Oak Meadow Giveaway: Back to School Week

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Welcome to Day 2 of Back to School Week here on Simple Homeschool!

Today I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to one of Simple Living Media’s sponsors, Oak Meadow Curriculum and School.

Oak Meadow offers two excellent choices for homeschooling families: PreK – Grade 12 curriculum packages you can purchase and use with your children, or the ability to actually enroll in their accredited school via distance learning, thereby receiving full academic credit and transcripts for your child’s work at home–as well as the support of an experienced teacher.

Oak Meadow has been in business for over 35 years, and their materials offer that wealth of educational experience to their customers. Their approach is simple: give children a safe, nurturing environment; provide creative activities for head, hands, and heart; offer each student respect and time to unfold naturally.

The staff at Oak Meadow are not just employees showing up to get a paycheck. Instead they are individuals who really embody the creative philosophy and passion for education that Oak Meadow stands for. This post, written by Heather at Beauty That Moves, describes her inspiring visit to the Oak Meadow offices in Vermont. Reading it gives a lovely glimpse into the ethos and values of this company.

Oak Meadow generously sent me an entire first grade package to review, and I’ve spent many happy hours exploring it!

The Heart of Learning, one of the foundational books in the K-3 curricula, is an inspiring read–and gives a fabulous, insightful overview into the heart of Oak Meadow’s philosophy. It covers setting up a learning environment in the home, mindful parenting, and creating an appropriate homeschooling schedule for the young child.

The first grade syllabus I received is divided into 36 weeks of lessons. The layout is professional, beautiful, and easy to follow. Each week contains information for circle time, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, music, and crafts.

If the idea of imaginative, holistic home education appeals to you, but you don’t have time to piece it all together yourself, Oak Meadow may be the perfect solution for your family.

Today Oak Meadow is offering one lucky winner a complete grade level package of your choice, including all curriculum materials and readers (excluding the craft kit). This prize is valued at over $300!

How to Win

Everyone has three chances to win. Choose one or all three!

1. Comment on this post, and answer this question: Do you enjoy putting together your own homeschool plans or do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?

2. Follow @simpleschool on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Be sure to come back and leave a separate comment with the link to your tweet.

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This giveaway will end at noon EST on Saturday, August 21st and is open to commenters 18 years or older. The winner will be announced on Sunday–good luck!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She is the co-founder and editor of Simple Homeschool, where she writes about mindful parenting, intentional education, and the joy found in a pile of books. Jamie is also the author of a handful of titles, including her newest release, Give Your Child the World.


  1. That would be… yes. I enjoy picking and choosing our curriculum to fit in our educational model, but I really enjoy when the curriculum is well organized and well laid out so I can plan easily.

  2. I really prefer to have something that is put together already. With a 6 year old and a 3 year old, it’s hard to find the time to research everything in order to assemble my own curriculum. I’d rather add to something that is already done. This is going to be my first year using Oak Meadow and I’m really excited by what I see!

  3. We are just entering the phase of choosing curriculum and I dread putting it together myself. I would prefer it all done for me, at least at first.
    Christy@pipandsqueak’s latest post: 4th of July

  4. I subscribe via google reader.
    Christy@pipandsqueak’s latest post: 4th of July

  5. http://twitter.com/rowan25a I’m not sure if I did this right, but I Tweeted about the giveaway!

  6. Also I’ve been a subscriber of Simple Homeschool for a while now in my Google Reader! I really enjoy the posts. 🙂

  7. I enjoy one that is already put together but I always take time to tweak it to fit our needs.
    Tina’s latest post: Saturday- June 12- 2010

  8. I subscribe via bloglines

  9. I prefer an almost completely planned program that leaves a little wiggle room for me to adjust as needed.

  10. I am subscribed by email!

  11. I’m new to homeschooling, but I think that I would enjoy a program that is put together for me. But something that I can adjust if needed.
    Christal Houghtelling’s latest post: August 14- 2010

  12. I struggle to find the time to assemble my own curriculum and lesson plans, so I need to have something that is fairly good outline to follow, but still allows wiggle room for me to cater to my childrens’ specific needs.

    I’d love the opportunity to try Oak Meadow’s syllabus! 🙂

  13. I am subscribed via google reader.

  14. I generally like to pick and choose books, materials and resources that I think will work well with our family. I have not purchased any curriculum due to our budget, but would love to have one to use as a guideline and inspiration for our learning. These Oak Meadow materials look and sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us, Jamie. I think your statement, “If the idea of imaginative, holistic home education appeals to you, but you don’t have time to piece it all together yourself, Oak Meadow may be the perfect solution for your family.” describes my situation!

  15. I am new to homeschooling, but I am on the search for a curriculum that will fit our needs, and this sounds quite intriguing!

  16. I have subscribe via email. But I would have to say I like using both methods for curriculum. I like to have the structure of a well planned curriculum and then add my own insights or things that I know my children would enjoy so they stay interested.

  17. I really enjoy having the curriculum all laid out for me so then I can select what to focus on and do my own thing. I am reeeeally new to homeschooling. I did my first year of a co-op home school pre-school last year, and we’ll be doing year two of preschool this year (so still totally new at this). I love reading everyone’s posts on here to get me going about how awesome it is (and some defensive strategies as well). You’re all wonderful!

  18. I subscribe in a reader.

  19. Julia Reed says:

    I’m subscribed via Google Reader

  20. This is my first year homeschooling and I put together our curriculum because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I enjoyed it somewhat, but it was very time consuming. I’d love a packaged curriculum that fit what I wanted for my kids!
    Michelle Richards’s latest post: struggles of a church planting wife…

  21. Subscribed via email as well! 🙂
    Michelle Richards’s latest post: struggles of a church planting wife…

  22. I like both. i am not super creative so I love to get ideas from others but I also like to adapt to our own needs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I already subscribe.

  24. I love picking out curriculum and topics that interest my daughter and myself, but the structure of a curriculum is so helpful.

  25. I subscribe with google reader

  26. I’m very new to homeschooling; in fact, I’ve only been doing it for three weeks! I am trying to feel my way to what is best for my daughter. So far, we’re making our own lessons based loosely on curriculum.
    Jeni’s latest post: WFMW- Mess-Free Painting For Your Preschooler

  27. Great giveaway! Last year we created our own curriculum based on The Well Trained Mind. The book was a tremendous help in narrowing down what materials we needed and gave us enough flexibility to do things our own way a bit.

  28. This is our first year of homeschooling and I think I prefer a put together one already. I may get braver down the road though 🙂
    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling’s latest post: God Can Do Anything

  29. Of course I am a subscriber!!
    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling’s latest post: EcoMom Review Giveaway

  30. Beautiful Call also follows on twitter
    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling’s latest post: God Can Do Anything

  31. This is great! Being that this is only my second year of homeschooling, I like to have a pretty complete curriculum. I can add things that I think are necessary but, for the most part I like to have it all written out for me. That way I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. 🙂
    Gina’s latest post: Roasted Zucchini!

  32. I think I’m going to win!
    Jenny’s latest post: All About Me!

  33. What an amazing give away! I’d love the chance to give my son such a great start.

  34. Subscribed with Google Reader as well.

  35. have not homeschooled (yet), and since i’m a beginner, i would prefer something already put together … need to gain some confidence!

  36. i subscribe to simple homeschool!

  37. I like having things put together for me in a way that allows me to pick and choose what to do each day. Oak Meadow is everything that I had been looking for in a curriculum but had been trying to do on my own. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Christy’s latest post: Monday Morning

  38. I do enjoy putting together my own curriculum and unit studies, however, I am finding that with adding my 3rd student this year that it is becoming harder and harder to to! 🙂 I have heard many great things about Oak Meadow and would love to give it a try!!

  39. I subscribe to Simple Homeschool through my google reader! 🙂
    Candace’s latest post: Count Your Blessings

  40. Yeah! I already subscribe to Simple Homeschool via Google reader!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: This Moment

  41. This is the first year of “homeschooling” for us. My oldest is only 3 (!) so we’re just doing simple letter exercises with him this ‘school year’. I have been very excited to homeschool our kids, though, and although I generally make up all of our own curriculum/field trips/etc. I *did* find, for him, a preschool curriculum that I love and am now going through to plan. So for this year, at least, it’s ‘planned’ 🙂
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: This Moment

  42. This is my first year of homeschooling. I have really enjoyed putting my own curriculum together!
    Bon’s latest post: Do These Look the Same to You

  43. Just tweeted about your giveaway @ssmast, too!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: This Moment

  44. This is my first year homeschooling. At first, I was overwhelmed with trying to piece everything together myself, but I’m finally getting comfortable with it.

  45. We have always pulled from lots of sources for our curriculum each year. I have found myself drooling over the Oak Meadow catalog repeatedly though.

  46. I am a subscriber.

  47. I have great intentions every year to put together my own curriculum and I do every once in a while. Nowadays I like the convenience of a packaged curriculum. After 17 years of homeschooling I’m all for anything to make it easier on the teacher.
    Southern Gal’s latest post: Im Trading my Sorrow

  48. Wow, what a generous giveaway! The thing is, I do enjoy cobbling together our curriculum from various sources, but I have been intrigued by Oak Meadow and would love the chance to check it out up close. 🙂
    Laura’s latest post: Things I Learned On the Road

  49. I’m a subscriber!

  50. In the past I have used curriculum packs & I’ve also chosen different products for my kids. I love the idea of customizing their educational materials, but I also love a well designed complete package.

  51. I like having something put together for each subject (we haven’t used a fully packaged curriculum) knowing full well that I’m never going to follow it in its entirety. It gives me the freedom to do my own planning on those topics we are passionate about, and prompts me on topics I’m not as passionate about but believe are stepping stones to understanding.

  52. THIS looks great!!!
    To answer your question: I truly, really like the lesson plans already worked out for me. With six children, I’d spend more time looking for and researching things than actually educating them. Less stress = a good attitude toward my family.

  53. I already subscribe in a feed 🙂

  54. After 4 years of creating lesson plans for 3 kids at 3 different grade levels, I am burnt out. We are switching to Oak Meadow this year and I am thrilled. The 36 week breakdown is perfect for us and we can expand the lessons if the kids want to. It is great to have it laid out for me. In the past it was so difficult to keep track of what we covered. Great giveaway!

  55. and I just subscribed to your newsletter too!
    Bev’s latest post: I Went to the Animal Fair

  56. I like putting together my own!

  57. Melissa R says:

    I just subscribed to your feed via RSS.

  58. I am such a newbie at homeschooling (5yr old + 3yr old + 1yr old) so a complete package is what I needed this first year. Putting together my own curriculum was too overwhelming!

  59. I subscribe via Google reader.

  60. Melissa R says:

    I enjoy putting together my own lessons. I have not used a “packaged” curriculum, but I would be willing to give it a shot, or to friend it to someone if I chose not to use it. Thanks for this opportunity.

  61. I like having curriculum basicly laid out for me but also having the space in that curriculum to add or subtract things that are fitting. What a great giveaway. There will be one happy winner. I hope it is I.
    Michelle’s latest post: Wood

  62. Oh and also, I already subscribe via email.
    Michelle’s latest post: Wood

  63. I put together my own curriculum from a variety of materials, but it is EXHAUSTING! Just can’t seem to find that one perfect package. I was just researching Oak Meadow this morning, as it turns out!

  64. I like to have my curriculum laid out for me with room for rabbit trails. My father wa just diagnosed with lung cancer so I need the structure of a purchased curriculum even more as there is lots of chemo. & hospital visits that will be happening this year.

  65. I subscribe with Google reader!

  66. Maria Bucchino says:

    I have always only put together my own home school curriculum. I would love to use a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process. Cost is always a factor , since I am a single parent.

  67. Oh my goodness! What a great giveaway!
    Betsie’s latest post: Outdoor Living – The Bathtub

  68. I subscribe via google reader!
    Betsie’s latest post: Outdoor Living – The Bathtub

  69. I also follow you on twitter!

  70. We have used OM for several years–love it! Just enough schedule that I feel like all subjects are covered, but enough wiggle room that all learning styles are identified and an appropriate option is offered. This year we are using OM1, OM6, and OM8.

  71. Right now I enjoy putting together my own curriculum, but that hasn’t stopped me from looking at all the very neat ones that are prepackaged!

