teen’s bad attitude.

Then morning arrives and boom: the new homeschool day with all its duties and responsibilities hits you front and center, the issues that concerned you still surround you at the breakfast table, and you have no idea how the hours from now until bedtime will ever pass.

Welcome to a bad homeschool day.
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How to homeschool your own heart this year

Written by Kari Patterson of Sacred Mundane

I‘ve been there more times than I care to admit — looking ahead at the new school year and searching for just the right change: a new book, a new method, a new schedule. If I just change up this or that, maybe it’ll be that magic bullet?

Certainly, sometimes a tweak here and there truly helps. But more often than not, you know the one thing that most needs to change?


Nine times out of ten, the issue isn’t the workbook, it’s my mindset.

It isn’t the program, it’s the problems that lurk in my own heart: the impatience, anger, perfectionism, discouragement, lack of discipline. More often than not, it’s me stuck in the same cycle of negativity, it’s me forgetting my purpose, it’s me losing sight of the goal, it’s me letting life overwhelm, it’s me losing my joy.

More than anything else, what I really need is to better homeschool my own heart.

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