Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate from Sarah’s Silks

This giveaway has ended and I’ll announce the winner shortly!

I‘m back for our final Home for the Holidays giveaway! We’ve enjoyed 15 giveaways across the entire network this week—all great gift ideas, just in time for the holidays.

I’m excited about my last giveaway today because of all the imaginative play it’s going to inspire in my little people and in the home of one lucky winner.

It’s a $100 gift certificate to Sarah’s Silks–a store full of dress up inspiration for kids.

Whether you have toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary-aged children, you’ll find something in this shop to add to your Christmas list.

Find out how you can win!

I first discovered Sarah’s Silks a few years ago, and last Christmas I asked a family member to buy Trishna, Jonathan, and Elijah these sweet crowns.

So I was thrilled to welcome this shop as a vendor for our holiday week. For my review items, I chose a knight’s costume and two of the dress up capes Sarah carries in her store.

The capes come in a wide variety of colors and feel soft and smooth against your skin. I love that the colors are reversible, giving more choices to the child as they play. These capes have an elastic neck band with satin ties and should easily fit ages 3-8.

With all the pretend sword playing between two boys in my home I’m pretty sure this knight’s costume is going to see a lot of action after being opened on Christmas Day!

It’s a one-piece slip-on tunic, with a belt and cape attached. These costumes also match the crowns and play swords in the store and make the perfect outfit for pretending to be kings, princes, knights, and more.

Owner Sarah Lee discovered the power of silk in make-believe after becoming a mother herself. One day she tossed her young son an old silk scarf to use for dressing up–that was over 17 years ago and the rest is history!

The dyes used on the fabrics are non-toxic and the silks themselves can easily be hand-washed. As someone passionate about ethical spending, I appreciate this “family-made” policy from the company:

“Sarah’s Silks hires Chinese seamstresses who work in their homes, often sitting in doorways, as their children play nearby. Sarah’s Silks offers the seamstresses incentives beyond prevailing wages as well as access to supplemental health insurance as part of their efforts to support the healthy families of their partners across the world.”

On top of their popular dress-up collection, other items the store carries include hand-dyed playsilks, bed canopies, and a range of toys. Look no further to find a great gift for the creative child in your life.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win a $100 gift certificate to Sarah’s Silks!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What does your child currently use most often in his/her dress up play?

2. For an extra entry, ‘Like’ Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook. Then come back and leave another comment here, telling me you did so.

This giveaway has ended and I’ll announce the winner shortly!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She is the co-founder and editor of Simple Homeschool, where she writes about mindful parenting, intentional education, and the joy found in a pile of books. Jamie is also the author of a handful of titles, including her newest release, Give Your Child the World.


  1. Kristin L. says:

    Our children use play silks, Sarah’s Silks:), and wooden words and shields the most in their dress up play. Thank you for making such lovely and limitless silks! Our children adore playing with them.

  2. Kristin L. says:

    Wooden swords. 🙂 I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  3. My girls love the biggest tutus they can find and their princess heels!
    Laura Meyers’s latest post: Wonder

  4. I liked you both on FB!
    Laura Meyers’s latest post: Wonder

  5. My girls use two princess dresses we’ve had for a very long time, but they also use a large, light scarf as a cape or what-have-you. I love it when they play dress up.

  6. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook!

  7. Crowns, scarves, dresses- really anything! They almost never wear their regular clothes.

  8. Bath towels! They make decent capes I guess.

  9. Likes on FB

  10. Bed sheets and swords!

  11. They dress up as princesses but my littlest is a boy and so far we don’t have any for him.
    Kristy Tucker’s latest post: moments with toes…

  12. I already liked you but now like sarah’s silks on fb. 🙂
    Kristy Tucker’s latest post: moments with toes…

  13. My kids all like to dress up as knights and princesses from medieval England!

  14. For dressup play, my kids use their blankets, head scarves, play silks and baby muslins. Endless fun! We could definitely use some more silks, though… thanks for the chance to win.
    Elisa | blissfulE’s latest post: portraits of David

  15. Stephanie P says:

    My nephew loves to use blankets as capes and then “fly” around the room as a super hero 🙂

  16. These are beautiful. My daughter most uses a handed-down Ariel dress for pretty much any dress-up need.

  17. Oh, this would be fabulous to win. Currently, my daughter’s into hats: mama’s, daddy’s, hers– it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re soft and comfortable!

  18. My kids use materials from all over the house for their imaginative play.

  19. My girls love to play with a cape and dress. One of them is Mother Gothel and the other is Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled. Would love to win this gift!
    Kimberly B.’s latest post: December 1

  20. Michelle Y says:

    My son is only 13 months old and right now he is pretty easily pleased with a blanket, but these look like so much fun! Give him a few more months and I bet he would LOVE these!

  21. My four year old loves to dress up as flying super hero’s. He makes up his own characters with capes and hats, and then has the power to fly around the house! We have been wanting more dress up clothes and the only thing on his Christmas list this year is more dress up clothes!

  22. I “liked” Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on facebook!

  23. My son loves his firehat but playsilks are popular here too.

  24. Stephanie says:

    My youngest daughter loves to be a princess. The older 2 stick withof some sort of warrior or doctor.

  25. Stephanie says:

    Like and liked!

  26. He doesn’t dress up much. Probably because all he has is an old cowboy hat. He would have much more fun with these!

  27. Homemade weapons and washable markers on the face. Thanks for a great giveaway. I have been wanting some Sarah’s Silks for some time now!

  28. princess dresses!

  29. My kids love playing with the swords from their knight costume. Thank you!

  30. I have been admiring Sarah’s Silks for a very long time…I would love to add some silks and dress up items to my kids’ toy selections!! They are beautiful!

  31. I like both Simple Homeschool & Sarah’s Silks on FB!

  32. Our Hearthsong butterfly wings!

  33. This is an awesome gift! My girls LOVE to play in the princess dresses.

  34. We have some silks we dyed ourselves, and my children *love* to use them in their dress-up play. We also have some dresses and things I found at the thrift store that live in a basket in my daughter’s room, and they often disappear upstairs during the day & re-emerge wearing those. xo
    meghann’s latest post: and so it begins…

  35. I Like both

  36. Some Sarahs Silks actually. We’ve bought one or two a year and now have them a small basket. They can really be anything!

  37. We have a homemade pair of wings that is very popular.

  38. We don’t need more dressing up stuff (nor do I expect you to post stuff to the UK!) but I will share what my son uses most often in his dressing up stash – a wooden sword we bought at a museum in Berlin. He LOVES pretending to be a knight, and the sword is a must-have.
    Natalia’s latest post: Deschooling, unschooling, homeschooling, roadschooling …

  39. My girls use the silks I dyed for them quite often!

  40. My old hats.
    Melissa L.’s latest post: What is kid-friendly?

  41. dresses we pick up at second hand store 1/2 off days!

  42. My kids LOVE their dress up bin…their hard hats, pirate hats, super hero capes….all of it 🙂
    RaisingZ’s latest post: The Gift of a Story

  43. We have a dress up bin that both of my children just love. The things they both prefer the most, usually, are the hats, and the doctor kit. These would make such an awesome addition!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: DPP: 1

  44. I like you both on FB
    RaisingZ’s latest post: The Gift of a Story

  45. Elizabeth says:

    Anything he can find that he feels turns him into a superhero.

  46. Oh I love these play silks — just ordered one for our girls. They would love to have more! Our girls always dress up in a pink cape, but since we only have 1, it is often fought over. I would love to get them 2 more from Sarah’s Silks. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  47. My 4 year-old is into knights and currently uses a hooded towel as a knight’s cape.

  48. My son hasn’t started playing with silks yet, he’s a baby, but he does like playing peek-a-boo

  49. Knight stuff. He has a shield and swords and an ax(more viking I guess) and he is always carrying one around it seems! 🙂

  50. I like Sarahs Silks and Simple homeschool on facebook

  51. Making tents

  52. Lyndsay Grimes says:

    I like you and Sarah’s Silks on fb.

  53. Lexie Bollweg says:

    Our children use crowns and wands every day in their dress up play!

  54. Lyndsay Grimes says:

    My baby is too young for dress up, but these are beautiful, and I’d love to start her a collection for when she’s older than 5 months.

  55. My niece currently uses her Mommy’s clothes in her dress up play.

  56. christina.vd says:

    I don’t have kids yet but when I was a kid, we loved dresses and shoes (the sparkly and more outrageous, the better) from Salvation Army and sheets which we made into gigantic room-covering forts. Gosh, I miss those days.

  57. Her blanket becomes a cape and many other things.

  58. My son plays with his hat and baton from the drum major costume I made him for halloween.

  59. Tin foil! We are forever making tinfoil shields and swords!

  60. Shannon Streger says:

    My daughter has been playing a lot of dress up lately. We bought a trunk earlier this year and filled it with old ballet clothes, shaws, hats, etc.. It’s her favorite right now along with her handmade kitchen.

    I’ve been looking at buying the Sarah’s Silks for Christmas bec. I know my DD AND DS will love them!

    I have liked both groups on FB.

  61. Meredith W. says:

    Swords! And the firetruck we made for Halloween.

  62. Our children use tupperware containers, a lone ranger mask, and variously draped hand-me-down “fancy” outfits in their play!

  63. My daughter likes her tutu, and my son likes the dinosaur cape I made for him. They could definitely use some new dress up items!

  64. My daughters’ favorite dress up items are their flower girl dresses from a wedding they were in. They also love the random fabric lengths I’ve givven them to play with.

  65. I “like” Sarah’s Silks and Simple Homeschool on Facebook.
    Rita’s latest post: Parenthood

  66. A couple years ago my daughter went to a wedding and has since been obsessed with white dresses. A wonderful friend of ours made her a white dress of her own. She would live in it- if I did not have to occasionally wash it:)
    Jennifer Peterson’s latest post: Could my rooster have a cold

  67. Right now my kids are making costumes to perform “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” They have the 3yo dressed in all green with a tall green construction hat. They’ve perched her on a bench under the windowsill and pull back the curtains every time the song sings, “And a partridge in a pear tree.” It’s adorable!
    Nora Bucy’s latest post: Sunny and Warm November Daybook

  68. big shoes (mom and dad’s) and a cape

  69. My kids use a lot of princess dress-up and tutus and, surprisingly, swimsuits! My almost-two’s favorite item to wear is nothing, or a swimsuit. It’s been in the low 40s here, recently…
    Ledys’s latest post: Christmas Picture Outfits, Check!

  70. Liked both on fb. Thanks, Jamie!
    Ledys’s latest post: Christmas Picture Outfits, Check!

  71. Accessories! With a crown, a firefighter’s hat, or a magic wand, my little one can switch from princess to firefighter to fairy in the blink of an eye.

  72. My daughter reuses her old Halloween costumes for dress up play

  73. Kristen T. says:

    My girls love princess dresses, scarves, and hats! I love this giveaway because I discovered Sarah’s Silks just *yesterday* when looking online for a bed canopy for my older daughter! I love the Starry Night Canopy in their shop!

  74. Kristen T. says:

    I “liked” both on FB 🙂

  75. My daughter twirls in her tutu and my son uses scarves to dress up as a knight. Our scarves are cheap synthetics, so I would love to get some of these beautiful silks!

  76. My daughter dresses up in her princess costume!

  77. my kids use a lot of blankets or towels for capes and also love hats.

  78. i liked both on facebook!

  79. stephanie says:

    anything “dress-up”… especially high-heels and jewelry!

  80. liked on Facebook

  81. stephanie says:

    I like both on FB!!

  82. Wow, my kids love playsilks, and dress up. Would love love this giveaway. Currently they use the playsilks they have, hand me downs and stuff my sweet friends make for them. They both come out dressed up all the time. Its such a sweet part of childhood!
    erin’s latest post: *the shop* updates

  83. Jolissa L says:

    Princess Dresses and firefighter outfit!

  84. Adventurer/Explorer!

  85. The kids favorites right now are the cowboy costume and the “Perry the Platypus” costume I made for Halloween. The older boy is upset he’s outgrown my dad’s native American costume!

  86. I spray painted an old Nerf sword with metallic gold paint and now it is his favorite.

  87. These would be a gift for my niece & nephew… they both LOVE to dress-up! Most of their dress-up stuff is pretty girly, so my nephew needs a few boy things. Right now he wears necklaces & all just like my niece. 🙂

  88. heidi sink says:

    They dress up as firemen the very most

  89. My twins use absolutely everything in the house to play dress up. They have a bunch of old halloween costumes, as well as anything else they find. They would love it.

