Giveaway: Wooden Treehouse from Imagine Childhood

This giveaway has now ended. Check back soon for the winner!

Welcome to Simple Living Media’s Home for the Holidays! We’ve got 25 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win a great gift, just in time for the holidays.

Today I’m giving away a Wooden Treehouse from Imagine Childhood. This is the perfect toy to spark the imagination of your little one.

Valued at $150, this treehouse creates a lovely spin on the idea of a traditional dollhouse–its branches invite fairies, gnomes, and dolls to spend hours having adventures with your child.

I’m completely thrilled to have the chance to review it, as it will be my seven-year-old daughter’s gift under the tree this Christmas. She’s going to love it!

Learn more about how you can win this sweet toy.

I fell in love with this treehouse while unpacking it from the box, before I even put it together. The wooden pieces are crafted from 100% reclaimed ash and walnut and the house contains three levels for playing.

Yes, assembly is required, but you don’t even need a screwdriver. The pieces slot together, like a puzzle, very quickly. Once assembled, this toy is incredibly sturdy. I also love the extra little touches–like the rope ladder, bamboo basket on a pulley, and the tree swing.

This toy appeals to both genders. The natural wooden color doesn’t scream “girl,” and I know both of my sons will want to take turns playing with it as well.

Years ago, before I even started blogging, a neighbor on my doorstep said, “There’s this blog I read that I think you’d enjoy. It’s called Imagine Childhood.” I’ve been a fan ever since my first virtual visit. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an item in their store that I didn’t like.

The owners of Imagine Childhood ask themselves five questions before adding a new product to their store:

  1. Does the product promote exploration, creativity, and/or unstructured play?
  2. Is it fun and exciting?
  3. Is it Fair Trade and made of sustainable or eco-friendly materials?
  4. Can it be reused again and again, and in varying applications?
  5. Does it provide learning opportunities?

Their commitment to quality toys shines through loud and clear as you browse all their categories, including indoor play, outdoor play, optics and navigation, and family field guides.

Once you enter the virtual space at Imagine Childhood, plastic, tacky alternatives seriously lose their appeal. If you’re hoping to find an open-ended toy to inspire hours of creative play, look no further than this sweet store.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win your very own Wooden Treehouse from Imagine Childhood!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What is currently one of the most imaginative toys in your home collection?

2. For an extra entry, subscribe to the Imagine Childhood blog. Then leave an additional comment here letting me know you’ve done so.

This giveaway will end tonight, Friday, December 3 at 11:59 p.m. I hope you win! We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways tomorrow!

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  1. Definately wedgits! What a cute giveaway! I LOVE it!
    Julie Sanchez’s latest post: Theres a ton of giveaways going on all week over at

  2. I subbed!
    Julie Sanchez’s latest post: Theres a ton of giveaways going on all week over at

  3. For my daughter, it is her kitchen. She can spend hours making all sorts of food.

  4. My daughter is really, really loving her play scarves right now. It can be an outfit, head dress, blanket for doll diaper changes, sling to carry the baby, dance accessories, a place to play hide and seek, etc. etc. etc. So simple and such fun.

  5. We have a set of old school blocks from my childhood, the ones with the arches and semi-circles, etc. My daughter absolutely loves them and can spend an hour or two at a time playing with them. I plan on keeping them throughout all of my children and, hopefully, they can make it to the next generation too ;-).

  6. Good quality model animals. He looooves to have “sets” of them, at least two. He carries them around everywhere, holds the appropriate ones while we read books. Sets them up to “watch” him eat. I could go on and on. He would *love* this treehouse!

  7. I subscribed. Nice blog, thanks!

  8. I’d have to say that the kitchen set is probably the most imaginative, as it’s the most realistic, haha!

  9. Our nature basket is the place the kids wander over to use their imagination. My 5 year old daughter keeps it full of lovely rocks, sticks and leaves and her 2-year old brother is really good and finding acorns and pine cones. Right now it’s being used to create indoor fairy houses and also as fodder for holiday ornament making.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing dollhouse and for letting us know about this blog and website. Just in time for the holidays! ; )

  10. I love it!!

    Mine get the most imaginative play out of beanbag animals. Duplo and/or traditional wooden blocks are a very close second.
    Cynthia’s latest post: Weekend Reading

  11. I subscribed!

  12. I subscribed to the lovely blog too. Thanks!

  13. Our most imaginative toys are our dress up clothes. The kids are constantly coming out dressed up as one character or another, many they make up all on their own:)
    Ashlee’s latest post: Confession 6

  14. my son it would be just sticks that he finds…turns them into everything imaginable. For my daughter…chalk and paper.

  15. I subscribed by email:)
    Ashlee’s latest post: Confession 6

  16. My kids play for hours and hours with their MagnaTiles. They can be fences, towers, forts, and so on.

  17. I would say that right now it would be Legos — the medium-sized ones. Just perfect for small ones’ hands.
    Lady Dorothy’s latest post: First Sunday of Advent

  18. Our most imaginative toy would probably be play scarves.

  19. I think our playsilks get the most use around here for sure. They can be used for so many different things by my boys and girls.
    Kelly’s latest post: So not my finest parenting moment – A message to my daughters

  20. Her wooden clacker instrument. It’s painted like a male head and it clacks at the mouth, it’s really cute! She’s trying to call it mister clacketyhead, but it sounds more like “sir kwacky-ed” lol! It goes everywhere with us and she asks for it if she can’t find it. I think she would love this treehouse just as much.

  21. Subscribed πŸ™‚
    Kelly’s latest post: So not my finest parenting moment – A message to my daughters

  22. Our most imaginative toy is our bag of playsilks and box of wood blocks. Is there anything that you can’t do with those two toys?
    Deanna’s latest post: Kamikochi

  23. We have some wooden blocks that my sons are always building neat things with.
    Jessica Brammer’s latest post: Jesus Has Never Yelled at Me

  24. I subscribed!
    Lady Dorothy’s latest post: First Sunday of Advent

  25. the dress up clothes get a full work-out over here. followed closely by plush animals and play food.
    annalea @ our hartbeat’s latest post: advent 2010 days 1 and 2

  26. Just subscribed, reading Ollies ski trip now πŸ™‚

  27. and i subscribed to their blog.
    annalea @ our hartbeat’s latest post: advent 2010 days 1 and 2

  28. I also subscribed to the blog. I love Simple Homeschool!
    Deanna’s latest post: Kamikochi

  29. boxes. My kids love boxes. They pick up a few from Costco each time we go and they become boats, houses, pet houses, tunnels and who knows what else.

  30. Most imaginative toy right now is our collection of musical instruments- chimes, xylophone, drum, maracas, shakers, piano, organ…the kids have a blast! madebymyrnie(at)gmail(dot)com

  31. Tinkertoys

  32. Furniture! I know it’s not technically a toy but my 5 year old daughter is always rearranging the chairs and small tables, ottomans, doll furniture, etc. to make stores, houses, carnivals, anything you can think of. Watch where you’re going around here!

  33. really cardboard boxes and baskets seem to get the most imagination!

  34. The most imaginative toy currently in our household has to be the roll of white paper and crayons. My girls make so many things with paper, crayons and scissors that get used in all of the make believe games they come up with. My older daughter who loves fairies would love the treehouse.
    majellamom’s latest post: Small Successes

  35. The most imaginative toys in our collection are the toys we’ve made together as a family. My children just love making their own toys both for themselves and for each other.

  36. My daughter’s most imaginative play toy would probably be our Haba blocks.
    Archer Atkins’s latest post: Butternut Squash Ice Cream

  37. Legos are the most consistently used, imaginative toy we have.

    My oldest son and I tried to make tree blocks two years ago for my middle son. They didn’t turn out all that well, but I’ve been admiring these tree themed blocks for quite awhile!

  38. melissa everet says:


  39. yumiko gonzalez says:

    I dont know we can say Waldorf doll is imaginary toy… but my husband made it for our son who is just 15 months old for this Christmas. we are so excited for him to have it… Im making clothes for the doll ….. great give away!!! i also subscribed the imagine childhood blog!!

  40. adorable! Our most imaginative play toy right now is probably our blocks, although dressup clothes would be a close second.
    missy’s latest post: In the thick of age two…

  41. The most imaginative toys in our home are cardboard boxes – they can be anything πŸ™‚
    Kim’s latest post: Light Show

  42. My child loves stacking cups right now.

  43. Also subscribed!
    missy’s latest post: In the thick of age two…

  44. Honestly, a piece of bark my son uses for various things.

  45. Our most imagination-inspiring “toys” is the box of dress-up clothes and a pile of blankets. They can be anything and go anywhere!
    Megan’s latest post: Our Advent Calendar

  46. Carly Hayden says:

    My daughter spends hours with her wooden blocks every day, building things I’d never imagined!

  47. I would have to say any box that comes in the door, is played w/ a million ways before it is torn apart and trashed.

  48. The most imaginative “toy” in our house is the stack of plain white paper “stolen” from the computer printer tray (we have to buy extra just for them)! πŸ™‚ My five and seven year old have made many paper airplanes, cards, Christmas tree ornaments, and just today a sword (inspired by a Franklin book). Open ended play is a favorite with my girls and they would love the simplicity and creativity that would come with this tree house!

  49. definitely lego- new things are created each day

  50. Kirsten Dehmlow says:

    Dress-up clothes

  51. i would have to say it is probably just paper, scissors, glue, and whatever coloring objects they can get their hands on – i love to watch the will actually create from their imaginations.

  52. i’m already subscribed on google reader!

  53. A wooden train set that was handed down from my cousin can spark imaginative play from my children for hours.
    Julia’s latest post: 10 Simple Ways to Use Leftover Cranberry Sauce

  54. Tinkertoys and Legos for my son. Dolls for my daughter.
    Pamela O.’s latest post: 10 Favorite Christmas Children’s Books

  55. It’s so beautiful!

    We have Bubber, and I can’t believe some of the things my daughter creates with it–I mean, I have to have her explain what they are, but they’re that in her head!

    And just plain ol’ coloring pencils/crayons. I love her drawings.

  56. I subscribed in Google Reader!

  57. Some of our most imaginative toys are baskets of all different shapes and sizes!

  58. And I’m subscribed in Google Reader as well πŸ™‚
    Kyrie’s latest post: 22 November 2010

  59. a wooden marble run. my son will use just the marbles to knock down things. or he’ll build things with the wooden blocks. it’s been great! thanks!

  60. Erin Zackey says:

    blocks for sure, in all their forms in our house, wooden, legos, tiny, rainbow, you name it we love to build, so this tree house would be an incredible addition to that sort of play!

  61. Dress up clothes box. My girls come up with the best things with that box.

  62. I subscribe to google reader

  63. playsilks and play food right now are sparking lots of imaginative play in our home. πŸ™‚
    erin’s latest post: Noah’s Doll

  64. I have subscribed to imagine childhood’s blog.
    erin’s latest post: Noah’s Doll

  65. Play silks… Can be anything they want them to be’

  66. One of the most imaginative toys in our home right now are play silks. They are used for all kinds of open ended play.

  67. I just subscribed to Imagine Childhood. What a wonderful blog!

  68. Jill Ramaker Hendricks says:

    the bunkbed….wagon train, space ship, doctor’s office, fort!

  69. I would say our play kitchen. My son loves to “cook” anything in it and it also becomes a place for his other toys to play hide and seek.

  70. My youngest (1 1/2) loves his wooden train with different wooden blocks.
    Bianca’s latest post: Feiertags-Countdown Tag 45 – Holiday Countdown Day 45

  71. My kids would adore this. Silk scarves and goood water color paint are our current go to activities.

  72. I think our most imaginative toy would be a combination of playsilks and wooden figures….there is no end to the games my children come up with those items.

    I would LOVE to win one of them this wee treehouse!

  73. I’ve subscribed to the blog.


    Sara Sophia’s latest post: December 1st

  74. CARDBOARD BLOCKS! My son makes them into drum sets and houses and campfires and countless other things. I love having toys that create open-ended, imaginative opportunities for play. Thanks for offering us the opportunity to win this!
    Mandy’s latest post: Under Construction

  75. Play silks…they go from super hero cape to planets to his vegetable garden!!!!
    Thanks you so much for the giveaways!!! One more amazing than the other!!!!! I just hope I win (once?)!!! =0)

  76. Subscribed!

  77. I would have to say paint and the outdoors. I ran a small summer camp this past year in an old milk barn on an old estate and the kids had a blast playing outdoors constructing, imaging and discovering and every day we were out there painting. It’s low-key, but really fun and sweet.

  78. Also, I’m subscribed to Imagine Childhood via GoogleReader.

  79. Right now our dolls and blocks are getting the most play…

    And my daughter would love this…she LOVES fairies right now.

  80. I subscribed to their blog.

  81. Lego and the box full of costumes and colourful clothes from grandma.

  82. Carrie Cotton says:

    Beautiful!! Would love to see this under our tree.

  83. Most imaginative toy are the toilet paper tubes because they require the most imagination, of course. πŸ™‚
    Evan Brammer | Losing the World’s latest post: Jesus Has Never Yelled at Me

  84. I’d have to say, right now it’s my husband and I pretending to be a horse or cow for my son. … whichever his imagination is in the mood for!!

  85. Their various playsets.

  86. Blocks would be #1 but I’m actually always amazed at how much imaginative play my guy gets out of his Thomas trains. They go on many many adventures!