  72. This is my first official year of homeschooling my children (3 girls with 1 on the way). I have chosen the curriculum for first grade, but I worry that my highly imaginative children will get bored! I would love the ease of having a set curriculum- more time to chase the kiddos!

  73. I’ve tweeted it: @stephanieshep: @simpleschool is giving away a year of curriculum from Oak Meadow! Wow! http://bit.ly/a9cIRf
    stephanie’s latest post: Bloggy Review – Tabernacle Model

  74. I’m also a subscriber in Google reader. : )
    stephanie’s latest post: Bloggy Review – Tabernacle Model

  75. I love the idea of having a complete curriculum put together for me! I have been overwhelmed just pulling together things for preschool – I’d love help for K+!

  76. And I subscribe in google reader!

  77. I love putting together my own curriculum…my problem comes with implementing it! I waffle between my do-it-myselfer side and longing for the better structure that a curriculum can provide. I went over to the Oak Meadow website and checked it out. I am definitely intrigued! I like the way history/geography/literature/English are combined.

  78. I subscribe using RSS feed to my home page.

  79. I like to have some curriculum put together for me to give me a starting point and direction and then I like to add in some ideas of my own.

  80. I just subscribed via email.

  81. I do a little of both. I like having it all laid out but also tweek things a bit.

  82. I have put curriculum together for my children every year for the last eight… I would REALLY love to try Oak Meadow.

    Joni Rae’s latest post: Sketching Fingers

  83. I am now following you on twitter! (I’m @kitchenwitch)
    Joni Rae’s latest post: Sketching Fingers

  84. I just subscribed to your blog via Google Reader.


    (Hope I win!!! Fingers crossed!)
    Joni Rae’s latest post: Sketching Fingers

  85. I suscribe via Google Reader

  86. I prefer to add my own touches and children’s interests to a preplanned curriculum. However, I am doing most of the planning myself now.

  87. We use a little bit of both. I like to set up our own plans by what the kids are interested in. But I also use curriculum for specific things too. It can be very helpful.
    Rana’s latest post: Our new favorite stories! &amp New place to read!

  88. My kids aren’t school age yet, but I feel pulled by an established curriculum. At least as a guide.

  89. I’m a subscriber by email.

  90. I follow you through a feed reader.

  91. I enjoy checking out curriculums-i usually put together my own for my youngest. I find that curriculum that is little more structured keeps me moving along without distractions.

  92. I’m just thinking about starting Pre-K homeschooling this year and definitely want a “curriculum.” I think at this point, I need to know she is learning what she is supposed to be learning. In another words, I need the checklist. 🙂
    Michelle’s latest post: My Secondary Infertility Story

  93. I am subscribed to Simple Homeschool via RSS.
    Michelle’s latest post: My Secondary Infertility Story

  94. My son is approaching Pre-K homeschooling and I also want the simplicity and guidance of a curriculum! It seems overwhelming to me to start from scratch, especially since this is my first child and I haven’t homeschooled before!

  95. Stephanie says:

    I am beginning to prepare for my very first year of homeschooling with my daughter, and after a lot of reading and research Oak Meadow is my top curriculum choice. It would be amazing to win!

  96. I am subscribed through a feed reader 🙂

  97. Stephanie says:

    I subscribe via Google Reader

  98. deb gibson says:

    I truly love having a curriculum to follow and the homeschool ability to alter as I see fit.

  99. I love putting together my own curriculum! I think I am a curriculum-junkie! 🙂

  100. I subscribe in a reader.

  101. MamaGraves says:

    I’ve always planned my own. I had discovered Oak Meadow at the end of last year through this site. After learning that we were expecting our sixth little one, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try something new. This giveaway would be a huge blessing and relief!!

  102. I currently do a mix of both…I use a curric package and I tweak it to fit our family by switching out some resources and adding in others.

  103. I subscribe in a reader 🙂

  104. Oh my goodness, as I’m in the midst of trying to put together curriculum for my 1st grader for the first time, the idea of a pre-set plan would be so very helpful.

  105. I’m a new homeschooler, so I need someone to put everything together for me.

  106. follow you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway.

  107. Subscribe via google reader.

  108. I subscribe in google reader to this blog. Thanks!

  109. Putting together a curriculum is one of the things that most excites me and scares me about homeschooling!

  110. Also, I subscribe in my reader. 🙂

  111. I subscribe in a reader.

  112. I enjoy putting together our own plans each year. Our 8 children are so unique and we just go with the flow each year.

  113. I am a subscriber!

  114. So far I am doing my own — we are starting K this fall since I felt a curriculum would be overkill for K. I have heard wonderful things about Oak Meadow, though, and would be interested in checking it out.

  115. I put together our own curriculum, although we follow the framework provided by core knowledge.
    Tricia’s latest post: Budget Artists – Be Inspired- Creative and Motivated

  116. Oh my – I love Oak Meadow! I’m always better with some kind of a guide putting things together for me – I worry so much less and feel free to do my own thing. This is a great giveaway!

  117. I would prefer there to be a curriculum that I can use at least as a jumping off point, but I am finding that perfect curriculum gets more elusive as my children get older. Luckily I enjoy pulling my own resources together, especially when I have some time to plan ahead.

  118. I also subscribe!

  119. Sue Klingseis says:

    I subscribe by email.

  120. This would be awesome for starting our kindergartner!!!!!!

  121. Sue Klingseis says:

    As a beginner, I would appreciate a program that comes ready for use. Then I could add/subtract as I gain experience.

  122. This will be our first official homeschool year and I find the look of a packaged curriculum makes me feel less nervous–even as I go about tweaking it.

  123. Per the question on putting together curriculum, I’m not sure which at this point since this is our first child and the first time putting together a home school curriculum. Part of me thinks I will enjoy the puzzle of trying to put together a creative curriculum that will inspire learning and a joy of life, but part of me is afraid to not lean on the value of previous knowledge of the set curriculum such as Oak Meadow.

    To me it seems like making dinner for the in-laws for the first time: the wise part of you knows the packaged organic roasted chicken with a simple side will do wonders for your brownie point scale, but the onery part of you wants to prove you can cook by trying something new.

    Thank you for great blog!

  124. I have been putting together my own plans, but have discovered that having a planned curriculum might be really helpful! I have a tendency to get confused and bogged down and it freezes me up a bit. Ack!

  125. I subscribe in a reader. I usually like putting together my own curriculum, but this year I’m burned out and I admit to lacking some inspiration. I’m expecting twins in October and I’m drained. This would be a welcome help to try something new!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  126. I subscribe by email 🙂

  127. What a thrilling giveaway!

    As for your question, I think that there is definitely a balance to be struck. I like to have something that provides a basic structure (like a sequential math program, or the Story of the World book for history, or Nebel’s Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding for Science), then build off of it in whatever direction interests us. Lots of math games cement understanding of the basic facts. Living books add a new dimension to and a deeper understanding of elements of history. Sure, we breeze through points that aren’t that interesting to us (there’s not that much to know about Ur!), but take the opportunity to delve more deeply into topics that really rev our motors (ooh, the Phoenecians! Science! 3-D math!!).
    amanda’s latest post: Sweet- Simple Fairies

  128. I’ve only homeschooled for a year, and my kids wanted to do it so they could do more explosive, intensive study in their individual interests. I’m also a librarian, so I teach and study from a research approach. Because of this, the only curriculum I’ve used so far is a math textbook from Art of Problem Solving. For everything else, we just kind of make it up as we go along.

  129. Also, I subscribe via RSS!

  130. Gina DeRosa says:

    I am new to the homeschooling world, constantly exploring methods and concepts. I have a preschooler and have not yet settled on one approach. I expect I will combine curriculum with my own plans for the right combination. Thanks for posting this give away! Wonderful!

  131. I am a newbie to HSing, but so far I like to take apart various curricula and make my own plans
    Angela in MT’s latest post: Reflections

  132. I subscribe by email and have thoroughly loved this blog and the creative ideas!

  133. I prefer a little bit of both. I am a preschool teacher and enjoy making my own plans but look to many references for inspiration. Oak Meadow is a huge influence in my teaching style. My own children have loved the Oak Meadow activities and learning. And, I am a subscriber to Simple Homeschool. Thank you for all the good stuff.

  134. I subscribe in a reader.
    Angela in MT’s latest post: Reflections

  135. I subscribe via email.

  136. I’ve heard fabulous things about Oak Meadow and would love the chance to be able to explore their curriculum for our children. Presently we’ve been putting together our own, following their interests.

  137. I love to a curriculum to give me a jump start, and than gleen from it what works for us!

  138. For now, I built my own!

  139. I use both a planned curriculum, and add some of my own things. I enjoy having things planned already.

  140. Jennifer Ott says:

    I like someone doing most of the thinking for me, and then I can add the fun stuff into our school plans!

  141. I am very! eclectic in my planning….we use some already ‘laid out’ lesson plans for history, math….and then gather other little bits together for some of the other subjects. (: depends on which of my 4 kiddos i’m working w. too! as they all learn differently.

  142. I use Sonlight, but not very rigidly. I like to use different books, study different subjects, throw in the random Unit Study as the Spirit moves. But I love Oak Meadow and would be thrilled to win!
    April’s latest post: Another end-of-one-month-beginning-of-the-next update

  143. I’ve always put together my own homeschooling curriculum, though in the back of my mind, I’ve also always thought how nice it would be to just receive a box of everything I need for the year, including a day by day breakdown of what to do. It’s simplicity and convenience is very enticing.
    Paige’s latest post: Thoughts On Homeschooling

  144. I just tweeted about the giveaway! http://twitter.com/pwadleigh
    Paige’s latest post: Thoughts On Homeschooling

  145. I subscribe to Simple Homeschool via email, and always enjoy reading it. Even the photos are something I enjoy. 🙂
    Paige’s latest post: Thoughts On Homeschooling

  146. I rather have one all put together for me mostly because with 6 kids I don’t have time to organize one for each of them!
    Casey’s latest post: We made it through!

  147. I subscribe via Netvibes.
    Casey’s latest post: We made it through!

  148. Tend to plan my own curriculum, but have heard good things about Oak Meadow.

  149. I do enjoy putting my own together but I tend to overplan. I’m working hard not to do that this year, we will see how it goes.

  150. logsplitter says:

    I have done both…used a packaged curriculum and made my own. I recognize the ups and downs of both. There are so many wonderful, engaging things to do for homeschooling that I lean to the side of thinking that packaged curriculums are limiting, but Oak Meadow is one that I’ve always been intrigued by and curious to learn more about. So I would WELCOME a free package! Thanks for the offer!

  151. I subscribe by email!

  152. So far I’ve really enjoyed putting together my own lesson plans for my kids! I’ve heard such wonderful things about Oak Meadow, and I’d love the opportunity to win!

  153. I already subscribe via email 🙂

  154. I prefer to use curriculum as a foundation, and then deviate as I find works for the family

  155. I like buying everything ready made. With 12 kids I have to be very careful with my time. I do like to add things in when I can find something fun to do. We love love love field trips at our house! Having a curriculum already planed for our schooling allows me to do more with my children, rather than plan more to do with my children.

  156. I subscribe via google reader

  157. happyheartshelpinghands says:

    We’re entering our 2nd year of homeschooling, and so far, I’ve “put it together myself” because I haven’t found the right “package!” I enjoy what we’re doing, but it’s time-consuming to research and order and decide how to interweave the various components. I worry that we’re missing things or that what we’re doing is not as efficient or integrated as it could be. Finding an all-in-one curriculum would simplify the process a lot. 🙂

  158. This being my first real year homeschooling I think having a little help would be nice. I love the idea of having a outline and we can fill in with our own ideas and lessons. Thanks for the great giveaway
    Keilah’s latest post: Seattle Day 2

  159. I am a subscriber via email
    Keilah’s latest post: Seattle Day 2

  160. Julie Gonsalves says:

    I appreciate the thoroughness and ease of a pre written curriculum but i always leave room for flexibility to explore what my children love!

  161. I only have a 2 year old (eeek! almost 3!) right now, so I definitly plan as I go, and very much unschool. While learning through play is my goal at this point, I know I also want to pick up a little more structure as time goes along. It sounds like Oak Meadow is a great curriculum, and I would love to check it out!

    Good luck to everyone!