  90. My daughter uses the tiny purse that I gave her, and she pretends to go grocery shopping with her baby doll.
    Dee’s latest post: Beauty Blast: Is the Three-Step-Skincare System Dead?

  91. His bat costume from October!

  92. Amber Walters says:

    Cloaks and capes from old halloween costumes is the most popular thing at home but at their best friend’s house they love to use her silks and pin them and tie them into interesting outfits.

  93. Fairy wings and an apron – usually together.

  94. My little homeschooler and I usually end up with towel capes as we fight many bad guys and fly around the house!
    Allison Cupid Sim’s latest post: Mommy drinks because you cry.

  95. My 3 year-old loves playing dress-up with all sorts of hats!

  96. Amber Walters says:

    I like you both on Facebook!

  97. I just liked both of you on FB!

  98. I know like u both on FB!
    Allison Cupid Sim’s latest post: Mommy drinks because you cry.

  99. Christine G says:

    I have two daughters, each with their own fairy wings and mermaid costumes. Although they love the fairy wings as well, they live in their mermaid costumes! I homeschool the older, and the younger is home for half the day before starting preschool. They spend pretty much the entire time they’re home together as mermaids… and they love their silk tails! : )

  100. Oh my goodness! We would LOVE to win this gift certificate…our kids love playing dress up…my daughter most often hits the various old dresses for “fairies” and my son enjoys being an astronaut or American Indian.

    So fun!

  101. My son almost always dresses up as a fireman. Whether we are going to the grocery store, out to breakfast or just hanging around at home. It’s actually a complete joy because people react so sweetly to a four year old dressed up. I would love to add a little variety to his dress up options.

  102. my daughter rotates her princess dresses, fairy silks and ballerina costumes. she just adores her dress up trunk. my son (now older) used to love his wooden sword and shield.
    erin’s latest post: i. am. the luckiest.

  103. Christine G says:

    And, I also “liked” Simple Homeschool & Sarah’s Silks on FB.

  104. My kids love hats in their dress up play!

  105. Christina says:

    My daughters love dressing up in princess outfits.

  106. House full of boys here, so swords are the big dress up item right now.

  107. My 4 yo loves her hand-me-down princess dresses and my 7 yo is a nina all the way with his black pjs! My 2 yo loves the simplicity of the mama-made silks though!
    Pamela’s latest post: A horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day

  108. Pretty shoes that make lots of noise on the hardwoods. I have a couple of girly girls with vastly growing imaginations….they could and would do so much with this gift.

  109. Mostly my kids, 2 and 4, use hats and accessories. We are woefully in need of capes and tunics. For a cape my son usually uses an apron, but he’d love a “real” cape.

  110. I liked both on FB.

  111. My son has lately been using a winter hat as a soldiers helmet.

  112. Like both on facebook….of course I already liked simple homeschool!!

  113. The current favorite here is princess dresses for dd (4) and a Thomas Train outfit for ds (3), both leftover halloween costumes. I do wish we had more open ended dress up things though! 🙂

  114. My kids love to play with a cape of a costume of the Wise Kings.
    Maria’s latest post: Conteo regresivo hasta Navidad: 4 de diciembre: Faltan 21 dias

  115. My kids use Sarah’s silk as new outfits, and as blankets for swaddling their babies, and for dressing up any other snuggle guy that happens to be around!

  116. Darlene Richardson says:

    Swords are the most used items for imaginary costume play at my house.

  117. No kiddos, but my neice would love this! She plays “Princess” a lot!

  118. Meredith in GA says:

    My son isn’t hugely into dress-up, but he LOVES his boots and takes every opportunity to wear those in and out of the house. ;D

  119. My daughter uses anything to make herself look like she is wearing a long flowing princess dress.

  120. Lauren Kappel says:

    Blankets, shirts (make a great hat), socks (puppet), etc. Stuff around the home!

  121. Meredith in GA says:

    I liked both your blog and Sarah’s Silks on FB. Looking forward to checking out both pages. Thanks!

  122. My daughter uses tutus and my son a sheild. I would love to “enhance” with these beautiful items!

  123. Christina P says:

    Well, he doesn’t dress up, much. We need to start growing his costume box!

  124. I already “Like” Simple Homeschool on FB and “Liked” Sarah’s Silks.

  125. Swords (and other weapons), capes, wigs and helmets are all favorites. Sarah’s Silks look fun!

  126. Ballet slippers and fanciful ballerina dresses (or any “fancy” dress) are constantly being worn by my two girls.

  127. right now the most heavily used dress up things are the crowns a friend made with my children’s names on them, and old superhero costumes!

  128. Mine usually use old halloween costumes – theirs from years past and mine from my childhood. We have a few that have been made or purchased just for dressing up.

  129. Wooden swords an blanket ‘pegasus wings’.

  130. Right now the popular item for the boys is the pirate costume I made from thrift store finds and my daughter just piles on as many girly skirts, dresses and fairy wings as she can!
    Anna’s latest post: Happy Campers

  131. Liked on Facebook.

  132. My two girls wear princess dresses and tutus, but we don’t have much at all for my little boy. He uses his blanket if he needs something. Something for boys would be great!

  133. Rebecca M says:

    capes and “saddles” are big things right now.

  134. Rebecca M says:

    i like you all on facebook

  135. Scarves, hats, and fairy wings are the current anything she can “steal” from mommy’s closet!

  136. My son usually gets into the laundry basket and wears my husband’s and my clothing.

  137. Dads clothes

  138. Oh my goodness….Um, old dance costumes are used a lot. Silks, for sure. Swords. Helmets. Anything soft that can be wrapped around to make a ‘wedding dress’. 🙂 Thank you!!
    annie’s latest post: Windfall Dolls

  139. My big guy wears his “engineer pants” (striped overalls) and engineer hat. The hat is too big, and the pants are getting waaay too small, so he’s quite a sight, but he loves to be in costume at preschool.

  140. My daughter does have some dress-up dresses and tutus, but she will also use whatever she can get her hands on. She has many creative uses for my Turkish scarves I let her have.

  141. My girls actually do use silks quite a bit, although ours are getting rather bedraggled. Also, cardboard boxes, painter’s tape, and aluminum foil!
    Hannah’s latest post: A Slice of Truth

  142. Stacey Gibson says:

    he loves to wear his dad’s shoes.

  143. This is an excellent giveaway! I “like” both on FB.

  144. Currently my daughter uses an old sheet and some sheer curtains to wrap and drape as dresses and capes. She also uses some of my scarves and a pair of “Princess Fairy Flower Power Super Gloves” that I made for her. I haven’t had the funds to spring for some really silks, although it’s looking like she may get some for Christmas afterall (thank you Arc for my Christmas bonus!)

  145. Liked you both on FB!

  146. Stacey Gibson says:

    I liked both on facebook.

  147. My kids use their playsilks more than any other dress-up item 🙂

  148. My boys love to dress up as superheroes…or superhero cooks…or cooking monsters…or monster mailmen. 🙂

  149. My boys are into the capes and swords, hats… well, anything dress up =)

  150. Heather Y says:

    Sheets, blankets, and all manner of linens plus construction paper fashioned into various hats or headbands.

  151. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB. 🙂

  152. My old belly dancing scarf (silk w/embroidery and gold coins!) gets the most dress up action for sure.

  153. My kids love to use silks and paper crowns for dress up. Thank you!

  154. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB
    Rachel Fee-Prince’s latest post: The Recipe: Blood Building/Liver Nourishing Syrup

  155. they use swords. Great giveaway!

  156. My kids use ANYTHING they can get their hands on!

  157. My kids love using old scarves and blankets, so some silks would be so perfect!

  158. I liked you and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  159. I like simple homeschool on facebook.

  160. Just liked you both on FB….thanks!!!
    Anna’s latest post: Happy Campers

  161. Heather Y says:

    I already liked Simple Homeschool, but now I like Sarah’s Silks on FB as well.

  162. Lately, my girls can’t dress up without the Zumba wraps that my mom gave them. They have jingly things all over them, and the girls use them as skirts, belts, head wraps, shawls, etc. My son loves his old stand-by: a plain, black cape I made him a few Christmases ago.

  163. My first is in utero, but I can’t wait until I can give him or her the tools to strengthen his or her imagination. These are great!

  164. My 6 year old like capes and aprons. My 4 year old is into wings. She wants to fly! My 2 year old wears whatever his big sisters wrap him up in. I have seen Sarah’s Silks, but we do not have any. They look lovely!
    Jo’s latest post: Haven Homeschool

  165. I love Sarah’s Silks, but haven’t been able to get any for my boys. When they want to play super hero we use towels for capes. Otherwise we have a bin full of costumes from Halloweens past.

  166. Well, my daughter only just turned 1, so she doesn’t really play dress-up quite yet…although she does frequently place a bucket on her head – does that count? 🙂
    Rachel @ The Travel Pen’s latest post: How Living Cross-Culturally is Like Any Good Marriage

  167. I liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB!
    Jo’s latest post: Haven Homeschool

  168. My daughter doesn’t play dressup as much as she plays pretend with things. Anything small can become a character. That said, she does love fabric pieces. These are great!

  169. Both girls (7 & 5) love being princesses or ballerinas. Anything sparkly, fancy, and in the spotlight! I used to teach literacy in middle and high school and did some work with my students on building reading comprehension through the use of “action strategies”. Readers act out what they’ve read and teachers check for comprehension, allow students to build their knowledge, and it’s just plain fun! I’d love to incorporate more of this in my kids’ early years! The products from Sarah’s Silks look amazing for this kind of thing! Thanks.
    Jenn’s latest post: Five on Friday: A Week to Give Thanks

  170. We are currently studing the Middle
    Ages so anything knight related is my son’s absolute favorite ! My daughter
    loves to dress up as people from different cultures and these silks would be wonderful in both cases!!! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  171. My 4 yr. old boy is our biggest dresser-upper right now, and he wears a ninja costume or a Luke Skywalker costume. The picture of the little boy in the post is him! Thanks for the giveaway!

  172. My son uses anything to dress up as everything from firemen to knights fighting dragons! He would love all her things!

  173. My kids LOVE play silks!
    Robin (noteverstill)’s latest post: 21st century indigenous

  174. My girls love to layer~ dress over a skirt with a vest, scarf, crown, apron…
    Sarah’s pieces look so nice!

  175. I didn’t even know something like this existed! How awesome! My girls usually play with a little box of hand-me-down dress-up clothes from their cousins and a few princess dresses we got for halloween one year. They would love this.

  176. I like both on FB

  177. My girl loves sparkly dresses, and my boys love goggles and hard hats.

  178. My daughters love shoes. Mine, their selection of dance shoes, blocks as shoes…

  179. We dont celebrate halloween, but in the past i’ve bought costumes solely for dress-up purposes. 🙂

  180. my daughter mostly uses those really uncomfortable-looking plastic shoes. What is up with that?

  181. My girls love dress-up clothes, any kind. Sarah’s Silks look beautiful!
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy’s latest post: What I’m Not Buying My Daughter for Christmas

  182. tea towels as a cape! we would LOVE to win! thanks and happy weekending!

  183. My boys use past Halloween costumes.

  184. he loves play food!

  185. My daughter uses her cowboy hat and boots most often lately to play dress up.

  186. We have bought costumes after halloween when they are 50% off, the kids love it!

  187. Our kids use costumes we find at goodwill and yard sales! But would love to have something more versatile!

  188. My kids love all dress ups, but especially hats – pirate hats, cowboy hats, crowns…
    Anne’s latest post: My Publisher Holiday Cards Review and Giveaway

  189. I am a facebook fan (Anne Jolly) of both of you
    Anne’s latest post: My Publisher Holiday Cards Review and Giveaway

  190. The girls use the dresses and my boy uses swords and shields!

  191. I like you both on FB 🙂

  192. My 4 year old loves to put on fashion shows with her dress up clothes, but I’d say the tutu’s are probably what get worn the most to dance around in them.

  193. in all honesty my children use their playsilks most often for their dress up. I would love to add the crown and knights costume to their stash.