  87. A plethora of cardboard boxes & other recyclables, and an endless supply of tape, foil, and glue! πŸ˜‰
    Sofia’s Ideas’s latest post: Shrink that Growing Giant

  88. Wooden blocks!

  89. Honestly – my son gets HOURS of imaginative play out of his legos every day. I love those little blocks!

  90. LEGOs and color pencils
    Lisa’s latest post: Big City Diner in Kailua

  91. Every day we have a tradition where I ask my children what their favorite thing of the day was. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with toys or food or a special trip. Every day, their most favourite thing is taking our dog for a walk. Seeing the seasons change, collecting leaves, watching the trees turn “naked”. This week snow fun with snowballs, making snow angels and the incredible sunset that happens with freezing skies. Popping to see if the small waterfall in our local stream has frozen, the delight of finding newly cut down trees to collect wood for new toys and imaginative play. (they’d still love a tree house though!)

  92. At the moment my sons favourite imaginative play toy is my blue silk scarf with swirls on it – it becomes the sea, the ocean or a pond for his rubber ducks. He also uses some bean bags I made for him, to form a waterfall with the scarf too.

  93. right now, the wedgits are the most imaginative toy in our house, they are a construction toy. Before that, it was our wooden doll house, but I gave it away to a new friend from Holland. Love this giveaway!

  94. I just subscribed to the imagine childhood blog! Thanks, it looks like a lovely blog, always looking for new blogs to be inspired from!
    Jenny @Home is Where…’s latest post: Agloves review and giveaway- gloves for the techie

  95. My son is still little so not super imaginative yet, but he makes good use of a flyswatter that he carries around for a lot of random purposes!

  96. Definitely the dress-up clothes box, which has some interesting items passed down from my mother and even grandmother! The possibilities are endless!

  97. I would have to say our big set of dominoes. The possibilities are endless with them!

  98. Texas Mom says:

    Sandbox! πŸ™‚

  99. Dress ups and outside play are favourites here, and they work so well together. Thanks for this giveaway.

  100. Subscribed : )

  101. My kids love to pull cardboard out of the recyle bin and color on it. This time of year is perfect because of all the large shipping boxes we receive!

  102. Subscribed to Imagine Childhood blog. Awesome products!

  103. Cindy Simpson says:

    Our most imaginative toy is currently a dollhouse for the girls and a fort for the boys.

  104. Our most imaginative toy in our house are the crayons and blank paper we give our little one. She loves to draw and pretend to write stories and her “solos.”

  105. One of the most imaginative toys are my sons art supplies-paints and crayons. I love when he scribbles and then tells me what he drew, usually a llama or horse.

  106. The dress up box. The best thing in it are old curtains – they can be anything! (I made a wish list for my kids at Imagine Childhood for family that are looking for gifts for them. They have every price range and wonderful, quality items!)

  107. Jennifer Franklin says:

    Because it is winter… I would go with throw blankets… they make boats on our hard floors with them, capes for superheros, nests for their bird family, etc.

  108. I love this treehouse…so sweet! The most imaginative thing my kids play with is our basket of colorful playsilks. They get used every day and the possibilities are endless!

  109. anything in my kitchen sink (aka dirty dishes) becomes measuring cups, spoons, flour, etc.

  110. Play silks receive the most use these days – they are used in almost every game or imaginary situation that my children play.

  111. The most imaginative toy in our home right now is the giant 2 piece box that the Phil & Te stroller arrived in. Currently being used as a slide. Has been a pirate ship, space shuttle, stove & Drum set.

  112. I subscribe to the blog.

  113. I have been coveting that tree house for forever! Would love to win! Our most “imaginative” toy right now are our blocks and playsilks… open toys are the best!
    The Butterfly Nest’s latest post: No Spend Month

  114. I subscribe to the Imagine Childhood blog.

  115. We have some good imaginative toys…however the most utilized item right now is the huge box we store our Christmas tree in. You just can’t go wrong with a huge box.

  116. My children have a box of old blankets that they use to make forts, baby beds, nests, etc. Seriously, in our house full of toys, that box of blankets is their favorite.

  117. Subscribed to the blog!
    The Butterfly Nest’s latest post: No Spend Month

  118. Empty wrapping paper rolls, become swords, and telescopes, and golf clubs at our house!

  119. What a great idea for a toy! We don’t have a huge toy collection, but I think our most imaginative toys are our dress-up items.
    LC’s latest post: Inspired by Bakerella

  120. Karyn Hostetter says:

    My kids most imaginative things to play with are blankets and the couch. They use the recliners and the blankets and make forts and houses.

  121. gladly following their blog!

  122. The most imaginative toy, and the one that gets the most use right now, are the blocks and the little flat “marbles” that you put in vases (they have more uses than an adult would think!)

  123. Wooden blocks and play silks are willing out most days in my house.

  124. Hmmm…. I would have to say the most immaginative thing the kids play with is the stairs. It is a pirate ship, a mountain, a dragon’s lair, and the land of the fairies.

  125. We don’t make a lot of money so the kids favorite toys are those they have made. Spaceships, houses, etc. out of boxes, styrofoam, bubblewrap, etc. It’s so cute.
    bekah moser’s latest post: Remembering Grandma Babe

  126. I subscribed!

  127. Elizabeth Erikson says:

    It’s hard for me to choose the most imaginative toy in our house, because our kids have so many. Blankets, boxes, furniture, art supplies, the craft scrap box; all see a lot of use during most days. But I have to choose our Playmobil sets. We have animals, Vikings, knights, barns, and houses, and my 5 children use them to create entire worlds of play that can go on for days and days. Even the oldest who are now in their teens, and the youngest play happily together for hours with these wonderful toys. The wooden treehouse would be a fine addition to our creative universe!

  128. My kids make the most creative uses of cardboard boxes… the become caves, houses, a canvas for coloring or painting… so many things. My kids also loves simple play silks…

  129. I’m not sure if one would call this a toy, but scotch tape is being used alot lately in our house to build robots out of paper and houses for small stuffed animals. πŸ™‚

  130. I subscribed!

  131. I subscribed to Imagine Childhood.

  132. Right now it’s Duplo and Lego….it’s amazing what the kids can build.

  133. My son has a wooden post with stacking coloured rings, and I am amazed at how many things he comes up with to do with it!
    Rae’s latest post: Rant

  134. My kids are just 2 and 3 but the love to play with a set of blocks that my father made for them.

  135. Right now their most imaginative toy is the nativity scene I let them play with! Thank for the opportunity to win this cool toy!
    Amy’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  136. Right now my living room is set up like a masssive fort made out of cardboard boxes complete with a canon, look-out and kitchen area.

  137. I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog in my google reader πŸ™‚ Have a great week-end!
    Amy’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  138. Elizabeth Erikson says:

    I subscribed! thanks for the tip!

  139. Oh my that playhouse is stunning! Of of the most imaginative playthings in our house right now are all the unused BOXES!! (we just moved this week) Of course, my kiddos also have been loving a plush/sewn alphabet I’ve made them awhile back….spelling names of family & friends!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: DPP-1

  140. My kids love blocks, and use them every day in new ways!
    Jeni’s latest post: WFMW- Weaning from the Binky

  141. Probably the big toy barn my husband’s grandfather built for him as a child, which we’re passing on to our daughter. And, of course, all the books!

  142. blankets and furniture can be forts, ships, caves, anything! And it’s easy to clean up!

  143. I’ve subscribed! What a beautiful blog.

  144. Our laundry machines are in a closet off of the kitchen and when we got new stackable machines we suddenly had a lot more floorspace. I put a set of open sliding drawers in there and that’s where we keep all the markers and crayons and paper and scissors and glue. Our kids can reach all their art stuff on their own, and it’s essentially right next to the kitchen table so they can entertain themselves. And they do! They’re always drawing, now.
    Robin (noteverstill)’s latest post: Editing on the fly

  145. Beautiful! We have some little wooden peg people my son is very imaginative with.
    sarah in the woods’s latest post: This- That- and the Other

  146. Jen Burns says:

    kitchen set up in basement

  147. For our 13 month old, most common household objects become imaginative. Right now she’s exploring her father’s tape measure.

  148. Roads taped on the floor and any car he can get his hands on.

  149. I think the most imaginative toy we have now would be our building block or possibly just paper and scissors! My son loves cutting out shapes for each member of our family and then telling us what they are and how to play with them.

  150. Oh, this is beautiful! Right now my little men are most imaginative with their automoblox and twig building blocks.
    Shannon’s latest post: 5!!!

  151. I subscribed!

  152. building blocks – the possibilities are endless

  153. Probably silkies and dress-ups … unless you count aluminum foil, which my daughter uses to make many, many things (including elf shoes for everyone!)
    Hannah’s latest post: Learning IM Loving- The Teaching Company

  154. I have subscribed.

  155. Wow, what a generous giveaway. Great treehouse for any kids!

  156. This tree house looks amazing! For my son’s 2nd birthday we had a train theme. I picked a large box up from an appliance store and turned it into a train station for the party. It was a big hit! The kids loved playing in it and around it. We have since recycled the box but my kids and their friends were very imaginative with it. In fact my daughter still talks about it (the party was last February). She asked if we could get a box for her birthday party next month.

  157. We love playsilks! We’re ghosts, brides, wind and rain with them.

  158. The most imaginative toy in our house at the moment is a small set of basic wooden blocks. My two boys spend hours creating homes and knocking them down at the end!

  159. Jennifer E says:

    The most imaginative toys in our house would be a paper bag and cotton balls. My daughter LOVES making puppets out of paper bags so we go through them a lot and she keeps every one. She loves to make crafts out of cotton balls but she also always keeps one that she pretends is a pet that she has to take care of and she keeps it with her all the time! She has a great imagination and I love watching it grow and blossom.

  160. I subscribed!

  161. I have subscribed to Imagine Childhood. πŸ™‚

  162. I subscribed!

  163. Whatever my youngest daughter picks up. She has the greatest imagination and can play with anything in any way for hours. She would love this for her little woodland creatures!

  164. Jennifer E says:

    I love finding toys and blogs that help my child’s imagination grow so I subscribed to Imagine childhood as you suggested. I looked around on the site first to see if it would be something I would truly be interested in and it IS!! Thank you so much for recommending it!

  165. In our house it’s wooden blocks and dinosaurs!

  166. Danielle M says:

    Our most imaginative toy currently in our collection is a wooden dump truck. My son loves to push it around and load things in and out of it and use it to transport his other toys and sippy cup around the house.

  167. Danielle M says:

    I have subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog.

  168. Our waldorf rainow arch.

  169. The most imaginative toy we have would have to be our dress up clothes. Though I’ve found that kids are resourceful and will find ways to play with just about anything. My youngest likes to take spools of thread and pretend their people.
    Cindy’s latest post: Rosebud Leggings

  170. recycables… my son loves making things out of boxes, bottle caps and little scraps.

  171. Our most imaginative toy is either playsilks, wooden blocks or random household items (spoons, straws) – anything the kids can get their hands on!
    Natalie’s latest post: December is hereWelcome!

  172. Subscribed I believe (or at least tried to). I don’t know if it worked for sure :S

  173. We love legos, playmobil, and kapla blocks! This tree house would be an awesome addition.

  174. Our plain wooden dollhouse is probably our most imaginative toy. It is home to dolls, calico critters, animalz, and many others!

  175. Fun treehouse!! Our musical instruments create new sounds each time.

  176. the most imaginative “toy” would have to be their bunk beds. Many days have been spent, up in their room, playing pirates, princess/knights, coloring in their “clubhouse,” and so much more.

  177. My girls are their own imaginative toy. They prefer to play at pretending we are skunks, dragons, or babies than play with any toys.
    Cheryl Arkison’s latest post: Peppermint Chocolava

  178. It is my dream to have this very tree house for my little boy! And the most imaginative toy in our house: blocks. How basic, no? πŸ™‚

  179. also subscribed to the blog!
    amber’s latest post: through his eyes

  180. Most imaginative toy we have is molding wax. I can’t tell you the joy of creation found in that.

  181. Valerie R. says:


  182. The most imaginative toy we have for our 16-month-old is his wooden ring stacker. They stack, obviously, but he also loves to play with the rings in other ways.

    I’ve actually been eyeing this treehouse, but we can’t afford it right now. Would love this!

  183. It’s not so much the item that’s imaginative, but rather our kids who think of using our recycling to create masks, traps and tree ornaments.

  184. Probably these little animals my daughter has – cats, dogs, horses, tiger, bunny, she has so many of them and creates all kinds of stories with them. They’d love to live in this treehouse I’m sure!
    Tonya’s latest post: Ellie The Elf is in the house!

  185. Our most imaginative toy right now is a big cardboard box. It is a boat, a toy box, a car, a hat and many other things!
    Amanda’s latest post: Tuesdays with Amelia

  186. Blocks. Simple but you’d be surprised at things my boys construct with them!

  187. Elisabeth says:

    I subscribed via Google Reader!

  188. Gina DeRosa says:

    Simply gorgeous! We love our wooden dollhouse that can be home, grandmas house, a restaurant, a spa, just about any place we can imagine! We also love to bring all sorts of people and animals into our space. The sky is the limit!

  189. currently our simple wood blocks are favorites for building, throwing, and music making.
    leah’s latest post: Christmas shopping

  190. I subscribed to the blog – so nice!
    Tonya’s latest post: Ellie The Elf is in the house!

  191. The most imaginative toy in our home….

    I would have guessed building blocks or our art supply shelves. When asked, my five year old reply, without hesitation: MY DOLLS! So there you go.

  192. RIght now, it is blocks and large legos. My two year old is entertained with them daily!

  193. I subscribed!

  194. Blocks have been the most long lasting imaginative toy! Santa put them under the tree 7 years ago when my son was 2 years old. Not only have lasted through all four of my kidlets but all four STILL play with them.

  195. sheilla turner says:

    I would have to say it is the kitchen set up area. We have a the stove, fridge, microwave oven, a table and lots of food. I enjoy watching the children cook food and feed it to their babies as well as have pretend parties and cook foods for everyone.