  162. Also, I subscribe to Simple HOmeschool via email, and I’m so glad I do. Thanks for the giveaway!

  163. This is my first year homeschooling. I have been pouring over every curriculum catalogue I can get my hands on and Oak Meadow is on my short list.

  164. I am already a simple homeschool subscriber.

  165. Anne Marie says:

    I want to homeschool but i am terrified of “messing up” when doing a curriculum so I would love a pre organized version.

  166. Anne Marie says:

    I am an email subscriber

  167. for me it depends on the child. one of my children does especially well following one pre-written curriculum and another likes me to pull from various sources to allow for a variety of learning opportunities. my younger kids do well with established curriculum which enables me a bit more free time and free hands to focus on the more academic subjects with the older kiddos.

  168. I prefer a curriculum that simplifies the process some, but have gotten more comfortable with branching out a bit as we progress along in our homeschooling journey.

  169. Isobel Allen says:

    This is our second year and we will be starting1st grade. I like to draw from resources and then put it all together. We love oak meadow and enjoyed their K program, would love to combine their program with lapbooks and nature school this year!:)

  170. Isobel Allen says:

    I subscribe via email:)

  171. I have a child entering 3rd grade and the urge to homeschool is growing in me. I read about Oak Meadow and this prize would be SO wonderful for us as we explore what homeschooling might mean for our family. I’m crossing my fingers!!

  172. I just subscribed via email.

  173. Hi – I am brand new to homeschooling and I just subscribed to Simple Home School via email. We have a packaged curriculum through our charter school. I am worried that it will be limiting and will be looking for opportunities to individualize the program.

  174. Andrea Haegele says:

    I subscribe via email

  175. This is our first year homeschooling, so I am experimenting to find if I like a set curriculum, complete freedom, or something in between. It’s kind of overwhelming!
    Bethany Kestner’s latest post: Walk A Mile – Modern Dating

  176. I am a subscriber via reader.
    Bethany Kestner’s latest post: Walk A Mile – Modern Dating

  177. Melissa Sekafetz says:

    I like having curriculum that is organized for me, but I haven’t been able to use that sort of thing because learning isn’t always so linear for each child.

  178. Andrea Haegele says:

    I have enjoyed both setting up my own curriculum and doing it myself. It really depends on what subject we are studying and what approach would be best for the children to learn.

  179. We use many different resources like packaged curricula, e-books, local libraries, on-line resources… and we organize it all so it works well together for our family. We try to spend part of every day outdoors, part of every day reading and part of every day being creative. Everything else fits in and around those. We’ve used Oak Meadow in the past and have found their approach right in keeping with our teaching and learning. We’d love the opportunity to try out more of what they have to offer. Thank you for the opportunity! ~Laura

  180. I like both, on days when I am incredibly busy and a little stressed, I wish everything was done for me already but at other times I enjoy the freedom of creativity.
    melanie grant’s latest post: If you register your site for free at

  181. I have enjoyed having curriculum that is organized for me.

  182. I subscribe to simple homeschool via email.

  183. Catherine says:

    I enjoy tweaking from a plan – but since I am transitioning from homeschooling one child to three this year, we’ll see how it goes.

  184. Melissa Sekafetz says:

    I’ve just subscribed to this blog.

  185. A mixture of the two. I like to use a package as the base and change it up to fit our interests. Since I am new to homeschooling doing everything from scratch seems overwhelming to me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  186. I just signed up for the email newsletter & maybe even the feed (I wasn’t sure what I was doing with the feed). haha

  187. I’ve just subscribed – Thanks!

  188. When my kids were younger a more flexible plan worked for us. Now that they’re teens, I wouldn’t mind trying a packaged curriculum like Oak Meadow.

  189. I appreciate the schudule that comes w/ my curriculum- although defiantly dont always follow it- do my own tweaking but it’s nice to have as a backbone 🙂

  190. Dean Noblin says:

    I appreciate a schedule…Helps me stay organized

  191. Dean Noblin says:

    I follow via Google Reader

  192. i piece my curriculum together, mostly because of price.

  193. i’m an email subscriber

  194. I just retweeted about the giveaway!


  195. I prefer a combination of curriculum and making up my own. I’m a former teacher so I feel like I’ve got a goofd knowledge base and the Oak Meadow curriculum gives me a great jumping off point.

  196. I signed up for email!

  197. I prefer finding most of the pieces already set to go. You can always still customize if desired.

  198. subscribed via my reader!
    Rachel at Stitched in Color’s latest post: Meditation in Stitches

  199. This is fabulous – thanks!
    Casey’s latest post: Scrap Bag Tutorial

  200. I am also a subscriber 🙂
    Casey’s latest post: Scrap Bag Tutorial

  201. I tweeted the giveaway! http://twitter.com/StringbeanCo

  202. I am still researching homeschool ideas and haven’t decided if curriculum or not, is for me. My daughter will start informal kindergarten this year and formal home schooling next year, so I’d love to win a curriculum to try out!

  203. I subscribed to the SH feed 🙂 It’s been very interesting so far!

  204. I have a toddler right now but I am researching all the curriculum for Homeschool. I would definitely prefer a curriculum already put together for me!

  205. Christine Chaluisan says:

    I am a subscribed reader via email. Thanks 🙂

  206. I assemble my own curriculum but I really like resources that don’t require much preparation. Too often lessons don’t happen if I have to assemble anything beforehand.

  207. I follow this blog via a Reader – and love it!

  208. I have subscribed via my feeder.

  209. I have found such great ideas on blogs that I would like to use to teach my children, but getting organized is a different story – so I would be very interested in using a curriculum that is already put together for us.

  210. I think the curriculum helps planning tremendously

  211. I prefer a curriculum that simplifies the process for me!!

  212. Lisa Rogers says:

    I like a curriculum that is put together for you because two of my three children have Aspergers. This allows me more time to spend on their individual needs. I would love to try your curriculum from Oak Meadows!

    God’s Peace!
    Lisa Rogers

  213. tweet, and I follow!
    Bethany’s latest post: Juicer Giveaway

  214. I follow simple homeschool in my google reader

  215. email subscriber
    Bethany’s latest post: Juicer Giveaway

  216. Christine says:

    I like a curriculum for a good guideline, and then modify it for my kids needs/interests.

  217. I am just getting into homeschooling, so all the help I can get the better. I perfer something laid out for me in an easy to use format. Who has time to sift through manual after manual? My kids would NEVER allow that to happen ;). Thanks for this chance to win such a great prize!

  218. I am also subscribed through email.

  219. Christine says:
  220. Christine says:

    I subscribe by e-mail.

  221. I enjoy using a variety of curricula, but I do like plans to be laid out for me.
    Dawn’s latest post: 39

  222. I’m subscribed to Simple Homeschool via email.
    Dawn’s latest post: 39

  223. Christine Chaluisan says:

    I really don’t know which method I prefer. This is our first year of homeschool, and I was adviced to purchase things that were already planned out. I’ve heard amazing things about Oak Meadows and would love an opportunity to try it out. Hoping to win!!!!!! 😉

  224. I prefer mixing it up. I am not organized enough to do all the planning, but the flip side is that I am very creative so I would not want to be contained to a boxed curriculum either.

  225. Suscribed by email.. should have a long time ago because I stalk this site (and Steady Mom)!

  226. Hmmm. Do I like packaged curriculum? For the most part, NO. What I really hate are lesson plans. That’s too structured for me. I like to grab a book off the shelf and away we go with our learning. As for curriculum (like a box of well chose books) that’s more my style. So if I had a boxed curriculum, I probably would just ignore the lesson plans. lol

    I’ve heard good things about Oak Meadow. I’d love to try it, especially with my 12 year old girl.

  227. I subscribe to SH. 🙂
    monica @ paper bridges’s latest post: What to read instead of Eat- Pray- Love- travelogues by women

  228. love their curriculum! have considered it for my first grader–we are new to homeschooling.

  229. oh and i subscribe to SH already!

  230. I would love to create my own, but I feel completely overwhelmed, so I will try to find a curriculum that fits our needs.

  231. I subscribe to Simple Homeschool.

  232. I prefer to have the a guideline and then we can add our own spice to it.
    Renee Owens’s latest post: Boys and their toys

  233. I subscribe to your feeds!!
    Renee Owens’s latest post: Boys and their toys

  234. I follow on twitter – here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/Irishgal99/status/21427002531

  235. I think I would prefer it simplified.

  236. I subscribe to SH via google reader.

  237. I go back and forth on whether school-in-a-box or make-it-up-as-you-go-along is better. When I have the time to sit and plan, it is enjoyable; scrambling with 4 small kids – not so much.

  238. I absolutely prefer a curriculum that simplifies it for me. 🙂
    Loni’s latest post: In ‘Other’ Words- Suffering- Shining us like Gold intro to Mary Beth Chapman’s Book

  239. I am following you on Twitter (@MamaofaDozen)
    Loni’s latest post: In ‘Other’ Words- Suffering- Shining us like Gold intro to Mary Beth Chapman’s Book

  240. And I signed up to receive your e-mails of your blog! 🙂
    Loni’s latest post: In ‘Other’ Words- Suffering- Shining us like Gold intro to Mary Beth Chapman’s Book

  241. I like a little of both. Some sort of structure on which to base things helps simplify it for me.

  242. i subscribe to the emails! : )

  243. I love being eclectic and having curriculums to pull from as well as my own thoughts and ideas 😉

  244. I tweeted!!
    Alicia’s latest post: Ask- Seek- Knock- Nurse

  245. You are in my Google Reader <3
    Alicia’s latest post: Ask- Seek- Knock- Nurse

  246. We are unschoolers, but I do put together our own stuff if the kids want it (for example, my kids are really big into workbooks right now, so I have a bunch on hand for them to choose from).
    emily’s latest post: this moment

  247. Thanks! Subscribed via email!

  248. I have had my eye on this curriculum for awhile for my soon to be preschool age girl!

  249. I like one’s that do a lot of planning for me. Otherwise, I can TOTALLY see myself getting caught up in buying books & making a plan and then never actually DOING any of it!
    Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker’s latest post: Building a Household Notebook- Section 4 – Parent

  250. Am subscribed via email
    Danielle blair’s latest post: Feel the Beat!

  251. i sub via RSS, too.
    Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker’s latest post: Building a Household Notebook- Section 4 – Parent

  252. This is my first year homeschooling, as my eldest is only four. However, I am finding that I prefer a system/curricula that is already established and planned out. It gives me ease in know others have been there before.
    Kerry’s latest post: Hot Buns!

  253. Hi! I am subscribed via email.

  254. Thus far (my oldest will be in 1st grade this year, so I’ve only home schooled her for Kindergarten – and we were very relaxed!), I’ve really enjoyed devising our own plans for curriculum. I like having the flexibility to switch gears and go off on tangents. That said, I also find it valuable to have a structure within which to work so that we feel like we’re “going somewhere”. Sometimes that feeling is needed! With a curriculum, I think I might take a little longer to get through it so that we can explore and experiment all we want. It would be fun to try this one!

  255. This would be so wonderful!!! We use Oak Meadow and will need gr 3!
    I enjoy using a curriculum but making it our own. Adding things that the family would love to learn about or adjusting plans to meet interests.

  256. writing your own plans is so time consuming and i’d rather spend that time with my kids,
    so i’m all for bought curriculum!

  257. i already subscribe to your blog

  258. Well, I have not started homeschooling yet but my daughter will start kindergarten next year! I imagine that I will be the kind of person who will combine some of my own curriculum I have put together along with a set curriculum. But we shall see!

  259. Just subscribed!

  260. So, love the put-together curriculum 🙂 then I always tweak it a little towards my own way! ~C

  261. I like a using curriculum. It keeps me focused.

  262. I already subscribe. Love the posts!

  263. I am a mix of both worlds. I like the simplicity of a ready made curricula but there is just so much good stuff at the library that we have to add in our own stuff.
    Rosemarie’s latest post: Winner of Blue Sheep Wallet

  264. Thanks so much for devoting a week to “Back to School”!
    I enjoy the idea of planning all my lessons, however, in reality, it’s really great to have a curriculum to keep things going smoothly & customize it to our family’s needs.
    I am already subscribed to Simple HS & love it!