  194. My daughter loves her twirly skirts! She loves to dance around and pretend to be a ballerina!

  195. These are adorable, I love all the colors!!
    The latest favorite is an old Knight costume. 🙂

  196. My son loves a satin pillow case that he uses as a cape. He wears it all day and is my hero.

  197. I liked simple homeschool and sarah’s silks on FB for an extra entry 🙂

  198. Number one dress-up accessory: chaps and cowboy hats. Many, many others, but I see these every. single. day. 🙂
    Roxy Schow’s latest post: thankfulness, right now

  199. I liked Sara’s Silks on FB.

  200. Wow! What a wonderful giveaway this time of year. I am wanting to get our 29 month old some silks to play with and a gift certificate to Sarah’s Silks would be awesome. She loves walking around in her ballet tutu and would love to be able to dance with some silks in her hands. Thanks for the giveaway.

  201. My son spends lot of his dress up time playing in the knight costume my mom made him for halloween. Loves it. Lots of sword play and rubberband gun fun around here too.
    Thanks for the chance to add to our dress-up play….
    Dawn Suzette’s latest post: Borax Crystals

  202. Like both Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB.
    Allyson’s latest post: Gene and Alice and the Luminous Mysteries

  203. anything that makes them pirates!

  204. Stephanie says:

    My daughter has a flouncy tiered skirt that she puts on over whatever she is wearing and instantly turns into a princess, or a fairy, or ballerina, or whatever else she decides that day.

  205. LONG (must be long!) garage sale dresses & ribbons to make anything fit better around the waist 🙂

  206. Pirate swords — “walk the plank” is heard often at our house! 🙂

  207. Kristen M. says:

    I have two older kids who loved to dress up in costumes/dresses. I know have a baby again and would love to build up a fun collection for him.

  208. I love the bright colors and soft feel of silk. My kids used old sheets for play & came up with new games constantly. We just kept them in a big basket for forts, capes, or whatever.
    Nickolina Jacoby’s latest post: The Wreckless Love of God

  209. Receiving blankets as capes.

  210. my boys love their firefighter hats 🙂

  211. I purchased this Snow Princess halloween costume after the costumes hit the 75% off mark and my daughter loves it. I know both of my kids would love the silks.

  212. Like you both on facebook 🙂

  213. Mom’s shoes and mardi gras beads 🙂

  214. Tina Anderson says:

    My daughter’s favorite is a read cape with a hood! She loves to swing with and and run with it so it “flies” behind her 🙂

  215. My youngest loves to be any superhero!!

  216. We love their beautiful wings! They are on our wish list after playing with them at a friend’s house! Thanks for the opportunity!

  217. I liked both on FB as well 🙂 Thank you again!

  218. Like you both on Facebook!

  219. My twins use assorted stuff from their dressup box – old hats, purses, scarves, etc.

  220. My son uses a sword his daddy made him, and my daughter a tiara, of course!

  221. LIKE LIKE on FB FB. Pick me please 🙂

  222. Beads (mardi-gras type)

  223. princesses. all the time princesses.

  224. My little guys are avid knights as well, so our sword and shields get plenty of use here. Love this resource you shared!

  225. Like and like on FB.

  226. Lisa McBride says:

    My children 10, 8 & 5 all still dress up with whatever they can find that will work. They love dressing up and were doing so yesterday afternoon. We used to have playsilks that lasted about 6 years with constant play from any child that walked through the door. I would love to get them playsilks again because it was the best toy they ever had.

  227. Lisa McBride says:

    I had already liked Simple Homeschool and just liked Sarah’s Silks now.

  228. The princess dress & accessories.
    Marci’s latest post: Halloween Fun

  229. Ruby red slippers!
    Melissa’s latest post: It’s here!

  230. My son uses a knight outfit and swords the most.

  231. Nancy Mosley says:

    Right now my boys mostly dress up in camo and play hunting or war.
    Would love to win some other things to add variety to their play.

  232. My girls are into tutu’s and anything princess! This would be great for them for Christmas!
    Lawana Gray’s latest post: Name Changes

  233. My daughter loves to put on her princess dresses and my son loves his sword and shield. There are so many things in this store that they would love.

  234. I like you both on Facebook!
    Lawana Gray’s latest post: Name Changes

  235. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on facebook.

  236. To be honest, we don’t have a lot of dress-up stuff! I wish we did, so it would be awesome to win this!!
    Amy’s latest post: flight school

  237. I like you both on Facebook!
    Amy’s latest post: flight school

  238. Currently he dresses up as a dragon, but he doesn’t have many costumes. At school he likes to dress up in a bumble bee tutu. He’s getting a cape for Christmas to expand his options some!

  239. Christina Hickox says:

    It’s hard to say what my kids use the most–my daughter uses all things pink and princessy. She’s really been liking scarves the last couple weeks.

  240. We have play silks that our 5 kids (age 7 – 23) have been playing with in so many different ways for years. I’d love to start my 2yo granddaughter (who loves to play with her mama’s shoes and clothes) with some lovely silks.

  241. A knight costume with sword and a tool belt, sometimes at the same time!

  242. I follow you on fb and liked Sarah’s silks.

  243. Christina Hickox says:

    I like Sarah’s Silks and Simple Homeschool on Facebook.

  244. My daughter was given some play clothes from a friend who had outgrown them – mostly tutus and such. I’d love to be able to help that stash grow with some things that inspire more imagination!

  245. Genevieve says:

    My daughter uses a princess dress she got for halloween and a handmade Red Ridinghood cape the most.

  246. My girl is a little too young to dress up yet but we had a big box of dress-up clothes we played with growing up!

  247. My son wears his fire helmet & fire/rain boots. My daughter wears her pioneer dress. We don’t currently have any play silks, but would love to add them to our dress-up collection. My kids play dress-up, pretend play more than anything else. Thank you!

  248. Play silks are on my list to get my daughter for Christmas! She currently just uses lots of dress up dresses, but I think the silks would be so fun and inspire more imagination!
    Krissa’s latest post: Countdown to Christmas

  249. what do my kids use most often in dress-up play? my daughter (10) usually goes for the fancy shoes (i.e. they have 1″ heels) I wore to my rehearsal dinner. my son usually goes for a cape or fancy gold pants. 🙂 we love Sarah’s Silks!

  250. My children love their fairy skirts and the pilgrim costumes I made them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  251. Ahh, I love this! Thanks for this opportunity! My son likes to dress up as a firefighter, or Jenga Fett (Star Wars). Mostly cuz those are the only costumes we have. The girls enjoy dressing up as cows, cats, fairies, princesses, queens, and really anything else they can come up with.

  252. Any thing princessy of course. I’d love to start incorporating silks for more open ended play. Thanks for the giveaway!

  253. My kids are imaginative and use everything in the house.

  254. My son constantly uses a pretend sword and my daughter uses her princess dress! What a fun give away!

  255. My second child, a son, is my dress-up kid. He loves his old halloween costumes, as well as playsilks (for the perfect superhero cape).

  256. My kids play with play silks all the time. Hands down the number one played with in the dress up box!

  257. Melanie M. says:

    My dtr. plays mostly with dresses!

  258. It’s a tossup between a dragon costume and a blue princess cape this week. A few weeks ago it was fireman’s hats. She LOVES dress up.
    Laurie’s latest post: Marine kids think differently

  259. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks..
    Laurie’s latest post: Marine kids think differently

  260. Melanie M. says:

    I “Liked” Sarah’s silks on FB!

  261. Heidi Felton says:

    Right now, they mostly just use the blankets from the couches to become various monsters and things (I have boys!). Or they take their shirts off to go “swimming” in the living room. I could see how play silks would make their dragon hunting much more fun!

  262. My 4 year old loves his cape made fro duct tape, or our stash of Halloween costumes
    Sarah’s latest post: Family and Fences

  263. We have a lot of Halloween costumes and vintage clothes that the kids use for dress-up — hats, old fancy dresses, prairie bonnets, etc. 🙂
    Magic and Mayhem’s latest post: Math and Girls

  264. Julie Gonsalves says:

    mon son loves all things pirate and my daughter likes to be a ballerina!

  265. My boys love dressing up as star wars characters right now 🙂

  266. Julie Gonsalves says:

    i like you on facebook!

  267. Kristina Best says:

    My kids use their Pillow cases as capes.

  268. Princess dresses and heels!

  269. I liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook

  270. Kristina Best says:

    ‘Liked’ Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  271. Both of my kids wear their super hero capes the most.
    Leighann of D-Mom Blog’s latest post: {D-LOL} Moms With (Blue) Scarves

  272. Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity. My kids dress up with anything and everything they can get their hands on. Right now my daughter especially loves high heels from the thrift store and LOTS of scarves and my son love anything that helps him be a Ninja.

    Thanks again!

  273. Rebecca nevers says:

    We love to use silkies to male baby slings, princess dresses, and capes. We love to play princess and baby almost every day.

  274. Our kids use Sarah’s Silks knight costume, crown and playsilks for dress up most often- I love them because they encourage open ended play! Thanks for the chance!

  275. We are due with our first child in two weeks, but this would be a great giveaway for my nieces and nephews! The girls are definitely in the princess stage right now, and last week we got to experience the first acted-out play. 🙂 It was great.

  276. I like you both on FB 🙂

  277. My daughter loves to put together eclectic outfits from her dress up drawer…usually a scarf, princess crown, necklaces, maybe a dress and some crazy selection of colored socks and dress up shoes! My son doesn’t really have anything besides his older sisters’ “princess” stuff – so we could definitely use this for him!

  278. My daughter wears her princess dresses and the boys love their capes!

  279. I “liked” Simple Homeschool and Sara’s Silks on FB.

  280. with three girls in the house, tutus and princess dresses appear quite often!

  281. Rebecca nevers says:

    I liked you both on FB 🙂

  282. Halloween costumes and any hat possible! 🙂

  283. My 16 month old son will use anything, a blanket, hats, or daddy’s shoes.

  284. Betzina Y says:

    I like Sarah’s Silks & Simple Homeschool on FB!!

  285. My daughter loves her princess dresses and my son loves everything Spiderman. Plus hats of course! 🙂

  286. Betzina Y says:

    All 3 of my boys LOVE to play dressup!! My twin 12 year olds STILL want to wear costumes to run around and play in…as does my 6 year old:) They love to play knights or soldiers or ninjas or pirates…or anything else they can dream up!!

  287. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook. 🙂

  288. My daughter currently loves dressing up with scarves I found at a garage sale, dish towels from the kitchen, any of my clothes she can tie on herself, and hats. She especially loves her dad’s ball caps. I think she would be delighted to have some pretty shiny dress up clothes!

  289. Faye E. Hunt says:

    My son uses hats the most in his dress up play! Sarah’s silks would be an awesome addition to his play.

  290. Faye E. Hunt says:

    I “liked” Sarah’s Silks on FB!

  291. A cowboy hat! and I ‘liked’ both Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks :o)

  292. My daughter loves her prairie dress and apron, and my son likes his dragon cape and fireman’s hat.

  293. The girls use their dresses a lot, but blankets & towels frequently become capes as well in our house.

  294. I liked you both on fb!

  295. my girls love dresses!

  296. i like both on fb

  297. In our house it alternates between various pieces of superhero costumes, or all the “dressy” clothes our son can find and layer – which makes him look a lot like Marty McFly from back to the future…

  298. Tiarasbare very popular in thiss house right now. 🙂

  299. My daughter would go CRAZY over this prize. She now uses old Halloween costumes and things around the house for dress ups.

  300. Right now, my kids are still using their halloween costumes for dress up.

  301. He likes his chef costume.

  302. Emily Marshall says:

    My kids use capes as their choice of dressup stuff! I like both Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on facebook:). Great giveaways!

  303. My kids dress-up most in a gladiator costume my husband brought them when he was in Rome on business.

  304. Nikiya McDonald says:

    While we have many old dresses and other hand-me-down costumes, my children most enjoy the fun of imaginary dress up play with scarves! We have yet to add any of Sarah’s Silks to out collection and would LOVE the addition!

  305. Nikiya McDonald says:

    I Like you on facebook!

  306. Nikiya McDonald says:

    I like Sarah’s Silks on facebook!

  307. Like both on fb!

  308. My kids definitly use the capes I made them for Halloween last year the most.

  309. Old Halloween costumes!

  310. Sue Klingseis says:

    Our girls like wearing heels and tutus. They need some silks.

  311. My kids love playing dress up with blankets.

  312. I think that our kids like anything that is sparkly.

  313. Right now, my son is obsessed with his dinner jacket, tie and dress pants…he likes to pretend it is a full suit!

  314. Danielle schumaker says:

    My daughter is not yet at the dress up age… But she will be very soon! So, hopefully she will use this prize package the most!

