Giveaway: Writing Caddy from Playful Learning

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Welcome to Simple Living Media’s Home for the Holidays! We’ve got 25 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win a great gift, just in time for the holidays.

Today I’m giving away a Writing Caddy from Playful Learning.

This sweet caddy is practical–holding all your child’s art and writing supplies in one place. But it is also beautiful, inspiring your little one to sit down and create more often.

Valued at $128, this caddy is the perfect present for the budding author or artist in your life.

Learn more about this inspiring gift and how to win it.

When I first pulled the writing caddy out of its delivery box, I honestly let out a little squeal of delight. It is well-crafted and lovely, and my mind could already envision my six-year-old excitedly opening it on Christmas morning.

The caddy measures 10 inches square by 10 inches wide, and comes with several movable dividers that you can alter to fit your child’s writing needs. Organizational enthusiasts like myself will love that feature! I dislike toys and supplies that have multiple small parts, which often end up all over the table in a mess. But this writing station keeps everything together.

The sturdy handle makes it easy to carry upstairs and back down again without spilling–my son does much of his creating upstairs during rest time, so I know our caddy will be trekked up and down often.

Check out all the writing goodness that comes ready to stock your writing caddy (pictured above):

  • 20 Color Grip Markers
  • 12 Metallic Colored EcoPencils
  • 20 Junior Grip Triangular Colored Pencils
  • Grip Set (pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener)
  • 742 Alphabet Stickers
  • 16 Colored Crayon Rocks
  • 8 Blank Cards and Envelopes
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Multi-Colored Ink Pad
  • Alphabet Chart by Handwriting Without Tears

These are high-quality supplies, not the cheap version that will break within a week of use.

The Playful Learning website was created by educator Mariah Bruehl, a mother of two young girls who wanted to translate her professional experience as a teacher to her time at home as a parent. Playful Learning owns a brick and mortar store in Sag Harbor, New York and also makes some of her favorite items available for online purchase.

Do your children love kits assembled in cute cases or bags? If so, they’ll adore the Playful Learning botanist’s kit, sewing kit, and tool kit. You can even purchase an empty caddy for your own projects or order a complete writing center for your home.

The writing caddy from Playful Learning is an heirloom piece–one you and your child will enjoy for years. Made from the highest quality materials, it would make a wonderful gift for the little writer in your life.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win your own Writing Caddy from Playful Learning!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: Do you have a budding artist or writer in your family? What does he or she enjoy creating most?

2. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, including @playfullearning, @simpleschool and the URL for this post. Your tweet could be something like:

I’m entering to win this sweet child’s writing caddy from @playfullearning & @simpleschool :

Then — this is importantyou need to come back and leave an additional comment here, telling me you tweeted. It won’t count otherwise.

This giveaway will end tonight, Tuesday, November 30 at 11:59 p.m. I hope you win! We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week.

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  1. My little boy is just starting to get into art. He loves drawing with markers!

  2. My nine year old son has been creating books since he was three. We have hundreds of them, and I’ve only saved the “best”! He would love this!

  3. My son loves to cut and create paper creations and gifts for everyone, my daughter recently learned how to draw people and loves to make pictures of everyone’s families.

  4. I have a little gal who is into making “creations.” She takes whatever she can find- ribbon, fabric, empty containers, pipe cleaners, feathers, etc. and makes fabulous sculptures.

  5. My 5-year-old son is always drawing! He is very creative and is currently exploring drawing 3D. He is currently in kindergarten but I am considering homeschooling. This caddy is perfect – lots of room to keep all of his drawing items organized (& off the floor!).

  6. My daughter would LOVE this! She loves drawing and coloring best.

  7. This is great! My son loves to draw and color whales, fish, etc. 🙂
    Tauna’s latest post: Our First Jesse Tree

  8. Oh boy would my daughter’s love this! The oldest loves to draw detailed pictures, and the youngest figures a picture isn’t finished until it has at least 15 colors on the page. Thanks!! madebymyrnie(at)gmail(dot)com
    Myrnie’s latest post: When You’re NOT DIY

  9. would love this for my family. I am making due with one that doesn’t have enough room for pens and pencils

  10. My 5 year old LOVES to write and draw. He has written a whole set of books which he has also illustrated. The main characters are sewer-surfing pigs!

  11. My 6yo started art classes this year and has been really enjoying them. His favorite thing to draw right now is a bow with arrows–his dad just made him a bow two weeks ago. My favorite thing–all of the “I Love mom” pics. 🙂
    Joey’s latest post: November 29 2010

  12. My daughter is into fashion design, I am looking into buying her a proper easel for Christmas. She’d love this caddy!
    Lesley’s latest post: Cheesecake Tastes Better Than Skinny Feels

  13. I have several grandchildren who love to write great stories and draw very interesting pictures! 🙂 They would love this!
    Lady Dorothy’s latest post: First Sunday of Advent

  14. my daughter (4) loves to draw and do mixed media. she is so cute, draws everything! would love to win this! 😉

  15. This is AMAZING!!! My 7 year old daughter is in 2nd grade and she can draw WAY better than I can. She would love something like this!

  16. My daughter is just starting to get into coloring, and she would love this 🙂

  17. this would be fantastic for my son!

  18. My lovely is VERY into art and a little writing {we’re working on that part!} We have started an artist’s journal & have her working some with Draw. Write. Now. to jump start her process. This is an absolutely wonderful giveaway!!
    Brookiej’s latest post: just checking in

  19. I tweeted!
    Brookiej’s latest post: just checking in

  20. I have two budding artists, both of whom would go nuts over something like this. My son makes books. Lots of books. I need to buy stock in Bare books at my earliest opportunity :). To have a place for all of his art things would thrill him.

  21. Fantastic! My boys would love this!

  22. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  23. My daughter loves drawing. She’s mostly into drawing pictures of people, but she also likes drawing landscapes now and again. 🙂

  24. I tweeted about the giveaway! (Twitter ID: tashaswearingen)

  25. Do I ever! I have a little artist with an easel but he is always saying he doesn’t have a place to keep all his supplies. He loves creating – paintings, collages, all kinds of art. This is beautiful!
    misha leigh’s latest post: Brown Paper Packages Under My Tree

  26. Beautiful! I have three who love love love to draw. I buy sketch books at the dollar store weekly it seems. They especially love toting a sketch book and pencils with them in the car and anytime we leave the house.

  27. my boy would LOVE this! his favorite thing to create right now is letters to loved ones & friends. he uses his crayons/markers/pens/pencils every single day. even when we’re on vacation, he’ll find a table and write to his heart’s content! thanks for the chance!!!

  28. My son loves to draw pictures of the buildings he wants to build when he grows up. He would love love love this caddy.

  29. My almost three year old loves cutting paper, making chalk drawings, sculpting with play dough and drawing with crayons. We also paint acrylic on canvas together and I love her dynamic brush strokes!

  30. My niece loves to draw and is always making special cards and pictures for everyone. She is so thoughtful and sweet!

  31. My daughter loves drawing her own creations, usually with a “frame” around the outside…she would love this!
    Krissa’s latest post: Christmas Countdown- Advent Activities

  32. I tweeted!
    Krissa’s latest post: Christmas Countdown- Advent Activities

  33. My daughter would be mad for this– it is so lovely!

  34. Fabulous giveaway. I have three boys, who all love to draw and paint. They would adore this caddy!

  35. Both of my daughters would love this! They draw, color, craft and knit constantly. What a beautiful storage item filled with goodies!

  36. Danielle A says:

    I have two little girls who love craft time…. They are always creating & they would love this to store their supplies in!

  37. I tweeted!

  38. We love coloring, painting, and drawing!

  39. Jill Moore says:

    This would be perfect for my 4 year old artist in training!

  40. As my husband & I are planning our new family…this would be so lovely to have!!! Being artists, creating is an important part of our family!

  41. my oldest boy is drawing and painting up a storm. i have given him his own moleskine cahier to keep his work. he loves his journal. what an amazing giveaway!

  42. My six year old daughter loves art, and often tells me that she wants to be an artist when she grows up. (She also wants to be a ballet teacher.)
    Angie @ Many Little Blessings’s latest post: 10 Things on My Wish List

  43. I tweeted about it:!/Angie76/status/9493472859918336
    Angie @ Many Little Blessings’s latest post: 10 Things on My Wish List

  44. My daughter is both a budding artist and writer! She enjoys drawing pictures of things she imagines like a “Super Bubble Machine” and pretending to write songs, although really she is just practicing her letters 🙂

  45. My son is excited about learning to write and has recently gotten into writing his own stories and illustrating them.
    Lisa @ Oahu Mom’s latest post: Christmas Events Page

  46. I def have a little budding artist…she constantly has a notepad in her hand and a pencil in her hair! lol She loves to draw pictures, almost collage style…but beautiful! She would so love to have that amazing giveaway!! Thanks so much for the chance to win it!!!
    Hallie’s latest post: The week got away from me!

  47. My son Milo is obsessed with making paper trains. We’ve done a Thanksgiving Train, a Halloween Train, a Grandpa’s Birthday Train, etc, etc… We’re up to our ears in his train art! =)

  48. Excuse me, I just tweeted!

  49. my son loves to do any kind of art but painting is his fav!

  50. I have a budding artist, and she enjoys anything that allows her to draw and write or create!
    Julie Sanchez’s latest post: Homemade Laundry DetergentWOW! Why didnt I try this earlier

  51. My budding artist gets frustrated sometimes when all his arts supplies are not collected in a single portable container when the creativity strikes. Such a caddy would be very appreciated.

  52. How neat! Right now my oldest son loves to draw, mostly cars and construction scenes. So fun to watch. 🙂
    Cynthia’s latest post: Weekend Reading

  53. My budding artist (5 years old) loves to draw. Her favorite subjects are the Super Mario Brothers characters, princesses, fairies and unicorns. She would love a caddy like this!
    No Reimer Reason’s latest post: Scrapbook Layout – Pumpkin Patch

  54. Our kids love glue! Anything with gobs of glue and they are happy…mom not so much.
    Jessica Brammer’s latest post: Jesus Has Never Yelled at Me

  55. OMG!!! I’m so excited that you are giving this away!!! My daughter would adore this! She is only 3 1/2 but is very eager to learn to write and read. She is always asking me to help her write her letters and do her sounds.

  56. I tweeted it too!!! Though I hope you dont mind that I copied your example because I’m not good at tweeting – thanks for the example.

  57. I have a budding artist though right now he mostly scribbles 😉

  58. I have 3 budding artists here at home, all of them just practicing the art of getting their imaginations down on paper. They would love to share this beautiful set!

  59. I tweeted

  60. Everyone is artist in many ways. I have a young budding artist who loves to paint, coloring, cutting papers, and practicing sewing like his mom. There are many more things we want to explore such as tie dye, knitting, so on. Right now, he is into creating the pretend journey with tools of crayons, color papers, strings, hand-made puppets, whatever he could think of. His little brother is following in his steps. The Writing Caddy would definitely come in handy for them (and yes, I admit it would help keep art supplies organized!) Thanks for sharing.

  61. My 7 year old LOVES to draw and create just about anything! She’s always writing “books” and drawing pictures. Not only that, but she is an organizer! She adores boxes, crates, and anything else that she can use to organize items. Everything has its place with her and she knows where everything is at! This would be a perfect gift for her! 🙂

  62. I’ve seen this caddy and I think it is fantastic. My daughter is definitely a budding artist. She draws all day long. She loves to do anything artsy (it’s definitely hereditary 😉 ).

  63. I tweeted!

  64. My daughter will be three in a couple of months, but she thinks she’s thirty. She loves to do everything I do, so she makes lots of lists, with a pen, and is so proud of them! She colors a lot, and all of her creations go on the refrigerator door–she puts them up herself 🙂 I love to watch her grow.
    LC’s latest post: Inspired by Bakerella

  65. My 6 year old is definitely a budding artist/illustrator. His favorite creations right now usually revolve around star wars in some form or fashion 🙂

  66. Sara Lester says:

    I have a 9 yo daughter who says she’s going to be an artist when she grows up. I’m encouraging her to see that art is more than just drawing and painting- right now, her favorite form of art is cake decorating.

  67. My son would LOVE this caddy!!! (and mama too!) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =0)

  68. Sara Lester says:

    I tweeted.

  69. “Tell me a story” It seems like that was the first complete sentence out of M’s mouth. She would love this writing caddy.

