Kara’s homeschool day in the life with a 7- & 10-year-old


Written by Kara Anderson of Quill and Camera.

It’s a funny time of year for me to share with you a day in our homeschool life, because I feel a breeze of change this season — it always seems like the holidays provide us with enough of a full stop that we can’t help but begin again a bit differently.

And so, I’m finding it a challenge to decide what to share – do I tell you about the last few weeks before our family took some time off to celebrate Christmas? Or do I tell you about our plans for the winter?

Maybe a little of both?


Or perhaps even better, I should tell you about Dec. 22, the day that “officially” began our Christmas Break — the day my daughter came up to me, gently tapped me on the shoulder, and whispered, “Mama, when we start school again, I want more homework.”

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Dave’s homeschool day in the life (with a 4- & 6-year-old)


Written by Dave Pommier of Bloke School.

A regular day often seems more of a theoretical ideal than a practical reality. Work and study commitments for the adults run to an irregular schedule.

My youngest boy goes to preschool two days a week, so the number of boys at the lessons vary. We aim to do five hours of education each weekday. If everyone is focused and engaged, we might do as many as eight. If not, we will struggle to get through two.


My boys consider “homeschooling” sitting down with a textbook. I consider it a much broader application of skills.

This means we sometimes arrive at the end of an exhausting day, only to have my boy say “Yeah, we didn’t do any homeschool today. We just played.” I guess it’s a victory for me that he was enjoying it that much, but I still find the comment a little deflating.

Broadly speaking, our days will look like this:

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Sarah’s homeschool day in the life (with twin 1-year-olds & a 2-, 9-, 11- and 13-year-old


Written by Sarah Mackenzie of Amongst Lovely Things.

Three school-age kids, three toddlers. Sometimes I wonder if my blog’s name should actually be Amongst LIVELY Things. :)

Let me give you a little background on us.


We’re classical homeschoolers in the CiRCE sense- meaning that we believe true education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue.

Of course, those first books read at the beginning of a homeschooling journey play a major role in a homeschooling mom’s understanding of education and the learning process, and so both Charlotte Mason and unschooling play parts in our homeschool, as well. Within the context of real life, it works.

Sometimes it looks like school and sometimes it looks like life. Did I mention that we have three toddlers? Yes, that.


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A homeschool day in the life – Jan 2015 on Simple Homeschool

Written by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

Welcome to the 5th annual homeschool day in the life series here on Simple Homeschool!

It’s time for my favorite season on this blog–and yours, too, if past comments hold true. I love January in this space–because it’s when we get to show you what homeschooling is really like.

And if you’ve followed along in years past, you’ll know that no two posts are alike! That’s the point I want to hammer home most:

A homeschool day in the life is as unique as each one of our families. And by embracing our uniqueness, we’ll find our greatest strength.

So read all the posts and glean ideas that resonate, but don’t read them in comparison mode. Allow yourself the freedom to discover your own homeschool path.

Consider this post your invitation to come “hang out” with me and my awesome contributors for a day!
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Simple record keeping


The following is a guest post by Charity Hawkins.

As soon as possible after we finish school in the spring, I like to sort through all the piles of papers and clean up the clutter from the past year. And by “I like to,” I mean, I dread it, but I make myself do it, and feel so much better after it’s done.

But organizing all the paper that comes along with homeschooling doesn’t have to wait until the end of the school year. In fact, implementing a few of these ideas now might save you hours later.

So I thought I’d walk you through what my year-end record keeping looks like. If you find yourself wondering how others deal with the piles of school-related stuff, read on:

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