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I’ve never found a homeschooling planner that suited me before, but this one is like a planner, coloring book, & inspiration tool combined–love!

Just 10 days to go until this year’s homeschool day in the life series concludes with our community link up on Monday, February 29th!

The more participants we have that day, the merrier, so please join in! And if you haven’t seen a link up before, you can get a feel for it by taking a peek at last year’s post.

A homeschool day in the life 2016

Also I wanted to say thanks for such a supportive response to my announcement on Monday! It felt a bit like posting pictures of your newborn on Facebook for the first time, hoping folks are going to say “She’s adorable.” And you did, so thank you!!

Enjoy this collection of weekend homeschool links:

What we’re reading this week:

  • Jamie – Age 39:


  • Trishna, Jonathan, Elijah – Ages 12, 11 & 10:


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Do you dread teaching writing in your homeschool? Why not outsource it through Time4Writing.com?

It’s an online program using real-life instructors who are passionate about writing and give feedback to help your child improve. Meet the teachers here and see how it works.

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If you are a fan of Five in a Row, you might just love Ivy KidsBoth programs feature unit studies centered around classic kids’ books, but Ivy Kids SENDS both the book & ALL the supplies you’ll need to you each month.

It’s like preschool/Kindergarten in a box, with ways to adapt it for ages 3-8. Get 20% OFF your first kit with code IVY20.

“The home is the chief school of human virtues.”
~ William Ellery Channing

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