  70. My daughter loves to write. She will write about anything. I love that this comes with so many creative options. It is limitless to their imaginations.

  71. I’M a budding crafter and I’d love to have this myself! 🙂 I like to make my own jewellery and I’ve just started trying to make my own gift tags and cards.

    Kate1485 at
    Katherine Ryan’s latest post: Sesame Beef with Dipping Sauce

  72. I tweeted about it:

    Kate1485 at
    Katherine Ryan’s latest post: Sesame Beef with Dipping Sauce

  73. yes – scribbling 🙂

  74. I actually may use this myself ! ;D

  75. My son uses so much paper writing, drawing, and creating.

  76. My four year old little girl will spend hours writing her “solos” and drawing pictures of her in a dress under a rainbow with flowers all around. I never tire of seeing her pictures.

  77. My daughter loves art. Every chance she gets, she draws, she writes, she does crafts. My only problem is that the house isn’t big enough for all her projects! 🙂

  78. I have 2 budding artists. My middle son is 7 and has told us since he was 2 that he wants to be an artist when he grows up. He is constantly drawing, painting, and creating. His latest projects are illustrated letters to his friends. My 3 year old loves to paint. Some days he will paint 20 pieces of paper. This would be a great present for them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. My 6 year old just told me that when she turns 18, she’s going to be an artist. She loves to draw and oftentimes the first thing she does in the morning is sit at the kitchen table and draw – she’s really into drawing dollhouse-style houses at the moment.

  80. Oh yes! I have an artist under my roof. She loves painting and drawing. This would make such a delightful Christmas gift. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
    The Little List’s latest post: preparations

  81. Oh please, I really love Playful learning (and I dream with the sewing kit!!)
    I have a little one who write poems with 5!! and an future Picasso too 🙂

    I cross my fingers (I have no twitter).
    Hugs for all and thanks for the giveaway to PL
    meninheira’s latest post: Gratis en CURRclick – sólo hoy –

  82. My four year old is really interested in writing right now while my two year old loves to color. This would be perfect.

  83. Lindsay Sledge says:

    I have a little artist. Her favorite is draw our bulldog in various poses and dress.

  84. I have two budding artists at my house. My 9 year old daughter is so creative. She draws, paints, and writes her own stories and poems. She creates art from pieces of nature she finds outside. My 3 year old son is right behind her and learning everything she does!

  85. I have THREE budding artists. They have different interests. My oldest likes to draw things that look very real. People are his specialty. The one in the middle likes cartoons and doodles. The youngest likes creating superheroes.
    Kelli’s latest post: What Can We Do Little Things to Make a Difference

  86. My two year old daugther is our budding artist/future architect. Her favorite medium is crayon and marker on paper, chalkboard, whiteboard, walls, floor, her legs, her brother’s legs….

  87. My 7 year old considers himself an inventor; the schematics he draws for his “inventions” are art. This caddy is perfect for a creative lad, because its functional, minimalist design is beautiful and gender-neutral.

  88. My 4 soon to be 5 year old loves to draw and write. She just learned how to write her name and is so excited. She also loves to paint, glue, and create with whatever she can get her hands on. She is great at thinking outside the box!

  89. My budding artist would love these tools to keep her creating art for our walls!

  90. I have a 3-year-old who would be ga-ga over this gift! She is a busy little artist (her favorite right now is making playdough and all kinds of variations on that theme) who is just learning how to write her name and she loves spelling (with mama’s help) words with alphabet stickers. 🙂
    Kelly’s latest post: One thing every mother should do often

  91. This caddy is exactly what we need. It is so thoughtfully developed, with young artists in mind. My daughter is very focused on making a “fairy journal” these days.

  92. My son, Parker, is the author & illustrator in our home. He draws from the moment
    he wakes until his eyes shut in sleep. Comics , adventure, narrations of our read alouds and our real life adventures all end up in his books!

  93. My little guy isn’t quite at the stage where he’s creating, but I’m looking forward to it when we get there!
    Rae’s latest post: Rant

  94. I tweeted – @RaeDaze
    Rae’s latest post: Rant

  95. Karyn Hostetter says:

    I have an artist who is creating all the time. He likes to make paper craft projects, yarn projects, etc. This would be a wonderful gift for him!

  96. My 4yo loves to draw, color, and especially paint. I think she’s pretty good, too – but then, I’m probably a little biased. 😉
    Jeni’s latest post: WFMW- Weaning from the Binky

  97. I have some budding artists around here. I watch my first-born struggle and overcome his frustration of not having the fine motor skills to get onto paper what is swimming in his head. Some tools to help him along would be great! 😉

  98. I tweeted! Good luck everyone, what a great give-a-way!
    Kristin’s latest post: making plans

  99. My daughter is our resident “writer.” I stock up on notebooks when they go 15 cents each at back to school clearance and she fills them with her writings and pictures. She would love this caddy!!!

  100. I have two little artists and one other little one who is almost ready for practicing his artistic skills. 🙂 We would ALL love this caddy. It would be so wonderful to have everything “at the ready” for wonderful creations.

  101. my niece….she will draw all day long!

  102. Both my children are budding artists at this point, ages 3 and 1, but my daughter is the one who really pursues it and begins many ‘projects’ throughout the day. She makes collages and colors with crayons. She loves paints and markers, too. She would LOVE this caddy!

    I don’t have Twitter, but could I Facebook this post instead? Thanks!
    annie’s latest post: Free holiday cards Ill blog for that

  103. My 9 year old son is our artist. He is often found with drawing pencils in hand drawing another picture….he’s pretty good too!!

  104. My oldest hated writing until we started homeschooling her. She has a learning disability that makes it hard for her to read, and then write to show her comprehension which is what was required of her at school. When we brought her home, we moved to a more oral program for her. Suddenly it gave her an opportunity to just enjoy the times when she was asked to write. She is writing a “chapter book” at the moment and it isn’t uncommon anymore to see her with paper and pencil in hand as she just writes things down. This is a fantastic giveaway. I hope Canadians are eligible so I can win a writing kit…if not, thanks for the links so I can go shopping!

  105. My son loves to draw pictures about anything concerning soccer! Also the Harry Potter theme is one of his favorite things to draw.
    Bianca’s latest post: Feiertags-Countdown Tag 43 – Holiday Countdown Day 43

  106. My daughter is six and she is our budding artists. At the momment she loves to draw. Sometimes she likes to create 3-D objects with paper and lots of glue.

  107. My daughter is an artist. She enjoys pencil drawings the most.
    sarah in the woods’s latest post: This- That- and the Other

  108. i hope this caddy might inspire my very active 4- and 2-year-old boys to love writing and art a whole lot more … we’re in a very short sitting-span phase right now 🙂

  109. I have both an artist and a writer at home! My daughter, Gabby, loves to draw everything from lions to zombies but also enjoys writing her weekly letters to her two penpals in VA and NC!
    Connie’s latest post: Shes Got the Magic!

  110. Oh, my little artists would love this! My 5 year old has been drawing bats everyday since before Halloween. They show up everywhere. The other day he drew fruit with faces and bat wings. That was one scary strawberry! 🙂
    Shannon’s latest post: 5!!!

  111. I have an eight-year-old boy who likes to draw and make cards. He wanted to make name cards for all his friends at his birthday party.
    Colleen’s latest post: Sunrise Sunday Morning

  112. I do have one child in particular that will spend a lot of time writing and drawing.

  113. My 8-year-old loves to paint, draw, etc. I also have a granddaughter who is too young yet, but would enjoy this in coming years as well.

  114. Absolutely! That is why often say that the doctors mean to diagnose my son as ARTistic, not AUTistic! 🙂 He’s been drawing in 3dimensions since he was 4, right now he is very much into sketching historical scenes.
    Sofia’s Ideas’s latest post: … and then there were eight …

  115. I have 3 budding artists and 1 budding writer. This caddy would bring squeals to our house too!
    Pamela’s latest post: WIP Wednesday

  116. my daughter has declared herself a writer, and writes menus, lists, letters…and is currently working on the 8th Harry Potter (in spite of having only read #1 so far…!). she would love this inspiration, and i am a longtime fan of Playful Learning – so lovely. Thank you!

  117. Oh my goodness, this caddy looks AWESOME! What a great giveaway, Simple Homeschool!

    My son and daughter (3 & almost 2, respectively) LOVE to do anything art related. Painting for my son, and my little girl can color for over an hour!

    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: Happy Thanksgiving

  118. My daughter loves to draw and write at 6. She says she can’t decide whether to be an artist or a pediatrician we she grow up. Both professions require creativity and organization.

  119. My little girl will choose creating something over anything! She loves to draw anything beautiful!

  120. My daughter and I do daycare and the Littles would LOVE this caddy–they are ALL budding artists!

  121. My 4 year old just drew a beautiful Christmas tree yesterday. I think he is going to be a drawer. My boys LOVE to create. It is always a sure fire way to get them calm. I’d love to win this for my dudes! <3
    bethany’s latest post: snow!

  122. My little artist loves to cut and glue.

  123. Yes, My four year old son loves to “write” and then “read” his letters to us. He has an un-canny knack for memorization, so his “letters” often hold delightful surprises for us i.e. long excerpts from books or shows.

  124. My 4 year old daughter draws and colors constantly. The markers we just got her are already drying up from use. Her favorite things to draw right now are mice and pictures of her brother playing baseball!

  125. Aimee Confer says:

    My children both love to create! My son loves to draw and is learning to write. My daughter who isn’t even two yet loves to color! Great Giveaway!

  126. Allison Fambro says:

    Both of my kids are artists one is writing his first “screen play” and the other her name….on everything

  127. My guy loves to draw with crayons – we are doing a lot of monsters right now!

  128. My daughter is an amazing artist for a six year old. She would love this!

  129. My 13 month old has discovered the delight of crayons. She’s a budding artist indeed!

  130. Danielle M says:

    I would love this for my niece! She LOVES to draw 🙂

  131. Sara, my daughter is rarely spotted without a pen or coloured pencil in her hands.She writes the most intriguing short stories and has brightened up our fridge with her attractive designs. She would LOVE to win this fantastic giveaway!

  132. I tweeted for the adorable caddy! 😉

  133. I began ‘journaling’ with my son when he was barely 4 years old, now at age 5 he loves his journal time w/ his mommy, and I LOVE to see him express himself through his pictures and descriptions. As a mom w/ a chronic illness, it is a wonderful way to be able to spend fun time together and make memories. 🙂

  134. My little one loves to draw all the time all over. I set up a table and a chalk board in the kitchen and then one in her room. Would be great to have a caddy to easily move her stuff from room to room!

  135. I do have a budding artist, my 6 year old named Josiah. He has loved drawing and writing for a few years now and really spends all of his spare time doing those things! He LOVES writing letters to family members and making his own greeting cards. We usually get a card or two daily from him. What I am most proud of though, is his love of making his own homemade gospel tracts. My boys have a scripture on their wall and he frequently goes alone to his room to copy that verse on pieces of paper to hand out. He hands them out when we have playdates at the park and he handed them out with a piece of candy on Oct 31st. I am so proud of my budding artist and can’t wait to watch how God will use his desire to draw and write for His glory!

  136. my sons love drawing and creating art, although our stuff is all spread out. they have just made a city out of paper which is stuck all over the wall. every day new buildings, trees, people are added

  137. My three year old daughter loves to make cards for family and friends. This would be perfect for her (and me because we could bring some organization to all the art supplies!)

  138. My oldest little girl is 5, and she draws every chance she gets. It’s her family portraits that amaze us the most. What a blessing this would be to her and her two younger sisters!

  139. My eldest son is the artist in the family. His drawings always tell a great story!
    Tricia Ballad’s latest post: Homemade Bread Machine Mix

  140. My middle daughter is our budding artist at the moment. Every day her “workspace” is covered with paper and crayons/pencils. She loves to draw and color.

  141. My son (4 1/2) loves drawing robots and designing cars. My daughter (almost 3) loves stamping.

  142. This would be wonderful to win! My daughter loves working with colors.

  143. The budding artist is my 3 yo son, Christopher. His first “real” picture was a rocket and a pretty good one at that. He is going to be beat me out in the art category very quickly!

  144. Just tweeted!
    Tricia Ballad’s latest post: Homemade Bread Machine Mix

  145. yes, we have two younger artists in the family. my daughter loves drawing most; my son loves a craft with a three-dimensional outcome. the writing caddy would get constant use in our little house!