  265. I’m starting homeschool this year, and am feeling kind of overwhelmed. There are so many different approaches, and there’s a big investment when you pick one! I think, though, that I’d like to use a “base” system and then add to it or do some pull out units when the mood strikes. I definitely need a sense of organization and pacing to make things easier, though. I’ve heard good things about Oak Meadow in the bloggy world :P)
    The Butterfly Nest’s latest post: Sleep- Glorious Sleep

  266. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502772187
    I posted about @simpleschool’s offer on fb since I don’t do twitter. Does that still count? ;D

  267. I’m sorry to say that I prefer a prepared curriculum. I’m just not disciplined enough to do it on my own!

  268. I subscribed via email!

  269. Already a subscriber.

  270. Following you on Twitter and retweeted about the giveaway. Not sure how to attach the link here….I’m so stupid when it comes to using Twitter! It’s pretty much a miracle that I was able to retweet from my mobile device, haha.

  271. I really don’t know whether I would want this much direction in my home-schooling enterprise, as my children are not yet school age, and I haven’t by any means decided to home school . . . but I guess winning this package would help me to make a decision!

  272. Prefer curriculum

  273. I “tweeted” about it, but don’t know how to link to the tweet. Here’s what I put:
    If you homeschool, check out http://bit.ly/cO0PRe


  274. Getting it through Google reader via RSS

  275. Subscribed! I wouldn’t miss reading it!
    Denice Roney’s latest post: Missionary Mail

  276. I like putting all the pieces together as they fit best for my kids. But I am curious to see what their complete curriculum looks like.
    Kami’s latest post: Our first day of first grade!

  277. I subscribe.
    Kami’s latest post: Our first day of first grade!

  278. Elizabeth says:

    I have recently decided to homeschool my youngest daughter, and as a newbie, I’ll probably purchase a curriculum. I’ve reviewed several, and Oak Meadow is my favorite by far!

  279. Elizabeth says:

    I subscribe via the RSS feed.

  280. Carrie Taylor says:

    I like using a curriculum to keep things simple for me. 🙂

  281. I am just approaching this question as I making my first decisions about homeschooling. To start with, I would certainly like the comfort of an established syllabus – but I imagine I would get creative pretty quickly. This giveaway is amazing, thank you!

  282. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  283. when our children were elementary age, I enjoyed putting together our own curriculum. I loved the freedom to tailor activities and assighments to the needs of each child. As the middle school years neared I began feeling overwhelmed with the task I found so easy and joyful when they were smaller so I began searching for a curriculum that would still give me the creative freedom but answer the academic needs I was looking for. Oak Meadow fit the bill and we have used it for the last 3 years. This year we have a high schooler who will use the 9th grade curriculum and our daughter will use the 7th grade. WE LOVE OAK MEADOW!

    PS. on another note: I have awarded you The Versatile blog award. I love your blog and enjoyed recommending it to my readers.
    Happy Homeschooling
    Deborah Jean

  284. I don’t know; my guy’s only just preschool-aged, so I haven’t experimented much. This looks like a great thing to try.

  285. Brittany Robbins says:

    Starting Pre-K at home this year and would LOVE a packaged curriculum to give me some confidence!

  286. So far I’ve been putting together our own plans, gathering ideas from other books and integrating them together for us. I do like the idea of going with a more standard curriculum, I just haven’t had a chance to thoroughly research what’s out there and decide what is best for us.
    Carrie S.’s latest post: What Summer Harvest!

  287. Lorelei Cleary says:

    I tend to discover/learn what I need to teach – whether its by reading a set of standards or following what interests my children – and then finding the materials to support the learning.

  288. We have yet to begin homeschooling. Since it will be new to us I think a curriculum would be very helpful.

  289. I am a follower of simple homeschool’s feed.

  290. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  291. Hi. I like to start with something – a curriculum – and modify it to suit our needs.

  292. I have already subscribed via email.

  293. I purchased 1st & 3rd grade curriculum from them. Great curriculum if you have the time for each individual student- but I have 8 kids, ranging from 1 to 16, so it was difficult to multi-level teach. But I want to get back to it- someday…

  294. We have a year to go before we actually start homeschooling. I would think that a set curriculum might be best for us since it would all be laid out for us, but that may change in time.

  295. Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

    This is actually the curriculum we already have our eyes on, should we decide to go the formal curriculum route. I am a new homeschooler, so the idea of a professionally designed plan to work from has a great deal of appeal, and I really like the Oak Meadow philosophy.

    I have been a subscriber to this blog since its inception, so I didn’t think I should send you another comment indicating such. Seems like “cheating” somehow… If we’re meant to be the lucky winners, one kick at the can ought to do it!

    Thanks Simple Homeschool, and Oak Meadow, for this great giveaway!
    Heather’s latest post: Tracking Down Allergens

  296. I enjoy reading your emails daily! Please enter me in the contest 🙂

  297. I’ve heard of Oak Meadow but never really knew that much about it. It sounds quite impressive. Although I am a teacher myself, I like having a curriculum as a resource. I hope I win!

  298. I like to have a curriculum package that also allows us to add and subtract as needed. It’s really nice to have a core curriculum already put together.
    Robin (rsislandcrafts)’s latest post: More Elephants

  299. I follow you through bloglines 🙂
    Robin (rsislandcrafts)’s latest post: More Elephants

  300. I’ve been eyeing Oakmeadow for their preschool program. Would love the opportunity to use it with my daughter. Definately love the guidance of a premade program. I’m new to homeschooling!

  301. I love a simplified, put together program!

  302. I subscrive via my Google Reader RSS feed!

  303. I have to say that after 15 years in education, I still like to have a curriculum and adapt as necessary. I am so intrigued by Oak Meadow materials; I have the catalog but would so loooooove to have a set of my own! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!
    Roxy Schow’s latest post: this moment

  304. I subscribe via to Simple Homeschool via email.
    Roxy Schow’s latest post: this moment

  305. I like to plan a little and have a lot planned for me. Seems to keep my head above water! Hope we win so I don’t sink 🙂

  306. Wow! Amazing giveaway! I love having a curriculum planning resource, though I usually tweak and make changes so that it better fits our family. There is no perfect fit, but having someone do part of the leg work for you is priceless.

  307. and I’m also a subscriber : )
    Paula @ Motherhood Outloud’s latest post: Being vs Doing- Wisdom from Psalm 1

  308. Here’s a link to my twitter page, I tweeted about the giveaway:

    Paula @ Motherhood Outloud’s latest post: Being vs Doing- Wisdom from Psalm 1

  309. I prefer a curriculum that allows me to add in some of my own ideas but guides me from week-to-week and theme-to-theme. I recently purchased Oak Meadow First Book of Crafts, Preschool Learning Processes & preschool The Heart of Learning for my youngest son and would love to have an Oak Meadow curriculum for my oldest son as well. It’s gentle and wholeness approach to learning fits right in with how I am raising my boys.

  310. I am now subscribing via email
    lynn’s latest post: Bluebirds

  311. I would love to piece together my own schedule, but with 5 kids I have had to face the reality that it is easier to have the scheduling done for me and then follow it as loosely as we need.

  312. I would love a cirriculum that I can add to as I see fit-something to inspire and cradle us on our homeschooling journey! Thanks!

  313. I love to put together the curriculum, but like to have a system that can help me simplify it! I love the approach that Oak Meadows holds, it sounds wonderful!

  314. I subscribe in reader. Thanks!

  315. Kristie A. says:

    I will be homeschooling for the first time this year! I think I like putting together my own cirriculum but some days I am thinking it would be nice to have it all planned out for me.

  316. Kristie A. says:

    I subscribe in google reader.

  317. I am just starting my homeschooling journey with my fourth-grader. Right now we’re piecing together, but I’m open-minded! I can tell that I need guidance in some areas, for sure!

  318. I subscribe through my Google reader.

  319. Abigail Gunter says:

    I prefer to have someone else put together the curriculum for me.

  320. Abigail Gunter says:

    I subscribe via email.

  321. This is my first year homeschooling so I prefer something simple & laid out for me to do. 🙂

  322. I like to simplify the homeschooling process and have it planned out for me, especially from an artsy, nature-oriented curriculum. Thanks for the giveaway!

  323. Subscribed to Simple Homeschool via email.
    Cindie Young’s latest post: Blog break

  324. I’m planning on homeschooling my two toddler boys – this would be a great way to test drive curriculum!

  325. Adam Schindler says:

    I really enjoy the time I spend with my wife planning the next month’s curriculum for our children. That said, I really like the Oak Meadow format and structure. And, as our kids get older, I’ll probably want the help of a pre-made curriculum. I have a terrible habit of spending too much time to re-invent the wheel =)

  326. I prefer to be able to buy one that simplifies it for me. We used Oak Meadow years ago and would love to be able to use it again!
    Joey’s latest post: August 17 2010

  327. I like a curriculum to give a sort of structure, but with enough flexibility that we can go off on our own tangents and trails whenever we please. 😉
    Cynthia’s latest post: Legislating morals and tolerance

  328. I subscribe via Google Reader.
    Cynthia’s latest post: Legislating morals and tolerance

  329. Stephanie says:

    I subscribed via email. Great Site.

  330. I sometimes need a ready to use curriculum to fit everything into the day and other times I need the freedom to joyfully go with the flow and what inspires my family at the time.
    Kimberly C.’s latest post: 5 Minute Pie

  331. Stephanie says:

    I like having things simplified for me, but I love a curriculum that allows me the flexibility to add things and explore deeper into topics as the kids see fit-much like Oak Meadow. I’ve used Oak Meadow for different subjects in different grades and love it!

  332. My tweet love for you:
    Kimberly C.’s latest post: 5 Minute Pie

  333. Subscribed by e-mail!
    Kimberly C.’s latest post: 5 Minute Pie

  334. I prefer a curriculum and would LOVE to win this!

  335. I also subscribed to Simple Homeschool by email!

  336. I enjoy a curriculum that both simplifies and provides wiggle-room to create. 🙂
    Jenai M.’s latest post: Bourbon Balls made with rum

  337. I subscribed through my Google feed reader… a couple weeks ago… *giggle* 🙂
    Jenai M.’s latest post: Bourbon Balls made with rum

  338. Nina Sheehan says:

    I enjoy putting my own curriculum together, but with the time constraints of impending single motherhood and doing everything alone for a number of years, I would relish a curriculum put together based on my values which neatly dovetail with the Waldorf philosophy. Simplifying that part of the process would greatly simplify that area of my life that I so value…..homeschooling my son and raising him well…………and allow me that extra time to continue to work on generating income and developing a business out of my home. Cheers!

  339. Nina Sheehan says:

    I just subscribed to Simple Homeschool by e-mail.

  340. I am starting this year without a distance education program, and was hoping to take a relaxed approach to curriculum (or lack thereof) but would like something to guide us when we feel uninspired, and give us something concrete to accomplish. Oak Meadow looks like the direction I would like to head with guidance, and seems very age appropriate. Definitely something I would be interested in learning more about!

  341. I have been following you on e-mail for a little while now. I have always pulled together my own curriculum, but now that my son is getting oplder, I feel we should be getting a little more structured!

  342. Nina Sheehan says:

    I did it! I signed up on twitter and followed you. Tweeted and not sure if this is the link. Kind of unsure how this all works…..obviously don’t have a big network to tweet to yet. Computer is running extremely slowly and it is painstaking to figure it out. Here is the link??? https://twitter.com/kilbridesheehan

  343. i prefer a set curriculum. it does make it easier for me, plus i get an idea what my son should be learning. thanks for the chance!

  344. I just subscribed to Simple Homeschool by email! 🙂

  345. We have used the history and science of oak meadow for two years, but we add lots to it and follow it in lurches. Helps keep our sanity and still allows freedom to tinker where we may! So we like both approaches at different times.

  346. i subscribe through google reader. thanks again!

  347. As someone new to homeschooling having resources that have part of it planned for you is very reassuring. I am in Australia but have been looking into the Oak Meadow materials as I can’t seem to find a southern hemisphere equivalent. Amazing giveaway!

  348. This will be our first year. I’ve bought a curriculum as a starting base but am adding things to it and pulling some stuff out for next year. Wish me luck!

    P.S. Jo – where in Oz are you? I’m in Brisbane.

