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Tina and her husband, Anthony, used to be fulltime lay missionaries in Timor Leste, where two of their four kids were born. They discovered homeschooling when their eldest was still in utero, and have been teaching their kids at home (and everywhere else!) ever since. Tina hopes to encourage others to discover and grow the "riches" they already have at Truly Rich and Blessed.

Growing up in the Philippines

Growing up in the

This post takes us to the Philippines with Tina’s family!

Tina’s crew hasn’t always made their home in Philippines – in fact their family has worked as missionaries – but today they are sharing with us why they LOVE calling the Philippines home, and a special reason why their kids enjoy life there.

So read on to learn a few common Tagalog phrases, get a few ideas for an authentic Filipino dinner, and gaze at Tina’s family’s beautiful beach photos!

Growing up around the world: A SimpleHomechool.net series

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How to deal with comparisonitis

The following is a guest post written by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez of Truly Rich Mom.

When my husband and I first started exploring the idea of homeschooling, we had only one child. He was around three years old then. Our family was based in East Timor, or Timor Leste, at the time, and we didn’t know anyone in our social circles who homeschooled.

The only information I could get about it was online (during the limited time I had Internet access every day). I’d spend this time Googling for homeschool preschool resources and saving the information and worksheets and whatnot I’d find so I could browse through everything later on.

It was exciting and daunting at the same time, but I believed that homeschooling our son was the best decision for us.

Fast forward to the present time. We have three kids now and, at the time of this writing, our eldest is turning seven soon. Our second is four and our youngest is almost five months old. We’ve been back in Manila for three years.

We’re still a homeschooling family but have dealt with lots of challenges and doubts along the road–one of the biggest of which I call “comparisonitis.”

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