  146. Yes…right now he likes painting with food most!

  147. My daughter is constantly drawing and writing little notes to her cousins and brothers. She would love this!

  148. Yes! I have a little six year old who has recently developed a love for writing, it’s about all she wants to do these days! She would love to unwrap this caddy on Christmas morning 🙂

  149. My son is the budding artist in our family. He loves drawing army battles.

  150. erica halstead says:

    I would love this for my 8 year old daughter! She writes and illustrates her own books, and this would be awesome for her to use!

  151. My almost 4 year old loves to paint and create. Just yesterday he turned some styrofoam packaging into a wreath. It was priceless.

  152. I have a little girl who loves to write, draw and give her art as gifts to her friends and family. She would love to unwrap this on Christmas morning!
    Julie’s latest post: A Rainbow of color

  153. I Tweeted!
    Julie’s latest post: A Rainbow of color

  154. I think I’ve got a storyteller, who could certainly become a writer!

  155. My son loves to do any kind of “craft” that involves colouring and cutting. Lately he has been cutting up shapes and mailing them to his grandparents.

  156. My son is our budding artist. He’s almost three now, and over the past several weeks his scribbles have been progressing from being completely wild and crazy to more controlled circles and lines. The other day he drew something that looked vaguely like a high-top sneaker, then proudly announced that he made a steam engine! This art box and supplies would be greatly appreciated by my little man!

    semicrunchymama at hotmail dot com
    Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama’s latest post: Blog Anniversary

  157. I have several young artists in my home! my 9 year old likes to draw video game scenes and my daughter likes to write stories with pictures.

  158. I have seen this before. It makes me drool!!! My 5 year old is always doing “projects.” She loves scissors, tape, markers, buttons, crayons, glue, etc. She says, “I am an artist and an explorer and a scientist.” I love to encourage my little creative beauty any way I can!

  159. My son and daughter have an art table in our home and this would be such a great addition to their creations! They are currently obsessed with making puppets after seeing a local puppet show. Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. My 6 year old is the budding artist and writer in our house! She AMAZES me. She draws for at least an hour everyday…and loves to make up songs while she’s strumming her guitar.

    This would be the most AMAZING gift for her for Christmas!!!!

  161. I just tweeted about your giveway! Thanks!

  162. My daughter loves to sketch and draw. She sits for hours with her sketch pad. She’s quite talented, in my unbiased opinion. 😉

  163. I tweeted about this too!
    Jill Scripps’s latest post: christmas tree

  164. My daughter loves to draw and write letters to her grandparents!

  165. Anne Marie says:

    I don’t have a creative bone in my body, which makes me so sad, but luckily my daughter is fantastically creative. When it goes “quiet” in the house I can usually count on finding her in a corner of a room coloring/painting/drawing something. This gift would be perfect for her!

  166. My son starts writing now and is always very frustrated because his little sister loves his pencils too (and is very creative in hiding them).

  167. Beautiful set of art supplies! Yes, I have a little guy who loves art of all kinds and as I like to say, “thinks in colors.” We will see what it becomes!

  168. Am I even eligible? We have many artists in our home.

  169. This would be great for my little girl who loves to draw

  170. Wow, what a neat gift! Right now, my son loves creating messes, but I think he would like all the extras that come along with this kit. Great giveaway for sure!
    Ivy Mae’s latest post: Triple Whammy

  171. My daughter loves making gifts for others and trying new ways to do art.

  172. Jackie watson says:

    I have an almost 5 yr old daughter and we have a few pen pals we write to! This is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  173. My budding artist LOVES glitter!!!
    Jenny’s latest post: And so it begins

  174. tweet, tweet… done

  175. Liam loves to cut and paste anything!
    Rachel at Stitched in Color’s latest post: Win a 25 Gift Certificate for Modern Organic Fabrics

  176. How lovely! I have a 3 year old who would carry this with her everywhere!

  177. My son loves to create paper ninjas. He puts a bunch on paper then cuts them out and plays with them. He tries to make each ninja unique.

  178. My son draws clocks and musical instruments. He has pencils and paper scattered everywhere at all times!

  179. My 7 year old daughter would love this! She is creating things all of the time. She loves to draw, bead, make cards for people, etc.! Thanks for the chance to win.

  180. My 4 year old has recently become obsessed with coloring on poster board. He loves to sit in the floor and fill the whole big sheet up with pictures and scribbles.

  181. tweeted about the giveaway.

  182. My six year especially enjoys creating his own newspapers, complete with classifieds, comics, and breaking news.

  183. Caroline Cebula says:

    Both of my boys love drawing and doing crafts. Right now, they both enjoying drawing Star Wars scenes.

  184. My daughter loves to color & draw with colored pencils and markers. We also love to use her easel out on the front porch with tempera paints. As a 3 year old most things are pretty abstract but she’s been drawing a lot of faces lately!
    Jenny Rebecca’s latest post: three years old

  185. My 5 year old son who has always loved to read, has just recently come into his own in writing and drawing! We get books and pictures all the time now! I am in heaven.

  186. um, well… Mom is the budding artist! But our 3 year old loves to create just as much as I do, well, maybe. The writing caddy makes me all giddy!
    Emily@Creative Disaster’s latest post: Thirty Days of Thanksgiving Day 28

  187. My six year old loves the idea or writing letters to his grandparents in faraway Australia, but when it comes to actually putting pen to paper, well … This caddy would be a great incentive to get writing!
    Natalia’s latest post: Mondays are for dreaming – Trans-mongolian

  188. Two of my children LOVE to draw and write, all kinds of pictures, stories, songs … they would LOVE this!

  189. Lee Webster says:

    My boys love to color! I think this little carrier would be perfect for containing all their art goodies.

  190. Lee Webster says:

    I tweeted this fantastic giveaway!

  191. Lisa Fischer says:

    My 6 year old daughter loves to color, draw and write. She writes me notes for a million things including to tell me her room is clean and is always giving drawings and colorings as gifts to teachers, family members and church workers. She would LOVE this!

  192. My 3 year old is desperate to learn how to write her letters, but for now she colors and draws and paints and then tells me elaborate stories about her creations. We’d love to win this!

  193. My 7-year-old daughter is crazy about art! She loves drawing all kinds of things, but especially animals.

  194. My son is just beginning to learn to write, and he likes to make pretend maps and write out play checks. He also enjoys writing letters to his great-grandparents. He would love the writing caddy!

  195. Wow! This would be awesome to win!

  196. My young artist’s (DD Wren, 8) favorite thing to do is paint. Illustrating the stories that she writes runs a close second.
    Dee’s latest post: November 28

  197. our almost seven-year-old has been telling the world she is going to be an artist since age four. she creates every day and i find it so inspiring. her medium of choice at the moment is simple black pen and unlined paper. what a great giveaway!

  198. Our youngest loves to create all kinds of things. She sees an empty box and in her mind already knows what it will become. She is ten and just can’t have too many crafting supplies.
    I Live in an Antbed’s latest post: Surprise!!!

  199. Jennifer Ott says:

    My son will draw and write for hours, which is funny since he is otherwise never still. It would be great to have an easier way to organize all the things he needs to be creative!

  200. My daughters love to draw and write…this would be perfect for them!

  201. right now he most enjoy’s creating trains and shapes on paper!

  202. My 6 year old loves to create (be it from crayons to the parts of an old iPod we took apart)! It seems most of her creations are centered around family–always a home, mom and dad, and the like.
    Jenni’s latest post: Notes From Home

  203. I tweeted about the giveaway…my first tweet ever!

  204. I have two budding artists that create every day. They love to make books, draw the pictures and tell me the story to write.
    Marci’s latest post: Halloween 2010

  205. I tweeted!
    Amanda’s latest post: Virtual Field Trip!

  206. Oh yes I do! She loves making mini-books.

  207. My four year old loves creating art with me. We take our inspiration from whatever book we’ve been reading recently. We love the crayon rocks included in this set, even the two year old can contribute with them!

  208. I have four sons and each one (with the exception of the baby) loves to doodle, draw, and create. We often end up with drawing utensils all over the table! I love the caddy idea.

  209. Both of my daughters are budding artists and writers. My youngest, at age 6, talks often and with great excitement about the day one of her books will be in the library.

  210. I have twins and one of them just loves to do anything crafty. drawing, cutting, glueing. This would be a awesome win.

  211. Oh, this caddy is beautiful! I have two budding artists – one who loves to draw pictures of anything, and the other who loves to draw buildings and make blueprints. They would love having this addition in our homeschooling nook! Thanks for the opportunity!

  212. Oh, yes, I have two creative kids here! Sometimes it is stories, sometimes songs, sometimes paintings, but something always seems to be in the works here! Have drooled over this writing caddy for awhile now!

  213. bridget stevens says:

    my son is a budding writer. He likes to write on the easel every morning for our school time 9the welcome message and what the date is and weather) and he amuses me by writing letters to and from his stuffed animals about their secret missions. very cute.

  214. YES, we have a 15 year-old in our family who LOVES painting and also drawing anime. She would create beautifully with this 🙂

  215. My almost 5 year old loves her drawing/coloring/painting time every day! She enjoys the blank page as much as a coloring book. My 2 year old seems to be following in her footsteps (even more than my 3 1/2 year old), joining her every time she is creating. But we definately have an organizational problem, so this looks great!

  216. This would be the perfect gift for my twin niece and nephew. One is a writer. She loves to make up stories. My nephew draws like crazy and has done some pretty great pics.
    Misty’s latest post: Shut That Door!

  217. Jessica Jones says:

    Definitely have a budding artist in the family. My niece will be famous someday! 🙂

  218. My son loved to draw…although he needs much encouragement. He would love this caddy.

  219. Jessica Jones says:

    I tweeted at burntcreative!

  220. Yes whatever he can…last week we had family in town and he got yelled at for coloring on a window I said oh I let him do that it’s easy to clean…they just looked at me
    Nina’s latest post: Music review – Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

  221. My 3 year old son is the budding artist. He LOVES to color and paint and use playdoh to create things. This would be great to organize all our crayons and papers! Thanks!

  222. My son loves to color and draw!

  223. I have 3 artists. One loves to write notes and color pictures, one likes to draw comics and one just likes to scribble so far. They also like getting out art books and making projects.
    Amy @ Missional Mama’s latest post: The Cinnamon Bear

  224. My 5 yr old niece is quite the artist and my son has shown an interest in drawing lately. What wonderful opportunities to provide them resources and goodies for their big imaginations! Drawing and painting and writing…

  225. Every day is an art adventure around here! Even when I’m not planning on it, someone always manages to find a piece of paper and sneak out the crayon box. 🙂 This caddy would be so nice to keep everything together, and accessible. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Going to check out Playful Learning now. 🙂

  226. My son Matthew loves to sit for hours and draw and doodle. He is quite talented!

  227. Mama Papaya says:

    I have two budding artists. A future writer and, well, one who likes to taste test art supplies, but the design work on her face after her taste testing is really quite fabulous. Happy holidays!

  228. I have a 6 year old boy that LOVES to draw and paint. He says he’s drawing the inventions he’s gonna build one day. 🙂
    Harmony’s latest post: A Thousand Things – Christa Wells at the Outeredge Stage

  229. My 7 year old just started taking an after school art class; love the projects he comes home with. One of his favorite things to do is to make things out of recyclables. It’s so fun seeing what he comes up with. This kit would be a delite for him and for me… so much fun!

  230. Our only child is just 11 months old… so I don’t know if I have a little artist but I sure hope so!

  231. My artist likes to make puppets our of paper.

  232. I posted a tweet about the giveaway!
    Harmony’s latest post: A Thousand Things – Christa Wells at the Outeredge Stage

  233. My 8 year old is an budding writer/artist she is constantly filling up notebook after notebook with all kinds of drawings and stories!! She would love this!!

  234. Oh, we would love this. Right now our “tools” are in separate plastic containers. My girl is an artist for sure, loves different mediums. Currently, she’s so into colouring with pencils and markers. Paints and stampers are fun too.
    Tonya’s latest post: First Snow

  235. I have a five-year-old writer…she spends HOURS each day writing words. And right next to her is her little sister drawing remarkable little pictures. I am blessed!

  236. I hope to soon. She’s only 2 1/2 but she does love to color when she remembers to not eat the crayons, lol 🙂

  237. My little artist loves to create dragons!

  238. I have TWO budding artists: both of my step-daughters and they would be thrilled to find this under the tree this year!