  196. Oh how beautiful. My daughter asked Santa for a “dollhouse” this year and this would be perfect. My daughter has an amazing imagination. Yesterday she pretended that an angel ornament was a reindeer in a puppet show she put on for me. Gotta love that.

  197. I subscribed!
    Deven’s latest post: Harvest!

  198. I subscribed
    Brie Sloan’s latest post: Rainbow Gnomes- set of 6

  199. Emily Krenzke says:

    My kids love cardboard boxes!

  200. Cardboard blocks! Towers everywhere!!

  201. Jennifer W says:

    What a neat idea! I can see so much play on here from Rapunzel to Tinker Bell to pirates. :0)

  202. Play silks have been many different things in our house! The kids also love cardboard boxes. πŸ™‚

  203. Legos for boys and Sylvanian families (Calico Critters) for girls. HOURS and DAYS of imagination- at least, that’s what I played with most during my childhood!
    Charisma’s latest post: Life Before Conception

  204. Dolls. We have lots of dolls that get used in many stories.

  205. Probably the most imaginative toy we have at our home right now is some small cardboard boxes that we have made into a house for “The Littles”. My kids spent hours making stairs and furniture and accessories for the house!

  206. shawntanet says:

    playdough & clay!

  207. I subscribed to the blog!

  208. I subscribed also πŸ™‚
    Charisma’s latest post: Life Before Conception

  209. my boys both pretend very well in our play kitchen!

  210. I subscribed to their blog

  211. The most imaginative “toy” we have right now is a plain white cardboard box. My daughter uses it for everything! I hope we win!

  212. At the moment the most played with toy is our broom. Ds uses it to imitate the altar boys from our church, when they carry the cross into church at the beginning of mass. πŸ™‚

  213. I just subscribed to Imagine Childhood via Google Reader!

  214. My boys love legos. They have built so many different things with them. Yesterday I found my oldest building a coffee roaster.

  215. I subscribed.

  216. Hmmm, our wooden blocks and playsilks get the most play here at our house. This treehouse is soooo beautiful and fits in line perfectly with our views on what kinds of toys our children should have. Thank you for the chance to win!

  217. Our Kapla blocks are used in so many ways. The boys never tire of them.

  218. My girls love dolls. All sorts, all sizes. They are all part of their home ‘school’!

  219. Tandie Lacquement says:

    My boys would love this treehouse! Currently they are using our couch pillows to make a fort. Oh no, the pirates are coming!

  220. An extra long vacuum hose has been used in so many ways in our house over the last 6 years. People who stop by thinks it’s strange, but the boys have so much fun with it.

  221. I would have to say that the most imaginative toys for us right now are all of the dress up clothes. My three boys love to act things out. It’s so sweet to watch!
    bethany’s latest post: snow!

  222. For my son it is tape!! He loves making things and is always using tape!

  223. My sons still enjoy creating and playing for hours with their Legos.

  224. They use their imagination a lot with their sensory tubs. Another favorite is their American Girl dolls. They can play with them for hours.

  225. Tandie Lacquement says:

    I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood Blog!

  226. No kids here, but this would be a lovely gift for my niece. We always try to gift her things that spark creativity like art supplies, books, and blocks – nothing plastic or with batteries!

  227. She can spend hours with play doh and paints. However, she has been trying to figure out a way to make my broom fly.

  228. wooden kitchen accessories (pots, pans, cups). My boys love cooking for mommy and daddy!

  229. Our Dollhouse, hands down.

  230. Paper and crayons! All I see is scribbles, but to him it’s images of dragons and sharks and who knows what else.

  231. Our most imaginative toy? Probably either the dress-up box or blocks . . . it’s hard to pick! πŸ™‚
    Roxy Schow’s latest post: little gift-bits to sell

  232. My son loves his large lego type blocks and his wooden blocks. He loves to build towers and monsters with his blocks!

  233. The most imaginative toys would have to be the little pegs or blocks. They transform into berries, bugs, decorations, houses and more.
    christi harrison’s latest post: So much to be thankful for…

  234. Love! I was looking for a toy house for my little girl for a long while, and wooden treehouse would be perfect for her! Subscribe! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, and our most imaginative toys would be books! My son and daughter always play(?) with books.

  235. I’ve subscribed via Google!

  236. An end table and blankets for fort making!
    Jenny’s latest post: Hearing From Santa

  237. most imaginative toy? hmmmm. art supplies, dress up, dolls, Playmobil. and of course sticks and grass and flowers and all the “stuff” outside.

  238. Sara Gallaugher says:

    I would say dolls and stuffed animals. My kids have dog (animal) shows in their room all the time.

  239. Playsilks at the moment. Used for everything, from wings and capes, to secret caves and dolly blankets. Tat treehouse is beautiful!

  240. My son makes a lot of things to play with out of our recyclables. He has made jet packs for his action figures, rockets, etc…
    Gina M.’s latest post: Christmas Time Is Here

  241. Sara Gallaugher says:

    I also subscribed. Great giveaway and a great company!

  242. Caroline Cebula says:

    Anything that isn’t a toy! They will take odds & ends around the house and pretend it is something else. Last week for Thanksgiving, I found long rolls of corrugated paper in a packing box, made large tubes and it became their Thanksgiving chef’s hats!

  243. Lego is easily our most creative toy. The boys make all kinds of crazy stuff with it.
    Leanne’s latest post: Winning Tastes Good!

  244. Caroline Cebula says:

    I subscribe to the blog.

  245. our most imaginative toy in our house right now is dress up clothes! I gather them from yard sales to thrift stores to old clothes that my husband or I do not use anymore. All my 6 kids (ages 2-9) dress up and use their imaginations every day. It is a great way to avoid the Tv and they have so much fun playing too.
    Thanks for entering me in to win!
    Mary @ Cheerios

  246. Probably our lincoln log set. My twins would love this tree house.

  247. Just subscribed to the blog!
    Roxy Schow’s latest post: little gift-bits to sell

  248. My son has a little sample of legos that we got in the mail and I cannot believe how many things those 24 pieces of Legos have been while he’s played with them. It’s amazing to watch a child’s imagination work!
    Judy’s latest post: Pier 1

  249. I’d say our few playsilks get used for the widest variety of things! Emmaline makes them into fairies, skirts, capes, blankets, bags, wrapping, babies… you name it! She would adore adore this treehouse. My husband is crafty and was going to try to make her one for Christmas but I know he’d be really psyched if I told him I’d won one instead!

  250. Definitely our wooden unit blocks!

  251. I subscribed to the blog! It’s beautiful, so that’s no hardship!

  252. I just love the toys from Imagine Childhood. Currently our most imagination provoking toys in our collection is our wooden kitchen set. It is a window seat, a cabinet, a secret trinket hiding spot, a sink for “washing” and water play, and a generally the most loved little spot in our home. This giveaway is just fabulous! Fingers crossed here!

  253. Michelle b says:

    Simple wooden blocks. He loves building!!

  254. The most imaginitive toys in our home…. probably some of our things that aren’t actually toys…. for example, my dough hook for the mixer becomes a pirate hook sometimes. Sheets become forts. Scrap paper becomes invitations to a doll’s birthday party…

  255. We have this great set of wooden blocks that a friend gave us. The possibilities are endless!

  256. Michelle b says:

    I subscribed via google reader

  257. Our most imaginative toys would probably be our playsilks but if we won this treehouse it would definitely top that!

  258. Tried several times to subscribe….link on the site is broken πŸ™

  259. I subscribed to the blog!

  260. I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog!

  261. Ilse Kryemadhi says:

    Our most imaginative toys are a small tub of dress-up clothes. My girls love being fancy and dancing around the house.

  262. If I could do all my shopping there I would! I love this store. I subscribed to their bog

  263. One of my favorite toys that we purchased was our wooden lego type blocks from Nova naturals.

  264. pick me! pick me! i have two kiddos who would LOVE to play with this. i’m imagining legos and little dollies and, at the moment, maybe a shepherd and a wise man climbing around. *smile*

    right now our most imagination-sparking toy? ropes or legos. or sticks. or stuffed dogs. or a small tent. we imagine a LOT around here!

  265. One of the most creative toys we have right now is a set of Connectagons. Fun for all ages, even the adults! πŸ™‚

  266. We have a wonderful wooden dollhouse that has been carpeted (again and again wtih all sorts of scraps), wallpapered and “painted.” The kids change it from dollhouse to playhouse to real house. They love it!

  267. Our puppet theatre is probably our most imation toy these days. it becomes a restaurant, a store, all kinds of things although rarely used for puppets.

  268. subscribed to i.c.

  269. the play kitchen!

  270. I subscribed to the blog!

  271. I’ve subscribed to the feed!

  272. our play kitchen and the musical instrument box! if I win – I think I would do a cartwheel!!! thanks for the chance!

  273. Besides Legos, currently the most imaginative items in our house are the cardboard boxes from our recent move. They’ve become shelters, terrain for army men, shields, helmets, bases for paper mache, etc.

  274. Kay Higgins says:

    Our most creative toy is the classic …. blocks!

  275. Heather N says:

    Our most imaginative toy is Twig blocks. They can be used in so many ways. My daughter has built entire city scapes, has built a corrals for her play horses, has built an airport, has built a forest, etc.

    She would love this treehouse. She would probably not use it for dolls, though, as she is all about animals. I imagine she would have lots of different animals living on the levels!

    I love wood toys that are open-ended. Thanks for the giveaway.

  276. My two-year-old loves his set of wooden blocks.

  277. My daughter just got a Wooden Spoon Puppet Theater for her birthday. You have to make the puppets first and then you can create any show you want!

  278. Our most imaginative toy? Probably the bowl of acorn caps and shells, along with the basket of sanded-and-polished tree parts. Many a gnome home has come from these bits. My husband is in the process of trying to make a play house very similar to the one you are giving away, but he told me last night he’s not very happy with it…if we won this that would take care of that problem! πŸ™‚

  279. Our most creative toys right now are wooden blocks. We have a Haba set (brought home from Germany to us by a friend!) and a handmade set by Woodmouse on Etsy. The kids make towers, roads, use them as play food, play money, and on and on. I have to keep myself from buying every beautiful set of wooden blocks I see. I love them! I’m sure the kids would find a use for them in this gorgeous treehouse as well if we win!

  280. I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog!
    Sarah’s latest post: photoshop fabulous

  281. Legos, legos, legos…

  282. our most imaginative toy is probably our wooden blocks! i love seeing the crazy stuff my kids come up with!
    Jill Scripps’s latest post: dec 1- we love the snow

  283. My daughter loves boxes of any size.

  284. For quite a while we had a bedroom full of wonderfully imaginative toys, the most used probably being the wooden kitchen set that my husband built. We have just moved clear across the country, taking the bare minimum in order to start fresh. Currently the most imaginative, used toys are what our three kids are finding in our new, fairy-licious yard! The wooden treehouse would be an AMAZING gift for the whole family.
    Gina Law’s latest post: Words to Consider

  285. i subscribed to the blog via bloglines! πŸ™‚
    Jill Scripps’s latest post: dec 1- we love the snow

  286. Our most imagination provoking toy? Anything that isn’t a toy. My children like to take household items and make their own toys. Blankets, scarves, old clothes, kitchen items; you name it. It all becomes a toy. πŸ™‚
    Candy M’s latest post: Assembly Line Birthday Cards

  287. we have a set of haba blocks that are all different colors, shapes, textures that my kids like to build up, destroy…repeat.

  288. Allison Fambro says:

    I think the one toy that solicits the most imagination from my daughter right now is her tee tiny tea set from her grandmother.

  289. Our play kitchen is getting the most imaginative activity right now!

  290. I subscribed!

  291. Our most creative toys depend on the day and the mood of my boys. The wooden dollhouse and blocks seem to stand the test of time.

  292. Right now our costumes are our favorite, the kids put them on and can play for hours.

  293. Allison Fambro says:

    Subscribed to the blog!

  294. more than toys our most imaginitive play comes from construction paper, sissors, crayons, and glue. The costumes and accessories the kids come up with are amazing.

  295. I have subscribed to their blog.

  296. Dress up clothes! My girls love to pretend.

  297. Pots and pans and wooden spoons

  298. Natalie S. says:

    According to our daughter our most imaginative toy is our stick horse. She rides her in the circus, rodeo, outdoors…

  299. I subscribed! As one person stated, “Not a hardship!”

  300. My girls are in love with their dollhouse. They spend so much time with it making up stories. This treehouse would be a wonderful addition!

  301. I subscribed to the blog. It is so lovely!

  302. And right now the most imaginative toy we have are all of our random people and animals. Garage sale finds, and they have given my son hours of creative play!

  303. All of our blocks are the most imaginative toys at the moment here. Plus lately our recycling bin has been picked apart to use for any matter of play. I am wondering what they will do today as we are suppose to get our first snowfall of the holiday season! πŸ™‚

  304. the play kitchen. It provides hours of inspired imaginative play

  305. I subscribed to their blog and am so glad I did!

  306. I think the most imaginative and favorite toys in our house are my daughters’ stick horses! They romp around and play on them more than anything else! : )

  307. Donielle Ruth says:

    Anything out of the music box-bells, harmonic, shaker eggs, etc.

  308. Sara Lester says:

    Our dolls for the little kids, and art supplies for the oldest.

  309. bridget stevens says:

    our most creative toy is likely our dress up bin, they can become anyone/thing they want to be and this causes them to make up such lively stories!

  310. Sara Lester says:

    I subscribed to the blog.

  311. bridget stevens says:

    I subscribed to imagination childhood in my google reader!

