Kara’s homeschool day in the life with a 10- and 13-year-old

Written by Kara S. Anderson.

As I sit down to write about our day in the life this year, we are mostly surrounded by half-read books, half-done puzzles, and half-eaten pans of cinnamon rolls.

It is my very favorite week of the year – the week between Christmas and New Year’s – but it’s also a break week for us, and our routine has gone out the window entirely.

The ONLY thing that has remained the same is our volunteer day.

And so today, I thought I would share a bit about that and how it has impacted our homeschool this year.

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Melissa’s homeschool day in the life (with a 4-, 7-, 10-, 11-, 14-, and 17-year-old)

Melissa's Homeschool Day in the Life (with a 4-, 7-, 10-, 11-, 14-, and 17-year-old)Written by Melissa Camara Wilkins

I want to tell you about a typical day at our house, but… that’s harder than it sounds. The first thing I should tell you is that the kids are 17, 14, 11, 10, 7, and 4, and they’re all busy, all the time.

But you probably would have guessed that, wouldn’t you?

A usual day looks like this:

Everyone starts the day with morning routines and chores.

Once that’s done, we ask the older four kids to spend time doing five things: being outside, moving their bodies, reading, creating, and working on their learning activities. (We plan the learning activities together periodically.) They decide how and when to do those things.

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What does your homeschool need most in 2018?

Written by Jamie C. Martin of Simple Homeschool

Happy new year, friends! Ready to make 2018 your best homeschool year to date?

We at Simple Homeschool want to celebrate with you through the victory days AND support you through the tough ones this entire year. Consider today’s post your “troubleshooting” guide–a handy directory to point you to an uplifting boost right when you need it.

Search below for what speaks to you, and keep reading for a fun announcement!

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10 morning routines to get your homeschooled kids up and moving

Written by Kris Bales of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Some days it can be challenging to get your family out of bed and ready for the homeschool day, but having a consistent morning routine can help.

Try these ten easy morning routines to get your homeschooled kids up and moving.

1. Exercise

Some kids wake up with energy that you need to harness. Others roll out of bed feeling sluggish and need something to get their energy flowing. For either type of kid (or adult), starting the day with morning exercise is a great idea!

Take the dog for a walk, get outside and jump on the trampoline, work out to an exercise video, or do a short yoga routine. Taking even 15-20 minutes to exercise each morning can be the perfect way to get everyone ready to start school with focus.

2. Breakfast and chores

If you’re like me and clutter drives you batty, beginning the day with breakfast and household chores may prove to be the perfect solution. When my kids were little (and all the way through middle school), they knew to check our chore chart first thing every morning.

I would straighten up the kitchen and dining room (our school area) or run the vacuum while the kids completed their chores. It gave everyone a chance to wake up and allowed us to start school in a clutter-free (for about 5 minutes at least!) space.
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4 things to do now you’ll thank yourself for next year

Written by Kara Fleck

In our house, December is a time we set aside our regular schoolwork and dedicate ourselves to seasonal activities and celebrations.

But before you tuck away your homeschool for the calendar year, here are a few things to do that you will be thanking yourself for when you start lessons again:

1. Catch up with that paperwork

I have reading lists for four kids that need updating, assignments that need to be filed away in the appropriate kid’s binder, artwork that needs to be documented and then recycled, and various other record keeping tasks.

I find it harder to keep up with these tasks on the days we have lessons and somehow the weekends just never seem to mesh with this kind of bookkeeping. A dedicated hour or two in December should be enough to catch me back up again.
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