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How to pack for anything

How to pack for everything

Contributer Amida writes for Journey into Unschooling.

Sometimes I think mothers are born packers.

Starting with that homecoming bag from the hospital delivery room, we have been prepping for our kids’ every away-from-home need.

When my own kids were younger, I had filled the car with all sorts of emergency supplies: emergency diapers, emergency wipes, emergency change of clothes and blankets (to this day, a friend of mine keeps her teenage kids’ baby blankets in the car for emergencies).

We always had snacks on hand or books and toys to keep a little one occupied. These days, I have children ranging from 3-15 and many days which we seem to spend on the road or waiting out a class. Along the way, I’ve learned a few strategies to help get us out the door, fed and occupied. Hopefully, some of these ideas can help you as well!

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Last chance for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle – Offer ends tonight!

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Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 7.51.12 PM

This year’s bundle has ended, but you can still buy any of the books individually!

I have the flu and should be asleep right now.

But I’m forcing myself into an upright position long enough to let you know this:

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale ends tonight (Monday, April 28th) at 11:59pm ET!

It’s true that authors like myself make money from these bundles, and that is an awesome blessing to my family. But that’s not the only thing keeping me from snuggling under the covers right now. The fact is that some of you really, really need this bundle! In fact, it just might be a turning point in your life.

Not all of you do, and that’s okay as well.

But if you any of these describe you:

  • in need of a mothering mentor and don’t have an in-real-life option right now
  • had a bad experience in your own childhood and never saw quality parenting modeled for you
  • you’ve just brought the kids home to homeschool and could use some guidance and resources in the transition
  • you’ve lost yourself in motherhood and want to reconnect with who you are and who God wants you to be
  • you’re making the transition to “real food” and healthier lifestyle
  • you’re a new blogger trying to find direction and purpose for your writing
  • you’re friends with a new mama and would like to gift them the bundle for Mother’s Day!

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Weekend links

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The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2014!

Just a reminder that the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle deal expires TOMORROW! So if you’ve been hoping to buy it, don’t miss your chance!



“The whole theory of modern education is radically unsound.”
~ Oscar Wilde


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“Homeschool” – “school” = HOME

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Homeschool - school = HOME

“There is no place like home.”
~ L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz

Home. What comes to mind when I mention the word?

For many of us the stereotype of home (and if we’re fortunate, our own experience of it from childhood) brings up certain images:

  • cozy
  • warm
  • unconditional love
  • support when we need it
  • all of our needs met

What about the word school? What comes to mind when you hear it mentioned?
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Preschool at home

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Preschool at Home

Note: This sale is over, but you can still order these resources individually!

Though it now seems long ago, I remember perfectly when my oldest two kids were preschool-age. Steve and I had just made the decision to homeschool, and I couldn’t wait to get started!

Now, years later, my views on preschool have changed. I no longer believe an academic version of preschool is necessary; I believe a child can pick up the same skills that will prepare him for future learning just by being in a nurturing home environment.

But I don’t regret our preschool at home at all – it was fun! While my youngest napped, Trishna, Jonathan, and I sat together at the dining table reading or coloring or crafting or talking about letters.

It was the perfect time to capitalize on my newfound homeschool enthusiasm and their boisterous energy.

There are several helpful resources in this week’s Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle for those of you who feel similarly.

Maybe you want to purposely carve out one-on-one time with your resident preschooler so she doesn’t get forgotten in the hustle and bustle. Or maybe you’re hoping to keep your little one occupied while you spend fifteen minutes on a lesson with older children.

Whatever your needs, here are a few resources that may help.
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