  312. Our animals and dolls are our most creative toys – I love to see what my kids pretend!

  313. I’ve subscribed to the imagine childhood blog–it is one of my favorites!

  314. Wow–such a beautifully made treehouse!

    What is currently one of the most imaginative toys in your home collection?

    We have a set of tree blocks that my sister and brother-in-law made with wood from the trees on their property that have seen a lot of different uses over the years. I’d say that those and our collection of silks probably get the most imaginative use in our home.
    Fiddler’s latest post: Favorite Holiday Music No 15 – Irving Berlin

  315. The most imaginative “toy” we have right now is a bunch of styrofoam pieces that came with our treadmill. The boys have turned them into a orchestra stage, a train, a hospital, a house, a satellite, a schoolhouse…..

  316. a hobby horse!

  317. I subscribed to Imagine Childhood — so lovely!

  318. Beverly K says:

    I’d say it’s a tie between our little horses and scarves!

  319. The most imagination-inspiring toys in our house are : legos with my oldest, blocks with my middle, and stuffed animals and dress-up clothes with my youngest.

  320. darlene butler says:

    The most imaginative play we have in our home would be tape, scissors, paper towel rolls, empty shoe boxes, and glue sticks. my daughter loves these.

  321. I’ve just subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog via email. Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway!
    Fiddler’s latest post: Favorite Holiday Music No 15 – Irving Berlin

  322. I think that my daughter’s stuffed animals and play kitchen / food are the most creative. She is always imagining things with them.

  323. Absolutely the legos. I love when they play with them; I hate when I step on them.

  324. I think our dress up clothes would qualify as our most imaginative “toys”. My son and daughter were recently dressed as Cleopatra and Batman as they tried to rescue one of their animals from our “haunted” attic.

  325. Well, last night my ds just told his friend that our toy castle is the best toy we have, so it gets my vote for most imaginative toy.

  326. Our wooden block set is probably the most creative toy in our house. They can become so many different things! Our little people have also inspired many hours of creative play.

  327. I subscribed to the blog!

  328. We keep a basket of wooden/cloth/felt animals, a large basket of blocks, and a basket of transportation vehicles all in an area together and they get tons of play time, especially w/my 2 yr old. I have always wanted to provide some sort of play structure, like a treehouse/barn/etc.
    rachel fee-prince’s latest post: New Online Herbal Course in February 2011!!!

  329. Honestly the most imaginative “toys” we have right now are some old curtains. πŸ™‚ My girl uses them to make “tents”, forts, picnic blankets, sails for her “boat”, turns them into a hot air balloon, etc. She seriously plays with these for an hour or more at a time several times a day!!

  330. I subscribed to Imagine Childhood’s blog!
    rachel fee-prince’s latest post: New Online Herbal Course in February 2011!!!

  331. Stephanie says:

    My kids can play endlessly with boxes and modeling clay. It is amazing what they come up with.

  332. I subscribed to the blog! Loving it!

  333. My little ones dolls and horses. She spends hours with both, imagining all sorts of adventures for them.

  334. This is adorable. My kids would love it. I’m going to subscribe to the blog now.

  335. The most imaginative toy in our house is our Christmas tree and garland! When the garland went up on the rails, it became home to hundreds of tiny animals and there are designated branches of the Christmas tree for animal homes. My kids like to play with their toys in unconventional ways, which is why that treehouse would be amazing!!!

  336. I subscribed to the blog via Google reader.

  337. And I subscribed to Imagine Childhood! Thanks!

  338. We have a collection of bags (old purses, cloth shopping bags, etc), sunglasses and hats that become all kinds of things… normal shopping play, or going to work, collecting rocks and being a scientist, etc… she puts on the items and plays pretend for hours.
    Laurie’s latest post: Watching my future run and jump

  339. Love it!

  340. Subscribed to Imagine’s blog!

  341. I just went over to check out the blog to see if I wanted to subscribe or not. I think I am in love! Subscribed! And my daughter is already looking over my shoulder asking me if she can have the treehouse!!
    Laurie’s latest post: Watching my future run and jump

  342. I think the things that get the most use are the dressing up clothes I made for the boys, the capes are particularly popular!
    Emmalina’s latest post: Not at home school

  343. The treehouse is beautiful! My mom gave my 3-year-old a set of dinosaurs that were my younger brothers. The kids love them.
    Nichole’s latest post: Ol’ dunderhead and the truthiness kickoff

  344. Our most imaginative toy is the play kitchen.

  345. Tin can stilts!
    Mindy’s latest post: He did it!

  346. … and I added “Imagine Childhood” to my Google Reader.
    Nichole’s latest post: Ol’ dunderhead and the truthiness kickoff

  347. Our playsilks – I love to see all the things my son makes from them!

  348. Happily added the blog to my reader!
    Mindy’s latest post: He did it!

  349. subscribed!

  350. Lego building blocks!

  351. Catherine says:

    My boys’ most imaginative toys are their legos. It amazes me what they can create with them! My 2 year old daughter’s imagination shows when she plays with her babies.

  352. Definitely our dress-up bin. Lots of odds and ends that the kids mix and match to make up all sorts of outfits other than what they were originally intended to be. Love their creativity.

  353. My daughter’s treasure box, a hand-me-down little box from grandma covered with sea shells. She puts all sorts of treasures in it, creates treasure maps and hides it. The games she comes up with seem endless!

  354. Probably a stick horse, wooden train, or wooden blocks. My kiddos also really like fabric, like scarves and silks — do amazing costumes and pretend play with them!

  355. One of the most imaginative toys in our collection are my son’s play silks. He uses them to make pasture for his farm animals or wears them for dress up. He would love this tree house. Just gorgeous!

  356. Paper and crayons
    Marci’s latest post: Halloween 2010

  357. We love our play kitchen and food.

  358. Jessica Jones says:

    My son is still very young so we don’t have many toys at all, but the best one is probably a wooden toy car a friend got for him from a woodworker at our farmers market. That and the art basket full of crayons, markers, and a sketchbook.

  359. Honestly, our legos are one of most imaginative toys. That probably isn’t a trendy answer, but it is the truth!
    Angela in MT’s latest post: Edible Advent Wreath

  360. Rachel Hoekman says:

    I keep a supply of packing boxes around. They boys can come up with some amazing games and scenarios with them.

  361. Maureen Ruble says:

    The most imaginative toy in our home right now is a wooden stick puppet kit that my three little ones built and put on the most magnificant “performances”.

  362. Hmmm, the most imaginative toy? I think maybe that would be our dress-up trunk. A couple of Christmases ago, I filled a trunk with scarves, shawls, and hats from my mom, and some Halloween costumes I bought for about a quarter of the full price a couple days after the holiday. The kids have a lot of fun with it!
    Calina’s latest post: Pyramids

  363. Jessica Jones says:

    I tried to subscribe but I was directed to a page of code and couldn’t do it.

  364. Merilee B says:

    Dress up clothes instantly turn my three year olds into super heroes, football players, ballerinas and princesses. πŸ™‚

  365. Maureen Ruble says:

    Thanks for sharing….I subscribed to their blog. The photos are beautiful….I am dreaming of snow (I live in Florida lol).

  366. Our table and chairs — the chairs become a train taking the kids to the zoo, to Nanny’s house, to see Aunt Kathy in London, etc. A blanket over all of it turns it into a fort!
    Melissa D’s latest post: Working- working- working

  367. Subscribed. What beautiful photos on the site!
    Pure Mothers’s latest post: Earth Day Exploration

  368. just subscribed, too!
    Melissa D’s latest post: Working- working- working

  369. Genevieve says:

    Right now it would be a cardboard tube from the inside of wrapping paper. It ranges from a sword to a horse and everything in between.

  370. Dress-up and playing with dolls. Love the tree house. It would be a perfect addition for the little dolls to play!

  371. I’ve subscribed to the blog! It has been added to my Google Reader.
    Calina’s latest post: Pyramids

  372. Play silks are the number one imagination “toy” in our house. The are play mats and capes and exercise “tools” and blankets and…

    Love them.

    Second are three empty label-less wine bottles that my two preschoolers use as dolls, bowling pins, skyscrapers, walls etc…

  373. I follow Imagine Childhood’s blog on RSS.

  374. My kids use the costumes in their costume box all the time!

    That treehouse is amazing!!!!

  375. greengardeninggirl says:

    I second the thoughts for long lasting toys. Still, by far our most imaginative toy is always paper and pencils!

  376. Probably our most imaginative toy right now is play food and a little tea set. It provides lots of entertainment. I love this treehouse!

  377. For my son, Legos. There is nothing he can’t create with those magic blocks. For my daughter, the silks that her grandmother sewed for her. She creates stories, costumes, forts…there is always something new.

  378. I would most definitely say that our collection of various types of blocks are our most imaginative toys.

  379. I follow on Google Reader too!
    Autumn’s latest post: Im thankful for family

  380. My son’s most imaginative toy right now is his Play Doh. He loves to use it to create “food” and fix me meals.

  381. I just subscribed to Imagine Childhood’s blog. Hooray for me!

  382. Our dress-up bin is by far our most interesting “toy”!

  383. I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog

  384. The dress up bag, along with whatever sticks, rocks, and other “treasures” the children bring in from outdoors! πŸ™‚
    Catherine’s latest post: Counting and Waiting

  385. Probably our playsilks. . .but I thought it was pretty creative when they took some paperbags and made masks the other day.

  386. My girls are obsessed w/ creating amazing things w/ their Legos! I’m always blown away!

  387. Tables, blankets and pillows!

  388. One of the most imaginative toys in my family’s collection is the dollhouse Grandma made with my daughter. My mother in law spent hours with my then ten year old designing, cutting, and decorating a little house from oak tag. Each room is decorated with wallpaper samples, tiny curtains from scraps, even art cut from old cards and books. My daughter is now thirteen, still treasures the dollhouse and the time she had with Grandma making it. She recently has introduced it to baby sister who adores the little people and furniture she can manipulate. It is delightful to watch the older daughter pretend with the little one.

  389. The most imaginative toys in our collection are dress up clothes! My kids LOVE to pretend!

  390. Our most imaginative toy right now is a tent made of a blanket and two chairs.
    Wendy’s latest post: this moment

  391. The kitchen is used a lot as is the tickle trunk. We love a good dress up game.

  392. our thomas train tracks. DS takes them apart and reassembles on a daily basis. Works all over the house – in playroom, on train table, on floor. Loves them!

  393. Just subscribed in Google Reader!
    Wendy’s latest post: this moment

  394. My girls’ most imaginative toys are MY kitchen ustensils and plastic bowls!!!

  395. Julie Gonsalves says:

    we have a small play kitchen that i made for my kids and some various pots, pans, spoons and food. they can spend hours and hours playing in the kitchen making us food, playing restaurant, having picnics, washing dishes….

  396. Forget the toys. It’s usually things that are not toys, like anything in the recycling bin, shoes, or paper. Oh, the things they come up with!

  397. Our most imaginative toy right now are bedrooms! The mattress is a slide! The closet a changing room!

  398. Suscribed in my RSS feed reader ! What a lovely blog !

  399. Right now Legos are the fave toy around here!
    Lora @ my blessed life’s latest post: Our Christmas ADVENTures

  400. I’ve subscribed!

  401. probably our Thomas train track or our Imaginext Batcave!
    Brooke’s latest post: Projects- birthdays- trips and all the above

  402. My boys love to play with their playsilks. All the colors they have and they can come up with hundred ways of playing with them. Let that be a hat, skirt, cape, bag carrying toys, endless imagination!

  403. Cora Taylor says:

    I love to watch my son create toys, usually out of mail and used gift cards.

  404. I subscribed. We would love this toy. The most imaginative toy would be her wood “animals” or her littlest pet shop animals where they are everything from in a safari to in the country to sitting around the christmas tree
    Maria Bucchino’s latest post: Happy Thanksgiving

  405. My son is quite creative, though he does use familiar stories as a launch point from time to time. He likes to use sticks for just about anything, but they’re not technically toys, are they? His cars would have to be the most creative toys he has.
    Kelly’s latest post: Something to Think About

  406. Costumes, I never know what my boys will turn into next…cowboy, knight, dragon, doctor, frog…
    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  407. Cardboard boxes. They have been cars, boats, spaceships, trains, doll houses, lepercaun catchers, ect. there is no limit to what a cardboard box is. We have recently begun plans for building a castle out of cardboard boxes.

  408. I subscribed to imagine childhood blog.

  409. Blocks, legos, beads… they all are imagination sparkers.

  410. I’d have to say the Wedgits get the most play in our house at the moment, with Lego running a close second.
    Eddie’s latest post: December 2nd Christmas fun

  411. Really, this is no surprise, but my children’s most imaginative toy is their simple wooden blocks (which I leave in a wicker basket on the living room floor); they play with them nearly every day!

  412. I already subscribe to Imagine Childhood πŸ™‚

  413. When my daughter was only 8 months old my husband and I made her a wooden block set, with all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9. They were such a hit with her, we spend hours everyday playing with them. Best $25 we ever spent πŸ™‚
    Kristin’s latest post: Foods to Fight Flus

  414. My kids are great imaginers πŸ˜‰ I was laughing last night listening to them “talk” for the collection of army men, lego guys, barbies, etc–they’re all mixed in together. While I have a 10 yr old boy and 5 yr old girl, they can play for hours like that….sweet times. I love the treehouse, it brings to mind forest fairies πŸ˜‰

  415. Amy Snyder says:

    One of our most imaginative toys has got to be just plain old building blocks (the kind that snap together). My son will make ANYTHING out of them, stuff I never would have thought up myself.

  416. Our wooden blocks have done a lot in the last two years.

  417. My son’s most imaginative “toy” would probably be his art and craft supplies. Not really a toy, I know, but when I get that stuff out, he is much more imaginative than when he plays with his cars or trains.