  315. My son has a cape that his grandmama made him that he really enjoys wearing. Lots of other costumes, some from Sarah’s Silks! I’m loving the pantaloon pants. It will be easier than me tying them from squares as DS prefers dressing himself.

  316. I liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  317. Our son uses EVERYTHING he can get his hands on – from towels and blankets, to designated dress up stuff, and even paper cups to make his own “armor.”

  318. My kids put on plays and dress up for their characters. These would make great additions to their plays.

  319. added both of your FB pages to the list of folks I like!

  320. My boy has swords and my girl has her princess dresses. The combination of the two is fun to watch. I would love to try some of these costumes, they look wonderful.

  321. my 4 year old dresses up in her silks almost every day – they can be fancy dresses, costumes from other countries, play beds… recently she made an elaborate tango dress/costume (with one as a fancy headpiece) and used her little wooden castanets to make a musical show 🙂

    thanks for this great giveaway

  322. My 4 yr old is into hats and necklaces right now. Before that she was into puffy skirts.

  323. I liked both FB pages.

  324. Cowboy outfits

  325. capes and “makeup”

  326. Jessica Stoffer says:

    My 6 year old is obsessed with Fancy Nancy and uses her dress up clothes and real skirts and dresses to make new fancy outfits every day! She would LOVE this prize!

  327. Jessica Stoffer says:

    Liked both on Facebook

  328. my son dresses up like a pirate and will find anything to be a sword. He also likes to wear hooded bath towels around and be a superhero

  329. right now, she is obsessed with princess dresses. and my little one likes jewelry!

  330. Lately, my daughter has been adorned in wool
    Scarves. After 4 years use her silks are tattered but still loved!

  331. pirate coustumes and princess’s 🙂

  332. either a hulu skirt or a mermaid dress

  333. My daughter likes dressing up as a princess. They both like using old silk scarves I found at a yard sale to play with and dress up in.
    Kinda Crunchy Kate’s latest post: Dreaming of a Green Christmas Giveaway Winners!

  334. I like both of you on FB.
    Kinda Crunchy Kate’s latest post: Dreaming of a Green Christmas Giveaway Winners!

  335. Daddy’s little girl almost always gravitates toward her tools, tool belt, hard hat, and construction vest. Her girly moments bring on the “bling,” but they’re farther between!

  336. My girls are fascinated by Narnia right now, and spend a lot of their time in hand made Susan and Lucy dresses as well as a large cardboard box, named the Dawn Treader.

  337. Already “Like”d Simple Homeschool on Facebook, and we now also “Like” Sarah’s Silks. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  338. My son has his cape on all the time and my daughter is always in her “butterfly” dress!

  339. My daugher is two, and she loves to steal my (clean!) underwear when I’m folding laundry and put it on her head like a hat/shower cap. She will also put baby doll dresses on her head like hats, and sometimes layers them for an extra-special effect!

  340. I like you both on Facebook.

  341. My daughters love tutus and shoes!

  342. My children are still dressing up in this years halloween costumes!

  343. I Like’ Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook

  344. My girls live using our long crocheted blankets as Rapunzel hair.
    Kristen S’s latest post: Menu Plan Monday- Week of October 24, 2011

  345. My girls love their “ballet” costumes and wings. I would love to have something for my son to use.

  346. I “liked” Sarah’s Silks on Facebook!

  347. My 7 year old son most often uses a pair of fuzzy red sweat pants, a white waffle shirt and a red tank top to play dress up in. His 4 year old sister wears a variety of skirts to play princess.
    Mama B’s latest post: Oh yeah. Duh.

  348. jessica v says:

    his cape!

  349. For all three kids (9, 5, and 2), definitely these two silky-print wrap-skirts that I gave them after gaining some weight. They are used as skirts, dresses, capes, and head-dresses. They love them.
    MrsH’s latest post: grieving

  350. Not much!!!! My son has been begging for dress up clothes and I have not done much to take care of that and am feeling bad about that. This would be so cool to surprise him with. Not as a Christmas gift, but just an “I love you and wanted to show that to you today” kind of gift.

  351. The long cardboard tube we saved from wrapping paper on his birthday in June has actually survived this long, though barely. Making its appearance at least thrice daily as sword, baton, javelin, bow for his imaginary arrows, scepter, horse, bazooka, cannon, rifle, giant spoon, axe …. you name it, he has used it in so many ways. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  352. My daughter will play dress up w/ anything available. She doesn’t have a lot of items yet, being only 2 years old. But I plan to remedy that soon!

  353. Our dress up clothes are very limited buyout son does love playing with his best friend’s extensive dress up closet. He loves capes, boots, and hats. Super hero!

  354. I “liked” Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB.

  355. My kids will use anything they can find to use as dress up – all depends on where their imagination takes them that day! Happy Christmas 🙂

  356. Right now we love our cowbow get-up and we pretend to be king and queen… but no clothes for that one.

  357. holley dumond says:

    Right now it’s the robin hood outfit!

  358. All types of dancer costumes.

  359. Stephanie says:

    I was just telling my husband that the one “toy” my son didn’t have was dress up clothes. He currently loves to put on my husbands belt or slippers, or my shirts (I have a white one with puffed sleeves that can turn him into a pirate!) He’s made do with the superman training pants I’ve made for him, too 🙂

  360. The girls use a lot of different items in their dress up play. They’re fond of old hats, play silks, and aprons right now.

  361. Katherine A. says:

    My son’s not in the dress up age, but it’s going to be fun! 🙂

  362. Usually my clothes and fancy fabric remnants tied up in different ways, my 4 year old daughter is most often “Puss in Boots”, her favorite cat character.

  363. I’ve been “liking” Simple Homeschool on fb for a while and now I just “liked” Sarah’s Silks on fb too!
    Kari MooMama’s latest post: what’s cooking?

  364. we dont have a lot of dress up clothes. the kids usually wear me and my husbands clothes around the house and pretend to be whatever they come up with 🙂

  365. Blankets 😉 Just the other day my daughter and her friend were playing and I tied so many blankets around them they could barely walk. 🙂 That and, of course, a crown. Every kid needs a crown!

  366. My daughter always has to pplay with anything that will make her look more “cat like”, like masks and ears and stuff! LOL

  367. Just “liked” both!

  368. tracy lynn says:

    Ahhh – vintage goodies like hats and scarves and dresses are part of Muriel’s dress-up! Some Sarah’s silks would be great to add to the collection or to dress up our outdoor girl fort.

  369. tracy lynn says:

    I subscribe to the blog as well.

  370. Abigail Gunter says:

    My girls love to put anything on that makes them look like a ballerina or a princess.

  371. My shoes! Only the pretty ones of course.

  372. Daddy’s shoes – he’s just 18 months old, but he already like to try on other’s shoes!

  373. desiree l says:

    my kiddos use old baby blankets as capes & fashion their own togas & skirts with them when they play dress up lately. anything from Sarah’s Silks would be a great addition for them 😉

  374. My daughter is daily wearing her princess costume from Halloween 2010 – a simple homemade princess dress! 🙂
    Terri’s latest post: Creative Christmas Countdown

  375. desiree l says:

    I’ve gone to Facebook & ‘Liked’ Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks… thank goodness for this giveaway, I am following Simple Mom on Facebook but had somehow missed Simple Homeschool … now I have it on my feed 😀 Thank you!

  376. Liked you both on FB.

  377. Currently we’re all about the batman costume.

  378. Our boys use towels shoved up the back of their shirts for capes so that they can fly around the house in a whirlwind.
    Donovan’s latest post: NDAA Passes the Senate

  379. For my daughter it is all about the headwear; she loves crowns and hats.

  380. Sara Gallaugher says:

    Oh, my son likes being a cowboy and my daughter loves being Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  381. he’s not quite to that stage yet, but i’m excited to see what he likes when he does get there!

  382. They (5 and 3) are into aprons at the moment. Lots of uses for an apron!

  383. They love to use the blankets I swaddled them in when they were babies.

  384. Catherine says:

    Leotards! Silks would be a great addition.

  385. Catherine says:

    I like you both on Facebook.

  386. My son’s favorite is his knight’s costume with his sword and shield!!!

  387. My daughter loves her mermaid costume and play silks. Have liked Sarah’s Silks and Simply Homeschool on facebook.

  388. Our capes (made by me from silk and velvet skirts from the thrift store!) are in constant rotation.

  389. My son loves to play dress up, usually as a superhero

  390. I like both of you on FB.

  391. I like you both on FB!

  392. Dara Huber says:


  393. Crafty Mama says:

    The kids have tons of hats they love to play with!

  394. My toddler loves playing dress up with blankets, and more with ribbons (he shakes them)

  395. My poor child does not have a collection yet, though I know she would love one. I’d love to win this for her!
    Erin’s latest post: Tears and Baby Teeth

  396. I like both pages on Facebook.
    Erin’s latest post: Tears and Baby Teeth

  397. Me three kids are big-time dress up fans! We are always on the lookout for costumes of all kinds.

  398. My 2yo son loves to dress up with different hats!
    Victoria’s latest post: Yarn Along: Sunshiny Disposition Scarf

  399. Jenny Runyan says:

    My girls love to be princesses and fairies.

  400. I liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB.

  401. Right now my son most loves dressing up in frilly princess dresses at his friend’s house.

  402. Michelle S says:

    My children love playing dress up with a couple old shawls and hats I gave them.

  403. crowns and swords.

  404. Michelle S says:

    I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  405. Betina R. says:

    My daughter loves her Curious George costume!

  406. amy lockwood says:

    My kids dress up in everything from cowboys to princesses, space people to animals… good fun!

  407. Batman capes that a friend made for them a couple of years ago and their sunglasses

  408. I like on FB

  409. “Liked” both Sarah’s Silks and Simple Homeschool on Facebook!

  410. We don’t have many dress up options. They were given a football outfit last year and they’ve recently enjoyed playing with it. 🙂

  411. My boys love to dress up as Jedis or any Star Wars character. We just returned from Medieval Times and they would LOVE to dress up as knights! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Wendy’s latest post: Make Christmas cards with the smartecard giveaway

  412. Sophie uses a sword made from cardboard and duct tape all the time when playing dress up.
    Carla’s latest post: Renaming

  413. Liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.
    Wendy’s latest post: Make Christmas cards with the smartecard giveaway

  414. A helmet and sword.
    Jonathan Hunt’s latest post: Live Reporting from Durban – COP 17

  415. Kathleen Hall says:

    My grandkids love to play dress up and this would provide hours of imaginative play for them.

  416. a red cowboy hat

  417. Right now, my middle 2 daughters are very into using my old purses for dress up. They always need a bag, no matter what they are doing!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!
    Stina’s latest post: {this moment}

  418. Vanessa Owens says:

    We are just starting our collection of dress up clothes but right now my girl loves hats!

  419. They have some old clothes that they use for dress up.

  420. Like you both on FB

  421. My son adores his cape and crown. I’d love to add to his collection.

  422. Danielle schumaker says:

    I liked both pages on facebook as juniper hughes.

  423. Right now it’s a red pail that he puts on his head and calls his marching band hat. Love it! Also, he saw the first picture on this post with the crown and cape and said, “I want to wear that today!”

  424. Liked you and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook

  425. It’s a toss up between the capes, the crowns, and the princess dresses.

  426. My girls have a tub full of different dress up clothes. I never know what outfit they will come out with.

  427. I did the requisite Facebook “liking.”

  428. I liked you both on fb.

  429. Right know my homeschoolers like to dress as ninjas and police cops.
    Mayra’s latest post: Homeschooling: Apps para Homeschooling

  430. tu-tus!

  431. I’m following you on Facebook, probably under Mayra Rodriguez
    Mayra’s latest post: Homeschooling: Apps para Homeschooling

  432. My daughter loves dressing up in her princess outfits.

  433. My boys love capes! Superheroes, pretending to be flying squirrels, every day they use their capes to imagine!

  434. A Sarah’s Silk of course!!! Well maybe 2 or 3 of them, but they are the best for dress up!

  435. My son loves a black fur cape his grandma made him; he uses it to pretend to be all manner of animals.

  436. I LIKE both websites on FB!

  437. My kids love playing knights and princesses – classic! 🙂

  438. Please, an extra entry – I’ve liked both on FB!

  439. My girls are both into dressing up as princesses, but the older they get the more they are into dressing up as “real” people like nurses, teachers, etc…

  440. My kids use some novelty yarn “shawls” I made them, sometimes as clothes, other times as ropes.

  441. I liked both pages on facebook!

  442. we are still loving our witch hats from Halloween!

