Using Pinterest for homeschool inspiration

Written by contributor Lora Lynn Fanning of Vitafamiliae

A note from Jamie: This post originally published on August 8, 2011. Pinterest has grown substantially since then, and has become a popular spot for keeping track of homeschool inspiration! You can find Lora Lynn’s boards here and follow mine here if you’re so inclined. Enjoy!

Pinterest is the latest darling of social websites. It allows you to “pin” or bookmark pictures and posts that inspire you. You can then organize them into categories, creating your own lovely online bulletin board.

For homeschool moms that crawl the internet looking for craft ideas or inspiration, it’s the perfect way to keep up with each new page without creating a million bookmarks in an already crowded folder.

You can create a board for art ideas, one for curriculum favorites, and another for schoolroom inspiration.

Pinterest boards

Once you’ve pinned an item, just click on it again to be taken to the website where it originated. (Important note: if you pin items from a website or blog, make sure you are pinning from the specific post and note the entire site. Otherwise, you may not be able to find the information you wanted to save.)

Pinterest is also searchable, which means if you are on the hunt for a specific thing, like valentine crafts, you can easily find a myriad of ideas to spark your own creativity.

With the new school year ahead, here are a few ideas gleaned from Pinterest that might help you decorate your school room:


Are you using Pinterest? Have you found it helpful to keep track of homeschool ideas there?

About Lora

Lora Lynn Fanning blogged for 11 years about her family life with seven kids at Vitafamiliae. These days, she homeschools her growing brood, teaches writing both in person for co-ops and online for Brave Writer, and writes at her new site,


  1. I love Pintrest and use it to mark “what to teach” ideas.
    Kelly’s latest post: Find out your Child’s Learning Style to Enhance Learning

  2. I love Pinterest for this. I have a board for each subject and the pictures make it so easy to scan for the project I’m looking for while I’m writing lesson plans.

  3. I love Pintrest for visual bookmarking and for finding inspiration for things like decorating. However, when I find something where I want to remember content like a recipe or homeschool curriculum, I go to the original source and then clip it on Evernote. I’m always afraid links will break or websites will disappear. I like Evernote to save all the information for the future. Plus, it’s also searchable. 🙂 But I’m definitely a visual person and love Pintrest for that reason.

  4. Wow! I am sold! I’ve been hearing about Pinterest, but have been avoiding signing up for a “new” online tool, but what a great idea.

    (And those learning spaces are amazing!)
    Hillary’s latest post: Link Love :: Summer Loving

  5. I love Pinterest. I use it to bookmark homeschooling ideas and scrapbook layouts and other things that inspire me. I love the visual bookmarking aspect of it – it makes it easy to actually refer back and use the ideas.
    No Reimer Reason’s latest post: Free “Fresh” mini-kit – DST Blog Train

  6. Pinterest is an amazing tool to get creative ideas from for all of my family. I am addicted to it in the last few months 🙂
    Shelly’s latest post: The Root and Solutions of Commitment Phobia

  7. I just recently discovered Pinterest but I never thought to use it in this way. Thanks for the tip! I’m off to create a new board or two!
    Sue Pea’s latest post: photo of the day (nobody here but us chickens)

  8. I just created my account over the weekend. Going over there know to create my board.
    Sara S’s latest post: Recent Flowers

  9. I just joined pinterest…haven’t actually done anything yet, but the possibilities really seem to be endless. I am looking forward to organizing some of my homeschool links on this…as well as Christmas ideas and food, glorious food. It absolutely will be easier to glance at a pretty picture and remember what that link was for rather than combing through my exhaustive favorites list!
    Heather’s latest post: Amazing Vacation!

  10. Andrea Gardner says:

    I love Pintrest! I am now following you 😉 I have homeschool boards, green living boards and a board for Sensory Processing Disorder (my son has this).