  239. Love it! Such a great gift. My daughter loves to draw and is currently into drawing suns.

  240. i have 3 kids who would love this caddy. they love writing stories and comic strips where they create their own worlds.

  241. My 8 year-old daughter is a budding artist-she loves to make cards for everyone she knows, and she’s always drawing.

  242. My 4yo daughter adores anything art related. Painting is her favorite thing to do at preschool, and at home, she spends hours on her magna doodle or Buddha Board. This caddy and its supplies would be a fabulous addition to her desk. Thanks for the chance to enter!
    PsychMamma’s latest post: DuoSpoon Review

  243. My gal is an artist to the core. Paint, crayon and felts are her go to medium at the moment and I love our walls covered in her work. She’d be so excited to win this one.

  244. This is the best caddy I’ve ever seen – incredible!
    All three of my kids love to create, but in different ways. One loves to create new things out of anything he has on hand, one loves to write stories and create “modern” art, and one love to draw (horses are her favorite).

  245. bella smyth says:

    my princess loves drawing creepy crawlies

  246. Our budding artist loves pencil and charcoal drawings and we’re in awe of what he’s able to create. This caddy would be great for homeschooling too!

  247. shawntanet says:

    Our 4 year old loves to be creative, as do most children. We really try to nurture this creative timespan by offering her as many “pieces” for her to create her own “wholes”. The caddy would be such a wonderful way to organize and keep all of her pieces together. My fingers are crossed. 🙂

  248. Emily Woodall says:

    my sweet little 6-year-old daughter loves to write and create. She writes and illustrates stories, writes songs and poetry and makes movies everyday. She is a brilliant mind (ok, maybe I am biased, but she IS pretty special!)

  249. Emily Woodall says:
  250. We are lucky to have two budding artists, who currently share a work table. My 5.5yo loves to write and illustrate stories. My 3.5yo has discovered the joy of the self-portrait.

  251. I tweeted about the contest. I’m @ronessa on twitter.

  252. My 6 yr old LOVES to draw and illustrate stories, this would be a PERFECT Christmas gift for her!

  253. My 10-year-old daughter absolutely adores writing. She has loved all things word-oriented since she was just a little tike. Supplying her with a variety of tools and changing them up from time to time just fuels her passion. She would love this set!

  254. My 7 year old daughter just finished writing her 2nd book! She participates in National Novel Writing Month, drafting, editing, illustrating, etc. We then publish her works through It’s so exciting for her, and after her first experience when she was 6, she decided that instead of wanting to be a princess when she grew up, she now wants to be an author/illustrator.

  255. I tweeted this, I’m @jacmomof5 on Twitter

  256. My daughter loves to draw every spare minute:) Specifically, our family lately, maybe because I have a baby in my belly right now!

  257. Ok, so this would be perfect for my 3 1/2 year old but I may have to steal it from her! This is too awesome. We homeschool, so we go through supplies like crazy. I love this idea – even if I don’t win, I may have my woodworking husband make us a caddy like this! Gorgeous.

  258. My son who is 7, loves to color and draw. He loves to draw ships, tanks – because he and his friends are fighting the bads guys. This would be SO perfect for him.

  259. My middle one loves to write books, make crafts and write letters to her cousins.
    Paula’s latest post: Airing My Laundry

  260. My budding artists are almost all grown. But I am thinking ahead to future grandchildren or, quite frankly, myself. I have always loved to draw and create, now that the kids are bigger – and I have more time – I should do more of it!

  261. I tweeted! Username @erinsday on Twitter. This is a great idea!

  262. I do have a budding artist! He is taking art lessons and really enjoys those however his most favorite thing to do is to go to his private ‘studio’ (a place he made for himself in the garage!) and create — drawings, paintings, sculptures. He also loves to write stories. Currently he is very interested in movie making and screen writing. He writes a screen play then he story boards it. Next he puts together costumes and sets. Finally he rounds up his brothers and the neighborhood kids to film — sets, costumes and all! The end result is really entertaining!

  263. I have a little artist, she loves to illustrate stories. Sometimes she will write them out as well, but handwriting isn’t her favorite subject at the moment. She will dictate her stories to an adult. My youngest also is starting to love to draw and tell stories as well.

  264. My daughter loves to glue and make books of all sorts!

  265. I also tweeted.
    I’m @mrsmyers95 on twitter.

  266. Thanks for the opportunity to win this AMAZING product! I have several budding artists and writers here. Three of my children have finished writing novels in November for NaNoWriMo (the second completed novel for each of them), and all of them love to draw and sketch. One son particularly likes cartooning, and he is hoping to someday be a graphic artist of some sort. Thank you again!

  267. Shanna Watson says:

    Yes, my daughter LOVES to draw and is quite good at it for just 5 yrs old (much better than me). She must get her talent from her Granddaddy (he carves waterfowl ducks/birds). Right now she is into drawing animals!

  268. Jessica Davis says:

    I have four budding artists at my house. Their favorite thing to do it to take ordinary items around the house that would otherwise be thrown out and make masterpieces out of them! This writing caddy would be an amazing addition to our supplies!

  269. I have five budding artists! It’s pretty amazing what they come up with. My oldest especially. Give him a pencil and a drawing pad, and he would be there all day. Fantastic giveaway!
    HopiQ’s latest post: 1000 Gifts

  270. I have been wanting this exact caddy for all of my budding artists and writers-there are three! Baby #4 surely will be too someday.

  271. Both my daughters love to paint/color/draw anything… as long as there are bright colors involved!

  272. At this point our 5 year old son barely even holds a crayon long enough to scribble on the page. We’re trying to increase his desire to color, draw, write, etc. I gave him a Toy Story pencil bag with markers, crayons and colored pencils in it and that has helped some. Maybe this delightful station would help too!
    Kelly’s latest post: My Friend Karrie

  273. Yes, my 7 year old loves to paint.

  274. Wow! How beautiful! Yes, I have three little artists (and baby prolly will be too) that love to color and paint and we are planning on exploring more mediums in our (home)school studies.

  275. OUr budding artists ( I have 4 of them..) love to draw.

  276. We are homeschooling for the first time this year, 11 YO son, and 9 YO daughter. I have always supported my son’s talent and love of art, but my daughters creativity has been blooming at home. She would appreciate such a great art set and use it to bits!

  277. Our young artist does great with simply a pencil and some paper. He enjoys drawing almost anything (except people – they’re difficult!). Having a place to keep his special pencils, paintbrushes etc would be a delight for him!

  278. Oh I NEED THIS!!! How fantastic. I have several budding artists in my troop- my 9 year old loves Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo!

    Adventures In Babywearing’s latest post: Breastfeeding Beyond the Baby

  279. YES, my three-year-old is budding! His drawing skills have gone from holding the pencil in his fist to correct posture and interesting details in just a few weeks! We are excited! This would be a great gift for him!
    Laura’s latest post: Labels- Undefined

  280. I love, love, love this caddy! My Kindergartner is a budding, young author who loves to illustrate her stories. Now she would be able to keep everything where it is accessible but organized!

  281. All my children love to draw. My 9 year old likes drawing “fashion shows”, my middle likes bugs & animals & my youngest still draws mostly family members. So sweet.

  282. I love this precious caddy! What a fab idea! I have 2 budding artists- girls ages 6 and 3. They both love to sit and color and the new craze right now seems to be weaving pot holders for gifts. They are cranking them out!!

  283. My children are still young, but my son is starting to show interest in drawing!

  284. I do Family Child Care so I have six artists from age 1-11 and they all love to do different things such as color, paint, work with clay are just some of the things they do. Susan

  285. We could really use something to organize our art supplies. My kids like to watercolor the best. For grandparent Christmas presents this year they are each painting a small canvas.
    Katie | GoodLife Eats’s latest post: Holiday Recipe Exchange- Chocolate Pecan Tart

  286. My almost 5 year old would love this. He is just starting to get excited about learning to write and this would encourage him even more.

  287. My 5-year-old sits at the counter at least 3-4 times a day, using markers, pencils and paints. We have a little station for her, but this caddy would definitely sweeten the deal. Perhaps our 3-year-old would join in more often!

  288. My son is just getting to where he will draw on his own and it is amazing to see what comes out of his little head. I love his octopus the most!

  289. Amanda Anderson says:

    I’m totally hyperventilating looking at this giveaway. I have *three* creative types (not including myself and the husband) who are like mini-macguyvers. They can make something amazing out of just about anything, given the basics (glue, glitter, and pipecleaners). What a great setup!
    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!!

  290. I have a two-year old who is learning and making beyond my expectations. This would be so nice for him to have, as he is also very organized and likes to keep things in their place.

  291. NUMBERS!

  292. My son and daughter are constantly creating works of art. This caddy is great and would be a great addition to the art desk.

  293. Amanda Anderson says:

    Wow, this is fantastic! I can’t tell how much use that would get in our house! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  294. Michelle b says:

    My niece, is a budding artist. She is great at drawing animals. Especially, horses!

  295. My oldest loves to write novels and illustrate them.

  296. Michelle b says:

    I tweeted (shelliferb)

  297. My son is just learning his letters and would love this gift!

  298. My seven year old dreams in colored pencil! If she can draw it, color it, cut it out, paint it…she’s all over it.

  299. I have a little budding artist in my house, she likes making things out of paper!

  300. My almost 3 year old is a budding artist who loves exploring the things she can do with different mediums. She is getting a whole boatload of art supplies for Christmas and could really use such an adorable box to organize all of her stuff.

  301. My son loves to draw trains.

  302. My daughter loves to paint and color. This would be great to keep her supplies organized!

  303. I also tweeted! Thanks!!!!
    Kim C.’s latest post: Pardon the interruption

  304. My nine year old is our resident artist! Her newest passion is homemade greeting cards. Some plain card stock, some patterned paper, and a few embellishments keep her busy for hours!

  305. I tweeted! @katiejeanne

  306. Oh my! This is absolutely wonderful! My two girls love to draw and write. This caddy would be great.

  307. I’ve got 3 year old twin budding artists. They love to finger paint, draw with markers, and play with stickers. What a fabulous giveaway!
    Danielle’s latest post: Best Friends

  308. my 12 year old son and 3 year old daughter both love drawing. my son likes making comic book type things. my daughter loves making things colorful.

  309. My oldest son is really into creating winding race-tracks for his cars…he loves to twist and curve his roads (as long as they don’t overlap).

  310. Both of my daughters love to sit at the table and paint or color for hours. and I love some good organization.

  311. I have two budding artists/writers at home. My 6 year old loves writing and drawing about our summers in the country where his favoritte activity is scouting for wildlife—mostly deer, fox and birds of prey.
    My 2 yo is more of an abstract artists at this point. She scrawls very deliberately but I don’t dare try to interpret them yet 😉

  312. My daughter is always filling pages with her writing and her drawings. She has supplies in almost every room of the house! It would be wonderful to keep them corralled!!

  313. My daughter would love this!! She is just coming into her own as far as drawing goes and now has a desk in the attic all her own for work. What a great thing to be able to lug along her materials wherever she goes!!

  314. I tweeted this via @little_nutmeg.
    erin’s latest post: How Fantastic is Mr Fox

  315. My dd loves to watercolor at this point and loves to create “collages” of just about all the craft supplies we have. It’s often glitter and glue gone crazy, but it makes her happy!

  316. My son is a budding artist, drawing every chance he gets. He would love the caddy!

  317. Right now my 6 year old daughter is writing a story about a wolf, and every page has an illustration to go with it. I am so excited about her determination- and it is actually a great story! My 4 year old sits next to her and writes her letters, and always includes rainbows and hearts.

  318. My little one loves drawing! Her favorite thing to illustrate right now is ‘insects on a summer day’.

  319. I tweeted! @rowan25a

  320. Amy McGrath says:

    My son loves to draw rockets, clone troopers, and monsters. My daughter loves drawing all of her family members and practicing writing her name. They also love making surprise ‘I love you’ cards for family.

  321. My 12 yr old is a budding artist. She loves drawing, and painting the most. This would be perfect for her!

  322. Amy McGrath says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway. @mcgrathfive

  323. This item would be perfect for us! I am trying desperately to get my 8 year old interested in writing and more in touch with his artistic side. He would love this caddy and so would I! Both kids would have easy access to what they need and it would make for far less arguments 😉 I’m off to tweet!
    Canada Lynn’s latest post: Ho Ho Hold The Hype!

