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Daniela Cima Usher is an Italian homeschooling mother of two boys living in San Diego. She is the founder of an art restoration school in Italy and created arkevita.com, a resource for parents who wish to provide mindful, personalized learning experiences for their kids.

How does Italy sound this summer?

Written by Daniela Cima Usher of Taste of Italy


The flight from our home in Italy to Cairo was at 7am the next morning, and we’d just been buried under 1 meter of snow! The next day, we were supposed to be standing in the desert in front of the pyramids and now our family holiday was ruined…

Or was it?

“Hey boys,” my husband suggested. “Let’s make a SNOW pyramid!”

“Yay!” they screamed.

After a fun and successful day building white pyramids in our courtyard, the snow melted just enough to begin our journey to Egypt – only 24 hours behind schedule.

But an amazing thing happened in the years after that fantastic adventure.

The snow pyramid became one of our boys’ top three memories from the trip! And it didn’t even happen in Egypt! It happened right in our very own home.

That fact has stuck with me over the years.

As we all know, our kids learn more by doing.
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