  11. Thanks for posting about pintrest. I’ve never thought that you could use it for homeschooling in this way. Lots of fun!
    Heidi’s latest post: Home School Education Interviews

  12. I am in love with Pinterest and I totally have a “homeschooling” board for all the great ideas out there!

    I’m going to try and follow all of you who are on there already 🙂
    dweej @ HouseUnseen’s latest post: Surprise Visit!

  13. I’m new to Pinterest but I’ve found it to be a handy place to keep ideas for curriculum, crafts and homeschool spaces. The ones you have posted above are GORGEOUS!
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy’s latest post: The Modern Mrs Darcy is Now on Pinterest!

  14. I’ve heard of Pinterest, but didn’t know what the fuss is about – now I understand what people use it for! Signing up today!
    Kristin @ Preschool Universe’s latest post: 5 Star Educational Toys for Preschoolers: Inchimals by Fat Brain Toys

  15. I’ve never heard of it before, but can’t wait to check it out! Thanks:)
    Lisa Miles’s latest post: Our 8 Foot NYC Art Project

  16. News to me! Thank you! I will have to check it out. This sounds wonderful!!! 🙂
    I Live in an Antbed’s latest post: The Gratitude List: August 8, 2011

  17. I love your idea!!!

    How can i get into Pinterest? I’ve requested an invite twice and still I’ve gotten nothing…..any help? Thanks

  18. Shannon C says:

    Wow! Those homeschool areas are great–I’d love to have some money to create spaces like those! Homeschooling sure isn’t for the backwoods folks anymore! Yowza! I love pinterest, but like anything on the web, it can cause you to feel bad about yourself and what you are doing at your own home or it can inspire. Of course, inspiration can also add up financially! It is also very addictive. Use with caution or you will rub your bleary eyes and realize that 3 hours have suddenly flown by–not that it’s happened to me…ahem…

  19. If you haven’t been able to get an invite from a friend to pinterest, you can email me at cutiefruity at rocketmail dot com and I’ll be happy to invite you. You’ll be an addict as fast as everyone else here raving about it!
    Paula’s latest post: Playing catch up

  20. Hi there… I love your pinboards totally, I have been so enjoying Pinterest for the last couple of weeks… really why did it take me so long to sign up!!! It is just the most fun place to find inspiration… and just take a break!!! I love how you can find inspiration for so many projects there…
    se7en’s latest post: Saturday Spot: The Color Cure on Apartment Therapy…

  21. LOVE it! My homeschool board is getting a bit random though . . . may need to split things up by age/subject soon . . . : )
    Angie’s latest post: The Weekly Read

  22. My friend, Carmen,sent me an invitation to Pinterest last week, and now I am hooked! I must admit I have been pinning fashion stuff more than home schooling stuff, it’s just a great escape for me!
    Mary@ A Simple Twist of Faith’s latest post: The Important Thing About Being Four

  23. I LOVE Pinterest! My “Homeschool Paradise” board was the very first one I set up. I needed a place to keep my visual ideas (since organizing our school space is so visual to me). Pinterest has really helped me identify my own style and things that are beautiful to me. When I get discouraged, I go to Pinterest to get a visual boost. It brings all things beautiful back to me! Check out My Pinterest:
    Tori’s latest post: Homeschooling in Central Oregon

  24. I am completely addicted to Pinterest! And I do have a Homeschool Board. And I can see from this post that I need to add to it!
    Amy’s latest post: my new friend

  25. I have several homeschool boards on Pinterest. It is so much easier to remember great ideas with pictures!
    Amy’s latest post: Very Pinteresting

  26. I love pinterest for homeschool planning! And I love that I can now link to all the listed homeschoolers! Here is my Pintrest.
    Jeanine Peel’s latest post: Draft of History Plan

  27. Since I first heard about pinterest, I always said I wouldn’t join because I didn’t need a new computer distraction (since I actually have to homeschool my kids at some point!) 🙂 But I did join a few days ago for this very reason. I think it will be a great way to keep track of homeschooling ideas.

