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Fellow introverted mamas, it still isn’t too late to download the introverted mom’s advent calendar:

Over 2,100 mamas have done so thus far, and I love the thought of all of us taking good care of ourselves this holiday season. Get yours here!

Weekend homeschool links:

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December is the perfect time to check out Reading Eggs if you have a child who’s learning to read!

Sign up for their 4 week trial FREE w/o any credit card required, & voila–educational fun for them while you wrap presents & get things done (or take a nap)!  

Yay: Stitch Fix has extended their holiday offer, meaning you can STILL sign up for your very first fix and the styling fee will be waived!

If malls are just not your thing, especially this time of year (hate ’em!), SF could be perfect for you. And remember they style for plus sizes now too!

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