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Annie Reneau is a homeschooling mom of three, who somehow convinced her family to store everything that wouldn't fit in their Honda Pilot to travel the U.S. as digital nomads for a year. She writes about the hilarity and horror of motherhood and her family's traveling adventures at Motherhood and More.

Why I don’t worry about my homeschoolers’ socialization


Written by Annie Reneau of Motherhood and More.

If you were to ask the two million or so homeschoolers across America which question they get asked the most, I’m sure most would say, “What about socialization?”

Before kids, I might have asked the same question. Now that our oldest homeschooler is high school age (craziness!), that question seems completely asinine.

No offense, if that’s a question you’d ask. But it’s such a non-issue, it seems like a silly question from this side of the fence.

Here’s why:

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Homeschooling through a crisis


The following is a guest post by Annie Reneau of Motherhood and More.

This spring, our family’s life altered drastically. We were already in the midst of a big change, ending our year of traveling around the country. But then we were hit with a difficult change, one that we didn’t choose.

In early March, my healthy, vibrant mother-in-law, Judy, was diagnosed with advanced stage IV pancreatic cancer. The oncologists gave her a prognosis of three months. She passed away eight weeks later.

During those two months, my husband and I and our three kids moved into a new house in a new town to be near my in-laws. My husband — who has worked from home for many years — took over his mom’s duties at his parents’ business to help salvage their livelihood.

I started babysitting my nephew so my sister-in-law could care for Judy during the day without a 4-year-old clamoring for her attention.

Put all of those changes together, then toss in the emotional turmoil of watching a loved one lose a brutal battle with cancer, and you have some idea of what our life has been like.

Homeschooling during this time? Tough.

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Seeds and saplings


The following is a guest post written by Annie Reneau of Motherhood and More.

“We can think of ourselves not as teachers but as gardeners. A gardener does not ‘grow’ flowers; he tries to give them what he thinks they need and they grow by themselves.”
– John Holt

One day, I was chatting with a fellow homeschooling mom about this analogy of teachers as gardeners.

As she dug into her botany background and began passionately explaining the diverse needs of seeds, I was struck by the depth of this metaphor — not just for us “gardeners,” but for the “seeds” and “saplings” in our care as well.

All seeds have a basic need for sun, water and a place to anchor — much like a child’s basic needs for food, love and shelter.

But beyond that, seeds sprout and flourish under widely diverse conditions.
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