  443. Liked…..and liked! (facebook)

  444. Sarah Nottle says:

    My daughter mostly uses lots of her own clothing : ) my son likes different hats…we have cowboy hats, fireman hats, etc. We also have a pirate costume and peppa pig costume they both love running around in!

  445. Kristy Boyd says:

    my little guy has a couple of hats that he likes to play with. He’s just getting into pretend play now.

  446. Sarah Nottle says:

    I already like Simple Homeschool and now I like Sarah’s Silks!

  447. My 2 year old daughter uses a yellow hand-me-down princess dress.

  448. Elizabeth says:

    my kids like to dress up as knights and fairies

  449. My sons go to is his blanked turned cape, although these are lovely.

  450. my 4 year old dresses up most with a cape and becomes a super hero

  451. My son wears his spiderman costume all day whenever it’s clean!

  452. I liked both on facebook

  453. My daughter uses an old embroidered table runner, and some printed silk scarves from my grandmother’s house almost exclusively.

  454. She loves her dress-up jewelry. Anything sparkly!

  455. My kids love to dress up in past holloween costumes. My daughter likes to use her brothers old capes, it would be really cool to have one of her own!!

  456. My 5 year old daughter loves her homemade pillow-case cape with her initials on it. She can fly! Baby sister loves to dress up with big sister (she’s 15 months old) trying to walk around in a dragon costume two sizes too big… super cute. We LOVE Sarah’s Silks- this would be an amazing win for us!
    Tori Maurer’s latest post: Small hands, big world

  457. I like Sarah’s Silks and Simple Homeschool on Facebook! And have for awhile! 🙂
    Tori Maurer’s latest post: Small hands, big world

  458. Liked on facebook!

  459. Margery Hilburn says:

    Most recently, my daughter was dressing up as Sacagawea when we studied Lewis & Clark.

  460. My kiddos like putting towels on their heads and being Mary, Joseph, the shepherds etc.

  461. SILKS!

  462. Superheros are the thing around our house these days!

  463. ‘Liked’ Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook. 🙂

  464. In all honesty, our play silks are our favorite dress-up!

  465. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on facebook 🙂

  466. My kids love capes right now. They save the world from bad guys.

  467. My daughter told me her favorite dress up outfit is an old halloween costume from my nieces. It’s a spider witch costume. They also like to put on coats and hats and pretend they are going outside.

  468. Mary Beth says:

    My daughters love to dress up as ballerinas. They’re always running around the house with tutus on – even over their clothes.

  469. I like simple homeschool on FB.

  470. Mary Beth says:

    Like on FB.

  471. All sorts of hats!

  472. Our oldest daughter just got a doctor dress up set for her birthday yesterday so that is the current most played with dress up outfit.
    Stacie@HobbitDoor’s latest post: Nugget’s Birthday!

  473. My son uses a workout band for his dress-up play. It can be a crown, sash, cape, anything!

  474. We love to dress up as a firefighter right now, or whatever hat my son has chosen and pretend!

  475. My four children dress up in whatever random piece of fabric they can find. Some are actually pieces of fabric we got from the free bin at a flea market, others are big scarves we’ve gotten at the thrift shop. My daughter recently pulled an oddly shaped skirt of mine out of the scrap bag and discovered that, with the button on the waist fastened, she could stick her arm out the unzipped zipper opening and drape the waist over her shoulders. It looks something like a toga and is actually quite flattering!

  476. My son would love this!!! he is always dressing up as something.

  477. I liked you both!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  478. Currently my son is nuts about lightweight fleece for dress up. We have several blanket size pieces that get fashioned into various creative get ups. I would love to gift him with play silks though! I know he would love them.

  479. I like both Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  480. crowns are hands down a favorite, followed closely by princess dresses.

  481. we like simple homeschool and Sarah’s silks on facebook.
    alicia marie’s latest post: The Sabbath, Modern-Day Chuch and being Holy.

  482. My son can’t go anywhere without his Indiana Jones fedora. My daughter has a purple cape that is just a scrap piece of silky cloth I’ve had for years. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!


  483. Sarah Stroll says:

    My 3 year old constantly dresses up as either a fairy, a princess or just a “fancy girl.” My son loves his Waluigi costume we picked up on clearance after Halloween! So cute to see them spending most of their days changing in and out of costumes, pretending and using their imaginations!

  484. In my classroom the children love to use the fairies and small silks to create a little village!

  485. Wow these are beautiful! My son plays with his pirate dress up outfit. It however is starting to fall apart (it was purchased after Halloween last year and was very cheaply made)!
    Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory’s latest post: It’s Beginning to Look

  486. oops…..I liked you on facebook and shared your link as well!!
    Liz’s latest post: Have Sippy Will Travel: Paprcutz Books- Great Reads for Great Kids! W!N Yours Here!

  487. Definately our play silks. It would be great to have some wings, though!

  488. Hats are the most important thing!

  489. Every year my mom makes a Halloween costume for my daughter. Those are definitely her favorite dress up outfits, even though you can’t even zip them up because they’re so small on her!

  490. I like you both on Facebook! 🙂

  491. My girls love to dress up as fairies and princesses.

  492. I was in the middle of commenting when the network crashed, so I apologize if this is a duplicate. My three girls love to play dress-up with whatever they can find in my closet 🙂 I also keep an eye out at thrift stores for old fancy dresses, hats, scarves, shoes, etc. They love to put on fashion shows for Mom & Dad!
    Erin’s latest post: My Advent Calendar That Almost Wasn’t

  493. Beads beads beads 🙂

  494. Mary Beth Galloway says:

    One of my 1 1/2 year old has an uniform of garden gloves, a bucket hat and a pair of slippers Daddy brought home from the Netherlands….so cute. My 2 1/2 year old really likes the small scarves we have to make hats and capes.

  495. Mary Beth Galloway says:

    I have already “liked” both on FB!

  496. Jen Pitre says:

    my daughter wear a princess dress almost every day!

  497. Jen Pitre says:

    i like both you and sarah on facebook

  498. my three girls love to be fairies, and also use silks as baby slings – both types of play span most days!

  499. My son usually makes capes out of blankets. But he would LOVE the knight dress-up costume to pretend to be St. George.
    Haley’s latest post: Last Chance to Win Beeswax Candles from Full Moon Apiary!

  500. fireman hat

  501. Katie Adams says:

    Wings–butterfly, ladybug. But, oddly enough, she’s never pretending to be a ladybug or butterfly when she’s wearing them. She’s usually pretending to be a cat!

  502. i like sh and ss on fb

  503. My kids are all enjoying an old cowboy hat at the moment!

  504. I like Simple HS and Sarah’s Silks.

  505. I like SH and Sarah’s Silks on FB.
    Haley’s latest post: Last Chance to Win Beeswax Candles from Full Moon Apiary!

  506. Melissa F says:

    Currently a construction hat

  507. Melissa F says:

    Like both on fb

  508. My son uses his personally made rifle and cowbot vest or his star wars cape. My girls, well, every moment is a dress up moment for them!

  509. My son loves either wearing his dragon costume from Halloween 2010 or a knight outfit a friend gave him. At a play studio we go to, he uses Sarah’s Silks’ scarves to make capes to be a pharaoh or to make wings to be a dragon. I’m not sure he has a favorite — depends on what inspires his imagination on a particular day.

  510. anything he can wear that is like a knight or a soldier!

  511. A cape or a his batman pajamas!
    Andrea’s latest post: 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge Posts

  512. princess dresses!

  513. my 4 year old daughter recently discovered a couple of my ballet costumes when I was little and she goes around the house all day long pretending to be Maria from the ‘Nutcracker’

  514. Melisa H. says:

    Their Rendezvous/Reenactment clothes.

  515. Large scarves and handkerchiefs are definitely the most versatile and played with out of our dress-up bag — they can be almost anything.

  516. Melisa H. says:

    I liked both on FB!

  517. My son wears his Superman pjs all the time.

  518. My boys like belts, swords, lightsabers and hats

  519. I’ve a hard time getting my son Adam to put his Batman PJs in the washer. If he had the choice he would wear them 24/7 !!

  520. My son has an old green and brown cape he uses for dress up most of the time.

  521. My daughter got a pink sparkle dress-up dress for her birthday in July – she wears it ALL THE TIME, it was even her halloween costume!

  522. Both kids use hats, beads, towels my daughter loves oversized clothes.

  523. We like both simple homeschool and Sarah’s silks on facebook =)

  524. I like Simple Homeschool on fb

  525. My little girl loves dressing up at a princess or a bride, but mostly a princess. Anything shiny, silky, sparkly and in pale colours works. She has some pretty skirts in the dress up box and some big scarves that are favourites for princess costumes

  526. My daughter wears my beach wraps which are long pieces of light fabric that can be tied in a variety of ways. I brought back from different islands and other people would bring them back for me as a child. We also make some pretty cool forts out of them!

  527. My kids love dressing up in tutu and play silks as knight and princess. Sometimes, they would use play silks as a long cape draping the floor. Play silks are versatile! Love them. I have a couple ones in need of mending after so many uses.

  528. The most often used costume is his baby brother’s blanket tied on as a cape!! This is a daily thing in our house… 🙂

  529. like both on FB!

  530. my daughter loves her cape

  531. awesome giveaway!
    right now my oldest – 5 – is still loving her halloween costume (which makes me thrilled because i made it and that’s always dicey, you know?) and her little brother – 1.5 – just loves anything with sequins and anything he can put on his head, especially random bits of fabric
    darah’s latest post: the friday after thursday risotto

  532. Old ballet costumes. 🙂

  533. All my son wants for his birthday is a crown, so this would be perfect! Currently he uses my masking tape roll as his crown. :o)

  534. I liked both on facebook.

  535. A batman costume is the favorite. It makes him run faster.

  536. I liked both on facebook

  537. My children mostly used jewelry, shoes and princess dresses! We are glitter poor here with two girls! 🙂

  538. My 2.5 yo daughter loves her tutus and wings and of course, the sparkly shoes to match! (I’ve been a FB of yours for awhile now and love all your advice. I just liked Sarah’s Silks today. Looking forward to learning more!)

  539. My son is into super heroes. He has a spiderman and superman costumes. But he’s growing now so the costumes are getting small on him. This will be a good gift for him.
    Sheila’s latest post: Simplified dish: Pork noodle soup

  540. I “liked” both pages on Facebook.

  541. Old dance costumes and a Mr. Incredible halloween costume.

  542. My daughter loves dressing up in her tutu skirts lately, dancing to a lot of classical music, and being some combination of ballerina/fairy/princess. My son has been dressing up with different hats and shoes (usually belonging to other members of the family), lately. 🙂 I’ve been wishing for some playsilks for them!
    Michele @ Frugal Granola’s latest post: Non-Traditional Christmas Gift Jars

  543. Kristen M. says:

    Random goodwill clothes, fabric pieces, and animal masks are on heavy rotation here!

  544. My 2 youngest are 3 and 10..both boys.They still play dress up together..which I thing is awesome!Usually they use Dad’s boots or Mom’s dress shoes (shhh don’t tell Dad) Daddy’s clothes or my 10 year old has recently been into cutting up old shirts and making new uses for them and sometimes even attempting sewing new inventions by hand.Their favorite has been their pirate costume they made..with swards to go along of course.

  545. I Liked both on Facebook

  546. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook! 🙂
    Michele @ Frugal Granola’s latest post: Non-Traditional Christmas Gift Jars

  547. My daughter loves to dress up in anything princess.

  548. His old Halloween costume!

  549. A blue cape — as a cape or over his head as a ghost.

  550. I liked Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  551. We don’t have dress ups so I’d love to have some.

    Thanks for sharing information about a company that cares about its workers.

  552. My son spins around in a plane costume. It is hilarious.

  553. Elizabeth says:

    A foam and duck tape dagger. It is just like Peter pan!

  554. Right now it’s the weapons and the masks, but maybe some silks would help soften the blow of their rough and tumble play. This giveaway is awesome, thanks!

  555. He can make almost anything in our apartment into a hat.

  556. 1) Princess Dress 2) Stick Horse 3) Her brother’s tool box 🙂
    Leigh’s latest post: Spiritual Warfare for Women Chapter 12

  557. Right now my son loves dressing up as a doctor!
    Wendy’s latest post: yarn along ~ november 30

  558. My youngest is the only one who plays dress up these days and she is into all things princess – dress, tiaras, shoes.