  418. legos!

  419. I subscribed….can’t wait to explore!

  420. The link to subscribe is broken. I did send them an email asking to subscribe – does that count? πŸ™‚

  421. I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog.

  422. great giveaways!! the most creative, open-ended stuff we have??
    for 6 y.o. it’s barbies–she uses them to do everything and uses empty boxes all the time too, adding to her collection of “homes,” “cars,” “shops,” etc.
    for my almost 4 y.o boy it’s his blocks and cars. these create hours of fun.
    and for my oldest 10 y.o girl–it’s all her art supplies–oil pastels, paper, pom poms, glue, toilet paper, napkins, tape, origami paper, etc etc
    thanks again for such great gifts for your readers!

  423. I emailed them to subscibe.

  424. i also subscribed to their blog. thanks for introducing this cool company!

  425. Fromagette says:

    Probably my son’s cars, but unsually the most creative toys in the house are plastic bottles, cups from the kid dish drawer or other things that wouldn’t be considered “toys”.

  426. The most imaginative play thing we have in our home is the growing collection of duplo/lego. It’s by far the most played with toy we have.

  427. Amanda Anderson says:

    What a wonderful shop–thanks for sharing!
    The most used ‘toy’ in our house is blankets. They’re amazingly versatile, and make a snuggly boat/nest/fort/etc when the house is a bit chilly in the morning!

  428. I would LOVE to have this tree house!!! My daughter has heavy metal poisoning and we are looking to get rid of all toys that are plastic in our house. I hesitate with her plastic doll houses, but a wooden tree house would be a perfect replacement!! She would absolutely LOVE this!!!

  429. We have a cardboard box from our new water heater that has been the favorite toy for the last three weeks.

  430. Kristin Heron says:

    My two and three year old have turned their hooded baby towels into play costumes. My three year old is almost never without his. Another would be our make-shift play kitchen that I made for them, and all the bits and pieces of misc building toys that become food in the kitchen!

  431. I tried to subscribe, but ended up getting a page full of code. So I just added them to my google reader.

  432. I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood Blog

  433. Kristin Heron says:

    I subscribed to the blog!!

  434. I just love finding new blogs like this one! I signed up today! My 2 year old son’s favorite toys are his building blocks and his outdoor tools including the water hose… he loves to make mud puddles and then carry all the rocks and mud all over the backyard. But the best is when he sprays the water into the air and the wind sprays it back into his face – it’s shocks him everytime, but he laughs and smiles!

  435. Do Scotch tape, notebook paper, markers and scissors count as a toy? My 7 & 5 y.o. daughters can spend hours designing, decorating, cutting and creating things with those items. Yesterday, they gave me a lovely paper outfit complete with hat, handbag and jewels for my fingers! Then we all went “shopping” πŸ™‚

  436. Paper & markers are the ultimate creative toy around here!

  437. Currently it the Christmas Little People village set! Would love more wooden toys for our home like this tree-house!

  438. Now following the Imagine Childhood blog!
    Kristin’s latest post: Foods to Fight Flus

  439. I would have to say that our marble track is one of the top toys we have right now…sometimes it is a marble track but other times it is a ladder for the fairies or a ramp for cars…etc! lol
    Hallie’s latest post: The week got away from me!

  440. We have a drawer full of costumes and each of my boys has their own cape. Someone is always rescuing someone in trouble!

  441. Our supply of dress up clothes is where most of our imaginative play is born πŸ™‚ We capes, hats, tool belts, shoes, scarves and so much more πŸ™‚
    RaisingZ’s latest post: The Countdown Begins

  442. I subscribed to Imagine Childhood!

  443. I am now a follower! Thanks SO much for introducing me to ths site!
    Hallie’s latest post: The week got away from me!

  444. sΓ©verine says:

    i would say that it’s the “kapla” toys, some parts of wood that children can arrange as they want to build house, garage for little cars or anything else. they have a big box full of those little parts and ther is always a big circuit in all the house! and they can imagine all a wonderfull world each day.
    (i hope you understand me, excuse my poor english…)

  445. Subscribed via google home page πŸ™‚

  446. Art supplies most definitely! My girls love to sit and create things with just markers, map pencils, and a sheet of paper.

  447. My little on is only 6 months old…but when she is older, I am excited to get a play kitchen with food for her!

  448. Wood blocks from a plum tree that died one year after a very hard cold winter. My husband sanded them and waxed them for the boys for christmas that year. I have a feeling these blocks will be passed on through the generations. Thanks for the chance to win. I do love Imagine Childhood. They have beautiful things.

  449. I am a subscriber!

  450. Our train table has been the focal point of hours of play for my kids. My son built his train track to run past lil sis’ My lil Pony House, littlier sis’ My Little People Farm, and baby sis’ toys so everyone can play “Island of Sodor” together. πŸ™‚

  451. sheets, empty jars and cranium for fort building ( foam sticks about 3 feet long, which you can connect), she built a shark with it, the size of her playroom.

  452. i subscribed

  453. sΓ©verine says:

    and i have subscrive via flux rss. thank you!

  454. My girls love creating with their Magnatiles… they make castles, car washes, towers, zoos, animal hospitals, etc. They can play with them endlessly. Thanks for the giveaway!

  455. My daughter’s wood cutting food.

  456. I would say the most imaginative toys we have are all the wooden blocks we have, along with the girls’ dollhouse. Although they can be creative and imaginative with just about anything!

  457. Also, I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog too!

  458. We have lots of legos.

  459. empty boxes!! its amazing what they can come up for those! I love it!!!

  460. Our Nemo ballpit that looks more like an aquarium. It has morphed into many many other things!

  461. Lee Webster says:

    My twins have a kitchen set they love. My husband and I are cook a lot, so they like to help. They even have their own oven mitts and aprons.

  462. subscribed!!!

  463. Sheets and blankets for forts, wrapping paper and paper towel tubes for swords and canes, tape and popsicle sticks…for everything else they can think of to create.

  464. My son loves his Legos and his blocks! I love watching him put so much concentration and effort into making the “perfect” tower!

  465. Wow, this is beautiful! The most imaginative toys we have in the house right now are play cloths that the children can use to make all sorts of costumes, drape over things or make slings for their babies with. They also love making houses, boats, etc. with the sofa cushions.

  466. I subscribed to the blog. Thanks!

  467. We have a box full of wooden blocks my daughter makes so many things from. She also loves the magnetic dress up dolls and the wooden mix and match dolls. Her newest love though, is the felt dolls I made for her. She loves them! I think for her toys where she can create and use her imagination in many ways are the best. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  468. Simple wooden blocks are by far the most creative, most used toy in our home right now!

  469. Leah Schroeder says:

    Since I don’t have the time or resources to create such fun things I would absolutely love to win one!

  470. Lee Webster says:

    I subscribed!

  471. Sybil Brun says:

    Hi! Blanket forts, books, remote control car all provide endless hours of open ended play! πŸ™‚

  472. I’d have to say that LEGOs are the all-time favorite with my bunch. They spend hours every day, in the winter, playing with them. The runner up would have to be simply paper and colored pencils. Again, SO much time is devoted to drawing and writing. I don’t know what I’d do without those two creative outlets.

  473. My 1-year-old daughter loves her play kitchen, dishes and cut-up fruit – she cooks us all kinds of delicious meals everyday!

  474. Leah Schroeder says:

    oops. I didn’t answer the question. My children play for hours on end with little people (an assortment of characters) and they will set up many different houses and schools and things. They can play like this for hours.

  475. Sue Klingseis says:

    Blocks, lego duplos and little people.

  476. The most imaginative toy might have to be the Roman Soldier Costumes my three boys and their Dad made together. They turned out really great and have had many opportunities to use them.

  477. Definitely Lincoln Logs!

  478. We are expecting our first in January, but we already have a set of lincoln logs waiting to be dusted off! My husband and I both adored playing with them growing up. I cannot wait for the saturdays spend building forts with our kids in the future. I am sure this tree house would be a favorite! If I win, I might have to share it with my cousins to enjoy before our son is old enough. The more the merrier!

  479. Puppets!

  480. My daughter gets a lot of mileage out of her doll, she is just getting into imaginative play, she is teaching her baby to jump and to play pat a cake.

  481. how beautiful! the most imaginitive play happens in our house, surrounding not so much a wooden toy, but a wooden play table that my son’s dad made for him. it has “tree” legs at the four corners, a lip around the edge so we can do playdough, water, birdseed play… you name it. and the top painted blue so the “trees” are essentially holding up a large body of water in the sky. πŸ™‚
    mb’s latest post: this moment

  482. The dress-up clothes…or the kitchen we built for her last Christmas!

  483. subscribed to imagine childhood- thanks for the recommendation! it looks fabulous.
    mb’s latest post: this moment

  484. Honestly, I’m not sure much beats a cabinet full of pots and bowls for sparking imagination in my 19mo. πŸ™‚
    Jessie’s latest post: Christmas Your Way

  485. My son is a Lego fanatic and can spend hours creating and having adventures with them.

  486. Paint, paper, canvasses, scissors, material and thread. My 2 daughters have free rain upstairs and will literaly spend the while day creating up there!

  487. it would probably our bin of dress up clothes. they also like to make forts/tents with kitchen chairs and blankets/pillows.

  488. Sandy White says:

    Duplos and wooden blocks.

  489. I subscribed to their blog

  490. Ileana Grgic says:

    My 2 year old daughter loves to play with her play kitchen and feed her baby doll. Even better for her though seems to be to pull up a chair and help me bake for real.

    My 10 year old son has just created himself a little nook under his bunk bed that he calls his house. He has his book shelf in there, a radio, a lamp, a matress and some pillows. He loves to have some quiet/alone time under there while reading or listening to music. In terms of toys, Lego is by far his favorite.

  491. Ileana Grgic says:

    Subscribed and looking forward to becoming familiar with this blog!

  492. So far, Duplos, a wooden train set, and blank paper and crayons. Hoping to add some more imaginative play items to his collection this Christmas and in February for his 2nd birthday! Very excited to peruse imaginechildhood. Thanks!

  493. Sticks – they are guitars, balance beams, pointers, brooms, formed into letters, horses, decorations, and more!

  494. I Subscribed to Imagination Childhood. My ds is an equal opportunity kid and loves doll houses and babies as much as any boy toy. He would love prentending and playing with all the natural fun this Tree House has to offer!

  495. I subscribed to imaginechildhood’s blog!

  496. My 3-year old loves the blender. We give him a plastic up and the regular blender lid and he “blends” forever. He’ll put his blocks or chalk in the blender and we all get a taste when he’s done. Usually he blends veggies.

  497. Emily Woodall says:

    We love art and craft supplies in our house. Also, wooden blocks are very popular around here:)

  498. Our most imaginative things are our art supplies. With them, we can create almost anything!!

  499. I have subscribed

  500. I subscribed to Imagination Childhood!

  501. My daughter is pretty into leaves right now… She’s been making piles into cities in the front yard. Which is funny because I always used to make a game out of raking leaves when I was little. These little minds are so fun!

  502. Emily Woodall says:

    I subscribed!

  503. Amy McGrath says:

    My kids love their Legos and build all kind of things. I love listening to their storylines when they are playing.

  504. Amy McGrath says:

    I subscribe to the Imagine Childhood blog.

  505. Without a doubt… our recycling bin!! I have 2 recycling bins, 1 of which my boys are free to dig through and get what they need/want!

  506. our set of Planx blocks

  507. Both my kids love to play ‘cafe’ with a kitchen set we have. Its so cute to see them order and cook food.

  508. Maria Hawk says:

    Lots of arts and crafts supplies!

  509. Crayons…my 9 yr old can draw *anything* with them!
    Kristin’s latest post: My Creative Mess and Spongebob!

  510. Oh how I’d love this for my little ones. Our most imaginative toys are probably their “capes” and crowns- they wear them everywhere.

    Adventures In Babywearing’s latest post: THANK YOU

  511. I subscribed to their blog! Wonderful!

    Adventures In Babywearing’s latest post: THANK YOU

  512. Our wood blocks and tree blocks get the most attention these days. He is quite the bulder.

  513. My daughter has a wooden kitchen set, she spends hours making us food

  514. My kids love their dress-up bin, as it allows for limitless possibilities of creative play.

  515. My kids love being creative in their kitchen.

  516. Our blocks are the most creative- they make a perfect car garage!
    priest’s wife’s latest post: Homeschool FAIL 7 Quick Takes

  517. I love it! My daughter would have hours of fun with this. She can really use anything and turn it into imaginative play…she loves her MegaBloks right now and builds a new princess castle every day.
    Krissa’s latest post: Christmas Countdown- Advent Activities

  518. Our most imaginative toy…hmm…probably a set of knights that often take a ride on a tractor or a big wooden truck.
    Jessica Mueller’s latest post: Flying Free at incourage

  519. I subscribed!

  520. Musical instruments. My son will play along with songs, make up songs, change the words, etc.

  521. We are all about blocks!

  522. I have been admiring this tree house of a while now! This would be lovely!
    Chi Anne’s latest post: Crafty Crow Give Away

  523. Cooking utensils…outside. She likes to cook up mud pies and serve all of her friends.

  524. The most imaginative toy being used on our hose, right now, is dress-up clothes. Endless amounts of fun and …costume changes!

  525. Our most imaginative toy is our dress-up box…who would’ve thought you could get so much mileage out of a princess dress?