  349. I’m subscribed to SH in my RSS feed.

  350. Sara Lester says:

    I usually buy a package curriculum, and then add lots of extras to it. I like to do random units over topics that generally aren’t included in most curriculum packages, like studying eggs in depth when we’re getting ready to hatch some for our homestead, or in-depth history of the circus before the circus comes to town.

  351. Sara Lester says:

    Subscribed via RSS

  352. Tracy Schulman says:

    We prefer to work with a curriculum as it makes it very easy to comply with New York State regulations and to make sure our daughter has a well rounded education.

  353. I use an ecletic approach right now. I would love to have a curriculum that was usable for both my kids.

  354. We’ve subscribed!

  355. Tracy Schulman says:
  356. We have just started HS. It would be lovely to have a curriculum that we could follow loosely and add to, at least to begin with as somedays it feels like it is going to be so hard.

  357. i am a subscriber

  358. Heather C. says:

    This will be our second year using OM. While I’ve enjoyed putting together materials from scratch when the kids were smaller, now that they are in middle and high school, I’m finding that having a ‘plan’ already laid out works better. We supplement, of course, but I’ve found OM to be very thorough and you can go as in depth on a topic as you’d like.

  359. Chris Kuykendall says:

    As a mostly unschooler for the past few years, we have always drawn on Oak Meadow, Enki, and Christopherus materials because they honor the style of learning that we find works best for us. Now as my kids move into higher grades, especially my daughter who is entering 4th grade, they are really wanting to sink their teeth into more and more. My daughter and I looked over the Oak Meadow 4th grade package and she decided this year that she wants to follow the whole curriculum. She is sooooo excited about school this year. I am so happy to have Oak Meadow as a resource that gives her the gently structured style of lessons that she is craving, while still honoring the spirit of learning and creativity inherit in all children.

    I really the thought of having a curriculum that is full and that we can just pick up and dive into without a lot of planning. As a busy new farm family, it is just one less thing we have to worry about!

  360. Chris Kuykendall says:

    I subscribed via email. 🙂

  361. This is our 6th year homeschooling and I’ve experienced both: having the complete curriculum put together for me from a single provider, as well as having to gather courses myself. Both ways have their benefits and there are good reasons for each. Sometimes the simplicity of having it all from one provider is extremely helpful and cuts down the time I have to prepare for the school year, so that’s definitely a way to go. Other times when I gather all the courses myself, I enjoy searching for the different courses that cater to our needs for that year; so sometimes that’s the way to go. Either way has worked for us in the past, and each year it could be different from the last. So I don’t have a preference, because I enjoy how both ways work.

  362. I really enjoy Oak Meadow. When putting together our yearly plans I like to have a spine to work from, but lots of room to refine the program to really work for our family.

  363. I’m new to homeschooling. We did a relaxed pre-kindergarten/kindergarten last year and are gearing up to start our official kindergarten year with Oak Meadow. I enjoy having a curriculum as a guide but I also enjoy being able to have the flexibility to add and alter to suit our needs. Oak Meadow seems a good fit for our purposes and I would love to win the first grade package. Thanks!!

  364. Nichole Giordano says:

    I homeschool three children and it’s great to have a full curriculum to help me out! I like that someone has thought out a scope and sequence.

  365. We’ve subscribed to Simple Homeschool. 🙂

  366. I do enjoy putting together my own curriculum, but I spend hours researching and selecting the best fit.

    This looks like a great giveaway!

  367. This will be our first year using OM and we are very excited!! I love to have a little structure for guidance and then the ability to go unstructured! I think OM will be an amazing fit to our schooling!!!

  368. Subscribed!! and really hoping to win!! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity and the information

  369. I love putting together bits and pieces to try and find the right match for my daughter.

  370. My wife does the planning, so it would be helpful to get a planned curriculum.

  371. I recently made the decision to go with a packaged curriculum for history, but needed to tweak it to the point where I feel like I’ve done more work than ever (but it will be worth it)! I would like to simplify, however, and Oak Meadow sounds like it would be an excellent match for my middle child.

  372. Duly tweeted (and followed–so glad I found you!).
    Fiddler’s latest post: You know youre a homeschooling parent when

  373. I love Oak Meadow. I have looked at their materials and come so close to ordering but have never had the resources to do so. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  374. And I’ve now subscribed to the site via email. Thanks!
    Fiddler’s latest post: You know youre a homeschooling parent when

  375. I like guidance from a curriculum, but I always end up adding my own stuff too!

  376. I am a very ecclectic homeschooler. Now that I have 6 kids in tow, it’s more like a hectic homeschooler. I love the idea of Oak Meadow! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  377. I subscribed! Thanks!

  378. I definitely prefer to have a curriculum to simplify the planning process. We love Oak Meadow! What a great giveaway!
    Jennifer’s latest post: Youre It!!!

  379. subscribed! Thanks!

  380. Osmosis Mom says:

    Well, I homeschool several kids and have always put together my own curriculum. Now, however, with a newborn and in the midst of highschool with the oldest, a pre-packaged curriculum is looking more and more attractive for the middle kids.

  381. I have put together my own curriculum but really prefer a packaged curriculum. Oak Meadow is the curriculum I enjoy using the most, and have for several grade levels now.
    Ann’s latest post: In Between

  382. Is okay to say I like a bit of both? To have the choice between doing a program “as is” or tweaking it to make it more ours. There’s times when one of my kids or our family needs to have it all done for us and there’s times when a child or our family needs to have a more tailored education. I like that Oak Meadow gives us the freedom to do that. There’s a foundation to enjoy and feel confident with and there’s plenty to expound on if one is interested too. I love that Oak Meadow doesn’t bog them down. It gets them excited and engaged about the lessons and then let’s them enjoy the lesson. Some packaged programs drill and kill or are just so dry that by the time the lesson is over, the kid doesn’t want to do anything related to the subjects. Oak Meadow doesn’t do either of those things and I’m finding my kids are enjoying it more and wanting to do more learning outside the formal lessons because of that.

  383. I subscribed via email too!

  384. Oops – forgot to add that I just subscribed via email! Great blog, I’m glad I found it!
    Ann’s latest post: In Between

  385. Do you enjoy putting together your own homeschool plans or do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?

    The answer is: Yes! (Both). My first year homeschooling was a partial year, only a couple of months. Ididn’t want to buy a curriculum in a box so to speak and really enjoyed planning my own eclectic mix of learning materials for my then third grade daughter. Over the course of that summer, prior to beginning the following school year with my daughter (and my preschool aged son at home), a homeschooling friend showed me her Oak Meadow curriculum, and I fell head over heels in love. I KNEW I didn’t want some dry, textbookish curriculum focused on worksheets and tests and drilling facts. Oak Meadow is creative, hands on, interesting, fun. I love how laid back and gentle it is in the earliest years (and can’t wait to do OMK with my son starting next month). I love how even in the later years, where it IS more academic, it is STILL very creative. And I can’t wait to do OM5 with my daughter starting next month. I plan to use OM all the way through- if THIS is the kind of curriculum I can get, and it’s all laid out and simplified for me? Yes! That’s what I want! 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!
    Nancy’s latest post: Life Without School – Entry 555

  386. Sheilla Turner says:

    I would love to learn how to put together my own curriculum but feel that I would overlook something important for my 1st grader, therefore, at this point in my life, purchasing a curriculum that is prepared for me is the best option that I could chose for her.

  387. Sheilla Turner says:

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. THANKS A BUNCH FOR sending the newsletter out.

  388. It’s fun to put together your own curriculum, but hugely time consuming. Next year we’ll probably move toward more of a packaged curriculum.
    lisa’s latest post: Box Tops Giveaway Winner

  389. And I’ve now subscribed via email in addition to leaving my comment above. Thanks again!
    Nancy’s latest post: Life Without School – Entry 555

  390. erica halstead says:

    This will be out 3rd year using Oak Meadow. I love how Oak Meadow is accredited to state standards and helps me out with scope and sequence rather than trying to put it together myself!

  391. erica halstead says:

    Left a comment on twitter! Love this

  392. erica halstead says:

    We have subscribed via email! This is an amazing giveaway! 🙂

  393. I prefer curriculum that simplifies my life.

  394. I like things planned out. Makes life run a bit more smoothly =)
    Thank you,

  395. I subscribed to Simple Homeschool

  396. We have homeschooled for about 6 years now and have always done our own thing. But, as time has gone by, I have become more interested in having the planning all done and the books all chosen for me. This would be a wonderful way to try a pre-planned curriculum with my son. I have drooled over Oak Meadow for years…this is an awesome giveaway!

  397. Andrea Gregory says:

    Subscribed to Simple Homeschool by email. Thanks!

  398. Andrea Gregory says:

    Do you enjoy putting together your own homeschool plans or do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?

    While I do like putting my own homeschool plans together, with six in the mix now, I’m considering other options. There is just not enough mom to go around. So while I’ve never used a packaged curricula before I’ve been considering it all summer.

  399. Beth Patterson says:

    I have enjoyed both putting together my own curriculum and using full-out boxed curriculum. It depends on the season of our homeschool.

  400. Beth Patterson says:

    I just added you to my Google Rss Reader.

  401. Subscribed! I’m a confused homeschooler. I love trying to put together my own plans, but my kids and I are better off when we use a planned out curriculum. Thanks for this opportunity.

  402. I subscribed via email =)

  403. I like a schedule laid out for me.

  404. I have enjoyed putting together my own curriculum this year, but to make it easier on myself I have been looking into a ready made curriculum for next year.

  405. While I do enjoy putting together my own curriculum some of the time, I mostly enjoy a program that helps me simplify that process! I love a schedule laid out for me.

  406. Subscribed to e-mail.

  407. I definitely prefer to use a good, solid curriculum that simplifies the planning process for me. It takes away a lot of the stress associated with that task and allows me to focus more on teaching my children.

  408. Subscribed to e-mail, also.

  409. Subscribed! I like to use a curriculum and tweak 😉

  410. Narnia Breathes says:

    “do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?”

    actually, I love Oak Meadow. It is the perfect fit for my daughter!

  411. I love having the planning done for me! It frees me to focus on other things.

  412. Subscribed to simple homeschool by email.

  413. Carolyn Bonifacio says:

    I really want, like and need a schedule all laid out for me!

  414. Carolyn Bonifacio says:

    Subscribed by email!

  415. Carolyn Bonifacio says:

    I just tweeted about your giveaway. I’m not sure how to link you to my twitter but my user name is “carlyboni” on twitter, hope that helps

  416. I subscribed via email!

  417. I prefer to have some scheduling done for me but also tend to tweak as well. Thank you for this opportunity!

  418. I enjoy putting my own curriculum together, but I’ve discovered that it takes more time than I have! Pre-planned curricula are sounding more and more enticing.
    Jessica’s latest post: Connecting History and Other Subjects

  419. I prefer curriculum already put together…however, I like to pick and choose what I use and how I’ll use it.
    Kristin’s latest post: Baby Girl is Sick

  420. Subscribed via Google Reader
    Jessica’s latest post: Connecting History and Other Subjects

  421. I’ve tweeted. (@jkbaxter612)
    Kristin’s latest post: Baby Girl is Sick

  422. I subscribe by email
    Kristin’s latest post: Baby Girl is Sick

  423. This is my first year homeschooling and I am currently putting together my own curriculum. I wish right now that I had simply purchased a curriculum, at least for this year! I am finding that I enjoy putting together my own plans; however, with 2 kids at home, major house renovations occurring, and a husband with a chronic illness, I would have fared far better stress-wise had I opted for the pre-designed curriculum this year!

  424. Alexis South says:

    I would love to try Oak Meadow. I would prefer a curriculum that is planned out for me as I have 3 kids and we never seem to get to the fun stuff.

  425. Subscribed through google reader!

  426. I like having a plan laid out for me but one that is not too rigid, one that I can slow down with or speed with as needed.


  427. Becca White says:

    I like a curriculum that lays it out for me as a base to work off of. From there I expand on the curriculum and make learning fun!

  428. Alexis South says:

    I suscrbed via email.

  429. Becca White says:

    I don’t have twitter, but I facebooked it! <3

  430. Becca White says:

    I also suscribed via email. 😉
    I know the FB doesn’t count, but I thought it was such a great thing I had to share. 🙂

  431. Subscribed via email.

  432. With 3 different grade levels to teach, simplicity is key!

  433. I subscribed! Thanks!

  434. What a great giveaway-awesome! I like part of the process simplified for me but still like to pick and choose some of the books.

