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Homeschool Omnibus Ebook Sale

This offer is no longer available, but you can still find video recommendations at the Cross and Quill Media website.

This week I’ve been highlighting a few of my favorite resources from the Omnibus sale.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Christian Homeschooling with Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Roku, and More by Angela Newsom of Cross and Quill Media.

My first thought when I saw the title of this book (before I’d even read it) was “I wish I had come up with that idea!”

My second thought was “I’m so glad someone took the time to research and create this.”

Homeschooling with Netflix, Amazon, & MoreOur kids rarely watch network television–we get all our viewing through Netflix and our Amazon Prime subscription–streaming most programs through our Roku player (though we still use DVDs as well).

When adding programs to our queue, I’ve often thought that there must be so much good content out there–if only I knew how to find it or had the time to research it.

I agree with Angela about both the good and bad of screen time:

“When  you  see  something  on  a  screen  in  a  video,  movie,  or  tv  show,  it  stays  in  your  memory longer.  Whether  good  or  bad,  it  is  now  stuck  in  your  sub-­conscious  more  than  just  words  on a  page.”

This ebook helps readers sift through and filter the tons of programming options we now have to choose from. Angela pulls most of her recommendations from Netflix streaming, Netflix DVD, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Note: Because I’m guessing some of you may wonder, though this book is called Christian Homeschooling, I would estimate that at least half of the recommendations are not faith-based and could be appreciated by those with any worldview.

I learned so much in this quick read. Maybe everyone else knows this already, but I didn’t realize you could eliminate ads and sidebars when viewing YouTube clips. Now that I know, I’ll be more likely to use YouTube in our homeschool.

Angela divides her guide into different subjects: art, Bible, four time periods of history, music education, preschool, and science. Within each subject, she categorizes the video selections by age range: preschool, elementary, middle, and high school.

Each entry includes the video title, a short description, and the direct link so you can click and add to your viewing queue. Brilliant, right?!

This approach isn’t about shoving our kids in front of the screen for endless hours at a time.

This is about using media well–to add to our educational efforts instead of subtract from them. I will definitely be pulling ideas from this resource over the coming year.

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