  526. I am subscribed to the Imagine Childhood Blog!
    Chi Anne’s latest post: Crafty Crow Give Away

  527. The treehouse is very cool! I would say the wooden blocks, legos, and art supplies are our family favorites.

  528. Has to be the dress up bin!

  529. Toilet paper rolls have been turned into MANY different things in our house!

  530. We try to use the toys we have now to create imaginative play. My girls are very good at it. πŸ˜‰ I smile every time I hear them making up stories because it reminds me of my childhood. πŸ˜‰

  531. I subscribed to the blog. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  532. Emily Yliniemi says:

    A handmade wooden block set is our most imaginative toy – or at least the toy with which you can use a lot of imagination.

  533. I bungee cord with hooks on the end has been used for everything from a fishing pole, to a door opener!

  534. I can’t say there is one certain toy. Right now it is our furniture, pillows and blocks. Those things have been a bus, a house, a tent, food and many many other things!

  535. I dont’ have many toys yet for our little one, but I guess the most imaginative toys we’ve got so far is all the stuffed animals and dolls that have either been saved from my childhood or given directly for this baby.
    Kristina’s latest post: Music for Labor in which Pandora does it all

  536. I’ve subscribed to their blog!
    Kristina’s latest post: Music for Labor in which Pandora does it all

  537. Our most imaginative toys seem to be “non-toys”…empty toilet paper rolls become telescopes and this morning my daughter made an “ice cream cone” out of a crayon and marker cap. : )

  538. lori crawford says:

    I think my kid’s most favorite imaginative toy is the lego’s. They can play them for HOURS and we make new things every time we sit down.

  539. lori crawford says:

    And i’m excited to be on the Imagine blog list now!

  540. Beth Butler says:

    At our house blankets are the most imaginative. The girls use them for dolls, capes, forts, dress-ups, and hosts of other things.

  541. Christy Schlegel says:

    My daughter finds everything she touches inspiring. A pack of markers becomes an army of elves, a box of beads becomes a family of squirrels!

  542. The most imaginative toy in our house is the play kitchen my husband just finished making for our son out of an old entertainment center. The creative play that this is inspiring has been amazing to watch!
    Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama’s latest post: Blog Anniversary

  543. I have to say milk cartons are Adam’s favorite right now or boxes. But he has these soft tool set that he does many things with.

  544. Anything in the dress up box. Thanks for the chance to win.

  545. The most imaginative toy in our collection has to be a Melissa and Doug Birthday Cake we bought about three years ago. My three girls still play with this most days of the week!

  546. Right now my 1.5 year old daughter loves her basket of shells that her grandmother collected for her and her wooden animal figures. I think the treehouse would last through many years of play and children to come- thanks for the chance to win!

  547. Toss up between their kitchen “tools” and a toy fishing rod – you wouldn’t believe what they “catch” in our living room!!
    Ainsley’s latest post: JYC – December 2

  548. Each of my toddler boys has their own teddy bear and you should overhear the “conversations” at bedtime as they spontaneously relay the events of the day to their beloved companions!

  549. Pam in Missouri says:

    LEGO blocks are pretty open-ended. The kids make rocket ships, cars, Santa’s sleigh, all kinds of buildings, robots, etc. I love listening in to the stories they make up.

  550. Pam in Missouri says:

    I subscribed.

  551. I’ve subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog!

  552. My kitchen utensils. The kids pull ’em out and pretend like they are whipping up a creation for me.

  553. My kids like legos. They build all sorts of things.

  554. Our cuttable wooden veggie set!

  555. subscribed to Imagine Childhood blog. Thanks for tip!

  556. By far, the most imaginative toy in my home is my daughter’s box of dress up clothes. On any given day, she can be a doctor, a cheerleader, an equestrian, a princess, a mommy β€”Β anything she wants β€”Β all because of a little box of cast-off items πŸ™‚
    Jennae @ Green Your Decor’s latest post: Green Gift Giveaways- Day 2- Barley &amp Birch Organic Kids’ Shirt

  557. Nola Pellegrini says:

    An old wooden rocking horse that was made by my grandfather and has been used by 3 generations.

  558. My oldest loved this treehouse at a friend’s house. Hmmm, right now they are currently into shooting rubber bands around the house. Does that count?

  559. For the child who still lives at home, Legos are the toy that excites his imagination. He designs and builds new planes and space ships all the time with his Legos. He talks about being an aeronautical engineer due to his love of designing things.

  560. It seems cliche, but Legos really do provide my son with consecutive hours of imaginative play!

  561. I love this treehouse! One of the most imaginative toys in our house is a homes around the world kit… you can see the different home styles around the world and then design your own home.
    Megan’s latest post: Marbled 11 x 14

  562. Tongs. seriously can entertain my children for hours

  563. our wooden block collection, playsilks and lego. The creations that come from those three things alone… amazing!! Thanks for the giveaways this week!
    Tanya’s latest post: picture Saturday

  564. I’ve subscribed to the blog….gorgeous site! So glad I found it!!
    Tanya’s latest post: picture Saturday

  565. Legos!

  566. Our collection of Fischer-Price “Little People” are the most imaginative right now! πŸ™‚

  567. Lego’s are my kids favorite along with dress up clothes and our big tree out back. That tree has a perfect sitting spot and has been a fort, castle, ship, rocket to the moon…you name it!

  568. Lego’s are my kids favorite along with dress up clothes and our big tree out back. That tree has a perfect sitting spot and has been a fort, castle, ship, rocket to the moon…you name it! I also subscribed to Imagine Childhood. Thanks

  569. I subscribe to Imagine Childhood!

  570. We love building with our wooden train tracks!
    stephanie’s latest post: A promise is made

  571. I would say dress up clothes, our instruments, and just plain old crayons and paper! πŸ™‚

  572. Currently my 10 month old’s most imaginative toys are plastic measuring cups!

  573. What a cool giveaway! Our most imaginative toy right now are our dolls and stuffed animals. They have the most amazing adventures and conversations. It’s been fun watching that develop in my daughter.

  574. My four year old son gets most creative with his building blocks. He is starting to build great cities and castles with an amazing balance. He is always impressing me. My two year old daughter is just starting to get into make believe, so we will see soon what inspires her.

  575. Blocks! Blocks turn into so many things, right now they are teethers for stubborn canines.

  576. I subscribed to their blog. I love it already!

  577. currently and always it seems to be crayons and paint! My 2 yo goes crazy for it! Thank you
    katy’s latest post: the begining…

  578. This is too cute! How fun… my girls love anything with steps!

  579. Susan Neuhauser says:

    Blocks and a couple of boards which are, by turns: bridges, roads, ramps, blockades, tunnels, supports for the couch cushions, etc. Who knew a board could be so versatile? What’s really great about his play is that he was dx’ed with autism in June of ’08 and at that time, he did NOT play. We had to teach him how. So to see him using imagination & creativity is beyond awesome. πŸ™‚

  580. I suscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog.

  581. dress up clothes

  582. I subscribed.

  583. My little one is still under a year, and she loves to bang around, stack, flip over, and roll her stacking cups.

  584. We almost agree that the “Do” cabinet is the most imaginative. It’s stocked with all things art supply. They can make whatever they want – so long as they clean it up. The smallest member of our family is holding out for her Playmobil puppet theater. However, we all agree that this treehouse is amazing and we would love to have our own. Thanks for the chance.

  585. My kids love dominos for building and counting. It’s so funny because the things that they love to play with the most are often the most simple.
    Yvonne’s latest post: Quote of the Week

  586. I also subscribed to the blog and its lovely. Seriously, I would have joined even if it wasn’t part of the contest. Fantastic blog!!
    Yvonne’s latest post: Quote of the Week

  587. By far the most creative and inspiring items in our toy collection are the play silks and other dress ups. They are used daily by our kids in all sorts of ways. Love them!
    Amy’s latest post: St Andrew Novena

  588. I’ve subscribed to Imagine Childhood’s blog. What a beauty!
    Amy’s latest post: St Andrew Novena

  589. A favorite imaginative toy in our house are wooden blocks. My daughter loves to use them in all sorts of ways.

  590. Our most imaginative toys? Honestly – THE OUTDOORS. I LOVE sending them outside and the as they re-enter the house – the stories they tell of their adventures with nothing but the grass, trees, and fresh air….priceless.

  591. we have a nice collection of Melissa and Doug play food and a great play kitchen that we have had a great time cooking, baking, grocery shopping, playing house, learning shapes, colors, numbers and letters with.

  592. Our legos and dress up box. It amazes me what my kiddos can come up with!

  593. we have a shoebox of creepy crawlies (plastic bugs & various other small toys that you don’t know where to put them) and some magnifying glasses! and blocks of course πŸ™‚

  594. subscriber, thanks!

  595. molly lemen says:

    Hmmmm I think i would have to say our collection of animals! or perhaps the pay silks.

  596. I would like to list all the unique toys that we have bought over the years, but to be honest nothing beats a simple cardboard box. My kids can play for hours with a cardboard box πŸ™‚

  597. We have a house with little dolls and furniture.

  598. Stuffed animals are used for pretty much everything in our home.
    Brandy’s latest post: Word Play

  599. For my children, it’s the couch cushions! As far as an actual toy, I would have to go with blocks. They combine them with dolls, and cars and make cities.

  600. I subscribe to Imagine Play
    Brandy’s latest post: Word Play

  601. Our wooden blocks and element blocks. The boys create them into a different idea every day!
    Rosemarie’s latest post: go carts and bmx

  602. My boys love to take their wooden restaurant style highchairs and tip them over, push them around the house, and turn them into fire trucks that save the day, car transporters making deliveries, mountain tops to climb, houses to hide in…

  603. Probably crayons and drawing paper. They both love to “color!”
    Jessica’s latest post: Sweater re-make

  604. My daughter’s toy animals are her favorite and they are always having the most wonderful conversations!

  605. Our most creative toy is the wooden train table set we have. My boys create news ones all the time and then make a town around it with their wooden city blocks.

  606. I’ve subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog

  607. definitely legos right now!!!!

  608. For my girls, the play stands. They become: a house, a store, a pirate ship , a cave,….. it gets cover with many silks and pillows.

  609. Wooden blocks. My kids love anything wooden that they can create with.

  610. Hands down, Lego are the thing my kids love the most.
    Tsoniki Crazy Bull’s latest post: Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar

  611. This is utterly gorgeous! And we are currently very into basic wooden blocks, which would integrate perfectly with the treehouse!

  612. I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog! This is the first time I’ve heard of it, so thanks!
    Tsoniki Crazy Bull’s latest post: Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar

  613. Our wooden play kitchen has provided countless hours of enjoyment for our two girls and every single friend who ever stops by. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Cari’s latest post: Thankfulness

  614. I think blocks – they can become anything you want them to.

  615. My daughter will play with anything … yesterday it was measuring cups, wooden beads, and playsilks….

  616. The big cardboard box we have in our living room. it is a space shuttle today and two days ago it was a puppet stage!

  617. The small quilts my mother-in-law made for my kids can be anything! They have been turtle shells, eggs, capes, beds, etc.

  618. I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog.

  619. christy davis says:

    Simple wood blocks. They create so many things, using so many different toys with them.

  620. My boys love their puppets!

  621. I keep a bucket of art supplies (markers, crayons, glue, foam, etc.) & different kinds of paper for artistic adventures.

  622. I subscribed to the blog!

  623. My daughter is having fun creating roads and towns with her train set, legos, and bristle blocks.

  624. Vicky Cain says:

    Believe it or not, one of the most imaginative toys in our collection is a large box we drew on to make it like a fort or playhouse–my granddaughter LOVES it–i like toys that let them use creativity.

  625. Misc Jenn says:

    What is currently one of the most imaginative toys in your home collection?

    At the moment, the cardboard blocks that we own are my daughter’s favorites. She makes paths, walkways, towers, steps and just about anything else you can imagine. Then of course she knocks them over!

  626. Vicky Cain says:

    i subscribed to the Imagine Childhood Blog!

  627. Believe it or not, it is a piece of plastic tubing that came on a cheap air mattress pump. We didn’t even get to use it for its actual purpose before the kids were blowing into and found out that it makes a really crazy whistle/tone sound that they can’t get enough of.

  628. Right now, our playsilks are the most imaginative toys.
    Kerri’s latest post: Kinda Mama

  629. My daughter has a collection of little wood dolls that she plays with on a daily basis.

  630. Jennifer Ott says:

    Our kids are really loving their plastic animals and wooden kapla blocks to create jungles, zoos, etc. Although…our new kitten is quite the favorite plaything now, too!

  631. M’s doll with the broken arm. She loves her to pieces literally

  632. Our most creative toy these days are a large group of (washed) rocks from our nature walks and driveway. my youngest plays with them for hours.

  633. Color foam blocks, they are used to create almost anything!

  634. i subscribed to the imagine childhood blog.

  635. the playsilks and wooden blocks

  636. I also just subscribed to the blog

  637. Wow, that tree house is gorgeous!

    Art supplies.

  638. Our favorite imagination toys are legos and toy dinosaurs. They play with those for HOURS.
    Julie’s latest post: A Rainbow of color

  639. I tried to subscribe, but all I got was the html code. I will keep trying though – looks like a site I’ll love. I hadn’t heard about it before – thanks!
    Julie’s latest post: A Rainbow of color

  640. Legos for my son and dolls for my girls!

  641. Sarah Gainey says:

    Our most imaginative toy currently is legos. My husband’s brother just gave us two huge bins. Of course, it will be a while before my little guy will be able to use them (he’s 5 months), but his daddy is already counting down the days!

  642. Sadly, probably crayons and paper. We need to do better in that department.

  643. My daughters have the most imaginative play with their Waldorf dolls. Their babies are often naked, but always well-loved πŸ˜‰

  644. My daughters little people. It doesn’t matter how they are dressed or if they are animals she imagines all kinds of things for them.