  435. So far I’d say that I like something in between. I like the freedom of selecting from different sources, but can’t imagine creating a school year without the help of purchased curriculums.
    Cari’s latest post: Common Ground

  436. Rebecca Daulton says:

    I will put things together if I need to, but an all in one curriculum is ideal!

  437. Rebecca Daulton says:

    I subscribed by email! Thanks!

  438. I enjoy the satisfaction of putting together my own curriculum, but have often thought how nice it would be if it were already “ready to go”.

  439. I am just beginning my homeschool journey, so I prefer a curriculum that simplifies the process for me by including most of what I need to get started. I am sure that as I become more experienced, I will begin to pick and choose a little more, but for now I need a lot of guidance as I learn what my kids and I enjoy!

  440. I love programs that pull it all together for me. I don’t mind tweeking a program to fit a child but planning it all myself to include crafts/activities is time consuming with many children. Love your program.
    Michelle Stephens in AZ

  441. I just subscribed by email for you newsletter.
    Michelle Stephens

  442. Toni Wilson says:

    Do you enjoy putting together your own homeschool plans or do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?

    I do prefer putting together my own plans, however, I just started using Oak Meadow this year and am really liking the layout of the plans. I’ve not done near as much tweaking with this as I have in the past. I would love to be able to win a 10th grade package.


  443. Toni Wilson says:

    As per the rules, I am leaving a separate comment letting you know I’ve subscribed.

    Thank you,

  444. I don’t enjoy putting together lesson plans… i always feel insecure and am missing something.. However, I also subscribed to any curriculum…that is until a friend introduced me to Oak Meadow.. i took a look at her book and enjoyed it.

  445. Subscribed by email. And to answer your question, I like a mix between making my own lesson plans and using something already done for me.

  446. Erin Kurwicki says:

    This is my first year HS’ing and I put together a lot of my own. Next year I will be schooling 2 so I would like a laid out Kindy program for sure. I am not sure I could put together my own for more than one child.

  447. As an education major in college I’ve always loved the idea of putting together my own curriculums. The reality of that, combined with multiple children of different ages and varying (special) needs, leads me each year to finding pre-planned curriculum that I can tweak as I go. Planning a full, well-rounded curriculum is a fulltime job – and I already have a couple of those! 🙂

  448. lisa luna says:

    as much as i love putting my own curriculum, it overwhelms me so…..i would love to try something like oak meadow for the simplification and beauty.

  449. christy schlegel says:

    I love Oak Meadow! I just ordered the first grade curriculum and can not wait to receive it ! I would love to win and stock up for next year!!!!!!!!

  450. lisa luna says:

    subscribed via email~yay!

  451. Julianna Szabo says:

    I prefer to buy curriculum, but I usually end up modifying it to fit our needs.

  452. Michele Trostle says:

    I like to have a basic lesson plan made by someone else, but I always end up changing, editing, deleting portions of it in order to make it work for my child/family.

  453. subscribed by email

  454. I prefer to use a curriculum that has already been put together. I have used ones that I put together myself, and while they were fun, I felt that it took time away from my kids – and since they are the reason I home school, I felt that it was not a wise use of my time.

  455. Tamara Joyce-Wylie says:

    I am comfortable putting together my own program and there are several pieces of curriculum I have found that my children and I love. However, I am always afraid I am going to forget some big piece! In that regards a complete program is reassuring.

  456. Beth Oliveira says:

    While I do enjoy putting together my own curriculum, doing all the lesson plans, and hunting down resources- It does save tons of time to have something all laid out for you. Then you are free to spend your time teaching, rather than planning. We used Oak Meadow for our first year of homeschooling( 2nd and 4th grades), and we loved it!

  457. I have never used a complete curriculum, but am starting to think that it would make my life much easier now that I will be homeschooling all 4 of my children! I would welcome the change of having it all set up for me.

    I subscribed via email too 🙂

  458. I subscribed via email.

  459. Helen blumner says:

    This will be our first year and I’m letting oak meadow do the planning!

  460. I used to enjoy putting together my own lessons, and to some extent I still do. However, I much prefer Oak Meadow’s framework as the base of our lessons. I still like to tinker and plan supplementary books, field trips, etc., but I’ve come to trust OM’s way and no longer have that anxiety I used to have that I would miss something vital.

  461. My daughter is still fairly young, so we are still in the research part of homeschooling. I’m pretty sure we’ll be using a fully packaged curriculum with additional books and activities thrown in for good measure. Although, I’m sure there will be an evolution as we discover what works for us and what doesn’t. We’ll see!

  462. Maureen Ruble says:

    I have three young children and my eldest is starting kindergarten this week. For preschool, I put together my own curriculum and for “formal” schooling, I would like to use a curriculum.

  463. Maureen Ruble says:

    I subscribe to Simple Homeschool via email and love your blog! It is very helpful to a new homeschooling mom!

  464. I just subscribed

  465. I have been homeschooling for only two years so far. I have been putting my own curriculum together because I want to be flexible. I have looked into Oak Meadow and I really like what they offer but I’m afraid to spend so much on a curriculum if my boys do not want to finish it.

  466. I always end up putting together my own curriculum, due to $$ and the fact that I am weird.

    I would love to be able to get an OM curriculum, as it fits my general HS philosophy more than any other pre-packaged curriculum, and I could never afford to purchase it on my own. If I were to be able to try it for a year, who knows? The $$ I would have saved, plus my experience with the product might finally free me from the never ending cycle I am stuck in. As I am entering the middle school teaching phase of our HS journey, I also need a bit more hand-holding and guidance than previously.

  467. I have been putting together my own curriculum for awhile, and I would much rather someone simplify it for me!!! Especially with 4 kids to homeschool 🙂 Oak meadow is something I have always been very curious about, but haven’t taken the plunge!

  468. I like a combination of a inclusive curriculum + my own ideas. I need a jumping off point and I feel that a curriculum helps with that.

  469. I follow in Google Reader.

  470. Thanks for the chance to win a grade level from Oak Meadow. We used them 2 years ago, for our 1st year of homeschooling and loved them!! We haven’t been able to afford to order their kit again so if we win, we will be super excited. I signed up for your email and I’m answering the question too 🙂

    I prefer using both methods, I like to add things that my kids are into right along with what’s already planned out for me. Sometimes my plans fall through and if I have a back up plan, I don’t feel so overwhelmed lol. Thanks!

  471. chris deer says:

    We have been homeschooling for 4 years now and for three years we have been using OM and I love that everything is set up week to week. We love it!

  472. Helen blumner says:

    Signed up via email.

  473. Rachael Burch says:

    We homeschool and are using Oak Meadow this year. It’s such a beautiful program! We’re really looking forward to it and would love the opportunity to win another year of it.

  474. We love Oak Meadow! We just began 1st & 5th grade this week and the boys are really getting into it. It’s so much better than the worksheet based curriculum we were using last year! I really love the layout that Oak Meadow provides. There is plenty to do on their suggestion but it also leaves a lot of room to add things in when desired and skip past others. I really need this framework layed out for me. I have 3 boys, each 4 yrs apart, and planning everything myself is too overwhelming.

    If we win, I’d like the 6th grade set! Thanks! All my fingers & toes are crossed!

  475. Add a 2nd entry for me b/c I just subscribed to your feed!

  476. Rachael Burch says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway! So excited!

  477. I’m just starting homeschool, my oldest being 4. But so far I’m really enjoying pulling together resources that my child just right. That being said, it’s extremely helpful to have a guide to loosely follow, which so far I’ve found on a site called Simply Charlotte Mason.
    Erin’s latest post: Nutiva Coconut Oil 584 FREE Shipping!

  478. Rachael Burch says:

    Just subscribed via email! 🙂

  479. I’m an email subscriber!
    Erin’s latest post: Nutiva Coconut Oil 584 FREE Shipping!

  480. I already subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you!

  481. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts –I’ve been intrigued by Oak Meadow, but haven’t taken the plunge to order it. I have enjoyed putting together much of my own materials or tweaking other curriculum. However, the reality of having 4 dc has gotten in the way and I would truly be interested in something to simplify my life, yet still provide my dc a solid, love for learning, curriculum.

  482. I have put together my own curriculum, so that I can taylor it to my child’s individual learning style/needs. Of course this means countless hours working on lessons, which, I really don’t have. I have always been interested in Oak Meadow, and seem to consider it more with each passing year.

  483. I enjoy putting together my own curriculum for the early years, but plan to use something more structured, like Oak Meadow, for grade 6 and above. I currently have Oak Meadow in my future plan for grades 6-12.

  484. I just subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks. 🙂

  485. I love to start with a curriculum then I end up tweaking.

  486. ChristineK says:

    I have been putting together my own curriuculum, but would love the ease and simplicity of having a program put together for me.

  487. I do a little of both. I start out with a lesson guide or lesson plan and tweak it to fit our goals. I love Oak Meadow! I almost bought the curriculum this year, but we ended up going a different way. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Amy’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  488. I subscribe to simple homeschool through my google reader!
    Amy’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  489. I subscribed via e-mail.

  490. I prefer a curriculum that is already laid out for me!

  491. I prefer to assemble my own program. My children are at different levels in the various subjects. Anyway, I like to teach geography in a Charlotte Mason way, math in a traditional way, etc.

  492. I don’t mind putting together my own homeschool plans, but I love curricula that simplifies the process. 🙂

  493. I just subscribed to Simple Homeschool.

  494. Krista P. says:

    I would love a program that has everything I want in it without having to pick and choose and is affordable. I did use a packaged program one year and found that I preferred the math and English that we had been using to what was in that program but I loved having everything all planned out for me. If it was less costly, I might have continued with it and just added my own math and English.

  495. Stephanie says:

    I am planning on homeschooling in the future (ds is two) and feel I will need a planned curriculum initially. I think after my confidence is up and we get into a groove I will do more planning myself.

  496. Stephanie says:

    I read you in google reader.

  497. Jessica Benz says:

    I have a child with very asynchronous development- she is academically quite advanced, and emotionally in real need of being allowed creativity and space to be very much a young child still. While I love the ‘concept’ of building curriculum from the ground up, I prefer the safety net of a simplified ready made set. We can expand as needed, but I want to make sure the basic structure is there for us. Though we love to explore the world on our homeschooling adventure, it really helps us to have clear signposts along the paths.

  498. Up to this point I’ve been piecing things together, but I’m interested in how it would work to try something that was already organized for me. I think Oak Meadow 1st grade looks really awesome!

  499. I subscribed to the email. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  500. I love the idea of simplifying homeschooling for moms, so wherever I can I use planned curriculum and schedules. Since I am a tweaker at heart, I still allow myself to add to whatever curriculum I am using. That kind of lets me have my cake and eat it too!

  501. Thus far I have been doing my own thing, but I am very curious about curriculum and how much it might help as we get into official school age.

  502. Jessica Benz says:
  503. Jessica Benz says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter as well- third time’s a charm, right?

    Thanks for the contest- it’s a great opportunity. 🙂

  504. Katherine says:

    I do a combination of both.

  505. Katherine says:

    I do a combination of both

  506. I am currently trying to piece together a curriculum for four different grade levels including two with special needs and it’s driving me bonkers. I would love something packaged that incorporates creativity and a solid curriculum. Thanks for the great contest!

  507. Ideally, I would like a combination of a packaged curriculum like Oak Meadow to use as the foundation, and then customize parts of it with my own ideas and various other resources. We did this with Oak Meadow 1st grade last year and had a lot of fun with it!

  508. I subscribed via email…thanks so much!

  509. I prefer to hodge podge all the things I like together and after spending all that time putting together my own I then wonder why I didn’t just get pre packaged deal.

  510. I love it when its already done for me and then I still do it my way.
    Gena Miller’s latest post: These Summer Days

  511. I like to follow a planned curriculum but add my own touches.

  512. This is our first year with OM and I think I like the all in one curriculum better then doing it all myself. With 3 girls at different levels I was starting to get over whelmed. Now we have a guide to follow and not feel frustrated.

  513. I subscribed to email feed, thanks.

  514. I would love to find a packaged curriculum that I love. I taught Montessori for 5 yrs and love that but find it hard to implement in my home so I’ve been picking and choosing things for my son who is starting his K yr with me very soon!

