Weekend homeschool links

Weekend homeschool links
We celebrated this little book baby with dear friends over the weekend!

You guys?! I got word last week from Zondervan that Give Your Child the World has reached its 1 year sales goal–in 2 months!

My heart is so full at how you’ve welcomed this title into your homes & shared it, thank you! And if you need to pick up your copy for the homeschool year ahead, Amazon still has it at this crazy low price.

Weekend homeschool links:

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Did you know how to cook when you left home? I didn’t, but I’m determined my children will!

One of the resources helping toward that goal is this e-course from my friend Katie of Kitchen Stewardship–my kids loved watching other kids in each video! Just a few days left to register, it’s perfect to add to your homeschool curriculum this fall.


Do you struggle with teaching writing in your homeschool? It can feel overwhelming, which is why hiring a mentor could help this year!

Time4Writing.com offers online writing courses for kids of all ages. Their instructors are passionate about writing and give positive feedback to help your child improve.

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Weekend homeschool links

Weekend homeschool links
Give Your Child the World is still $7 right now on Amazon – Make sure you grab yours for the new school year before the price goes back up!

Hey there, North Carolina readers:

I’ll be speaking in Wilmington at Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church on September 10, 2016 at 9:30am. The event is free and there’s breakfast, too (so even if I’m bad, you know–food!)

Would love to have the chance to meet you. No need to register, just show up at 9:30am and bring along a friend or your homeschool group!

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Weekend homeschool links:

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Around the World Stories

Let me introduce you to a new favorite resource: Around the World Stories! (Anyone who knows me at all will NOT be surprised to hear my enthusiasm.)

These are original audio stories with the unique intent of helping children discover & learn about the world–brilliant, right? Listen to a free story here.

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I’m a huge fan of John Taylor Gatto’s inspiring writing, so I love that Great Homeschool Conventions is GIVING AWAY one of his books for a limited time!
If you’ve never read The Underground History of American Education, it’s definitely worth checking out.

“Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Weekend homeschool links

Weekend homeschool links
Brothers who love each other = a beautiful thing! (And no, I didn’t even stage this!)

Have you heard yet?

The Amazon gods smiled down on me (& you!) this week, discounting Give Your Child the World to only $7 for a limited time! If that isn’t a great back to school gift, I don’t know what is.

Go get your copy ASAP before the price goes back up. Just call it one of the cheapest curriculum/homeschool purchases you make this year–yay!

Take a peek at how much fun we’ve been having during Asia week over at Sarah’s place, too, and meet us back here Monday as we explore Latin America!

Weekend homeschool links:

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We’ve had so much fun exploring the world through Little Passports over the years! The first month you join, a small suitcase arrives containing a passport, wall map, activity ideas, & more.

Each subsequent month brings a packet of info about a new country—with a boarding pass, souvenirs, activities (like this Big Ben puzzle!), online games, & even downloadable study guides! Check out their terrific back to school discounts here!

ArtsyStartsy 1

I would have LOVED this preschool program if it had been available back in the day–with its focus on the liberal arts & its gentle simplicity!

For those itching to get started homeschooling, Artsy Startsy is a lovely way to spend intentional time with littles. Be sure to peek at the sample week!

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.”
~ Nikos Kazantzakis

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Weekend homeschool links

Weekend homeschool links 
Check out the comment I got earlier this week on this fun Facebook thread:

“I’ll be honest, I was intending on skipping straight to the book lists in Chapters 5+. (But) I’m reading, enjoying, and loving every word from the beginning!”

It makes my heart so, so happy to hear how Give Your Child the World has touched your hearts, and it’s the perfect time to invest in a copy as a new school year approaches!

And if you’ve been reading your way around the world with us, make sure you take a peek at Sarah’s wrap-up of Middle East week, and see you back here Monday for our journey across Asia.

Weekend homeschool links:

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It’s easy to get so concerned with “what” to teach that we neglect “how” & “why”–especially as back to school time approaches!

If you’ve found yourself frustrated with replicating school at home, take a peek at the freedom of Thomas Jefferson Education. Right now sign up for one of their most popular courses (a $160 value) completely FREE. A game changer for us!

Reading Eggs

Elijah used Reading Eggs a few years ago, and it was another great step toward his reading fluency – plus it was fun!

We checked it out first by signing up for their free trial, and you can, too! 4 weeks FREE with no credit card required.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
~ Malcolm X

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FREE BOOKS! Today’s best Kindle freebies for your family

FREE BOOKS! Today's best KindleAmazon freebies for your family

In today’s post: Spanish for beginners, inspiration for living with Asperger’s, tips for banishing worry, a WWII scrapbook and several more titles–click through to download!

All of the resources below were available free or on offer at the time this post was put together, but keep in mind that Amazon freebies/deals change rapidly, so don’t wait to download those that interest you. I’d also recommend double-checking that the price hasn’t changed before clicking to order!

Also, a disclaimer: I’ve done my best to choose titles I think my readers would enjoy, but I haven’t read all of the books listed below. Please preview to determine what’s appropriate for you and yours. Have fun!
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