  645. Legos are definitely our most imaginative toy! There are perfectly-sized bricks for every age. I cannot tell you how many Star Wars and other themed Lego sets my 8-year old has received over the years; but, over time, all the bricks have become merged together because he would prefer making his own unique creations. Using their Lego Breville fairy collection, my daughters have can create a home and numerous adventures for their little Lego fairies!

  646. Oh my, my son has been asking for this for Christmas!!!
    his fave right now is crayons and paper. also a wooden “family” house

  647. I’d have to say Duplos and Legos. My daughter has started combining them to make crazy tall creations! It would be so amazing to win since I got my daughter a little fairy gnome play set from etsy for Christmas!

  648. Thank you for bringing the Imagine Childhood blog to my attention. It is really beautiful! I happily subscribed.

    The treehouse is just beautiful. My two girls would be so happy to have it. (I think my 8-year old son would secretly also like it.)

  649. Luca loves his blocks – you can throw them, eat them, put them inside things….he’s only 13 months πŸ™‚

  650. Probably our wooden dollhouse, which they combine with any number of toys – Polly Pockets, stuffed animals, army men, etc.

    What a neat toy for a giveaway!

  651. honestly, a cardboard box and some scrap paper – my 4 month old finds these things endlessly fascinating, and i don’t think that’ll change anytime soon. πŸ™‚

  652. I just subscribed to Imagine Childhood. What a beautiful blog!

  653. The baby dolls spark the most creative play at our house.

  654. What a wonderful giveaway prize! I’d love a chance to win this for the kids in my early childhood program. At the moment, I’d say paper is the most-chosen imaginative “toy” here–daily, it becomes a surface for creative drawing, ripped and cut into various objects, formed and shaped into varied shapes…
    Lise’s latest post: A crochet success!

  655. The most imaginative toy we have right now is a giant quartz crystal which always makes an appearance on our winter nature table. My kids find all kinds of uses for it!

    Here it is pictured on last year’s table:

  656. I love when my son plays with legos or paint. Both result in some imaginative creations.

  657. the most imaginative toy-a box of mismatched game pieces – they create lots of new games and scenarios!!

  658. i subscribed to imagine childhood blog!

  659. Subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog! Can’t wait to see what they have in store, thanks!

  660. My son can spend hours playing with an empty milk jug!

  661. A kitchen set that friends gave us. Both my younger children can spend hours cooking and serving food.

  662. Currently I would probably say just good ol’ building blocks. πŸ™‚

  663. I subscribed to Imagine Childhood

  664. I subscribed to the imagine childhood blog

  665. Our daughter’s most imagination friendly toy(s) right now are her dolls, stuffed animals, and supplies. She has a new little brother, and loves pretending to do with her animals what she watches mommy and daddy do with baby brother. She is learning a lot about love and caring as she plays.

  666. Probably a set of wooden blocks, or the silk scarves


  667. Our most imaginative toy is a the Cugolino marble run set, the combinations of runs that we can make is endless!
    Anastasia Borisyuk’s latest post: A Glimpse into Eco-Babyz 16- Saving stale bread – French Toast

  668. Everyday items!
    Sometimes I purchase what i think will be the best toy ever. My son plays with it only to quickly replace it with something around the house, used in a unique way. i.e. My car cell phone charger = a microphone, a length of bumpy gray bubble wrap from a recent package = a race track for his three stuffed mice…etc, etc. a good imagination=WHAT A GIFT!!!
    That said, this a an awesome toy and I have always admired it!

  669. jennylark says:

    My 3 and 5 year old girls use their imagination most with our dress up clothes and kitchen set. I think you guys are reading off my list with your giveaways! The art caddy, the tree house…I can’t wait to see what is next!

  670. large cardboard blocks that look like bricks. My kids can play with those all day.

  671. The most imaginative item right now is a big box painted like a princess castle leftover from a unit on Fairy Tales.

  672. Kimberly R Brooks says:

    I think the most imaginative thing we have currently is our play kitchen. Both of my toddlers (2.5yrs and 12mo) love playing with it and it’s great to see my older one start doing more and more pretend play.

  673. I subscribed.

  674. jennylark says:

    I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog. Thank you!

  675. Our most imaginative toys are legos. My boys play with them for hours, and I am always amazed at their creativity in new designs!

  676. I subscribed to Imagine Childhood blog….thanks for pointing me to it!

  677. Thomas Thackery says:

    my daugher’s tent: it’s an igloo, space ship, animal rescue center, underwater vessel, etc.

  678. Lindsay Sledge says:

    My daughter’s horse stable and 20 or so horses.

  679. play pots and pans and dishes, my daughter cooks up a bunch of treats for me and her babies

  680. My mother-in-law made each of my boys a busy book when they turned two. Now 3 and 5 1/2, they still love their busy books. It’s a large cloth book with activities such as zipping a zipper, snapping the horse’s tail on and off, tying shoes, velcroing the red, yellow, and green lights in the right place on the stop light, and many more. They could play with them for hours!

  681. Cathy Van de Casteele says:

    paper of any kind. my 5 month old loves to crumple it.

  682. Probably our Waldorf-style dolls. I make them myself, so I’m not limited to what other people make, even! Right now, I’m working on a Poppy Fairy doll for a friend and I even wrote a knitting pattern for a special sweater just for that doll!
    Morgan’s latest post: Customer Service Still Exists

  683. I subscribe to the Imagine Childhood blog!
    Morgan (aka Smrt Mama)’s latest post: Customer Service Still Exists

  684. My dad made my kids some wooden blocks from some wood he had on hand, stained them with green and dk. burgundy stain he had in his leather shop and a few were left natural color, and even branded a couple of them with his cattle brand (they are big, chunky blocks)! My kids have liked stacking them and knocking them down, of course, but these blocks have also inspired some great conversations about Grandpa “Pal” and his life. I love them because my big, kinda rough, cowboy daddy took the time to make something so special and so not his usual kind of thing for my little ones. They are a treasure.

  685. The most imaginative toy we have is the empty box. My daughter will not let me throw out ANY cardboard. She is constantly making something with them.

    She saw this tree house recently and thought it would be perfect for her fairies.
    Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom’s latest post: NPR Rap

  686. Basic wooden blocks!

  687. subscribed to blog

  688. Our dress up clothes

  689. Naomi Jones says:

    Our most imaginative toy isn’t really a toy – it’s my daughter’s toy box. She loves to use it in different ways while playing.

  690. My boys’ are particularly imaginative in their play kitchen.

  691. It would be K’NEX or Legos!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  692. We have tons and tons of wooden and Waldorf type toys but the creative toy most used these days are Lego. It’s the only plastic toy I allow and I love what my son can create from all of those colored blocks.

  693. I now subscribe to the Imagine Childhood Blog via my
    Google Reader Page!
    Merci, Cindi

  694. Yarn. My boys play EVERYTHING with it….

  695. what an AMAZING giveaway! wow! i think it is awesome! our most imaginative plaything…probably play silks and a cardboard box!! πŸ™‚

  696. Our family loves Legos! We have a lego table and legos that let them play however they want. Daddy even gets down and plays with them. We believe in letting our kids play with toys that don’t use batteries so they can play and use their own imaginations.

  697. Honestly? We find the most creative stuff to be pieces of felt that I buy at the fabric store. That and some scarves I picked up on clearance a few years ago. It’s amazing what those can become.

  698. Legos! And I hate them.. LOL.. they are EVERYWHERE!!! :o)
    Katie Barrett’s latest post: Tutu Corner LIVE Giveaway Winner!!

  699. Hmmm…I think our most imaginative toy is a safe version of whatever I happen to be doing. Laundry? She loves to pretend to sort the clothes. (also known as tossing them everywhere) Dishes? She gets a little bit of water & a rag to follow along. Taking things out of cabinets. Stacking bowls, that sort of thing.

  700. subscribed to the Imagine Childhood Blog..
    Katie Barrett’s latest post: Tutu Corner LIVE Giveaway Winner!!

  701. Subscribed.
    Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom’s latest post: NPR Rap

  702. animals of any sort… stuffed, small, playmobil, you name it!

  703. Christine Veldman Miller says:

    My babies are too small for imaginative toys but we hope to start growing our collection soon.

  704. One of the most imaginative toys in our collection right now the car mat we have on the floor. We have taken many adventurous trips on it since we got it for our son’s birthday.

  705. Love the tree house! The most imaginative playthings at our place are probably the duplo blocks and the dress-up box.

  706. I think the most creativity probably comes from our play kitchen.

  707. Rainya Mosher says:

    I subscribed to the imagine childhood blog

  708. How cute is this?! Super fun! We have some fun musical instruments in our house that are super fun to play with!

  709. Rainya Mosher says:

    The most imaginative toy in the house right now is the stack of blank paper and an assortment of crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, a stapler, tape, and glue stick. With these items, my daughter can occupy herself for a couple of hours easily. I participated (and won!) National Novel Writing Month in November and she has already told me that she wants to be my illustrator.

  710. Currently, I’ve got a big cardboard box that my son is using as a boat, a store, a car… you name it! Great giveaway!
    Rachel’s latest post: Wannabe A Serger Owner

  711. Is this giveaway (and all the others) open to people outside the U.S.? (I’m in Switzerland).

    The most imaginative toy we have is probably, like I guess others have said, a large drawer full of cardboard, beads, paper scraps, empty toilet rolls and so on. These combined with a large cardboard box (replaced periodically) make a ship/car/rocket/house to decorate and push each other about the floor in.

    Other than that, I suppose Lego.
    Mika’s latest post: Stocking fillers

  712. Subscribed to blog.

  713. Sarah Rosen says:

    One of the most imaginative toys in your home collection is all different types of fabric strips we use to “cook” and make pretend creations with.

  714. Hmm, seems like our little kitchen set has a lot of imaginative activity going on around it, oh and a couple big cardboard boxes that become homes, cars, etc.

  715. Angela S-L says:

    I subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog

  716. Angela S-L says:

    My sons always come back to Legos. They create, take apart, and create a whole new world with them again and again.

  717. Jessica B says:

    Probably the dollhouse. They love the dollhouse and are so creative with it.

  718. Sarah’s playsilks…always impressed with what my kids come up with in playing with them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  719. My most versatile/creative toy….her bunny blanket!

  720. One of our most imaginative toys are wooden blocks. They are just plain and come in traditional shapes. They end up being many things not just towers but also food and roads and all sorts of items

  721. Subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog – great stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  722. One thing I’ve really been amazed at watching my son play is how he can make anything (not just toys) into imagination-revers. He’ll make inventions out of the funniest things, things that I might pass off as junk. His mind and creativity are wondrous!

  723. The play kitchen is the most imaginative item in our home right now, next to the drawer of crayons, paper and paint.

  724. Hmmm… I would have to say it would be our cardboard cottage and treehouse from Calafant.
    Tiffany’s latest post: The Pile of People Puzzle

  725. I also subscribed to the blog!

  726. Subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog!
    Tiffany’s latest post: The Pile of People Puzzle

  727. Dress up clothes!

  728. Aimee Confer says:

    Our favorite imaginative toy is the mini kitchen from magic cabin…my kid use it for so many different dramatic play type things. thanks for the opportunity to win. I love imagine childhood but have never purchased anything from them. i always drool from afar.

  729. I subscribed!

  730. Green Apple

  731. I just gave my son the waldorf clips to make “secret hide outs” with cloth…he loves them!

  732. Our bilibo. It’s a seat, helmet, spinning ride, doll cradle, turtle shell!

  733. Right now the most imaginative toy we have is Legos. My dd is always designing rooms in a house on one of the bases. She is definitely my most imaginative!

  734. Blocks- different colors and shapes- my son builds garages, forts, people..everything!

  735. can i say under my table?! πŸ™‚ my daughter today was playing “house” under the table (with a tablecloth over it, and down the sides. she was reading in there to her stuffed puppy, for a long time! i love the simplicity!

  736. our most imaginative toy – couch cushions and blankets – forts galore!!!

  737. i also subscribed to their blog!!

  738. yvonne day says:

    We call them guys–stuffed animals.

  739. yvonne day says:

    I subscribed to the blog, too.

  740. Hmm. I have to go with the sketchbook. My 7-year-old takes hers and a pencil or pen everywhere she goes, and is constantly drawing, collaging, and writing in it.

  741. At the moment it would have to be our play kitchen and farm set – hour of fun daily! Thanks!

  742. carrie hamm says:

    What is currently one of the most imaginative toys in your home collection?


  743. I subscribed!

  744. an old scarf – it serves many purposes throughout the day

  745. The most imaginative toys in our house right now are probably the dress up clothes and my daughter’s world globe. She invents all kinds of stories about travelling all over the world and the (imaginary) friends she has made there.
    Lisa’s latest post: Eating to Fight Cancer Part 8- Chocolate

  746. Subscribed!

  747. Subscribed to the Imagine Childhood Blog

  748. Meghann P. says:

    Right now it’s the play kitchen – my daughter is a little young for it, but we play and “cook” and stir things up. She loves to bring in my cooking utensils and put them in her oven.

  749. Rebecca Watkins says:

    One of the toys that inspires imaginative play in my 3 year old son is his set of wood blocks. They become roads, buildings, campsites, runways, levers, forts, construction sites…the list is endless!

  750. My daughter has the best imagination, from very early on she could turn ANYTHING into a story, no toys necessary! I remember her sitting at lunch with two peapods telling a story with them! That said, she would just ADORE this treehouse.

  751. Rebecca Watkins says:

    I have subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog. So cool! Can’t believe I’d never checked it out before! Thanks!