  559. I like Sarah’s silks and Simple Homeschool on facebook.

  560. My son uses his blankie as a cape but it is thick and doesn’t tie easily so I am constantly putting it back on.
    Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds’s latest post: Routines

  561. I liked you both.
    Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds’s latest post: Routines

  562. Currently it’s the ninja costume he got recently. He takes a favorite for a month or so then finds something else, then goes back to a previous fav!
    Kelly’s latest post: A River Runs Thru It

  563. My youngest daughter (8) does most of the dressing up around here… she loves to be a princess or a fairy most of the time… She uses dresses, scarves, crowns, wings, etc. She loves it all!

  564. Capes & nerf swords!

  565. Liked you both on FB. Thanks!!

  566. hats, mom & dad’s shirts & boots.

  567. I “liked” Sarah’s Silks FB page and this post. 🙂 But, the truth is I LOVE THEM!

  568. jessica B says:

    My daughter plays like she is at a royal party, Spinning, dancing and singing, its so sweet!

  569. scraps of leftover sparkly Halloween fabric that becomes queen’s cape, mermaid tail, green hair, you name it!

  570. She uses a knight helmut & shield that I found at the dollar store the most when she dresses up!

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter such a fabulous giveaway!
    PsychMamma’s latest post: The Value of Life

  571. Would love these options 🙂
    Glory’s latest post: I’m only going to homeschool my oldest

  572. Anything that resembles a princess or ballerina!
    SaraR’s latest post: a little bit of nothing

  573. Rachel Hodge says:

    Oh my 2 year old is loving his tiger tail my friend made him for his birthday. It’s orange with black stripes and just such fun to wear. 🙂

  574. My boys like to use fleece blankets from their beds for dress-up.

  575. Natalie V says:

    My son’s favorite dress up outfit is a big plane type thing. Best $3 I ever spent! i didn’t think he’d care about it but it’s definitely been his most favorite costume!!

  576. My daughter uses her ballerina tutu and any doctor tools she can find…
    Pamela’s latest post: Menu Plan Nov 28 – Dec 2

  577. I like both on FB!
    Pamela’s latest post: Menu Plan Nov 28 – Dec 2

  578. Katy Crain says:

    My daughter uses our big clothes for dress up clothes, an a little doctor jacket we got from the dollar bin at Target. She could really use some exciting dress up clothes!

  579. Katy Crain says:

    I both like SH and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook!

  580. Baby boy would love these! He is always borrowing sissy’s dress ups!

  581. My son likes to dress up as a Ninja

  582. My 5 year old likes to dress up as a queen.

  583. My kids love all things pirate. Our two pirate hats are the things that get used most in our dressup chest.

  584. My little boy loves to stick things down the back of his pants (like tea towels or t-shirts) to make a tail and then he pretends to be one of the dogs. He’s 2 😉

  585. Liked both of you on facebook!
    Misty’s latest post: ~Maria & Gerardo~

  586. Such a fun giveaway! My wee one loves to dress with any shoes she can find!

  587. Easily- my kids use their playsilks the most. I’d love to win these, though, and gift them to some very lucky and sweet friends.
    Sarah’s latest post: Why I Love the St. Andrew Christmas Novena

  588. Our favorite costumes are the dress up clothes kids can get on and off by themselves, with velcro tabs.

  589. Pam in Missouri says:

    These items look awesome for pretend play. That is one of the things I have loved best about our homeschool: the kids are constantly dressing up as one thing or another and creating exciting stories. Lately they have been going through a bow and arrow phase. Thanks for the chance to win.

  590. The pharaoh headdress from Halloween is still getting lots of use and the old knights’ costumes get used abundantly with their swords and shields.
    cellista’s latest post: Spirit of Christmas

  591. Jennifer J says:

    A cape I made for my son two Christmases ago.

  592. My girls like to use crowns/tiaras and wands for dress up play.
    Joyce Moy’s latest post: Our Week in Photos (Week 48 of 52)

  593. old halloween costumes

  594. My girls use two capes their Gramma made them last Christmas quite often, as well as two froofy tie-on tutus, and funny enough, a collection of old old old silk/chiffon scarves an old family friend was getting rid of. We’re a big fan of dressing up! 🙂

  595. I like you both on facebook – thanks!

  596. my daughter loves wrapping up in play silks and sheets, and my son loves his peter pan hat and wooden dagger or his cowboy hat and stick horse!

  597. i like you both on fb!

  598. We just went to a Renaissance Fair so my son has been using the wooden shield and sword he got from it. This would go great with that!
    Dee’s latest post: Combining Business with Pleasure

  599. Liking you both!
    Dee’s latest post: Combining Business with Pleasure

  600. Either some fairy wings or a pirate hat. We could use some silks!

  601. Catherine says:

    My kids use their play silks and clothes from their mom and dad’s closet!

  602. My children love to play chef with dress up hat and apron. Sometimes the apron doubles as a super cape. 🙂

  603. Tracy Avery says:

    My son loves his cape. He uses his imagination and one minute he is superman and the next he has invented a whole new super hero. He wears it everywhere. It holds the source of his superpowers.

  604. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on facebook.

  605. Our army dress up items are the current favorite in our house.

  606. Melissa Waterstripe says:

    My six year old daughter loves wearing my old flower girl dress! My ten year old is totally into her Hogwarts cape! Lots of fun 🙂

  607. Melissa Waterstripe says:

    Liked Sarah’s Silks and have liked you for awhile!!

  608. My daughter loves any sort of dress and headband. My younger son just puts on his previous Halloween costume or various hats or sunglasses. My older son has to have a sword or other weapon. Thanks!
    Melissa’s latest post: Home from China FAQ and a plea for help

  609. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.
    Melissa’s latest post: Home from China FAQ and a plea for help

  610. Ballerina tutus that my Mom whipped up for my girls are worn a lot around here.

  611. My kids (boys included) love dressing up as princesses the most.

  612. My kids love all there dress up clothes, especially their animal felt masks.
    Christy’s latest post: Just a little happiness from one of my favourite movies…

  613. Jennifer J says:

    I liked SH and SS on FB.

  614. My girls love any sort of dress or accessory that makes them look “back in the day” (which means Laura Ingalls Wilder’s time). 🙂

  615. My daughter usually wears three tutus at a time, my mom’s old garden hat, and some Mardi Gras beads — inside and outside the house. Thanks. What a nice giveaway.

  616. We have a few of the basic silks and my kids go to them most often for dress up! Capes, skirts, dresses and baby carriers… Thanks!

  617. We don’t have clothes specifically for dress up but my kids like to wear hats. I would love some dress up clothes!

  618. With 6 kids we go through A LOT of dress up items.. recently though we were given a basket full of socks turned into animal legs from the local theatre and my kids have played NON stop with them since! :O)

  619. Liked both pages on FB!

  620. My daughter uses ballet items and just found a pair of long gloves that she adores!
    Lisa’s latest post: Keeping the End in Sight

  621. Erin English says:

    My girls love to put on their dress up tutus, dresses, and slippers.

  622. My girls (5 and 7), most use their princess dresses and play silks for dress up. The silks (which are very worn and full of holes) can be veils, capes, belts, anything.

  623. Erin English says:

    I liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  624. he’s definitely into his doctor costume that he wore for career day. he wants to wear it all the time!

  625. By far the most used items in our dress up bin are the wooden swords. My son loves vests and tunics, as well as belts with pouches. My daughter loves (what she calls) fluffy dresses!
    Rose’s latest post: Halloween

  626. My son uses a crepe paper wrapped sword and a cape. My daughters use old dresses and ropes.
    Suanna’s latest post: Black Raspberry Ice Cream

  627. Naomi Jones says:

    My daughter wears her nice dresses so that she can imagine being a princess.

  628. My kids love their silks and lots of skirts. Wonderful giveaway!

  629. Blankets have been making great capes around here lately!
    Cynthia’s latest post: What I Am Into – November 2011

  630. Liked simple homeschool and Sarah’s silks.

  631. Christina V. says:

    My daughter loves play jewelry, purses and princess crowns. My son loves masks and warrior-type toys when he dresses up.

  632. I follow Simple HomeSchool and Sarah’s Silks on FB Thank you!

  633. Christina V. says:

    I have liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  634. My daughter loves to use a bathtowel in her dress-up. She wants to be a Jedi after every bath!

  635. My five year olds favorite play item is a magic wand drum stick. My 18month olds favorite play item are hats and scars.

  636. My 2 girls love dressing up with their princess dresses…

  637. It is usually something Princess related.

  638. Lauren Kurzman says:

    My 8 year old son likes to dress himself and his 19 month old sister up in his silks. Most could be replaced after 7 hard years of play! But they are super precious to my son and we love to hold dance parties with butterfly wings, silks, capes and streamers.

  639. Lauren Kurzman says:

    I just liked you both on FB.

  640. My five-year-old wraps his baby quilt around himself and wears a green crown he made. He carries his “magic wand” and calls himself Queen of the Fairies. (He swears that boys are queens, despite my husbands attempts to convince him he should be king of the fairies.)

  641. I Like you on facebook, and I Like Sarah’s Silks too.
    anne’s latest post: Friday Photo

  642. My son currently wears a bathrobe as many different things for dress up play.
    anne’s latest post: Friday Photo

  643. Our sons wear superhero capes that their grandma made for them one Christmas. I think they play in them everyday!

  644. I like Simple Homeschool on facebook

  645. My girls love anything that sparkles or twirls. Princess is still their favorite….it’s time for them to branch out a little!

  646. I like Sarah’s Silks on facebook!

  647. Right now, my boys are into hats. And noses. The oldest is really into spies and disguises right now.

  648. boolie sluka says:

    The dragon cape is the most popular item in our dress up box!

  649. boolie sluka says:

    I like you both on FB

  650. my three love trading their old halloween costumes and adding blankets or scarves for extra “hair” or “capes.”

  651. My daughter uses hand-me-down leotards, tutus, and dance shoes for dress up.

  652. my daughter believes any dress/skirt morphs her into a princess…..and decides on it’s worthiness based on it’s spinability!

  653. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  654. Kelly Marriott says:

    Tutus for the princess and blankets for capes for the ninja/knights.

  655. Our girls use my scarves and boots most often for dress-up and our son loves to wear his Daddy’s shoes!

    bamagv at aol dot com

  656. Kelly Marriott says:

    Liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB!

  657. My daughter’s favorite dress up outfit is her cowgirl costume. She wears it all the time.

  658. This month Santa, last month a fireman, before that usually Superman

  659. Carla Reed says:

    My 2 year old loves his safari hat and mom’s vintage polaroid. He likes to go on “adven-sures”. = )

  660. Carla Reed says:

    I “like” both of you on Facebook!

  661. Oh, we would LOVE this!! My kids definitely use their two silks we have every day. They also use anything they can find to create costumes: gloves as diving flippers, sticks, string, adult clothing, etc

  662. My little boy loves using towels!

  663. My kids do not have an extensive collection of dress-up clothes, but they LOVE their capes.

  664. My daughter currently uses dresses and old Halloween costumes for dress up. I know she would love some more dress up outfits!

  665. nopinkhere says:

    My 2yo girl is all about her necklaces and other people’s shoes. My 5yo boy likes being a spy or explorer.

  666. My little girl LOVES all dress up, but lately she’s especially fond on tiaras, purses, and capes. At the same time:)
    Elizabeth’s latest post: Life-giving

  667. I like you both on facebook!

  668. My little girls uses scarves, tutus and hats all equally in her dress up play.

  669. Let’s just say that Cinderella and Batman routinely clean “their”rooms. 🙂 We love dress ups.
    Ginger’s latest post: Hello there, Do I dare try this again?

  670. My scarves!!

  671. I just *liked* Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  672. My daughter is almost 3 and uses her playsilks and wands the most. She always wants me to tie the silks around her as a cape or as a baby carrier!

  673. my kids are currently into the ninja costume or impromptu stars wars get-ups.

  674. Foam swords (also used as light savers) are in constant use.

  675. I like both Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silk on Facebook!

  676. i like you both on facebook. : )

  677. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  678. Diane Williams says:

    My son uses his plastic crown and wooden sword for being a knight – he uses his big brother’s leftover cap and a blue shirt and pants to be in the Air Force.

