How to build a strong foundation for your child

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Written by contributor Jena of Yarns of the Heart

We have only one chance with our children. They will only be toddlers once. Thank goodness!

And they will only be seven years old once, ten years old once, fourteen years old once, and then they will be out the door.

They come back once in a while, but it’s never the same.

So while you have those little ones at home, make the most of it. This is your window of opportunity. Build a strong foundation that will support them the rest of their lives.
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You should say you’re sorry

Written by contributor Jena of Yarns of the Heart

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I‘ve been reading through my journals lately. A little over fourteen years ago, here’s what my four-year-old Missa (the one in the red shirt) said to me over dinner:

“You should say you’re sorry for yelling at me about the ice cream.”

I kissed her and said I was sorry.

“If you want to make me cry, just yell at me.”

A little later she said, thoughtfully, “Just because you yell at me doesn’t mean you don’t love me, right? You’re teaching me things I need to learn, right?”
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Holiday homeschooling back in the day

Written by contributor Jena Borah of Yarns of the Heart

My homeschooling days are now in the past, and I’m glad I have piles of journals, full of memories. Here’s a look at my entry fourteen years ago as we were preparing for Christmas. The kids were 9, 6, and 4.

November 19, 1998

Today was a good day. Meg (age 6) is making progress in reading. We played reading games and I changed the clue word for the letter u to “up” instead of “umbrella” because sometimes she pronounces it “imbrella.” I made signs with the word up and arrows and put them all over the house.
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Let them read!

Written by contributor Jena Borah of Yarns of the Heart

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Did you know the best way to help your kids become better readers is to let them read what they want? Research supports it, my reading professors echoed it, and in fact, The Illinois Reading Council Journal published two articles on the topic this quarter.

The secret to this simple teaching method is intrinsic motivation. If students want to read the material, they spend more time and try harder, figuring out ways to understand. As a result, they invent comprehension strategies that are personally meaningful and the information is more likely to stick with them.
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How to help your child learn to read

Written by contributor Jena Borah of Yarns of the Heart

My little guy was six years old and we had been casually talking about letters and their corresponding sounds. I put a phonics page on my refrigerator and used it as a guide to talk about letters and sounds over a box of cereal every morning.

A month or two later, we were at the library and he noticed a banner on the wall that said “Reading is magic!” It must have been Halloween time. He turned to me and said, “Yes, reading is magic,” and continued playing with the toy train.

What? Did you just read that?

Not every child learns to read as easily as Peter. My daughter was 10 before it started to make sense to her, but all children go through that first stage of learning their letters and sounds.

5 Simple Tips for Teaching Reading

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