  752. boxes… we don’t have a lot of imagine toys, but my kiddos use everything to create imaginary places and things, they would love this toy!
    Rebecca M’s latest post: Why keep a blog…

  753. This is not even a toy- but socks. My little girl loves to put the socks on her hands and make a puppet show

  754. I subscribed to the blog

  755. One of the best imaginative “toys” we have had for years, is a small collection of fabric. We have about a yard each of some silky blue, lacey white, pink tulle, etc. My girls (and even my little son) use these “dress up” fabrics in so many different ways. Whenever I clean out the toys, they always insist I keep these. πŸ™‚
    Paige’s latest post: Thanksgiving 2010

  756. I’ve subscribed to the Imagine Childhood blog. Looks like a nice blog to follow! Thanks for sharing.
    Paige’s latest post: Thanksgiving 2010

  757. Playmobil has always been a favorite.

  758. Mia Cummings says:

    Legos. They’ve built plates, cups, weapons, transportation for stuffed animals, unique pets, eyeglasses, and the list goes on.

  759. I think the most imaginative toys are surprisingly some packing materials that came, that the girls have taken. They are used as flotation devices for pretend swimming, shoes, snowshoes, to make them robots, they have a ball with them. This treehouse looks awesome though!

  760. I think the most imaginative toys we have for my son to play with are his blocks.

  761. My son has a hummer with tools that you can take apart and put it back together again in different ways. Other than that…it’s story creations by my daughter.

  762. Elizabeth says:

    My daughters have wonderful imaginations and find new ways to use lots of toys, but I would day they’re at their most imaginative when they’re playing with blocks or legos.

  763. Honestly, it seems to be the Little People House and car.

  764. Lego’s and wood blocks.
    Rana’s latest post: The Stinky Cheese Man

  765. I think it must be our dress up clothes! LOVE the treehouse though! and I love imaginary play! THANKS!

  766. My kids are both really imaginative. I love to see how they use toys or household items in unconventional ways to make really clever costumes.

  767. A favourite is a basket of smooth pebbles picked up from the beach. And recycling!
    Corli’s latest post: remembrance day

  768. Hi, I have just subscribed to Imagine Childhood!
    Corli’s latest post: remembrance day

  769. Oh, I love this! The favorite imaginative toys at my house are our wooden doll house and wooden barn.

  770. Definitely boxes…we’ve made a kitchen set, pirate ship, mailboxes, and giant building blocks to name a few things we’ve made!

  771. Our most imaginative toy right now is clay. They use it for EVERYthing. Love that stuff! This website looks wonderful! Even if I don’t win (and I hope I do!!) I’ll enjoy this blog. THank you.

  772. I subscribed to the feed! Didn’t know there was such a thing! Now I want to subscribe to more feeds!! thanks.

  773. At the moment our most imaginative toy is a batch of homemade play dough. I can’t believe how easy it was to make, or how long it’s lasted. Stays much fresher and squishier than store bought.

  774. Subscribed to the feed! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve only been to their online shop, not their blog.

  775. Honestly? The most imaginative toy (again and again) has been cardboard boxes!! I’m amazed at all the things my sons imagine these to be … sailboats, bear caves, fire trucks, you name it. I have eyed this wooden treehouse many, many times though! They would LOVE to find this under the Christmas tree. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your great blog.

  776. my daughter’s tea set

  777. we’re in the middle of moving, most of the toys are packed away (which we don’t buy often anyway), so kids are in box heaven right now πŸ™‚ Also, scotch tape, scissors and paper seem to provide endless entertainment for our children these days. Oh, and with all the paper laying around, we’ve been having fun recycling the scraps and making our own paper for Christmas cards!

  778. Love this! My son currently has a set of 5 blocks (Lego-like) and a car base, from which he builds every imaginable piece of machinery. I love to see what he comes up with!

  779. My grandchildren love to play with my children’s old toys.

  780. The most imaginative toys we have are probably our dress up clothes. Kids can become a king or princess with just a few simple things. We also love Legos so that we can build cars, planes, houses – anything.

  781. It seems that every moment of the day one or more of my kids are dressing up. I think my son has ridden his hobby horse as a knight, a prince, a racer, and just as himself, pretending he owns a horse, every day this year!

  782. my kiddos LOVE their legos. they get the more use than any other toys in our house!

  783. Blankets for tent making!

  784. subscribed! thank you!! πŸ™‚

  785. Boxes- they are ships, forts, sister traps, homes for critters, and cardboard to make more things then I could list.

    Thanks!! I love the treehouse!

  786. subscribed πŸ™‚ thanks!
    Kelly’s latest post: A Few Days of No Have To

  787. the most imaginative toy in play currently are legos and wooden blocks.

  788. Kapla blocks

  789. i have subscribed to the blog!

  790. Our most imaginative toy that we’re currently using a lot is modeling beeswax. My daughter makes people and objects and rings and I need more, lol!

  791. I think my kids use their box of dress up items the most to spark their imagination.

  792. We recently built a new home and kept the huge appliance boxes for my daughter- her toys have been collecting dust since she has started playing in the boxes.

  793. I subscribed to the blog too!

  794. OH goodness…so many. But, favorites are blocks, clay, and costumes. πŸ™‚
    Kristy’s latest post: Challenges

  795. books – my boys take them and tell stories about the characters and use the pictures as scenery.

  796. subscribed to the blog

  797. I subscribed to the blog. πŸ™‚
    Kristy’s latest post: Challenges

  798. Probably art supplies? Most of our toys lean towards more creative play, though….lincoln logs, legos, etc.
    Kristin’s latest post: Finished Hoop…

  799. blanket forts!
    kort’s latest post: prepare the way

  800. Tough question. Probably our art box because it’s always changing and the kids dictate how they’re use the materials. I put all different items in it each day and leave it on the kitchen table — paints, scrapbook paper scraps, watercolor pencils, stickers, yarn, things from the recycling bin, beads, etc. I love seeing how the kids choose to use the items and they go back to it again and again because it’s always different. I know art isn’t technically a “toy” but in our house it definitely is. πŸ™‚
    Alicia’s latest post: Giant ice suncatchers to root gardens- Science and nature fun for December

  801. One of the most imaginative toys we own are playsilks. Just today my daughter wrapped a red one around her head/face & pretended she was inside the belly of the whale with Jonah!

  802. Jennifer Mendiola says:

    a lunch bag that we got in a white-elephant gift exchange last christmas- so random!

  803. Shelley R says:

    Paper towel cardboard centers. Periscope, teliscope, string together for a porticulus, drum sticks, log bridge, Hot Wheels tunnel, you name it, it’s been explored prior to destruction and recycle basket!

  804. Most imaginative… Probably our wooden, child-sized kitchen. The girls spend hours playing with it.

  805. My youngest likes her playsilks the best, but my oldest has an interesting habit of using wooden train tracks for everything…

  806. My son is currently in love with one of my big spatulas. It’s been used as a drill, a hammer, a tailpipe on his tricycle, a strainer, and to actually cook with in his play kitchen.

  807. Blocks. All shapes, sizes, colors.

  808. Currently, my daughter’s favorite imaginative toy is her huge collection of matchbox cars. Hours upon hours of play–the cars talk to each other.

  809. I tried to subscribe but kept getting a whole bunch of code pop up instead. I will definitely try again though. Looks like a great site.

  810. Melissa L. says:

    String. My son loves using it to create contraptions from toys, kitchen gear, and a lot of things I prefer he not tie up! This treehouse would be ideal in our small space for both my four-year old and 1-1/2 year old daughter for many years ahead.

  811. Trish White says:

    The fairy land we built over the summer!

  812. Trish White says:

    Just subscribed to Imagine Childhood blog – love it!

  813. Pens, paper, crayons, gluesticks and scissors.

  814. Right now, my sons’ favorite creative endeavor is playing with wooden animals, blocks with a few cars and trucks thrown in. Keeps them busy for hours.

  815. I’ve been of Imagine Childhood for a while, but just subscribed to the blog today!

  816. Like other people, our playsilks get an incredible amount of use for all different kinds of purposes! We also have a few small wooden animals that are enjoying being participants in all sorts of play!

  817. I subscribed to the blog!

  818. My son loves trucks, but he doesn’t just drive them. He makes them talk to each other, help each other out, and even fly! I love watching him play.

  819. One of the most imaginative toys for our girls right now is either dolls or doll house – both of which are constantly being played with! This tree house would go great with the doll house!
    Kristy’s latest post: A Servants Heart

  820. I subscribe to the blog.
    Pamela’s latest post: Advent

  821. Our children seem to be drawn toward pillows (for hiding, hopping, building, pretending), anything resembling a sword for my son (bananas, paper towel rolls, etc…), wooden play food and play kitchen (a big hit with friends), and mostly each other. We’re all quite silly and are always interacting and acting out characters from books and movies.

  822. The most imaginative would have to be his musical instruments.

  823. I think our playsilks are the most imaginative toy we have. They are capes, costumes, slings, forts, landscape, and peek-a-boo tools.
    Pamela’s latest post: Advent

  824. Imagine Childhood is a great blog. Thank you for introducing me to it. I have subscribed and will look forward to visiting often.

  825. subscribed!
    StephanieFromTexas’s latest post: this moment

  826. Kristen M. says:

    We love books and paper (my daughter especially loves making origami).

  827. Elizabeth says:

    Wooden blocks and a box of animal figures…

  828. Building blocks and Legos.

  829. Catie Kuhn says:

    We have a box of costumes gathered over several seasons of Halloween clearance that serves as our most imaginative “toy”. My son loves playing dress up, and I love seeing him act out so many different roles!

  830. Dress up clothes of any sort (some of my old t-shirts, old halloween costumes, my son’s receiving blankets for capes, you name it!).

  831. Our most imaginative toy is a couple kid sized chairs that my kids make into a car and go on road trips with, it is so cute.

  832. I’d have to say the most imaginative toys we have right now are legos, blocks, and art supplies.

  833. Cardboard blocks…my girls use them for as iceskates, roads, pens for animals and buildings.

  834. Probably our blankets and quilts that often become tunnels and tents.

  835. We are currently really into making furniture for some of our little elves – matchbox beds and such. We are even trying to carve little chairs like they have at Imagine Childhood. Thank you for the giveaway! Imagine Childhood is a great company with some great folks!
    Courtney’s latest post: winter rhythm &amp sweet things

  836. scarfs. They can be anything. Also random bits of paper and a pencil. πŸ™‚
    wendy’s latest post: 23 days feeling cheeky

  837. I subscribe via RSS feed to my Outlook inbox – thanks!
    Courtney’s latest post: winter rhythm &amp sweet things

  838. probably our toy kitchen…it gets hours of use!
    katie anaya’s latest post: one month old

  839. Our most imaginative toy by far is our couch. Seconded by the bedspreads. πŸ™‚
    Chrissy’s latest post: 24 Days Until Christmas

  840. I’m going to have to say playmobile. We never kept the kits together instead my son would put together his own creation. He would play for hours!

  841. Basic block set or our massive car collection.

  842. My grandchildren have a small black purse that doubles as a brief case or to carry of stolen treasures

  843. Does the living room rug count as a toy? The kids use the stripes on it to be roads for their cars. Sometimes it a fence when they pretend to be animals. Right now it is a wrestling mat! It is also a favorite place to read and play games.
    Lorus’s latest post: Fit Mommy Friday – Week 5

  844. Jenny Runyan says:

    The most imaginative toy in my house is a little people castle. My daughter uses it for all her toys to be a part in during playtime with it. This tree house would make such a good companion to that!

  845. Christina says:

    My kids would love this! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  846. Probably a piece of rope that my nephew tied to one end of the room all the way to the other and put on a carabiner to have a zipline go all the way through the house…so much fun!

  847. Terrie Smith says:

    I’d say that my art material is the most creative I have – paints, pastels, crayons, pencils, charcoal, molding clay etc.

  848. We have so much fun with cardboard boxes… space rockets, trains, stores, ice cream shop, house, semi full of veggies… all with the same box!

  849. Christine says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Our current imaginative toy would be legos.

  850. One of the most creative toys we have in our house are natural wooden blocks. We have various shapes and sizes and they are in constant use as food in cafe’s, dollhouse furniture, medicine for sick animals, houses for gnomes, anything and everything can be built or imagined!

  851. the most imaginative toy in our home right now is the cardboard boxes we have painted and set up animal villages, native american, and currnetly a winter wonderland scenes.

  852. Melissa N says:

    The most imaginative toy in our home at present are a basket full of acorns from my parent’s lake house.

  853. Melissa N says:

    Just subscribed to the blog, thanks for passing it along, and thanks for the WONDERFUL giveaway!

  854. The most imaginative toy we have in our house right now is 3 nose suckers (the things that suck snot out of a baby or young child’s nose). There are 3 of them – 1 smaller white one and 2 larger green ones that all have sweet faces drawn on them with sharpy marker. They are of course an elephant family (long noses and all)! πŸ™‚ I was cleaning out our bathroom pantry when she saw them and asked if she could have them. My daughter not only imagined them up and created them herself. She adores playing with them. haha. I would have never thought.

  855. our most imagination inspiring toys in our home are our play silks. We made our own, and they are quirky and imperfect and tattered and stained and beautiful. They are so many different things in a single day.

  856. Joni Heredia says:

    I think the most imaginative toys we have are a good set of wooden unit blocks. We have them out constantly even though we rotate through most of our other toys. I cannot imagine my three children not having them, they g`et so`

  857. The laundry basket, it can be a sled, a pirate ship, and Siena the mini-van.
    Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith’s latest post: Week of Joyful Hope and Sorrow

  858. Joni Heredia says:

    I subscribed to the blog for an additional entry! THank you, I’m so excited!

  859. I subscribed to the blog. Loved browsing the different store sections. Great stuff!
    Tammy’s latest post: Naked I came Swaddled I live

  860. I think our play silks are our most imaginative toy right now….we’re sharing space with another family so there is lots of imaginative play going on right now.

  861. A cloth tepee