What we did for math week

Written by Kara Fleck.

Remember how I told you part of our summer learning was going to include a mini-math intensive?

Well, I did it, friends: Math Week!

And we all lived to tell the tale. Well, okay, as I write this we have one more day to go, but the week has been a good one and I’m assuming will end well.

  • Who: my four kids, ages 5 to 15
  • What: a week focused on math
  • Where: our living room, kitchen, backyard, and the grocery store
  • Why: because I felt we could all use a week of concentrating on our math skills without having to divide our focus with any other subjects
  • How: casually, with no pressure, for an hour every day plus extras

So, how did it go? There might have been a few sighs and “Professor Snape” comments at the beginning of the first day.

But, it didn’t take long before we were all having a good time. Yes, really!

Math notebooks

For one hour every morning we used a timer and had some kitchen table math time. I even varied the type of timer we used and we took turns setting them, keeping with the math and numbers theme.

We used this time to create our interactive math notebooks.

My vision is that, similar to our history timelines, the kids are building a good resource and reference book for themselves.

Each child has a blank notebook and we worked on them by either copying entries from our math dictionaries or by using these workbooks

*Note: the workbooks are intended to be photographed for classroom use, as the instructions are printed on the back of the pages that you need to cut out and paste. To work around this I purchased two of each workbook: one we used for the instructions and one as a consumable for the pages we colored, cut, and glued into our math notebooks.


We also pulled all of our math related books from the bookshelves, from biographies to stories to picture books. I encouraged both free reading and reading aloud together.

I shared some of these books on my Instagram feed. Jamie also has a great post with some math book ideas for kids ages 4 to 12 if you’re looking for more inspiration.

Real world experience

We’re doing some projects around the house, so Math Week was a great excuse to get the kids involved. They got to practice using tape measures and levels. We got to practice our “handyman math” figuring out how much paint was needed for a project and what our budget for supplies should be.

Speaking of budgets, we took the kids grocery shopping, which isn’t all that unusual. However, this time we involved each family member in menu planning, coupon and sales matching, pricing items and more. There’s a LOT of math at the grocery store!

We also did cooking and baking, which is my favorite way to get fractions experience. Brownies, apple pie, and pizza were a delicious way to learn!


We watched a few different videos throughout the week. Here are some of our favorites:

We laughed a little bit during the part at the beginning of the Mathamagician TED Talk where he asked if anyone had a calculator with them (it is from 2005). These days everyone who has a phone in their pocket has a calculator!

Speaking of math videos, The Great Math Mystery keeps coming up in our recommendations. Have any of you watched it with your kids? What did they think? My older kids and I may watch it soon.


When I announced this plan, we got so many good recommendations from all of you for games we will be playing well into the summer and beyond.

This week we played Uno, Yahtzee, and our fractions puzzles. Online, we used ABC Mouse and some games we found via lessons on Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool’s site.

We did some flashcard practice, too. I collect vintage flashcards and the kids like helping me look for these at yard sales and the thrift store. It was fun to them to put some of these treasures to use.

Unfortunately the rain ruined some of my outdoor math plans for the week. We did take advantage of one sunny day and made a skip-counting hopscotch. This was so simple, but such a hit that my 9 year old wants to make an even bigger one with more numbers. Deal, kiddo!

All in all, having a week devoted to math was a success. I feel like this will be a good “bridge” as we transition grade levels. I feel refreshed as a math teacher, too.

Math is everywhere, after all, and there are so many fun things we haven’t tried yet!






What are your favorite math resources?















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Kara is mother of four, a caregiver, and a striped sock knitter. Uncomplicated and unconventional, you can find her sharing simple living tips at K. Elizabeth Fleck.


  1. I remember the Donald Duck video!
    Caroline Rose’s latest post: An Interview with Melanie Crowder, Author of Three Pennies + Giveaway

  2. What a fun idea! My kids loved that Donald in Mathmagic land movie. I wish there were more like it.
    Sarah M’s latest post: Lukka’s 10th Birthday Interview

  3. Lynda G. says:

    I read this post, clicked on the Great Math Mystery to see generally what it was about to possibly watch later. My boys (7.5&10) walked in to ask a question just as I hit play, and they were SO engaged from the start that they watched the ENTIRE video. About 10 mins in I said, ok I have to get back to cleaning, and went to turn it off. They both asked if they could stay and watch it lol! One is a math lover “genius,” the other math challenged. I felt like I was missing out so I ended up standing in the doorway a lot, and also listening from my cleaning post ;). Really great! Thanks!

  4. That’s such a fun idea, and I love the thought of focusing on the same subject all week with no distractions. Our favorite math resources are board games, Life of Fred Math, and real life math (practicing fractions through baking and dividing donuts in quarters, grocery store math, etc.) We have yet to try ABC mouse…I wonder if they have some kind of free trial? Thanks for sharing your math week!
    June’s latest post: The 10 Best Mo Willems Books (and one to pre-order!)

    • Yes, that is exactly what we are doing this month – trying out the ABC Mouse free trial. At this point, I’m not sure we will stick with it, but my five year old is having a good time with it. 🙂

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