  324. I have several artists in my home who love drawing nature and battle scenes (boys ya know) and a daughter who loves writing and drawing. She is currently working on portrait drawings of her siblings. This would be a really neat way to keep art inspiring tools handy and organized.

  325. My nephew would love this-he loves to draw and write stories.

  326. Consider yourself tweeted!!!! Check it out at: @1BuziChik
    Canada Lynn’s latest post: Ho Ho Hold The Hype!

  327. Elizabeth in Yuma says:

    My nine year old son frequently “steals” my grocery list and illustrates it for me…charming little pictures of a ham (?), carrots, jugs of milk…you name it, he will draw it. It brightens my grocery trips every time. This caddy would be perfect for him (and his OCD mamma)!

  328. Amber Walters says:

    My daughter loves to sketch and paint. She can sketch wonderfully and doesn’t understand why she can’t get the same results using paint.

  329. My three year old is constantly creating. He’s also just started getting interested in letters and writing so this would be his dream come true.

  330. They enjoy creating anything having to do with unicorns and butterflies! 🙂

  331. Elizabeth B says:

    My baby is too small to even hold a crayon, but I would have LOVED this as a child. I’m hoping she follows in my footsteps and makes lots of creative, sweet drawings for us to hang on the fridge!

  332. My youngest loves to draw comic strips.
    k’s latest post: Thankful Thursday

  333. Elizabeth B says:
  334. My son is never without colored pencils, coloring books, and paper! This caddy would be so useful to help him keep everything together! I tweeted too!

  335. My little one is almost two but one of her favorite things is coloring and painting and playing with playdoh. We are constantly on the look out for new craft activities.

  336. Both of my daughters are budding artists. They love to draw and create things. My oldest wants to sew. The sewing kit is really cute!

  337. Great giveaway! My daughter loves to draw and write. She loves to copy words off anything. Recently, energizer from a battery, memory from a memory game. Not bad for a 5 year old.

  338. My son loves to draw everyone in the family as a super hero or a space alien. He can also give quite a good narrative to go along with the picture!

  339. My 11 year old is our budding artist. He enjoys drawing pictures of space creatures and castles.

  340. My daughter would LOVE that! She spends hours writing, drawing and coloring. It’s a gorgeous product.

  341. My son loves to color, cut, glue, cut, cut, cut, glue, create! An artist in the making! My daughter is the writer, and is having fun learning cursive so her writing is also “pretty”.

  342. I tweeted (mama2three)

  343. My daughter enjoys various types of art! As does my son! What an awesome giveaway to any child to spark more interest in enjoying art!

  344. My kids and I all participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year, so you can see I’ve got more than one budding author here! My daughter is also an artist right down to her bones. She loves to draw and paint, but nothing is safe from her artistic bent…including her bedposts (they are now people) or the recycling (ships, dolls, houses, etc..) We need this caddy!
    Saille’s latest post: NaNoWriMo Victory Dance!!!

  345. Our six year old daughter carries her colored pencils around in a zip-loc as if they might take off without her were she to set them down. Right now she’s into drawing what happening in her world–a firework display, our cat and dog eating, her brother with his blanket. Anything. The caddy, though, is beautiful. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed to win this!
    Jeanne’s latest post: When What You See- Is What You Get

  346. I tweeted! (I’m Saille on twitter, too.)
    Saille’s latest post: NaNoWriMo Victory Dance!!!

  347. Ilse Kryemadhi says:

    My girls are pretty young yet, but they do love scribbling (I mean “coloring”) and this looks like a beautiful way to keep their stuff organized.

  348. Oh goodness, this would make my daughter incredibly happy! If I could post a picture of her art work I would, she just recently turned 4 and already she can draw people that look like people (including the right number of fingers and toes) and she draws dogs pretty well too. She loves to draw, and will spend hours coloring, drawing and writing. She can write just about anything if I tell her the words to write. She would adore this for her little desk area I made!

  349. This is beautiful! I have one of each, a writer and an artist. My 4 year old isn’t much for drawing, but adores writing and copying letters.

    My 2 year old will color on every piece of paper he can get his hands on!

  350. What a great way to organize creative supplies! My son loves to write stories and illustate them.

  351. Our daughter is a budding author and illustrator. She loves drawing a picture that goes with a story.

  352. My youngest loves to draw and write. She leaves cute post-it notes all over of butterflies, rainbows, hearts and love notes. She would love to have an art caddy of her own.

  353. My 9 yr old son is an amazing artist. He loves to draw…especially characters from tv or games.
    Kristin’s latest post: My Creative Mess and Spongebob!

  354. I tweeted (jkbaxter612)
    Kristin’s latest post: My Creative Mess and Spongebob!

  355. My buddy artist is my 3-year old daughter. She takes great interest in writing and drawing. Most of her projects are abstract pencil or crayon sketches
    April Emery’s latest post: My Christmas Playlist

  356. I tweeted this giveaway
    April Emery’s latest post: My Christmas Playlist

  357. I have two of them. 🙂 My 3-year-old’s favorite thing is a stack of white paper and something to draw with! My 5-year-old is busy making signs right now. STOP, LAUNDRY ROOM, MY ROOM, etc. He loves to post them around the house.
    Erin’s latest post: Handmade Christmas- Finishing up!

  358. My daughter loves creating anything. Right now, her current favorite activity is painting.

  359. I tweeted!

  360. all of my kids love to draw. My daughter asked for a calligraphy set and an interior design tracing set where you can design different rooms using some stencils. Last year we gave her a beautiful wooden easel and she loved it. The boys like to draw or color. Lately they’ve been taking out the full size coloring pads and coloring in Wall E, Cars and Thomas pictures – good cold day activities inside!

  361. from the time my little Karinna could hold any sort of drawing utensil, she has been an artist. She is now 6 and has not stopped, drawing coloring or writing since. She has always said that she wants to be an artist, and one Sunday she even sold her work at Church, making $2.95 on her various drawings. (we decided not to tell her that Jesus isn’t into making money off people in his house…we’ll save that for if it starts becoming a habit/problem.) This is such a generous giveaway. What an amazing treat.

    p.s.- ironically as I was typing this up, there was a squeak of the bedroom door, and out she came with a container of crayons and a coloring book. ha! I love this girl.

  362. My daughter has been studying Monet in 1st grade and has been doing painting inspired by his haystacks and poplars.

    We need exactly this type of caddy for our craft table.
    Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom’s latest post: Autumn Sky

  363. my 5 year old loves creating pictures of our family doing fun things… like dancing on a rainbow or in a submarine! so cute!

  364. Tweeted:
    Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom’s latest post: Autumn Sky

  365. My oldest (4) is just starting to get more interested in writing and drawing- this caddy would be great for him, and would sure streamline our art supply shelf in my pantry 🙂
    Kim’s latest post: 363- It’s Bokeh

  366. I tweeted.
    Kim’s latest post: 363- It’s Bokeh

  367. My 3 year old only draws with pencils! Its pretty hilarious. Would love it!

  368. My oldest daughter loves to paint and create anything but her favorite right now is flowers.

  369. Christina P says:

    My son is still in the scribbling phase, but I hope to nourish the scribbling into something more substantial!

  370. This is a beautiful way to keep my son’s art supplies organized. He is just a toddler, but can spend hours drawing shapes with markers. He especially likes drawing stop signs.

  371. We sure do have a little artist in our family! He is 6 years old and absolutely loves to draw with his imagination. It is his way to calm down and enjoy his little ‘get away’! I am glad he found his talent so young b/c he can draw things with such detail that we, as adults, can easily overlook. For instance, he drew a beautiful house and inside this house was a little boy waving hello; and 2 kids in the garage b/c the garage door was 1/2 way down and all you saw were the feet! Creative, huh?? I am in awe. A real talent given by God. Please enter me in to win, he’d LOVE this for Christmas (esp. since Christmas will be hard for us this year.) Thanks so much and God bless, Mary @ CHeerios
    Mary F’s latest post: I have a 10 yr old son!

  372. This is amazing!! What a great gift for my little man!! Thank you
    katy’s latest post: Shop…

  373. My daughter sketches clothing designs all day long!!

  374. I have three budding artists really – three girls that I home school. My oldest has gotten very into pastels and watercolors in the last few months. I love to see the details that she is learning to add as she gets older. My middle daughter loves to draw and her newest skill is wanting to fill the whole paper with color. So if she draws a picture of them playing outside before the picture is finished it is filled with sky and clouds and birds as well. My youngest just wants to keep up with the older two so whatever they are doing she is trying to do as well. It is so fun to watch…now if I just had a great place to display it ALL!

  375. My 10 year old daughter loves to write. She probably has 12 stories going on at any one time. She just finished a novel for National Novel Writing Month. She would totally dig this caddy! Such a cool gift! Thanks!

  376. we have multiple budding artists. i love watching their unique styles develop. my son is a story teller in his work and my daughter does very neat detail drawing.
    annalea @ our hartbeat’s latest post: now in the shoppe EDITED

  377. I have two budding artists in my house. One loves to draw and paint, the other loves to recycle things into art.

  378. Yes, I have a budding artist who loves loves loves to create collages of all sorts. I have another, younger, budding artist who is just starting to use crayons.

  379. My 9 year old daughter loves making books with paper, etc. This would be awesome for her!

  380. Well, little one is still inside my tummy (due in 12 days!), but I’m sure she’ll be a creative one. I’m super creative and love to craft, and her daddy is a graphic designer and drum builder… it’s in her genes! If nothing else, this would make a fabulous gift for a friend’s little one I know. 🙂
    Kristina’s latest post: Youd think by now

  381. My daughter loves to write and illustrate books. She also likes to retreat to her special corner of the house, so this would totally allow her to do both!

  382. This is an amazing giveaway! My three artists would love this. It would make a great addition to our homeschool room. Thanks!

  383. I have two aspiring artists. My 5-year-old loves to draw illustrations to the stories she imagines. My 7-year-old loves to work with clay and decorate it with beads, paint, etc.
    Julia’s latest post: 10 Simple Ways to Use Leftover Cranberry Sauce

  384. My son has become quite the little artist and loves to draw and color. He’s also learning his letters right now and wants to write all sorts of words! I’d love to win this to help encourage these habits as he gets older!

  385. My oldest son (7) loves digging through the recycling boxes and creating things out of the things he finds. Although, currently, he is on a robot kick, and has been making robot christmas ornaments by using the glue-gun on beads and old scraps.

  386. This would be awesome to keep all of the art supplies together. This would be great for when our baby gets a little older!

  387. Both of my kids loved to draw and write. We have so much paper and markers, colors, pencils around the house, this would be great to help organize! Both kids ages 5 and 9 still love to draw and color their own creations. My 5 yo son is usually writing and drawing superheros and my 9 yo daughter is usually drawing flowers and girls and writing about her friends.
    karen’s latest post: Happy Thanksgiving!

  388. I tweeted!!/faithfamilyfibr/status/9639182095876097

    ps just got your book, can’t wait to read it!
    karen’s latest post: Happy Thanksgiving!

  389. We all enjoy creating art, but my oldest daughter has definitely been bit by the writing bug–this would be wonderful for her!

  390. i tweeted.
    annalea @ our hartbeat’s latest post: now in the shoppe EDITED

  391. My 5 year old daughter loves to write. Her favorite thing is to have a notebook in her hand at all times so she can write down things that she wants to remember. She does this completely on her own, and particularly likes to do it when reading books…an awesome practice that I hope continues so willingly!

  392. My son loves to color, paint with fingerpaints and watercolor. At 3, he’s very interested in markers, but I don’t think I am! 🙂 We bought him a stamp set for Christmas and I’m excited to see how much he enjoys working with it as well. The art tote looks amazing, definitely a step up from what I’m currently using – ziplocks!

  393. The whole family loves art and would be inspired to use a lovely writing caddy such as this! Thank you for your generous giveaway, and hope to take it home 🙂

  394. our artist completes at least one self portrait every day!
    kort’s latest post: a wonderful resource

  395. with 6 kiddos in the house, I have several budding artist. 🙂

  396. We definitely have a “budding artist” in our family. My son, 5, can sit and draw and color for literally 2 hours without interruption. Loves it.

  397. I have two boys (11 and 3) and art is the most challenging for the oldest, but he likes to create. The younger one is a little more into it, but I just love to make all sorts of materials available to them, and see what they come up with!