  679. Diane Williams says:

    Following both on FB.

  680. a cinderella dress i made for her.

  681. Sara Suastez says:

    Lately Ellie mostly has been playing pregnant mommy. I know it’s not actually dress up clothes, but she has been wearing her yoga pants and pulling up the band over her belly saying she is pregnant like mommy. Pretty adorable!

  682. Sara Suastez says:

    I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook!

  683. My daughter loves her princess dress. She was dancing around in it today.
    Christy’s latest post: Lilyisms

  684. Amber Hollister says:

    My daughter loves to use my scarves and small blankets to create new dress up outfits. She loves to design them more than anything else!

  685. My 3 1/2-year-old son loves his superhero cape with his initial on the back.

    Nice giveaway!

  686. Amber Hollister says:

    I liked both of you on my Facebook page!

  687. My son is all about hats, but he is starting to get into capes!
    Ashley’s latest post: Breather…

  688. Joy Clifton says:

    My daughter loves wearing her tutu, mittens, winter hat, boots, and a backpack filled with lots of treasures.

  689. sondra meegan says:

    My kiddos love to use dish towels to make pirate headwraps!

  690. Julie Herrington says:

    My son wears a superman cape my mother made and my daughter wears princess dresses.

  691. My girls love their tutus and crazy hats! Would love to win this giveaway!
    Meagan DeLong’s latest post: My thoughts on making it through labor naturally…

  692. My son loves to wear his dinosaur Halloween costume. I hope he fits into it for a little while longer!

  693. Right now we use mostly old Halloween costumes….cats, monkeys, etc.

  694. My son isn’t dressing up for play a whole lot yet, but he loves to “help” fold laundry and is especially fascinated with socks! 🙂
    Caroline’s latest post: Five Minute Friday: Tired

  695. Maggie Horn says:

    My son loves to wear hats, any hats he finds around the house!

  696. Jess McCarthy says:

    My youngest asks me to knot his blanket over his shoulders to fly! 🙂

  697. Jess McCarthy says:

    I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB!

  698. Princess gowns!

  699. My daughters have a few princess and animal outfits, and I’m discovering that my son (age 2) is ready to get into dress-up play too. He recently has been transforming kitchen towels–and even short-handled handbags into “superman capes”. Time to get him some dressups of his own!

  700. My 2 year old son uses blankets and a toy football helmet. He is so cute!

  701. My kids love to play “mommy & daddy” they take care of all their babies. It’s so sweet — !!

  702. My 4 year old daughter is a princess every day and my 2 year old son is Superman every day, complete with boots and cape and sword. Their dress up clothes are almost in tatters from use.
    Ashley H.’s latest post: Three A.M.

  703. I like both of fb! (long time fan of both!)

  704. My little lady loves tutus and my 5 year old son is obsessed with wizards and wears his bathrobe all day long!

  705. My oldest DD likes to play with make-up and do her nails to be *fancy* and my DS likes to play knights and battle with armor and swords and capes. He also likes to play ninjas, he’s a versatile little man : )

  706. Princess clothes

  707. My son uses his blanket the most often for dress up – it’s amazing what he can turn it into!

  708. My 2 year old daughter hasn’t really been introduced to dress up play, but I think these silks would be a great chance to start!

  709. dress up play? either hats or the couple of silks we already have. 🙂

  710. She currently uses some old clothes my mother had.

  711. Superhero costumes and animal costumes. They love to dress up!

  712. Hanna DeMaster says:

    My kiddos is currently dressing up most in his knight costume, slaying the dragon (a balloon hanging from the ceiling) that hangs out in our living room.

  713. Hanna DeMaster says:

    Following you both on Facebook!

  714. My daughter uses baby banz sunglasses the most in her dress up play. Simple but true! She pretends they are goggles…

  715. My son uses various superhero costumes we get from the local thrift store. Thanks for the chance to win.

  716. My daughter uses anything she can find but love princess dresses.

  717. My sons’ love to play with a super hero cape that they have as well as some “knight wear” that they have. I love to watch them!

  718. I liked you both on Facebook!

  719. Our daughter most often using her Sarah’s Silk play silk in her dress up and imaginative play (no, really!). It’s a second actually that we bought at a local shop… one of the perks of living adjacent to the town that Sarah’s Silks is based in.
    Carrie’s latest post: Pinned: Hanukkah Craft Inspiration

  720. We bought a cute dress up dress for her that looks very “Narnian”. She uses any excuse to play Narnia!

  721. my daughter’s favorite dress up is her “dragging dress” after becoming obsessed with wedding gowns.
    my son uses his sidekick, his stuffed dog, to be whatever duo is perfect for the moment.

  722. My 5 year old dresses up most often as, surprise, a knight! My 3 year old dresses up most often as, surprise number 2, a princess! My one year old dresses up most often in his bib as he is teething, and thus drooling, like crazy : )

  723. We have a dress up bin filled with all sorts of things…from former karate uniforms to old halloween costumes. Good times!

  724. Kate Tucker says:

    Beautiful. My children love anything twirly. Tutus, long sashes, wands. The favorite by far is a hand me down from a cousin, from a cousin, from a friend. Going on child number five and still playing strong!

  725. Probably a sword.

  726. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer) says:

    My children like to go through the box of winter hats, gloves and scarves.

  727. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer) says:

    ‘Like’ Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook

  728. Right now most dress stuff are hand me downs from the cousins. But scrap fabric has been used in the past.

  729. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on facebooks.

  730. My boys love to dress up as firefighters. They’re 3 and 2 and have matching plastic hats and rainboots that they’ll run around in all day. Also, from my days working at a store which featured cowboy hats, they have straw cowboys hats that they believe protects them from rain. Occasionally the little stinkers will sneak into my closet and “try on” my shoes, but since walking in them proves difficult, they quickly retreat to outfits more their size.

  731. My daughters love dresses and crowns!

  732. The Lone Ranger.

  733. Hats are the most common elements in our dress up lately. We store them in sweater sorters, and have had to get a third!
    megan’s latest post: My adventure with Captain Underpants…

  734. My daughter uses her “VBS Clothes” which is a term she made up to describe summer clothing, preferably with stains. Even though it is December she insists on wearing VBS clothes most days, three-year-olds are a funny bunch.

  735. we don’t have ‘dress up’ clothes yet, but she’s always putting her little brothers clothes and daddy’s socks!

  736. Danielle J says:

    My two kids use fabric strips, old halloween costumes and costume jewellery for dressup. I love seeing what they can come up with!

  737. ‘liked’ simple homeschool

  738. tutus, tutus, and more tutus….

  739. my kids use their blankies and tie them as capes, skirts, forts, you name it…the versatile blankie 🙂

  740. My son uses his daddy’s hats and boots and his sister’s feather boa – who knows what he thinks he is. Both my kids like to use their halloween outfits (fairy and astronaut) interchangeably. Like simple home school and sarah’s silks on FB.

  741. My kids both have a few capes they use. My daughter likes to run and jump and pretend she is flying like a bird. My son is usually a bad guy or a wizard.

  742. My daughters: dresses, tutus, and wands. My son: sword, lightsaber, or anything that can be turned into something powerful. Today it was a container lid used as a shield.
    genuinemom’s latest post: Mom Hairstyles – a slightly shallow, yet necessary conversation

  743. my daughter loves some tutus that my sister made for her!

  744. My kids love to use their old halloween costumes to dress up in.

  745. I recently fashioned a cape out of one of my old t-shirts … My 4-year old would LOVE a “real” cape from Sarah’s Silks! 🙂

  746. Tutu is the number one dress-up item around here.

  747. briciolina says:

    My four year old son LOVES his viking costume and his crossbow.

  748. briciolina says:

    I liked both Simplemom and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  749. They use any number of costumes in their costume chest, as well as lightsabers, masks made out of duct-tape, and various accents – but mostly their incredible imaginations!
    Jamie’s latest post: BirthdayS

  750. My daughter love to carry around an old purse of mine and pretend she is going to the store. Pretty hilarious!

  751. A Jedi Cape and a Robin Hood hat are the two most used pieces of dress up clothing.
    Southern Gal’s latest post: Advent and other things

  752. Natalie E. says:

    An apron is a favorite here.

  753. Our most used item is actually our silks, which are in shreds. This would be fabulous!

  754. Katherine says:

    My son equally uses an actual cape his grandparents bought him, and an assortment of blankets and bandanas.

  755. I have four little ones who all love to dress up and play. Here’s their favorites right now:
    Seven year-old: cape and Mario hat
    Four year-old: tutus
    Three year-old twins: capes and any hats they can find

  756. Capes and masks are popular around these parts.

  757. My boys love their “swords” (any stick or cardboard tube will do!) and they often have some sort of hat on too!

  758. My 2 – almost 3 – year old son loves to play the friendly firefighter where he comes knocking and introducting himself while wearing his gloves and helmet. He also likes to row his boat wearing his boat hat, and his police uniform. My husband is in the navy, so recently he has enjoyed putting on his boots and my husband’s cover and pretending to go to his ship. 🙂

  759. Just liked Sarah’s silks. Already liked you guys on facebook. 🙂

  760. My little guy loves wearing his birthday crown for dress up 🙂

  761. I “like” both of you on Facebook.

  762. Amy Rouse says:

    He uses a tool belt. He loves to pretend to be a “fixer man”.

  763. Amy Rouse says:

    Like’ Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook

    Amy Rouse

  764. my daughter’s fav dress up items are large old scarves of mine that she makes forts out of, and princess dresses

  765. I liked them both on fb- thanks

  766. My kids play with their old halloween costumes and doctor and tool kits.

  767. My twin sisters insist on hats, some days its a Sunday hat and they play the part of a Southern Lady, other days they will sit around in Stetsons.

    chitownchicas at gmail dot com
    Sophie S’s latest post: Astronauts Falling and Other Random #Space Stuff #NASA

  768. Unus Sed Leona likes Simple homeschool and Sarahs Silks on Facebook!

    chitownchicas at gmail dot com
    Sophie S’s latest post: Astronauts Falling and Other Random #Space Stuff #NASA

  769. My 2 year old uses an old floppy hat, sunglasses and an old scarf of my grandmother’s. He makes quite a picture! He would love these costumes and playsilks!

  770. I like both on facebook.

  771. our kids love to play pirates in their play silks…we would love to win!

  772. I liked Simple Homeschool on FB!
    robert’s latest post: Get Creative

  773. I liked Sarah’s Silks on FB!!

  774. my boys use masks and capes most right now!

  775. I like SH and Sarah’s Silks on FB!

  776. My kids are loving to dress-up as chefs and play in their kitchen!

  777. Jennifer H. says:

    Our kids use anything to dress up — it’s high on their list of fun things to do lately, and we don’t have any dedicated dress-up clothes, so this would be an awesome gift. Thanks for the giveaway!

  778. My daughter most often is a butterfly fairy and my son dresses up as Robin Hood daily. He even calls himself Robin Hood. 🙂

  779. I have two small granddaughters with the most vivid imaginations.
    I know who they got that from- their moms! dressing up in tutus and halloween costumes makes their day!

  780. Chelsea Whitby says:

    My little boy loves all things hats! Especially his fireman and construction hats but he’s expanding his dress up interests everyday.

  781. Chelsea Whitby says:

    I likes Sarah’s Silks and Simple Homeschool on FB.

  782. Knocked Up and Nursing says:

    My daughter has this wedding dress that she has played with just about everyday for 2 years. She’s just about to outgrow it and this would be so nice to get her some new dress up clothes.

  783. My daughters use crocheted blankets for dress-ups. They use them for everything from long princess dresses to capes to riding hoods. Lots of fun! Would love to have some of these play silks! They are gorgeous!
    Jessica Wilhelmsen’s latest post: Weekly Menu: 10/23-10/29

  784. Super heroes, for sure.

  785. Knocked Up and Nursing says:

    I like you both on Facebook.
    Sarah B

  786. Capes and masks!

  787. Jennifer C. says:

    We use a $1 bride dress I bought at a yard sale! My son also likes to use a pair of his sister’s pants we cut up to make “pirate pants.”

  788. Megan Miller says:

    My kids use their old Halloween costumes for dress up!

  789. Our dress-up bin is mostly filled with costumes my grandmother purchased 2 or 3 years ago at an after-Halloween sale. They are definitely showing wear…I’d love to replace them for Christmas!