  515. I purchased a curriculum for the first time this year (Oak Meadow) because I felt with adding a part-time job, it would really help to have a curriculum as a guidepost. That being said, we have lots of other plans not directed related to our curriculum that we will incorporate or do as well. I think that is part of the fun of homeschooling — coming up with ideas together and seeing where they take you!

  516. Subscribed to Simple Homeschool by email. Love the sound of that!!

  517. We are just starting kindergarten and have some Oak Meadow books, plus I am also adding other materials that interest my daughter (such as books on the ocean and solar system).

    Thank you for the generous give-away!

  518. Following on Twitter and retweeted your OM post. Not sure how to link to it as I’m not the best at twitter! This may work though. http://twitter.com/jwoodbri And I thought of a great reason to win this too… my birthday this Sunday. That would be a great b-day surprise!!

  519. I actually prefer to have a curriculum set out for me so that I can just follow the next step each day. I am so busy with my job and therapy for my daughter who has Autism that there is barely time to prepare for lessons. I would absolutely LOVE to be able to use the Oak Meadows Grade 1 curriculum, it looks so beautiful and such a gentle way to introduce schooling for children. I would be so happy to win this giveaway – it would certainly make our lives easier – and enriched – this year!

  520. We are at the very beginning stages of homeschooling and I honestly feel a little nervous about putting together an entire curriculum myself so I am looking around and exploring curriculum. This sounds wonderful!

  521. Julie Ann says:

    Tough question for me! At this moment I am loving putting together certain aspects of our curriculum (like history) and letting someone else do it for other aspects. I have never found a boxed curriculum that was exactly what I wanted, but I keep looking at Oak Meadow and thinking it may be exactly what I’m looking for. There is so much beauty in the pieces I’ve seen.

  522. I thought I’d really like to mix and match and I think in the long run that’s something I’ll do. However, right now with a 2.5 year old and 5 month old along for the preschool ride I’m all about having something laid out for me to follow.
    SaraR’s latest post: itty bitty garden bed

  523. I like both options! Some things I have really enjoyed putting together on my own…and other things I just search and search for a curriculum that will totally hold my hand through the process. I have always wanted to check out Oak Meadow 🙂

  524. I subscribe
    SaraR’s latest post: itty bitty garden bed

  525. I much prefer a curriculum that simplifies the gathering and putting together of it all for homeschooling. I have tried to piece it together myself, but it takes a lot of my time to try to get it to all “mesh” like other curriculums do.

  526. I am also a subscriber by email.

  527. Subscribed via Google Reader!

  528. I prefer to use a ready-to-go program. I like to spend my time teaching instead of planning.

  529. I also subscribed by email.

  530. Up till now we’ve been following a completely child-led curriculum, made up as we go along! However with my oldest now 7 years old, I’ve been curious about possibly following a pre-made curriculum because I like the idea of having everything laid out for us to follow…and have had my eye on Oak Meadow for it’s holistic, imaginative approach! The only factor holding me back from following a pre-made curriculum is the cost. As a one income modest family, $300 is a huge investment and I find myself thinking of all the trips/resources/materials we could buy for that amount! That being said, I would LOVE to win this curriculum! 🙂

  531. I just subscribed via email, and added a link to your blog on my blog! Thanks for offering this great contest!!!
    Kim’s latest post: Baseball

  532. I usually use something prepared as a jumping off point for our own way of doing things — I need a certain amount of structure, but have never followed anything religiously!
    Hannah’s latest post: Are We Insane

  533. I don’t mind putting something together from a list, but I need direction, either from a packaged curriculum or a good list.

    Thanks for hosting the contest!

  534. Just subscribed to your feed!

  535. Molly Lemen says:

    I like packaged curriculum and putting together my own. I find i work best when i have a packaged curriculum spine and from there i can easily alter materials, add, or subtract. it allows me to meet a certain level of standard but i can adjust it to meet our schedules or my children’s needs.

  536. Molly Lemen says:

    subscribed to simple homeschool

  537. Molly Lemen says:

    tweeted! https://twitter.com/onyxravnos

    i really wanna win! *fingers crossed*

  538. I feel more comfortable following a book, but it’s so rewarding when I make my own plan and follow it through until the end!

  539. Wendy Cyr says:

    Because I have four children, I appreciate a curriculum that does much of the planning for me. We are using Oak Meadow 8 civics and English this year, and it is absolutely wonderful. I would love to try more levels.

  540. I prefer to put together my own curriculum and know that we can take our time with some, change or mix it up, or leave some pieces behind and maybe pick them up again on a later date.

  541. I also just subscribed by email!!

  542. Christine Weaver says:

    I’d like a complete curriculum except for math. I like a Montessori/games based approach to math in the early years (K5).

  543. sarah Ford says:

    For the first few years I preferred to buy a “boxed” curriculum. Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet I like to piece together each subject. However I would still consider a “full curriculum ” if it meet all my needs:)

  544. I would love to use an all inclusive curriculum. I have thought about Oak Meadow for a while but the cost for 4 children is over-whelming.

  545. I love the idea of doing my own thing, but life gets in the way! Something packaged frees me up to actually spend time with my daughter, rather than using my time curriculum planning.

  546. Just subscribed to Simple Homeschool!


  547. Mary Beth says:

    Oh, I would love to win! This will be my first year homeschooling and I would be happy to try Oak Meadow. Thanks for the chance.

  548. I love Oak Meadow!
    I like having a curriculum to use with my daughters.
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

  549. I just subscribed to Simple Homeschool.
    Thanks again!

  550. I enjoy putting together plans but quickly discovered that I’m not consistent enough with my planning. Therefore, I prefer and use planned curriculums. I have often wondered about Oak Meadow (we’d be 1st grade too) and would love to try it!

  551. Yea, I subscribed!! Love your website!

  552. We’ve used OM for several years now with our 3 kiddos. I absolutely love the challenge of pulling curriculum together to suit each of my children. But OM gives me the basis from which to start. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  553. I’ve just learned about OM recently and very interested in it. This will be my second year homeschooling, and while I love the concept of everyday spontaneous learning, I am always grateful for core books to rely on. Having a curriculum “community” also seems a great way to feel connected with others experiencing similar things!

  554. Do you enjoy putting together your own homeschool plans or do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?

    This is my first year homeschooling, and I like the idea of a curriculum that plans it for me, but leavs me room to tweak as I see fit 🙂

  555. New Twitter Follower and tweeted about the giveaway 🙂

    Jules’s latest post: New York Day 1!!

  556. Just subscribed to the newsletter via e-mail!! 😀
    Jules’s latest post: New York Day 1!!

  557. I like the idea of having a curriculum as a base to refer to. But it can’t be so rigid that there is no room for doing our own thing.

  558. I tweeted about this giveaway.


  559. I follow your blog

  560. Mary-Frances C. says:

    I like pre assembled curriculum. It’s hard to look everywhere for what you’d like to teach.
    mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

  561. I enjoy putting together bits of curriculum that particularly interest us, but I like to have a set curriculum with all the readers etc as my basis so that I know I am not missing anything.

  562. I am subscribed via email.

  563. coffeemamma says:

    Can the answer be ‘both’? We plan our school years according to what season of life we are in, and what the needs of the individual children are. This will be our 12th year homeschooling (wow!), and we have been considering OM for highschool for one of our older girls, and for our youngest girl who is a rep-level hockey player and needs rhythmic, no-pressure academics.

  564. The nicest thing about Oak Meadow is that the curriculm is flexible.
    You can pick parts or do the entire program.
    All of it is good.
    & The Staff is very nice to work with.

  565. Just subscribed to Simple Homeschool! Long time relaxed homeschooler and user of Oak Meadow since 1998. Thanks for the chance to fill in where we are missing some materials!

  566. I personally prefer to throw together curriculum, but 2 of my kids really love the order and routine of oak meadow. They are not a fan of my fly by the seat of my pants style =)

  567. I like having a wonderful curriculum to fall back on when I get worried that I am doing enough-or the right things.

  568. I’m pretty much a CM homeschooler, and I really like to plan my own! It’s so much fun for me to pull materials together and create a unit designed for my child. That being said, I do use some curriculums. We use Explode the Code and I plan to use a math curriculum next year for first grade. I have very seriously considered a few OM packages though for in the next few years (my oldest is in Kindergarten right now) because it so matches my teaching style. 🙂
    Erin’s latest post: Continents &amp Oceans Mini-Unit

  569. Added you to my feed reader!
    Erin’s latest post: Continents &amp Oceans Mini-Unit

  570. I’ve been wanting to try the Oak Meadow curriculum. Would love to win this!

  571. I’ve been putting things together from here and there and would love to try a curriculum, but have been afraid of making an expensive mistake!

  572. Amy Wathen says:

    I am clueless when it comes to putting stuff together myself. I will definitely be using a program that’s already put together for me. I am just at the preschool level right now.

  573. 🙂 We really need a curriculum that can guide us through the year… great blog article & fab prize!

  574. Thanks for the great prize giveaway – we have been looking for OM for our son! 🙂

  575. I reall need to be guided. Otherwise, I go off on too many tangents 🙂
    Jenn Campbell’s latest post: My Ah Ha Moment- Exposure ISO &amp Noise

  576. I’ve subscribed…

  577. we have signed up to the newsletter…

  578. subscribed to the feed reader!

  579. We like to put together our own curriculum for many things, but also use a lot of elements from established curriculum packages. For our family, one of the big attractions to homeschooling was flexibility; not needing, even if we chose to have a curriculum, to follow anything precisely.

  580. I have always cobbled together curriculum plans for my children and enjoyed it; this year, however, with the addition of the third to “school aged,” it has just felt too overwhelming. We are going to try Oak Meadow because it seems to be pretty close to what I would do anyway, and I don’t have to research as much as I have been. I like it’s flexibility as well; we don’t want to school at home, and I think a syllabus approach is best in terms of boxed curriculum.

  581. I really like to gather lots of different stuff from different curriculums while still having a main one (such as Oak Meadow) as a guide. There is just so much great stuff out there.

  582. hmmmm…good question. I kinda do a mix of both planning my own and preplanned. I love having the freedom when I plan my own, but it can be time consuming.

  583. Kim Kaffenberger says:

    I have used bits and pieces of different things over the years. My oldest is more drawn towards the classical style. It has been a challenge trying to find the style my youngest likes the best.

    I used the Oak Meadow samples at to try for a couple of days to see how she liked it. It was by far her favorite out of all the different kinds of curriculums I have tried. She is a hands on crafty kind of girl and Oak Meadow suits her very well.

    I love that I don’t have to hunt around for different pieces of curriculum, and that I don’t have to tweak Oak Meadow to get it to work for my family. It is all right there laid out for me including supplies (which I am bad about getting on my own).

  584. I love the way Oak Meadow is set up. It has enough ideas and guidance without too much. Also it is easy to adapt to different learning styles. I add on some to taylor to my children’s personal learning preferences. I do love the packaged material that Oak Meadow provides.

  585. Just subscribed to Simple Homeschool!

  586. Just subscribed!

  587. I am a subscriber!

  588. I prefer it done for me – at least for now- I’m in my first year!

  589. I like putting together my own plans, but it is getting to be a little too much with three school-aged children. I would love a chance to see Oak Meadow in person.

  590. Both! I love planning things out on my own, but I have come to accept that I don’t have enough time to plan everything for everyone.

  591. We are just starting to homeschool, but I have a feeling that I am going to want both: a core curriculum that we pick and choose from, plus anything else that sparks our interest!

  592. I am also a subscriber via Google Reader

  593. Christina says:

    I just subscribed. Your site looks great!

  594. Leslie Cregar says:

    Oooh a giveaway;)

    Love OM

  595. I used to plan my own curriculum and I am so happy that with OM I don’t have to anymore! I love how OM is a complete curriculum that I don’t have to mess with! Yippee!

  596. I’ve enjoyed planning my own curriculum in the past, but now with 4 kids, I need all the help I can get and greatly appreciate being able to buy a complete package!
    Pamela’s latest post: Grade 4 – Local Geography Plans

  597. Subscribed through feed.
    Pamela’s latest post: Grade 4 – Local Geography Plans

  598. I subscribed! We would be overjoyed to win!

  599. MamaToTwo says:

    I’ve been seriously considering trying Oak Meadow!

