Giveaway: Laser pegs light set & globe from HearthSong

This giveaway has ended and the winner will be announced soon!

Today is the first day of our annual Home for the Holidays week! Welcome to what will be a fun five days of giveaways, charity spotlights, and helpful holiday link round-ups from around the web.

I love HearthSong’s tagline–toys you’ll feel good about giving.

The company specializes in toys that encourage kids’ creativity and imagination–qualities desperately needed at this time of year–when we’re often bombarded with ads for tacky gizmos that seem enticing, but often don’t last very long.

HearthSong began in 1983, when founder Barbara Kane was struggling to find appropriate toys for her own children. I love her perspective:

“Earlier is not necessarily better. It’s important that children learn basic skills, but at the right developmental age. Most of all, children need time for creative, imaginative play. In fact, it is through play that children learn most readily.”

Continue reading to find out more about the two toys being offered to a lucky winner today!

Illuminated Earth Globe

I plan to give this globe to my geography-buff son Elijah–he’s into all things world-related at the moment!

I wasn’t sure what an illuminated globe would be like, but the light inside makes it easy to notice features that often get missed–like details in relief and the boundaries of countries.

The base of the globe is made of thick plastic, and appears extremely sturdy. I think it will hold up well to the not-so-delicate usage of my typical seven-year-old boy.

Laser Pegs Light Set

My daughter Trishna loves everything related to electricity and light bulbs, and she is going to flip with joy upon opening this laser pegs light up building set on Christmas Day.

The set includes 72 pieces your child can use to build whatever his or her heart desires–with directions included to create a tractor, dune buggy, or a mini bug.

I had a good time experimenting with the laser pegs myself–amazing fun! After constructing, your child can use the enclosed battery pack (requires 3 AA batteries) and cord to light up their creation.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win this laser peg building set and an illuminated globe from HearthSong!

How to win

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This giveaway has ended and the winner will be announced soon!

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  1. My oldest daughter would love this! She loves anything new and exciting…

  2. My 4 year old daughter loves geography, she would be thrilled with the globe and the light up pegs would be a ton of fun too I bet!
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  8. Cool giveaway.

  9. We love Hearth Song! I’ve been drooling over their toys since I became a Mommy 6 years ago.

  10. My 5year old would love the light pegs.

  11. Both my boys would love these! Thanks for the chance!

  12. All 4 of my boys would think these gifts cool, but I think my oldest son would especially like the globe, while my second son would enjoy the light pegs most.
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  13. My kids would ADORE both of these items!!

  14. I think all three of them, but my oldest son would love the globe most I think. My daughter would go for the pegs.

  15. My 7yo would explore these a ton!

  16. My daughter Rachel, 4, would especially love the globe. We would probably save the other toys for when the kids get a little older!

  17. I think my 10 year old would like them the most.

  18. My oldest boy would love these items!
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  19. My kids would love these items.

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  21. My oldest son would love this! He turns 7 years old in a few weeks.

  22. My 2 daughters! Or one of my nieces or nephews :)

  23. My kids would love these. I have a son who is all about maps – any kind – store maps, world maps, park maps. Thank you for the giveaway

  24. Amary Right says:

    My 2 oldest would love these, 9 and 6. Thanks so much!

  25. my 6 year old son would have great fun with these :)

  26. Oh my goodness! These would be perfect for my kids! WE all love globes, but I think my oldest son would love that. My middle boy would love the pegs. He is a lego builder- but we wanted to get him something different this year- perfect! Hope I win!

  27. My oldest son (6 yrs) would go crazy for these items!! They are so great!!

  28. Christina P says:

    All my children would enjoy these, but I think my six year old would be the most excited.

  29. My 5-yr old daughter would love the light up building set and my 9-yr old son would love the globe!

  30. Angela Gilmartin says:

    My daughter is a history and geography buff and has been begging for a globe for awhile….She would go gaga over this! And she also is a building fiend so obviously she would love the other toy as well….

  31. Both my girls and boys would love!!!
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  32. Becky Bartlett says:

    A globe is on our Christmas list!!! These are awesome!

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  48. Cool stuff.

  49. My son and daughter would both love both the globe and the light set! How fun!

  50. My oldest son Jack would love these!