Block Party Giveaway: The Vintage Pearl

This giveaway is now closed. Check back on July 4th for the winner!

Welcome to the Simple Living Media Summer Block Party! We’ve got 20 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win!

So let’s get started with a fabulous prize from The Vintage Pearl, a family-owned company handcrafting beautiful jewelry.

The Vintage Pearl was started by mother of four Erin Edwards. She and her husband Ryan create unique handstamped necklaces, bracelets, and keepsakes using sterling silver, freshwater pearls, and birthstone crystals. Their creations are truly amazing and beautiful.

From The Vintage Pearl website:

“The Vintage Pearl began in 2007 as a creative outlet while staying home and raising our kids. It quickly blossomed into a business and continues to grow. I feel extremely blessed to be able to work while home with my kids!”

I adore this lovely necklace I received from The Vintage Pearl–wearing it throughout my day inspires me and reminds me to have courage in the midst of the small challenges that come my way.

Today Erin is generously offering one reader a $100 gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl!

How to Win

Everyone has three chances to win. Choose one or all three!

1. Comment on this post, and answer this question: How long has it been since you received a new piece of jewelry?

2. Follow @simpleschool and @thevintagepearl on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Be sure to come back and leave a separate comment with the link to your tweet.

3. Subscribe to Simple Homeschool by email or in your feed reader. Leave a separate comment letting me know you’re subscribed.

This giveaway will end at 11:59 pm EST on June 30th (tonight!) and is open to commenters 18 years or older. We’ll use to choose winners on July 4th! I hope you win!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. Following both on Twitter
    .-= Melissa D’s last blog: Working- working- working =-.

  2. Two Christmases ago my husband had me pick out a necklace, which I still am loving.

  3. I’m a subscriber in my feed reader.

  4. The last oiece of jewelry for me? I think it would be my wedding ring from 7 years ago. Sad!

  5. I subscribe to the RSS feed

  6. A few weeks—my daughter made me a necklace in Sunday school class. But I’d REALLY like something a little…less chunky, and minus the primary colors.
    .-= Jennifer Jo’s last blog: Clues- cold baths- cream- etc =-.

  7. suzanne bateman says:

    I was lucky enough to receive a bracelet from my kids for mothers day from 10,000 villages! But a necklace to go with it would be fantastic!

  8. I received a necklace last year for Mother’s Day.

  9. I haven’t received a new piece of jewelry in over a year. Our budget is very tight, so therefore, new jewelry is a want, not a need :)

  10. I am a subscriber. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I am already a follower of simple homeschool.
    .-= Christen’s last blog: =-.

  12. This past April for our anniversary!!

  13. I am already a subscriber to simple homeschool!

  14. Melissa says:

    How long has it been? Too long :).

  15. Melissa says:

    I am also a subscriber!

  16. I love Vintage Pearl!! Two month ago I got a necklace and earrings . . . otherwise new jewelry is rare around here. ;o)

  17. melissa says:

    my wedding almost 9 years ago!!

  18. melissa says:

    I am now an email subscriber

  19. Hmmm … the last jewelry I received was the necklace my daughters gave me for my birthday in February. Before that, it was probably the mother’s bracelet I received on my first Mother’s Day — 8 years ago!

  20. I’ve subscribed via Reader.

  21. I received my 10th anniversary wedding band two years ago.

  22. Jessica says:

    A little over a year.

  23. The last piece of jewelry I received was a macaroni necklace made by my son last week in church! It is the most beautiful piece in my small collection :)
    .-= Heather Brooks’s last blog: Motivation Monday 5 Modern products to help you go Green =-.

  24. I read all of my SLM sites via Google reader-love ’em all!
    .-= Heather Brooks’s last blog: Motivation Monday 5 Modern products to help you go Green =-.

  25. The last time I got jewellery was for my thirtieth birthday two years ago – a piece from my mum and one from my husband.
    .-= Chic Mummy’s last blog: Quick Kid Tip – Bendy Straws =-.

  26. I bought myself a pair of $5 earrings at World Market last week. Does that count? LOL

  27. I subscribe to your blog in my google reader!

  28. I follow you both on twitter, and tweeted about the giveaway @chic_mummy
    .-= Chic Mummy’s last blog: Quick Kid Tip – Bendy Straws =-.

  29. I’m already a RSS subscriber.
    .-= Chic Mummy’s last blog: Quick Kid Tip – Bendy Straws =-.

  30. My husband gave me a beautiful necklace as a surprise at Christmas.

  31. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  32. i did get a necklace and earring set at the end of the school year (so, just a month ago!) from the mom of the little guy that i watch part-time while she works (as a teacher). but, although i’ve purchased a great vintage pearl necklace as a gift for my mom, i don’t have any of erin’s stuff for myself and would LOVE one!
    thanks for the chance!
    .-= shana’s last blog: multitude monday =-.

  33. Danielle says:

    It’s been at least 2 years. I can’t even remember really. I do remember the piece though… it’s beautiful

  34. Danielle says:

    I subscribe in my Google Reader.

  35. The last time I received jewelry?…my mom gave me a beautiful heart-shaped necklace for my birthday in June! :)
    .-= Gina’s last blog: Say Cheese- =-.

  36. I’m subscribed in a reader too!
    .-= Gina’s last blog: Say Cheese- =-.

  37. I borrowed a necklace from my mom to wear to a wedding. I had given it to her for Christmas. She said I could keep it :)

  38. I got a beautiful plastic bead necklace on Mother’s Day from my kids (age 2 and 5). Actual jewelry? 2 years ago I got a locket from my hubby after my son was born. :-)

  39. I follow in Google Reader!

  40. My last new jewelry was a pearl necklace my in-laws brought back from Hawaii, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Unless sunglasses count. . . . 😉

  41. Ha- real jewelry?? Probably my engagement ring 4+ years ago!
    .-= Andrea Cherie’s last blog: Advice I wish I got at week 5 =-.

  42. I subscribe via Google Reader!!
    .-= Andrea Cherie’s last blog: Advice I wish I got at week 5 =-.

  43. If you mean new jewelry other than the cheap walmart bracelet I got last week, ha!! Then, it’s been awhile! :) I would love to win!!
    .-= Candace’s last blog: Much =-.

  44. And I am a subscriber via Google Reader! Love this blog!! :)
    .-= Candace’s last blog: Much =-.

  45. My last piece of jewelry was the necklace and earring for our tenth anniversary a year and a half ago. :)
    .-= Candy’s last blog: Weekend Scraps =-.

  46. I don’t remember the last time I got a new piece of jewelry. It’s been a while.
    .-= Tiffany’s last blog: Tips for Making Homemade Ice Cream =-.

  47. I am sorry to say my last piece of nice jewelry was received more than eight years ago!!

  48. The last piece of jewelry I got was a family birthstone ring at Christmas that I love. I have been eyeing these necklaces for a while now and would love to win one with my kids’ names on it!
    .-= stephanie’s last blog: Im still on my break- but =-.

  49. Heather says:

    My wonderful husband bought me a nice pair of earrings about three years ago.

  50. I’ve tweeted it!
    @stephanieshep: Hoping to win a necklace from @thevintagepearl and @simpleschool! I think this is the one I’d pick:!
    .-= stephanie’s last blog: Im still on my break- but =-.