  398. My little artist is into painting with watercolors right now – and it makes such beautiful art for my walls!!

  399. Christy Davis says:

    We aren’t quite to writing yet at our house but art is very popular at our house. In fact, last night we made a paper-mache a yellow star for our tree.

  400. My 4 year is definitely a budding artist! These days she just loves to color, color, color. Any medium works for her as long as she can color with as many colors possible!

  401. Next to beat-boxing, my son loves to draw cars and cityscapes. He’s becoming quite a storyteller!

  402. I tweeted about this post! Ohhhh, how I want this caddy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  403. I think my daughter will be a budding writer. She can’t read and write yet, but books and talking endlessly are her two favorite things.
    Liz Bookey’s latest post: Christmas Books Advent Calender

  404. Jane Montford says:

    My seven year old daughter is a budding artist. We adopted her at age two after a very difficult beginning to her life. She has come a long way and I believe it is partially due to her love of art and having the freedom to create what she feels. She is espeically good at drawing our dog, Charlie! (I drooled when I saw your post about this caddy a couple of weeks ago…it’s gorgeous!)

  405. Just tweeted from @amandaprice about the giveaway. Thanks!
    Amanda P.’s latest post: What do you get…

  406. My daughter loves to draw and color.

  407. My daughter loves writing in a journal and copying books like Dr. Seuss. She would love this beautiful caddy! Actually….I would love it too! 🙂

  408. Yevette Shaver says:

    My son loves to make things out of everything-paper, cardboard boxes, string, sticks, mud, Some of his sculptures and creations are really quite good. Thanks for the chance to win!

  409. My son LOVES to be an artist! He would adore this.

  410. Jane Montford says:

    I tweeted!

  411. I have a budding artist. She is very talented and loves to draw all sorts of things. 🙂
    Dianna @ Sincerely Me’s latest post: Holiday Jamz Giveaway

  412. OH MY GOODNESS…what an amazing giveaway! My daughter would love to open this up on Christmas…I can guarantee a squeal from her…and she is 14 years old! She loves to sketch and doodle!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    Jennifer’s latest post: Our Simple almost free Thanksgiving Lesson

  413. My budding artist likes to make trains, airplanes, and tractors out of moulding wax.

  414. I tweeted:!/SincerelyD/status/9644303756296192
    Dianna @ Sincerely Me’s latest post: Holiday Jamz Giveaway

  415. My daughter has started writing and illustrating stories which she is so proud of and is always reading me a new one.

  416. I just Tweeted @christianhs4us about this great giveaway!
    Jennifer’s latest post: Our Simple almost free Thanksgiving Lesson

  417. I tweeted!

  418. Sue Klingseis says:

    My budding artist loves to draw.

  419. We are a VeRy creative bunch! My youngest daughter’s favorite subject to draw is her golden retriever puppy! She would love this caddy so she could draw and create just about anywhere!

  420. I have a two year who’s really inspired while i set up her craft, but loses interest after about 1 minute 🙂

  421. Oh what a great give away! My son loves to draw and paint and my daughter also loves to draw, bur likes to do beading for jewelry. I might have to get a couple of kits anyway. What great gift ideas.
    Rana’s latest post: Memories!

  422. I have 3 budding artists who love making cards, drawing and painting and just about any craft project. Thanks for the chance!

  423. How much do I love this? (Answer: So much!) Gorgeous! Yes, I have two budding artists. My daughter leans more toward music but my two year old son is a ferocious artist and would adore this!

  424. My young son is just starting to color with crayons, and I hope that he loves it as much as I did (and still do!)

  425. My two oldest children love to draw. In fact, they are making “flamingo” pictures right now! This would be lovely to have for them and I know they would love it!

  426. My girls love to draw and color. They are currently drawing chickens… over and over again. I love to see their process and watch them create.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  427. My 6-year-old son, the middle child who is always trying to find his unique place in our family, is an avid writer and drawer. I know he would really enjoy a special caddy to collect his own artist/author treasures.

  428. Both of my kids love to paint! We do crafts of all kinds around here. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  429. My eldest is my artist! Anything artistic and she is in heaven. Her room is proof! I had to give up on the “perfect” room so she could decorate it with her own artwork perfectly!

  430. This would be perfect for my son! He loves to draw, all the time! What a wonderful way to keep everything together. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  431. My daughter is just learning to use crayons, but I hope to encourage and help her develop a love for drawing and writing over the next few years.

  432. As my 7 year old stated last night – I don’t like drawing, I only like drawing people. She also loves to write stories and illustrate them. And my 4 year old is very interested in coloring and stencils right now. I’m always struggling to rein in our art and writing supplies.

  433. Since my son is only almost 8 months old, I don’t know if he will be a budding artist or writer. However, this caddy would be a great asset for entertaining others with older children.

  434. Michelle Malette says:

    My kids all love to draw and write. My oldest daughters years of self expression through doodling, sketching, crafting etc recently turned into admission to our fine arts university here in Halifax. Every year the kids are restocked at Christmas with new arts supplies. I LOVE this caddy and the treats inside.

    Thanks for a great opportunity to win this lovely prize!

  435. Trish White says:

    My daughter loves drawing pictures of our family.

  436. My little Grace is just starting to make pictures, and she loves to be organized. We’d love to win this!

  437. Yes, one of my twin girls who is only two loves to draw and create. She is always walking around with paper and crayons/markers. This caddie is on her Christmas wish list.

  438. Yes!! My son just turned 5 and has a long day after his short two hours of preschool. He definitely is developing his drawing and writing skills and this would be just perfect to have all of this options at the ready. Our daughter is older and has always been an art bug, but it would be so special to honor my son’s new interest and development all on his own.

  439. My daughter loves coloring and can draw people and other simple things. She would just love this caddy!

  440. Oh my goodness. My daughter is an artist and my son is a writer. My son is into creating poetry in his journal right now. My daughter loves color, drawing and sculpting, as well as any type of craft project. I am positively drooling over this caddy!

  441. I have 2 kiddos that love art… they spend a great part of each day creating.
    Tiffany’s latest post: Wildcraft 50 Off!

  442. My daughter, Emma, just loves all types of art. One of her favorite things is to cut out (or have us cut out A LOT) of one thing, like right now, reindeer, and she will spend hours decorating and coloring them. They are like her homemade paper dolls. She could spend hours everyday doing art. She goes to kindergarten at our local charter art school which is a perfect fit for her. This would be for the perfect gift for her!

  443. I tweeted @TiffanyWashko
    Tiffany’s latest post: Wildcraft 50 Off!

  444. Just tweeted from @mamaloves about the giveaway. Thanks!

  445. All four of my children could sit and draw for hours. THis would come in sooooo handy!

  446. I have twin girls, 5 yrs old, who spend the majority of their days drawing and writing various holiday (any holiday will do!) cards and gift drawings and fruit interpretations of the family with markers. We go through them like crazy! And we need something to help us organize!

  447. Yes, my 4 yr old daughter is learning her letters and would love this caddy. She is always crafting or coloring something!

  448. my oldest son, 6, loves art! this would be perfect!
    charis’s latest post: 5 things i am thankful for today

  449. I have two “budding artist” who love coloring, drawing and writing everyday. This caddy will be great for long car trips.

  450. Oh, this is lovely! Both of my kids are very creative, and get so excited when it’s time to work with markers, scissors, glue etc. We would love to win this!
    Ainsley’s latest post: Christmas Busy Jar

  451. Oh goodness, what a wonderful giveaway! My son, 4 yrs old, just drew his first picture all by himself. Though we usually prompt him, he took it upon himself to create a beautiful picture of his family. Mama, Daddy, himself, and little sister, with a kitty and a doggie addition we don’t have yet in our family. 🙂 He even signed it with his name. An artist after my own heart.

  452. I tweeted this awesome giveaway @lynnepatti!! Thanks!!!

  453. Both of kids spend hours each week coloring with crayons and markers.

  454. What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for posting it and please enter me in it.

    • Sorry, sorry, sorry!! I didn’t read the instructions carefully enough! So here is both my answer to the question and my comment that I tweeted about the giveaway. My twitter handle is @fiddler42

      My answer is this–I have three children. The eldest is a reluctant artist who is just now starting to come into his own–he’s enjoying experimenting with different techniques via Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered (by Quentin Blake, illustrator of the Roald Dahl books). My middle child is happiest when doing art and could draw animals until the cows come home. And my youngest is all about the details, and loves drawing pictures of his family the most.

  455. Do you have a budding artist or writer in your family? What does he or she enjoy creating most?

    YES! I have two actually ;). My daughter is 4 and is just now learning to write. She mostly enjoys writing her name, but she’s starting to ask me to write out other words for her to copy and practice. As far as creating, she’s particularly fond of cutting and pasting in decopage (sp?) style. She adds buttons, ribbon, paper and often colors with crayon on her creations. My son is 2 and just plain loves to scribble. On Everything.

  456. We have one of each really – our oldest loves writing books – mostly about spies and Star Wars. Our youngest could sit and draw all day – he loves to draw people but especially pirates. This caddy is amazing – so much better than our rinky dink plastic one! Thanks!

  457. My girl (3.5) LOVES to create art and has recently started showing interest in writing and is often making “lists” and gets so excited when she (accidently?) writes an actual letter. I know she would be over the moon with this writing center! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  458. I have one budding artist (wants to be a fashion designer) and one budding writer!

  459. What a great caddy! My 3 kids would love it – and so would I. No more little bins of crayons or markers, or colored pencils that get left here and there – all of it together, in one simple place — that can’t accidentally get pushed under the bed!

  460. My nearly 4 year old loves to create. It’s hard to identify what exactly she’s making, it’s more abstract haha. She would love this!

  461. My little guy is just learning to draw and print his letters. It is so sweet! He’d love this.

  462. My daughter, who is 9 years old, loves to draw, paint, and write. She frequently takes a clipboard, paper, markers or pencils and goes out on our farm to sketch what she sees. During the summer, she wrote a very long chapter book with lots of illustrations. She did beautiful work with different art mediums on a study about the moon and its phases along with her own poetry and comments.

    My son, who is 7 years old, loves to illustrate his stories with markers. His writing is just blossoming along with his drawing. He enjoys looking through the “Come Look With Me” books on art that we have.

    My youngest daughter, who is 5 years old, spends just about every free moment drawing, coloring, painting or playing with playdough.

    The writing caddy looks beautifully designed and very functional. For whoever wins it, may it be an inspiration for hours and hours of imagination, creativity and joy.

  463. I have THREE budding artists in the family! This would be great!

  464. We have two 🙂 One loves drawing dragons (a la Cressida Cowell) and the other is in a pirate stage right now. This caddy looks fantastic!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    Tanya’s latest post: picture Saturday

  465. We’d love this for the middle of our ‘art/drawing/everything’ table.

  466. Tweeted!

  467. My daughter loves 2 write her own stories as well as draw:)

  468. My son loves to make “pictures” with stamps and stickers. This would be great to hold all his random supplies!

  469. My 5 year old nephew is quite the budding artist, plus he is very anal about organization which is funny at his age, so he would love this!

  470. My daughter enjoys anything she use glue with! She also loves to write creative stories.

  471. Both of my older kids LOVE art! We have so many supplies and are always replenishing their favorites. I would love to win the caddy for them.
    Tsoniki Crazy Bull’s latest post: Two Luigis &amp a Fairy Witch

  472. Yes, I have a budding artist. Anything messy with paint puts a smile on her face.

  473. Hello! I have 3 budding artists! My children (5 and 3 year old twins) love nothing better than sitting at the table coloring, drawing, painting, cutting – you name it. Books and art – that’s what they do all day! (Also run around being maniacs…) This would really be a wonderful addition to our homeschool art arsenal!

  474. Yes….my 22-month old son is learning his colors and has just recently taken an interest in coloring with crayons! (Although he still tries to sneak in the occasional taste! Yuck!)

  475. What a great art caddy! This would definitely inspire my little girl to create more! Plus, it’s just gorgeous.
    emily’s latest post: Why Would Someone Make That

  476. My daughter Madeline loves any type of art but she really likes to draw!

  477. I have 5 – 1is into charcoal drawings, 1 just likes to draw, 1 paints, 1 is just learning how to hold a crayon & the other is into EVERYTHING- I go thru tons of art supplies with her!!!