  28. absolutely love pinterest and created a ‘school at home’ board some time ago as we prepare for our HSing journey to begin this fall!

    – – – – > my board:

    love these creative spaces, great post!

  29. I’m new to pinterest too – just in time to plan what I’m going to have my one year old do while I’m homeschooling her big brother. It’s so much fun!

  30. I’ve just started using Pinterest and I’ve found all sorts of great ideas for learning. I originally thought it was a site that catalogued what you can’t afford to buy, but now I realize its a fantastic source of inspiration.
    Tamara’s latest post: Treats from a Neglected Garden

  31. I am a total Pinterest convert, and agree it is great for homeschool ideas! I have my boards at and look forward to checking out the boards of everyone here in the comments!
    Natalia’s latest post: WIN a copy of ‘Steady Days’ by Jamie C. Martin

  32. I have a homeschool board already.

    Pinterest is extremely addictive but super inspirational 🙂

  33. Oh yeah, I’m diggin’ Pinterest. I’ve been on for a month or two now and simply LOVE the brilliance of it. My only problem is that it has the potential to eat up so much time. I have to be very disciplined about it… but I do love it so…
    Trina @ Joy And Contentment’s latest post: Ingenuity

  34. Oh no…afraid I may have to jaunt over and set up an account…

    I’ve seen it popping up more and more and anything to make organizing my ideas easier is good for me.

    Now…how to keep it from becoming the next addiction! 🙂
    Amy @ simply necessary’s latest post: To Test or Not to Test…Should I Test My Homeschooler?

  35. I have figured out how to REPIN but not how to pin. I haven’t found the source that shows how you pin/bookmark to my boards. Can anyone help me?

  36. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been using it ever since you posted about it and have now moved all my “pinnable” bookmarks to Pinterest. This is great!


  37. I remember reading this post the first time it was published and I blame Lora completely for getting me addicted to pinterest! after reading this I signed up and have lost many an hour of sleep because of it! 🙂

  38. I love Pinterest. I just have to avoid wasting time on there!
    Steph’s latest post: Self Talk

  39. I just joined pinterest last week and the things I’ve found for homeschooling AND the kitchen are AMAZING. So easily addicting, but I figure as long as you actually use what you pin then it isn’t wasted time…right? I will be following the above pinterest links… here is mine:
    Amy’s latest post: why you shouldn’t listen

  40. It’s been wonderful! I’ve found all sorts of projects and recipes that I never would have run across otherwise. I also love how easy it is to organize everything, so I can save pins when I don’t need them right away.

    It was definitely addictive in the beginning, but after a few months, it slowed down (thankfully) 🙂
    Angela’s latest post: Homeschool Room Complete.

  41. I love pinterest for homeschool ideas 🙂
    Savannah’s latest post: Not Back To School Pictures

  42. Oops, here is my ‘fixed’ link to my “What-t0-Teach” Pinterest board.

  43. Great idea for a post. Pinterest is indeed rich with ideas for homeschoolers!

    Off to pin THIS post to my Pinterest homeschool inspiration board:
    Pamela @ RedWhiteandGrew’s latest post: {Guest Post} How to Make Almond Milk

  44. I love pinterest!!! The only downside is that it’s time consuming once you
    get addicted but I think I’ve got it under control now !!

    Thank you for this great post!!!

  45. I love pinterest!!! The only downside is that it’s time consuming once you
    get addicted but I think I’ve got it under control now!! I”ve started to find tons of teacher blogs which have been great inspiration for homeschooling ideas as well!!

    Thank you for this great post!!!

  46. I love Pinterest soo much that I started a blog based off my attempts at creating, cooking and sewing through some of my favorite pins. I didn’t want to be someone that just pinned and never tried…so this gives me the perfect reason to do so. You can follow me on Pinterest at: … I have an extensive Homeschool board that I am currently working my way through:D
    Aaron (Stay at home Mama of 2)’s latest post: MMMMMM MONDAYS!!

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