  790. I like you both on fb

  791. My daughters enjoy playing Mama and Baby, stuffing animals under their tops for fake pregnancy bellies. It’s pretty cute to us since we welcomed a new baby this summer…curely our neighbors wonder about our crazy ideas.:)

  792. We often play “house” under towels or sheets while I fold laundry.
    Emily @ Random Recycling’s latest post: Waste Not Wednesday~ Candy Decorating

  793. My son loves his fire hat–he’s a junior fireman in the making!

  794. Our most beloved dress up item is a tiger costume that is at least 2-3 sizes too small for any of my kids…but how they love it so!

  795. i like you both on Facebook!

  796. My daughter currently likes to put on my shoes and hats and hooded towels (loves an elephant towel). I bet she would love this!

  797. We have bins of costumes I’ve purchased over the years following Halloween (can’t beat $2 a costume!). My oldest is always wearing her dragon costume even though it is a bit on the small side. My middle loves to wear the french poodle, but my two year old is still into the blanket tied around his neck as a cape. = )

  798. my daughter walks around in a pink satin sheet all the time lol

  799. I liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB.

  800. Patricia Walsh says:

    I first met Sarah Lee at a Waldorf conference in Sacramento and fell in love with her wares and even sold some alone with my Barefoot Books at area schools and conferences. My three little granddaughters and their friends play with Sarah’s silks every day, we have a trunk full of wonderful items for pretend play, someone always has a princess dress and crown on and a silk tied somewhere, they are all wonderful!

  801. Patricia Walsh says:

    I just “liked” Simple Homeschool..I already liked Sarah’s Silks…both wonderful!

  802. My little one loves playing with hats and thinks it’s hilarious to put them on others.
    Nicole @ Wonderful Joy Ahead’s latest post: LE Hoot Hoot!

  803. My munchkins use old scarves that belonged to their great grandmother. They use them to transform themselves into ninjas, pirates, fairy princesses, little old ladies, and ballerinas. They also use her old, heavy costume jewelry as treasure and “finery.”

  804. I liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  805. My son loves to use a cloth for an eye patch. He loves dressing up as pirate.

  806. I like both simple homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook.

  807. My daughter uses one of her baby blankets as a cape…while wearing a tutu.

  808. Right now my daughter is INSANE about princesses, and she has several princess dresses that get worn EVERYDAY. She goes through at least FOUR princess outfits a day. She’s 4 and pretend play makes up 80% of her day!

  809. Superheroes and princesses!

  810. My daughter loves using old scarves, big pieces of fabric, lady bug wings, etc for dress up play.

  811. Liked both SH and Sarah’s Silks on FB.

  812. My son most often dresses up in his alligator costume…and boy is he fierce!
    Thanks for the chance to win~

  813. Playsilks are used constantly at our house. They are skirts, capes, doll slings or anything else that is needed for the game of the day.

  814. I actually don’t have a child, but I have a 6 year old cousin who I would use this for. He LOVES {and I mean loves} costumes! His favorite right now is his Iron Man costume from Halloween.

  815. Rachael Davis says:

    My daughter loves anything remotely frilly. It immediately gets the label “princess dress” and I love that I have less laundry! 🙂

  816. Rachael Davis says:

    I just liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB.

  817. Amanda B. says:

    My 4 year old daughter plays princesses and my 5 year old son is the knight! My 1 year old usually ends up with a sword and a firefighters hat!

  818. Amanda B. says:

    Just liked simple homeschool on facebook!

  819. My son likes to create his own play outfits…out of boxes…such a boy!

  820. the kids most often use their capes and crowns!

  821. Doodlebug’s favorite dress up toy right now is my mom’s jewelry box. I’d love to have some play silks for her.
    DM’s latest post: She made my day!

  822. My 3 year old loves being a princess or a fairy.

  823. following both on facebook.

  824. They use the capes that our neighbor made. Great Star Wars, Hobbit, Princess potential.
    Trish’s latest post: Birthday Wishes

  825. I liked you both on FB. Thanks for the great giveaway. 🙂
    Trish’s latest post: Birthday Wishes

  826. A “ballet”, meaning a skirt. Over top of everything, even pyjamas!

  827. They have cowboy hats and chaps that that they wear a lot…also super capes I made them.

  828. my kiddos frequently dress up in secondhand costumes donated by friends. our favorite are currently a dragon and lion costume. love the idea of versatile play silks!

  829. My kiddos love their hand-me-down princess dresses from friends!
    April Emery’s latest post: Christmas Explained – Day 3: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (The History of Santa)

  830. I liked Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB
    April Emery’s latest post: Christmas Explained – Day 3: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (The History of Santa)

  831. he is a cowboy complete with hat and chaps just about every day.

  832. My boys will take anything stick-like and call it a “light saber” (although they’ve never seen Star Wars, we have children’s books) or a sword. They love to pretend to be firemen and put out fires too.

  833. liked Sara’s Silks and already liked Simple Homeschool on FB.

  834. My 7 year old is always dressing as a princess with a tiara, 4 year old wants to dress as a fireman or knight constantly, the 3 year old takes whatever costumes/hats are around. 🙂

  835. My 2 and 3 year olds have been loving capes- made of towels, scarves- anything!

  836. princess shoes and necklaces

  837. The two girls currently dress up as ballerinas the most. My son is often seen as the prince or a hunter =)
    Kari’s latest post: Our Attempt

  838. Jessica Forrester says:

    I liked both of you on Facebook. 😉

  839. Jessica Forrester says:

    My son loves using his Batman costume!

  840. I would love to win this! My son is so much into pretend play and really anything and everything in his environment is fair game. He loves to pretend he is daddy or pretend to drive us somewhere, usually to the store. Hours of fun!

  841. Jaclyn Ley says:

    My son uses his imagination. It’s amazing how the simplest things become tools, food dishes, or anything else. He loves to wear his dinosaur hats too!

  842. Jaclyn Ley says:

    I’ve “liked” both of FB.

  843. Loretta S. says:

    Ha – my boys most often use a tupperware container for a hat when they ‘dress up’. Perhaps I need to provide them with some more dress up clothes, non?

  844. Tutus too!

  845. my toddler takes my shoes and scarves to dress up with
    Anastasia B’s latest post: Baby T’s Water Birth Story

  846. I like both on FB
    Anastasia B’s latest post: Baby T’s Water Birth Story

  847. My daughter loves her animal costumes the most and elephant is her favorite at the moment.

  848. I like Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on FB–thanks!

  849. Right now, my daughter and 7 1/2 year old use a real amalgamation of things to create their own “costumes” for play…so silks would definately be perfect for how they are playing dress up right now. We also have a baby who wouldn’t necessarily dress up but would play with some silk!

  850. I already “like” simple homeschool on FB, but liked sarah’s silks now too!
    sheila’s latest post: I’m still thankful

  851. A collection of homemade capes she has!
    Ashlee’s latest post: Guatemalan Fabric embellished Diaper Bag

  852. Liked both FB pages!
    Ashlee’s latest post: Guatemalan Fabric embellished Diaper Bag

  853. My daughter is always a Princess and uses her fancy dresses to the Royalty. My son uses his bed sheet as his cape and has only his undies on for his super hero costume!

  854. My son pretends that his jacket is his fireman’s coat when he fights the hundreds of fires we have each day. 🙂

  855. Christine says:

    My children use costumes during their free play.

  856. Christine says:

    I like you and Sarah’s Silks on fb.

  857. My god children will actually use paper to construct their own costumes and put a play on for us! It’s great fun!

  858. Stephanie Abell says:

    My son Anthony dresses up like Harry Potter and uses a magic wand to fight the bad guys. 🙂

  859. Stephanie Abell says:

    I liked Simple Homeschool on FB.

  860. Stephanie Abell says:

    I liked Sarah’s Silks on FB

  861. Stephanie Abell says:

    Oh, and I forgot. He loves to put on Mommy & Daddy’s shoes and walk around the house!

  862. My 4 year old daughter is currently into all things princess. My 2 year old son is wanting to be something besides a prince:)

  863. My 4 year-old daughter loves her tutus and twirly skirts, and my 6 year-old son loves hats and capes. 🙂

  864. Like both on FB! 🙂

  865. my little dollface is a block addict right now! the silks will be a great addition. 🙂

  866. Christina D. says:

    My son, Van, loves glasses and sunglasses of all sorts.
    It’s magical the things he transforms himself into when he is wearing them.

  867. Christina D. says:

    Heart both you guys on facebook too of course!

  868. MichelleD says:

    My 6 year old daughter loves to be a princess!! 🙂
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  869. My 5 year old loves wearing a ‘zorro’ mask we made by cutting out eye holes from an old spa-type eye mask !

  870. marta suarez says:

    Her froofroo skirt and play jewelry with a silk cape and pretend swords and a headband on her forehead. She is a fun child!

  871. marta suarez says:

    Yay! I like both on FB!!!

  872. My three year old is the one most into dress up. Kitties and fancy ladies.

  873. My son is very much into the two silk we have. He also loves his knight costume

  874. brooke wagen says:

    my daughter uses shoes. to the exclusion of all other dress up clothes… this win would help change her habits.

  875. brooke wagen says:

    i just liked simple homeschool and sarah’s silks on facebook. thanks.

  876. Right now her favorite thing is her homemade (by me!) felt crown and her one playsilk as a cape. This giveaway is so far up my alley… it almost made me cry! 🙂
    erin day’s latest post: As we gather

  877. Liked both on FB a looooong time ago.
    erin day’s latest post: As we gather

  878. hats and capes!!

  879. Tina Savasuk says:

    My son loves his SWAT outfit and my daughter loves anything dressy (princess, fairies, etc…) I would love to win, thanks for the opportunity.
    Tina Savasuk’s latest post: Braedon Pre-School

  880. My daughter has always loved her Sarah’s Silks fairy/petal skirt she got when she was 3yrs old & can still wear at age eight, yet it is very short. Perhaps, I can win her a new one the next size up!

    As for the boy, my son’s current favorite bit of dress up is his sister’s silk crown – pink & purple with silver gems – as it is good to be a king!

  881. My little girl loves her dresses, but she wears hats the most. Even if she isn’t all out dressing up, she feels like a different character when wearing any type of hat, and he is passing this love on to her brother!

  882. My sons are into anything with swords and (nerf) guns right now. Soldiers, Jedi knights, ninjas, etc. Sigh – I miss the pretty princess days of my (older) daughter.

  883. I like you and Sarah’s Silks on facebook.

  884. Amanda Anderson says:

    Our current favorite is a set of velvet cloaks that the (ahem) elves made for the kids last year. They were simple to stitch up (stretch velvet, no hemming!) and have gotten a ton of play!

    I’d love to use the gift certificate to replace our big rainbow silk banner–after eight years of hard use it actually wore out!

  885. Amanda Anderson says:

    I like both Sarah’s Silks and Simple HS on Facebook. Thanks!

  886. my daughter uses the princess dresses. my son wears his gladiator mask with sunglasses. weird, i know!

  887. My boys love to wear their cowboy vests and hats!

  888. The dress-up box is one of the most used play items in our house. Old ballet costumes, twirly skirts, capes, and fairy wands are the typical wardrobe of my 2 girls : )

  889. My boys use everything in sight to be super heroes! their latest costume idea is using just the arms of their footie pajamas and letting the rest of the pajama be the cape 🙂

  890. My daughter loves the fairy costume we got her for Halloween and my 1yo son loves her wings =D
    ap83’s latest post: Meal Plan 11/27/11 – 12/03/11

  891. northernfairie says:

    The silks we currently have which my children have used so much that most of them have rips and holes. They are pleading for new ones! It sure speaks to how much they use them in their daily play.

  892. northernfairie says:

    I already “like” simple homeschool on facebook and now I “like” Sarah’s Silks!

  893. My kids love playing in their kitchen. According to them they make the BEST water 🙂

  894. My 4 yo son loves dressing up as a super hero!

  895. My little guy (20 mos) like to wear the cake pans on his head.
    Angie’s latest post: long weekend loveliness

  896. Tracy Owens says:

    My 3 daughters are always dressing up like ballerinas.

  897. My girls are all about princess and ballet dress up items. I like these things with more options for boys.
    Cori’s latest post: Marvelous Maple Trees

  898. My daughter dresses up in her Egyptian costume quite a bit lately.
    Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify’s latest post: Hot Spot Check Up: The Entryway | Week 1

  899. My kids love to dress up, would love to win this giveaway.