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3 things I’m quitting and one to start: The 2018 edition

Written by Kara Fleck

Last year I wrote about some things I wanted to quit doing in our homeschool. Declaring publicly that I wanted to be a quitter was good for me and those were some positive changes.

So I’m back with three more things I want to quit doing as a homeschooling parent and one thing I want to start:

3 Things I’m Going to Quit Doing in Our Homeschool This Year

1. Ignoring my instincts

Last fall I was interested in using a certain curriculum. However, I ended up sticking with something we had used before, partly because the price was right and partly because it was familiar.

Even though this new curriculum ticked off many of the boxes on my list of a dream education, and I knew it would be a good fit for us, I ignored my gut instinct.

However, by the holiday break it was obvious I had made the wrong decision. I just couldn’t continue with something I knew we were all lukewarm about.

We switched mid-year and ended up having one of our best semesters of homeschool ever!

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If you feel like quitting

Written by Kara Fleck

“We’re not getting anything done. I’m failing at this.”  I hear this lament from moms on a regular basis. Sometimes I’m the one saying it.

Usually, this kind of thinking sneaks in when I get a case of homeschool envy and compare what we do to another family. Is that what might be going on with you right now? If so, can I suggest some advice from my personal blog: Before you quit, try this.

I can also start to feel this way when I’m feeling overwhelmed by life, like new babies or my husband working a lot of hours or those years when we had three under the age of five but I also had an 11 year old to teach.

“We’re not getting anything done.”

Are you sure you’re not getting “anything” done? Really?

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How to simplify your homeschool binder

Written by Kara Fleck

Clucky, worn out, coming apart at the seams. I use my homeschool binder almost every day and it is in sad shape. It is heavy and crammed full, to the point where using it can be perilous thanks to a bent prong. I live in fear of it popping open and raining out papers all over.

It is a three inch binder with papers in the pockets, loose in different sections. Thanks to that bent prong I mentioned earlier, I cannot turn pages smoothly.

This isn’t working! Time for a homeschool binder makeover!
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Kara’s day in the life (with a 6-, 9-, 11-, and 16-year old)

Written by Kara Fleck

Good morning, Simple Homeschool readers! I’m taking you along on a typical day in our homeschool. Are you ready?

This is the fourth time I’ve shared our day in the life here. It is always interesting to me to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. Writing these posts is kind of a digital time capsule and it’s fun to look back.

My kids range in age from six to sixteen. It’s an interesting time at the Fleck household as we combine kindergarten through highschool.

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4 things to do now you’ll thank yourself for next year

Written by Kara Fleck

In our house, December is a time we set aside our regular schoolwork and dedicate ourselves to seasonal activities and celebrations.

But before you tuck away your homeschool for the calendar year, here are a few things to do that you will be thanking yourself for when you start lessons again:

1. Catch up with that paperwork

I have reading lists for four kids that need updating, assignments that need to be filed away in the appropriate kid’s binder, artwork that needs to be documented and then recycled, and various other record keeping tasks.

I find it harder to keep up with these tasks on the days we have lessons and somehow the weekends just never seem to mesh with this kind of bookkeeping. A dedicated hour or two in December should be enough to catch me back up again.
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