Home for the Holidays: What’s your favorite holiday read-aloud?

To add some fun to our Home for the Holidays week, we thought we’d give YOU the chance to add your two cents to the mix! On each site, we’ve got a question we’d like you to answer. Share your thoughts below in the comments, and then hop over to visit the other sites!

The day after Thanksgiving our family cut down our Christmas tree from a nearby farm, and retrieved the box of holiday decorations from the basement. In our home, this also means bringing up our library of holiday books we’ve accumulated over the years.

I spread them out on our living room rug while the kids played outside, and had the fun of watching as they “discovered” the books after coming in:

I’m not sure I can pick just one favorite, but here are a few of our top choices: The Nativity, Apple Tree Christmas, The Little Drummer Boy, and A Little House Christmas Treasury.

So that’s our question today: What’s your favorite holiday read-aloud?

Looking forward to reading your responses, and discovering some new titles!

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  1. My children love The Polar Express, and they love it year round! And we always have to have at least one reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

  2. the story of the birth of Jesus in the Bible, followed by the night before Christmas. :)

  3. We love the rhythm of the words in A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas. It is prose but his words are mesmerizing.
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  4. Danielle K says:

    My absolute favorite is The Advent Book by Jack and Kathy Stockman. The book tells the story of Jesus’ birth and his death on the cross (the reason for him coming!) through 25 doors. Each night you start back at Day 1, read through, and open a new door. Last year was our third year going through the book and, at 3.5, our daughter could recite the Christmas story. I also love This is the Stable by Cynthia Cotten. Its beautiful verses are written in the style of This is the House that Jack Built. The illustrations are gorgeous, too. I could go on and on – I have an addiction! This year we add The Night Tree by Eve Bunting and Christmas in the Big Woods!

  5. We love all of Jan Brett’s winter books, especially the Wild Christmas Reindeer.
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  6. the book of Luke

  7. We never really had read-alouds in my family. The pastor would always read about the birth of Jesus for the Christmas service. However, we do watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” every year :)

  8. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski

    This one makes me cry nearly every time I read it. It is the story of a man’s healing from extreme grief.
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  9. The Steadfast Tin Soldier!
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  10. Melissa R says:

    Night Before Christmas. My mom collects copies. She has at least 80. All unique.

  11. I know this isn’t a “kids” book, but I just love A Child’s Christmas in Whale by Dylan Thomas. Every year at our holiday party my mother’s friend would read it to all of us as the kids curled up on the floor and the grown-ups spread around the kitchen. It’s a really beautifully written story and Dylan Thomas has such a poetic way of telling it!

  12. I have so many! Here are my favorites in a post from a couple of years ago:
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  13. Heather Young says:

    “The Fourth King” by Ted Siegel. Picked it up quite randomly at the library about 3 or 4 years ago and fell in love with it. I Never ever tire of reading it.

  14. “The Best Christmas Pagent Ever” and “One Wintry Night” are two of my favorites :)

  15. We love Jan Brett books at this time of year, The Hat, The Mitten, Three Snow Bears…her illustrations are just beautiful and the stories are great fun!
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  16. My family loves Llama Llama Holiday Drama as well as the rest of the series by Anna Dewdney. Also, The Jan Brett Christmas Treasury.

  17. Darlene Richardson says:

    We always read Luke 2 from the Bible before retiring for the night on Christmas Eve.

  18. One Wintry Night, The Grinch who stole Christmas, The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, The Christmas Carol. I could go on and on. We have a basket with about 25 books in it. You might say we like Christmas book a little – and when they are only a quarter at the library used book sale they are hard to resist!
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  19. Kristina Best says:

    I am horrible. We don’t have any Christmas books to do a read aloud.

  20. my kids love the night before christmas!

  21. We like “Room for a Little One”
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  22. It doesn’t matter what book is read at our house, our 2 children love to listen to stories read to them by their Nana! But we do like to read about the birth of Christ.

  23. Not too long ago, we got a new kids bible. It is called the Jesus Storybook Bible and we love the Christmas story in it.

  24. We read Luke 2 on Christmas Eve always! Other favorites include the Night Before Christmas, How God Decorates the Heavens for Christmas, the Jesus Storybook Bible, and selections from the USBorne Christmas Treasury. But this post has encouraged me to find new ones and fill a basket with Christmas reads for every night of this month — thanks for the suggestions, ladies!
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  25. We have two books that are special read-alouds: The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston and Room for a Little One by Martin Waddell. It’s great to read all of these book ideas!
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  26. I love reading Christmas books. I was just pulling my stash out for the kids this morning. Here are my favorites: for the littlest I love “WHo is Coming to Our House” by Joseph Slate and “The First Night” by B.G. Hennessy. For a little older we love “Mortimer’s Christmas Manger” by Karma Wilson, “Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree” by Robert E. Barry and “Wombat Divine” by Mem Fox. Another favorite is “Santa’s Favorite Story” which has Santa telling the story of the first Christmas.

  27. Besides the birth story, of course, we’re exploring LOTS of new children’s books this year! Two good ones we’ve read already are “Great Joy” by Kate DiCamillo and “Room for a Little One” by Martin Waddell.
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  28. Ditto to Jan Brett’s books (she also has a wonderful website that includes coloring pages and tons of info.) We also really like A Pussycat’s Christmas by Margaret Wise Brown, beautifully illustrated by Anne Mortimer.

  29. We love to read Twas the Night before Christmas, the Christmas I Spy book, and What Star is This? (By Joseph Slate).

    What Star Is This? is my favorite. It’s about a comet that streaks through the sky, noticed by the Magi and the shepherds, and then points them to the true star of Christmas – Jesus. It’s not exactly theologically correct, but I love how it points the reader to baby Jesus.
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  30. I wrote about some of my favorites for toddlers last year (here: http://inthepurplehouse.blogspot.com/2010/12/great-christmas-books-for-toddlers_13.html), and hope to add a new list this year; I have so many I love!
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  31. The author of the Jesus Story-Book Bible, Sally Loyd-Jones, came out with a new book this year called “Song of the Stars, A Christmas Story”. This is our new favorite Christmas read-aloud. Great story and great illustrations.

  32. They Followed a Bright Star is wonderful.

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