  478. I tweeted about the giveaway! (I’m @ejfalke.)
    emily’s latest post: Why Would Someone Make That

  479. My kids both love to colour! I’m a writer myself, so I wouldn’t be surprised if one of our kids loved writing as well.

  480. My daughter would love this! At 4 she is writing in her “journal” and loves to write letters for friends and family.

  481. Emily Yliniemi says:

    We do have a budding artist in the family. She especially likes painting.

  482. Lori Morton says:

    Our almost 4 yr old Grandgirlie stays with us often. She LOVES to draw & color…………and she makes cards with me. Has her own lil’ table & chair, in my sewing room……..and she is always busy creating! 🙂 We BOTH would love this Caddy!

    Thanks for chance to win!
    Lori 🙂

  483. This is amazing! Both of my kids would love this! My 3 year old daughter loves to “write” letters and use as many colors as she can on a paper. My 6 year old son truly considers himself an artist… he is now into different mediums (his words!), using pastels, paints, markers, pencils, etc. Our art stuff is all stored in one place- which is of course not where it is usually used. This would be perfect!

  484. My son loves to write and also loves supplies. This would be perfect!

  485. I am in the process of setting up a writing/art area for my 5yo son whom I am homeschooling. He needs a bit of encouragement in both of those areas and this caddy is so beautiful and functional, I know it would help.

  486. All 3 of my girls spend hours drawing. They don’t care much for coloring books, but enjoy being free to draw detailed pictures of fairies, princesses, and even a Viking or two! 🙂 They prefer colored pencils, but unfortunately, we have been stuck with very low quality colored pencils, that break all to easily. Thank you for offering this giveaway!
    Paige’s latest post: Thanksgiving 2010

  487. My daughter who is almost 5. She loves anything to do with art. She is always coloring, drawing and making pictures. She is also starting to make up her own songs. Coloring/drawing is her get away and comfort.

  488. I have a young budding artist. She enjoys doing portraits of our family and writing notes to her grandparents and cousins.

  489. My little artist is just starting out, we are learning to hold the crayon without eating it and color on the paper. 🙂 But I love that this caddy would grow with him as his skills develop.

  490. Okay, I tweeted! It would be sooooo wonderful to win.
    Paige’s latest post: Thanksgiving 2010

  491. What a nice looking caddy! I’ve got two girls ages 9 and 4 that love to spend hours coloring and doodling…

  492. Meranda Huffman says:

    What a fantastic giveaway, both my son and daughter are very creative although my daughter is the one who is an extremely talented artist, she loves to draw, write stories, and create!

  493. Yes! I have two ;o) My son enjoys creating books and currently my daughter’s favorite medium is homemade play-dough, although they love any type of art!!

  494. I love this! My budding artists, love markers, charcoal, and pastels!

  495. What a fabulous giveaway! My son and daughter both love to draw and write. Currently my son’s favorite thing to draw and tell stories about are dragons. We’re setting up a drawing/writing desk in his room and this would be the perfect addition…

  496. Meranda Huffman says:

    I tweeted!

  497. Yes, my eldest daughter loves writing. She is 5 and has learned cursive, so now, everywhere in the home are little notes with sweet 5 year old cursive scrawled all over them. She loves writing letters to her family, especially on cards that she creates herself using stamps, stickers, markers, etc. It would be wonderful to win this caddy! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  498. My daughter is our budding artist, we even pushed back bedtime last night so she could finish her watercolor painting. This caddy would look so much nicer on our table than the plastic bins we have – I’d even leave it there during dinner.

  499. i have a budding 14yo writer….who is writing her first book. (: i had no idea she was doing it— until the last few months. and i also have a 6yo dd who LOVES! coloring things/creating new pieces of her art.

  500. My daughter — she loves making cards for friends and family.

  501. I have three buddy artists! My daughter loves to draw people, especially babies. My eldest son likes to draw comic book style characters and scenes. My youngest son loves to draw shapes, letters, and cars. My kids would love to have this!

  502. My daughter lives, breaths and dreams her art. That’s all she wants for Xmas – art supplies. Fingers crossed.

  503. My four year old is definitely a budding artist, he’s by far the happiest with a marker in his hand and a fresh stack of paper in front of him. It’s been this way since he was 2, and shows no signs of abating. His dad is an artist so it’s no great surprise. He’s currently fixated on drawing ships, rockets, and cats. It looks like a fab caddy, and would be better than the jam-jars he currently moves around full of markers and pencils!
    Bethany’s latest post: Q of the Week – How do you keep your holidays sane

  504. Pam in Missouri says:
  505. Tweeted about it too (@sanemoms). Thanks for the chance!
    Bethany’s latest post: Q of the Week – How do you keep your holidays sane

  506. I have an aspiring artist in my house. My daughter is planning on going to art school but she has yet to settle on a medium.

  507. Pam in Missouri says:

    I absolutely love this caddy. It is a nice change of pace from plastic, which is useful but just not lovely.

    My daughter would be over the moon with it. She is definitely the artist in our house. She is always making happy little drawings. Her medium of choice is blue. She doesn’t much care if it is paint, marker, crayon, dough, etc just so long as it is blue.

  508. Our middle child would happily paint, draw and practise her letters all day long. She loves to share her creations with everyone.

  509. Yes…my daughter loves to color and paint…she loves to do anything craft related!

  510. My son is a budding artist. He loves to paint and color (he is almost 4). He mostly creates colorful abstracts right now, but he enjoys it so much.

  511. Our dark eyed beauty is our resident artist. She would do nothing but draw all day long, if I let her. She especially love to draw animals of every sort. She is wishing for water color paints and supplies for Christmas.

    We are also lucky to have a wonderful writer and storyteller that likes to turn her stories to song. We are well entertained at our house!
    Ginger’s latest post: Bountifully Blessed

  512. My 7 year old daughter would love, LOVE, LOOOOOVE to find one of these caddies with her name on it (if she can get it away from her mom!) She is quite a prolific artist filling sketchbooks with drawings and paintings. She also loves fiber arts–sewing, crochet–and makes her own dolls and doll clothes. I’m turned off by the usual “craft kits” that seem so void of creativity, and prefer instead to give her the raw materials and see what she can do with them. This caddie is just the thing to help her fill another sketchbook! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  513. We are often inviting people over for meals and both our kids love making little invitations. I love this caddy!

  514. Monica Devine-Haley says:

    My 5 y.o. is PASSIONATE about drawing. He has already filled numerous sketch books and just blows me away with his enthusiasm and attention to detail. He wakes up every morning with an idea on his mind to create – and yes, we have pens, markers and pencils everywhere! They spill out of the clementine crate all day long as they are transported all over the house.

  515. My two year old already writes his name and loves practicing his letters. He asks to sit at the table and work all the time.

  516. My 2 year old is a budding artist, she loves to draw whatever comes to mind [everywhere!]. I love how she draws something, then tells me what it is – and though it looks nothing like the person or thing, it is so exciting to see her imagination blossom!
    Anastasia Borisyuk’s latest post: Tiny Prints Holiday Cards Review

  517. All my children love to draw, but my youngest has been showing a lot of talent in drawing cartoon characters.

  518. My daughter loves to draw and paint. Whenever it’s art time, she bee lines for the paints, and then has to show everyone in the family what she’s done 🙂

  519. I retweeted this giveaway 🙂

  520. We have just decided instead of sending our oldest child to kindergarten next fall we will be homeschooling! Even though we “officially” begin homeschooling next year, this year I have been trying to have regular art time with my two and four year old. It is everyone’s favorite time. My four year old loves to draw things in nature and then tape the drawings to our walls. What a great giveaway! Thanks always for the inspiration!

  521. Katrina Conway says:

    My two year old would rather be painting and coloring than anything else in the world! Anytime my mom comes over, the first words out of her mouth are “Gigi, can we paint?”

  522. oh my goodness! This is so great! My son LOVES to draw, paint, create. His favorite thing to do is to dig through our recycled boxes and cut and tear them apart and make new things like rockets, puppets, jet packs for his action figures, etc… 🙂 This would be perfect for him! Thanks.
    Gina M.’s latest post: Quick Dip

  523. I have a budding 6yr old writer & ar-teest. 😉 He most enjoys drawing pictures while I read aloud to both he and his older brother. A treasure like this would make his day!

  524. I just tweeted about this giveaway as well. 🙂

  525. My 2 kiddos love drawing, and my 9 yo is quite the writer. She is writing a novel right now about an American girl living in the country of Jordan. My 6 yo likes to draw characters from Star Wars.

  526. I tweeted about this, too!
    Gina M.’s latest post: Quick Dip

  527. That is just the most fabulous thing, my son would adore somewhere to store all his writing implements. What a fantastic idea!
    Emmalina’s latest post: Mea Culpa

  528. I have a budding artist or two or three or four in my household. Five if you count me! Art is a favorite topic around here and this caddy looks amazing. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  529. I have 2 budding artists and writers in the family – my sons Jonah, 8, and Caleb, 6. They love to draw whatever they are interested in at the moment – dragons, animals, bionicles – there is no end to their creativity.

  530. My daughter loves to paint … the messier the better!

  531. Just tweeted! from @cupcakegirly

  532. My 5 year old is the writer in our family. She’s always making cards and writing letters to people. Several times a day I hear, “Mommy, how do you spell…”
    Clara S.’s latest post: Before and After – Day 2

  533. My oldest is only just old enough to be starting to practise drawing circles and using his tripod grip, but seeing as drawing was the single most important activity of my childhood I am sure he will get bitten by the bug sooner or later.

  534. I just tweeted this great giveaway!
    Emily E’s latest post: Hope- Advent Devotional – Week One

  535. Our busy 3 year old boy is just getting into creating, and loves using scissors, and is starting to be interested in coloring. He also loves putting things in boxes, and spends a lot of coloring time putting his crayons in and out of the box. I love this caddy, and it would be perfect for him!

  536. My four year old daughter is our new budding artist and writer. She has mastered all the letters to her name we are just working on putting them in the right order. Her reading skills have also greatly improved since we started working on spelling words. We have free crafting times everyday and I am amazed at what she comes up with.
    Emily E’s latest post: Hope- Advent Devotional – Week One

  537. Leah Schroeder says:

    What a neat concept! I love it! My two daughters could draw and color all day long! They both love to draw pictures of anything and everything!

  538. My daughter loves to color either on paper or the chalkboard painted cupboard. Fortunately, she no longer colors on furniture.

  539. I have a 4 year old artist. She mostly works in crayons and colored pencils. Honestly sometimes her drawings are shockingly good.

  540. Both my sons really enjoy painting on our easel. I hang their work on the clothesline to dry and we get to admire it. My older son’s current dream job is to be an artist in Mexico (because art and Spanish are his two favorite subjects!). He’s seven.

  541. my budding artist is in an “envelope stage” right now — she likes to create art and then fold it up and put it in an envelope to give someone. 🙂

  542. And I tweeted about this!

  543. My daughter loves the LYRA pencils. She has created lots of “books” with paper, glue, and colored pencils. Thanks!

  544. My 7 year old is constantly telling stories, especially about characters he has seen or read about. I’ve been encouraging him to try writing them down.

  545. This giveaway is AWESOME!! My 7 year old daughter is a budding artist and would love this design caddy. She loves everything art & color 🙂

  546. Just tweeted 🙂 @MarlaMeridith
    {perfect gift for a budding artist} giveaway-sweet child’s writing caddy from @playfullearning & @simpleschool :

  547. I love this little caddy! Perfect for the van or toting along to the park, or wherever! I do have a budding writer in our house. My daughter is 10 and loves to write short stories, poems, and journal her life…she loves to just write! And read for hours, but that is another story….(pun intended)

  548. My big guy is into drawing comics and my little guy is trying to make the letter S these days.

  549. My three-year old loves to draw, whether it’s on a coloring book, plain paper, or the kitchen wall! He is also a bit of a neatnik and an organizer like this would make him soooooo happy!

  550. my son loves to create and invent all day long. my daughter loves to draw and is really good.

  551. I love it! My son is the artist in our family…he is forever asking me to “do a project with glue”!

  552. My sister loves writing children tales, with animal characters and a magical feelings. I think she’s a great writer, no doubt!

  553. Right on, I tweeted about it! See @gosassin if you like.

  554. Linda Beckwith says:

    Lindsay, my 7 year old craftaholic begs nearly daily to craft something! She is especially prone to create elabrate cards (that usually contain a favorite bible verse and a half pound of glitter) or “outfits” for her dolls and the dog! I believe she would pass clean out to receive such a well stocked and beautifully organized caddy.