    Do you enjoy putting together your own homeschool plans or do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?

    I spent the first year researching and trying things out. Now that I know how my children learn, it’s easier to weed out the lessons that aren’t a good fit for us. I’ve decided I like a curriculum. Of course it’s not like you’re tied to the curriculum and can’t add anything of your own on top of it, or zip through a part if it’s too easy, or linger and add additional resources is a subject is challenging for your little one.

  600. Q.Do you enjoy putting together your own homeschool plans or do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?
    A. I absolutely prefer a curriculum! I have been homechooling for 13 years, and have never been very successful at putting together curriculum myself!

  601. I enjoy the IDEA of putting together all of my own curriculum, but I’m not sure this is the most profitable use of my time. I love to look at curriculum ideas, and I hope to steal lots of good ideas from many different resources.

  602. Q.Do you enjoy putting together your own homeschool plans or do you prefer a curriculum that simplifies that part of the process for you?
    A. I do enjoy putting together my own lesson plans- but have found out (the hard way!) that it’s best to have something already laid out for me that I can just open and “do the next thing.” :p if it’s already done for me, we’re more likely to actually DO it.

  603. Caitilin Kane says:

    I do in general like to put together my own materials, but I am so impressed with Oak Meadow’s selections that I might be persuaded to change my mind! 🙂 I already am using their science material for the middle grades, and I can’t say enough good stuff about them–they have revolutionized science study in our house!

    I am subscribing, too. I would be delighted if I won… 🙂

  604. Octavia Jones says:

    Putting together curriculum for the younger grades can be fun, but as my children are getting older in 3rd and 5th grade and they have a little two year old sister I am finding I absolutely need everything all laid out for me.

  605. Octavia Jones says:

    I subscribed via email 🙂

  606. I love the simplicity of boxed curriculum, but I’d never looked at Oak Meadow before now–it looks wonderful. I love the excerpts for First Grade on your site!

  607. Tawnya O'Connor says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter via email and would love to try Oak Meadow!!

  608. I currently put together curriculum based on what works for my child, but I could really use the simplicity that a packaged curriculum would give us.

  609. I have never enjoyed putting my own plans together- I’m just not that organized, and I’d rather spend that time with my family!

  610. I subscribed via email.

  611. I like the idea of putting together my own curriculum but then I get overwhelmed with choices and end up going with a prepackaged one. I would live to try Oak Meadow!!

  612. I subscribed through my feed reader.

  613. which do I prefer, well i have been trying out both options since May trying to prepare for beginning to homeschool my 5 year old in 2 weeks and I definitely prefer a curriculum that simplifies the process for me. I had not previously known of Oak Meadow but it looks really great. Maybe this is why I still don’t have a curriculum, could it be I am supposed to have this one?
    lisa todd’s latest post: Member of a Club…part II- The storms of life

  614. i am subscribed to simple homeschool and reading every word
    lisa todd’s latest post: Member of a Club…part II- The storms of life

  615. what to do if I don’t tweet? i don’t imagine I will have alot of extra time…
    lisa todd’s latest post: Member of a Club…part II- The storms of life

  616. I signed up for your newsletter and would love to be entered in the Oak Meadow curriculum giveaway. Thank you!

  617. Kristina Perry says:

    I subscribed via email. Thanks 🙂

  618. Tamara Joyce-Wylie says:

    I subscribed by email, too. Thanks! 🙂

  619. Just subscribed!

  620. Well, this will be our first year doing homes chool so I can’t say for sure, but as a former early childhood educator I really really enjoyed coming up with ideas myself.
    Ann-Krestene Bazan’s latest post: The Truth About Mosquitos

  621. This is my second year and last year I put together my own curriculum but would am looking for one already put together for me this year. I’m intrigued with what Oak Meadows has to offer.

  622. Pauline Gough says:

    So, it all started when I landed a job as an assistant teacher, I loved it, so I decided to go to school and learn how to do all that amazing stuff the head teacher in my class was doing. I worked at a headstart, I did practice teaching at a daycare, I went to school full time, really immersed myself in it. Great! you would think… well, at home was my beautiful, intellegent, always looking for a way to get your attention two year old daughter. At first she loved seeing my classroom, she loved all the funny little games that I was able to come up with that she didn’t know she was learning from. As time went on though, All these activities slowly demanded more and more from me. It took my getting pregnant with my son though, to see what a toll it was taking on my daughter to have mommy always learning about how to interact with children and never getting to interact with my very own. It also took all the planning and paperwork that goes into making a good curriculum that may or may not be approved by my boss for me to begin to wonder if I was making the right decision. I wanted to help children, to be a teacher, but I forgot I already had someone who was needing my guidance and she was getting left out. So I quit school, quit work and focused on my children, which was the best thing I’ve ever done.
    When it came time for their formal schooling I pulled out all my books, all my planning papers, all the stops! By the mid mark of the first year though, I was so frazzled and so behind and had only used about a third of all those plans I stayed up late working on for weeks at a time that I really didn’t spend that quality time just enjoying the learning process with my kids. More than anything in the world I want to just enjoy this time that I wont get back. The joy of watching their curiosity take over and seeing all their loves and talents take flight and lead them down countless roads. I plan to use Oakmeadow homeschool because out of all the curriculums I have searched, theirs was simple and still packed full of ways to make learning fun and interesting at each grade level. Until next year I am stuck doing the formal planning myself because I don’t have the money it takes to buy the curriculum yet, so If I was able to get this package, Not only would I be so exstatic, I would also be eternally grateful for the time it will give me to enjoy my three beautiful kids in all their learning glory.

  623. Renee Henderson says:

    I would prefer to have a complete curriculum already laid out for me. Who wants to spend all their free time planning for homeschool? I’d rather spend that time enjoying life with my children.

  624. we are kinda winging it this year! but i would like to establish a nice “spine” to help keep us grounded.

  625. i’m a subscriber, too.

  626. We are new to homeschooling and I have been trying out some project-theme-lessons this summer. I enjoy the process of putting together a curriculum, but it is time consuming for me. (My children are very young and can’t help much at present.) I read Heather’s wonderfully inspiring post and I know what she means by just having that “feeling” about your child’s education. We selected our nursery school very carefully, and I am vigilant about supporting each child’s learning style. I feel the public school system isn’t the best choice for our family and I can’t wait to delve into homeschooling my oldest as he enters Kindergarten. Many thanks for this fabulous giveaway!
    abbie’s latest post: this moment painting

  627. I’m a subscriber too!
    abbie’s latest post: this moment painting

  628. I use curriculum pieced together but am looking into a boxed curriculum to make things easier for me. I am in the UK and it’s hard as all the great curriculum seems to be US based! No conventions here i’m afraid. I’d really like to try Oak Meadow 5 for my dd who is 10 next year.

  629. I subscribed via e-mail and keeping my fingers crossed.

  630. MamaToTwo says:

    Subscribed by email too!

  631. We are have been homeschooling for a year already, and we love it but we are hoping that the Oak Meadow curriculum will make it a little less stressful so that we can focus even more on learning, and not worrying so much that we are covering the areas that we need to to meet state requirements as well as the educational needs of our kids. Unfortunately, we are having a very hard time financially in this recession so we were excited for this chance for some help with purchasing the Oak Meadow programs. Hope to encourage other families to change to Oak Meadow (we have several other homeschooling families in our area) and maybe develop some study groups based on the curriculum to make the home school year even more fun!

  632. We’ve been homeschooling since Oldest Son was born (13 years ago). We’ve tried everything — child-led, unschooling, unit study, and Calvert — along the way. It wasn’t until we found Oak Meadow in “5th grade,” that we found exactly what we were looking for. Now, I wouldn’t use anything else.

    For some families, I believe unschooling or putting together their own lesson plans is absolutely the best way. For us, using Oak Meadow’s weekly plans as a guide, and working within that at our own pace, is the best fit. I can’t see us ever using anything other than Oak Meadow. In fact, I may enroll Oldest Son in the OM school for high school. And when Littlest One (our 18-month old) is old enough, I’m fairly sure he’ll be an Oak Meadow kid as well. : )
    Shawne’s latest post: Vacation Time!

  633. First grade! What luck, I have a little lad about to enter into that year and what a great way to find out if this is the right kind of curriculum for him.
    ~Heather’s latest post: Beach Jewelry

  634. subscribed via email!

  635. Amy Kotula says:

    I just subscribed to simple homeschool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  636. Great giveaway!!!
    Ashlee’s latest post: Confession 3

  637. Since I’m new to homeschooling, I prefer to have a set package. I think this will work best until I get more comfortable with the available materials and our preferences!

  638. I am a subscriber!

  639. I usually like to plan my own curriculum, but after a hectic year last year, we are going a bit more structured this year, relying heavily on an online curriculum, with some minor tweaks.
    Terri’s latest post: From the Archives- Rethinking Writing

  640. we are just beginning our homeschooling adventure, and so i don’t really know which i will prefer! i lean toward doing an eclectic mix that we put together, but i wonder if *i* will need a bit more of the structure that a curriculum can give…

  641. subscribed!

  642. I like to do a blend of creating my own curriculum and using something planned out. I am finding that more and more I am using other’s plans. I enjoy the process of doing it myself, but I need the time back in my life!


  643. QueenAnne says:

    Subscribed via email – thanks!

  644. QueenAnne says:

    I like using a curriculum, especially for ideas. There are so many different kinds though, it helps to know how your child (and you!) learn to weed out which just aren’t a good fit. Oak Meadow is perfect, I love it and have always wanted to try it. I so hope to win!

  645. HomeSchoolKate says:

    Curriculum is a great time saver. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  646. HomeSchoolKate says:

    Activated email subscription!

  647. There are parts that I like having all together for me…like history and science. But the rest I enjoy doing my own thing and making it work for our family.

  648. I really enjoy the ease of a prepared curriculum and add my own touch to each opportunity that presents itself!

  649. This is my second year of homeschooling. Last year I put together my own curriculum and this year I am using a prepared curriculum. I will hopefully know which one I like better after this year!

  650. I subscribe to Simple Homeschool via e-mail!

  651. I love it when a curriculum puts it all together for me.

  652. Hi there, and thanks for the giveaway. I enjoy having a curriculum that I can use as a reference as we go about our year. I have been using Oak Meadow for that purpose for a few years now. This year I am going to be more organized about using the curriculum because my kids are getting older and there is a lot of really good content in there. I also use Kristie Burns’ Earthschooling and some stuff from A Little Garden Flower, too.
    sarah’s latest post: Summer Days

  653. Exercising our creative potentials and developing together along with our children is the highest value in our family. Facing and moving through the challenges of creating our own curriculum has been an example of strength and self reliance for our children and others. We are also so very appreciative to those whom are well versed and educated in areas that we are not, offering guidance and suggestions. Our gratitude is both deep and wide. Learning together is fun 🙂

  654. I enjoy both, using a package and adding some of our own family flavour too. One of the problems with looking up homeschooling materials for myself is the time it takes.
    This package sounds great.
    Tammy’s latest post: How we do what we do

  655. I’ve subscribed via email! I have 4 children. I’ve been putting together curriculum for the past few years. I’m really interested in using Oak Meadow this year with the kids.

  656. I would like to add that I’m looking at curriculum this year to simply the process with homeschooling multiple children at once.

  657. We have been homeschooling for years and have done both. I would love someone handing me a plan for the entire year and taking a year off from planning!

  658. I like having directions and guidance but also room for creativity
    Megan’s latest post: all in a day

  659. suscribed via emai

  660. hmmm…this is hard. I do like picking and choosing to create m y own curriculum, however, to have a strong base seems like a luxury I’m all for 😉
    Veronica’s latest post: Margaret Homfray – Sense of Touch The Auditory Sense

  661. I’ve subscribed! For me I believe curriculum is great, my twin girls keep me very busy!
    With them lots of outdoor time and nature studies added in is a must also. They went to a Waldorf Nursery and that suited them wonderfully, since it’s not an option now, Oak Meadow sounds perfect for their 1st grade year and beyond! Thanks!

  662. I like curricula, but I also like to add to them and/or subtract from them if necessary. I do not believe there is such a thing as a ‘perfect’ curriculum. Life long learning requires change.

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