    Thanks for all your good info.

  555. my daughter is really into watter colors right now…and she got a pottery wheel for her birthday so she dabbles in that as well….OR she just likes to snip up paper!!!!!!

  556. My son loves to draw cartoons when he has spare time.

  557. I have two 3-year old budding artists. They love chalk, crayons, markers, paint…they love it all! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  558. My son LOVES to do art projects with me. He loves to draw — balloons and smiley faces are his specialty, but working with this kit, I’m sure we could create more masterpieces!
    Rachel’s latest post: Wannabe A Serger Owner

  559. My son especially loves to draw cartoons. I can envision, a lovely afternoon somewhere outdoors reading out loud a good book, while my children blissfully draw and color with awesome art supplies!

  560. My 4 and 2 year olds both love drawing/coloring. I am homeschooling now and this would be a wonderful addition to our school supplies. 🙂
    Pamela O.’s latest post: Family Activity- Fun &amp Educational Christmas @Biola on Friday 12-3

  561. the caddy is gorgeous & simple ~ perfect for the colorful tools that go in it!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  562. My dad is retiring from school this year after 30 years as an elementary ed. teacher. He’s very artistic and I think this would be great for him to fill up when I lure him in to being the visiting art teacher in our home.

  563. StreuselMama says:

    This would be wonderful for both of my children to share! They are crafting their days away, creating books, pictures, bookmarks, and so many more useful and wonderful things. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  564. Naomi Jones says:

    My little sweetheart is an artist. However, right now, she prefers writing in my books as opposed to paper!!

  565. I have drooled over this caddy for a while now. I know my daughter would love it because she is always wanting to write letters to people or make cards to send to them.

  566. My oldest niece is an amazing artist and she would love this as a Christmas or Birthday gift (January birthdays often get overlooked). She likes to draw people and animals, she drew a picture of our daughter when she was born and it was one of my favorite new baby gifts :)!

  567. oh, wow! what a fantastic idea!
    my budding little artist loves to draw. she paints, too, sculpts, crafts, sews, but her inner NEED as an artist is to draw.
    she would LOVE this little caddy, as she’s also our resident organizer!!

  568. I do have a budding 5 year old artist at home. He is always carrying around a pad of paper and a pencil. He also carries around an art book that my mom gave me. He loves to sit and look at the different art mediums that are pictured in the book.
    Christal Houghtelling’s latest post: Fun in the snow

  569. This is wonderful. My children love paper art!

  570. Oh wow, I have been eyeing this caddy since Tsh posted about it over at Simple Mom. I would love to win this for my girls who love to draw & write stories! Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!,

  571. I tweeted-

  572. My daughter Dahlia loves anything about art. She started drawing and making cool pictures at age 2. She wants to go to art school! this would be an awesome little thing to have!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  573. Both of my children are artist in their own right, but my daughter was born with the artistic desire. She loves to draw and write stories of princesses and such. She loves to draw pictures to go with her stories. I am blessed to have them both.

  574. We do have a budding artist. My four year old loves to draw and paint the most but is happy doing most anything involving arts and crafts. She even seems to have an appreciation for art. Paintings will capture her eye and she will linger at them. It’s interesting to watch.

  575. My daughter… She loves scrapbooking.

  576. Oh my gracious, I can hardly believe how precious this is! My nearly-four-year-old loves to write, scribble, draw, and create all day long. She would LOVE this! She especially loves to draw faces of loved ones and to write her name.

  577. My 6 year old loves to draw. He devours drawing books and then moves on to make his own creations using the techniques he learned from the book in combination with his own ideas. Right now he’s into pirate ships and star wars drawings!
    Beth’s latest post: Wisdom from above

  578. Linda Raditz says:

    My youngest son LOVES to color. It’s really the only thing he really concentrates on!

  579. Ahhh! I love this! I would probably jump for joy if I opened a box with this inside. My oldest daughter is quite the artist and this would provide hours of organized art time.

  580. All three of my kiddos love to draw…but my dd6 seems to have a gift for drawing. They would love to receive this wonderful art caddy!

  581. my 3 yo sits and colors for hours!!!

  582. My daughter loves to draw especially princess and flowers. She would love to win this giveaway.

  583. My daughter loves to draw especially princess and flowers.
    She would love to win this giveaway.

  584. I have four budding artists! They like all different ways to create — colored pencils, paint, charcoal, photography, computer art, you name it. 🙂
    Alicia’s latest post: Great shopping sources for unique &amp educational affordable gifts

  585. My son just finished his first novel as part of the NaNoWriMo event–over 12,000 words! He would love this prize.

  586. I am drooling over this! My 2 year old has now just started coloring and loves it! This would be amazing…

  587. my nephew likes making books

  588. My son creates everything: pictures of dinosaurs and self portraits. He loves drawing with crayons or pencils or anything else he can get his pudgy little fingers on!
    Dawn Martinello | Monday Morning VA’s latest post: do YOU follow a new blogging movement

  589. Jennifer Ross says:

    My daughter is definitely showing an artistic gifts. We would love to do art lessons for her someday, this would be a great start!

  590. My daughter most enjoys drawing people, but she loves all things art.

  591. yes – my son loves to color and paint!

  592. TallyMichelle says:

    Oh, our 4 year old is such a budding writer…love the possibilities with this well-stocked caddy!

  593. Tweeted. Or rather scheduled my tweet to go out later this evening under the username @mondaymorningva!
    Dawn Martinello | Monday Morning VA’s latest post: do YOU follow a new blogging movement

  594. Christy Schlegel says:

    I have two budding artists. It would be a great lesson in sharing:) They would both love this!

  595. my 5-year-old is really into drawing and crafts. he loves organization and this caddy would be perfect for him to put all the little craft pieces in order. what a great give-away!

  596. I have both an artist and a writer. My 2 boys would love to share this!

  597. My kids love to draw!
    Jennifer Jo’s latest post: All a-flutter

  598. The little one loves to color.

  599. I tweeted about the giveaway too! Thanks!

    twitter name: erin_s

  600. KAYLEE HENINGER says:

    You find amazing products! I have two budding artists. My son loves to draw houseplans, and maps of imaginary worlds, and any kind of animal. My daughter loves to draw animals and decorate anything she can get her hands on. This caddy looks fabulous- much better than having supplies scattered all over the house!

  601. My daughter wants to be an artist and writer living in Rome when she grows up! She is 11 and her goal right now is to have a book published before she is 16! She is dedicating most of her free time to it.

  602. My almost three year old is discovering the joy of his own “school book”, a notebook filled with dot to dots, and simple shapes to copy.

  603. My daughter loves to write letters and decorate them, my son likes to draw monsters and write his name!

  604. I have a budding artist! My 9 year old son LOVES to draw.

  605. My daughter LOVES to paint

  606. My daughter loves to write fictional adventure stories.

  607. My five-year-old is definitely a budding artist. His favorite things to draw are Veggie Tales characters. He watches the “How to Draw” bonus features on the DVDs. He also loves watercolor painting. This would be an amazing Christmas gift for him!

  608. My daughter loves to create. She is big into collages right now and my son is just mastering his letters and writes us notes (sometimes very difficult to decipher!) rather than telling us things these days! Writing to Santa was a big hit (and has been repeated a couple times!)

  609. My two year old is never far from her easel or her play-doh. Given that her Grandmother is an artist, I’m pretty sure she won the genetic lottery!

  610. I have a budding artist, and she likes to make painty messes! 🙂

  611. My two year old just loves his “art box” lately. Right now he is really into making Christmas cards for family. I saved all the free Christmas cards that were sent to me by charities as a thank you for donations, and I let him color in them and add stickers, then we send them to family.

  612. At 5 and 3, bothof my children consider themselves budding artists! Play dough, coloring, collage, you name it, they’ll do it!

  613. Leslie M.P. says:

    Both my daughter and son love art and are better artists than me!

  614. Our daughter really enjoys drawing and pasting. This caddy is so special – she would love it!

  615. my toddler daughter loves to draw (scribble!), and she enjoys finger painting. i think she would love this!

  616. I would love to win! This would be perfect for my seven- year old son who has been writing his own comic books!

  617. Yes! Yes! and Yes! That’s three yes’ for three budding artists! Family Portraits are our favorite masterpieces right now!

  618. would love to win! my 7 year old is a big writter of ‘notes’ 🙂
    Molly Lemen’s latest post: Just the basics

  619. tweeted giveaway!

  620. My oldest daughter, age 10, loves to draw. She prefers colored pencils, and has really taken to more detailed studies in her nature journal.

  621. My 4 year old daughter is constantly making something- coloring, markers, cutting and pasting are her favorites right now. Having this caddy would make things so much easier!

  622. I tweeted!

  623. My granddaughter is quite the little artist. She takes her drawing and painting very seriously. She would be delighted to own this great art caddy.

  624. My 2 year old loves painting and drawing. She doesn’t like getting her hands dirty, but she really gets into swirling the colors with a brush!

  625. My 4 year old and 2 yr old are coloring right now – their favorite activity together!

  626. My 6-year-old son loves drawing pretty much anything, whether its a picture for a loved one, his own rendition of something he’s seen, or an illustration to a story. This would be a very special gift for him!
    Jamie’s latest post: Thankful

  627. I think this would be the PERFECT caddy to entice my little one to create more! She has trouble with her fine motor skills which she recieves therapy for. She loves to craft, but this might entice her to WRITE more. What a great idea!

  628. All three of my kids enjoy drawing, but my son especially. He likes to draw and write comic books.
    Meagan’s latest post: 7 Thankful…

  629. Oh wow, this is fabulous! Our 19mo already loves to draw. She’s in her tiny, precise spiral phase right now. 🙂
    Jessie’s latest post: Thanksgiving 2010

  630. My children would enjoy this caddy. I have three who are talented artists and two who are aspiring. I don’t buy greeting cards anymore. I order custom-made!
    Thank you!

  631. i do have a budding artist. i hope one day her younger two siblings will follow in her footsteps. my little one likes to make one of a kind projects. i don’t think she even knows what she is making till the very end as she uses scissors, glue, markers, crayons and paint to make her very own signature pieces. thank you for the chance to win!

  632. Oh my goodness, both of my daughters LOVE to create things all day long. Especially my oldest! She’s only 5 and she refers to herself as an “artist.” :o)

  633. Cora Taylor says:

    My husband is an artist and would love this for our boys!

  634. My 5 year old little boy LOVES to design any kind of race car or speedy mode of transportation!

  635. my son loves writing random letters and my daughter loves coloring. this is awesome!

  636. My son just learned to write his name! So exciting!!

  637. Oh I drooled over that caddy when I first saw it a couple months ago! I have three children who all love creating art, but my youngest in particular loves to draw, write, and create. This would be perfect for her!
    Hannah’s latest post: Love This Quote

  638. My oldest son has been having fun this Christmas writing stories for his brothers in a couple Bare Books we ordered.
    Kristin’s latest post: Finished Hoop…

  639. My eldest is 3 and he’s just starting to get into the whole drawing/writing thing. His name is Ethan and lately if I’m doing anything apart from writing E E E and Ethan … a thousand times a day I’m just wasting my time. 😉

  640. My budding artist is 4 years old and literally spends 95% of his waking hours drawing. His latest passion is drawing books. He could put this darling caddy to good use! 🙂
    Mindy’s latest post: He did it!

  641. My son loves drawing and coloring. He is always creating comic books and needs a way to organize supplies.

  642. I have two budding artists – a 4 year old and a 3.5 year old. They would love this caddy (and so would I to organize their things). Thanks!
    Holly F’s latest post: TRAINS!

  643. I love this caddy! My daughter would fall in love with it if she saw it. She is most definitely a budding artist and getting there with the writing. She creates everyday and her most favorite thing to do is to put together her own books with her drawings and nature items glued in (leaves, flowers, etc.).

  644. Tiffany Matthews says:

    i do have a budding artist, or 3!! My girls love to draw themselves & our family…it’s fun to see the pictures my oldest drew when it was just her & then when her middle sister was born & then her baby sister. It’s so funny also to see the differences in their drawings. You can tell who drew it just by the bodies & the hair they draw…they’re so unique in their shaping & sizing…truly treasured pieces of art in our house.

  645. One of my proudest everyday moments as a parent was when my little guy told me that he likes to use every color in the crayon bin – I felt the same! What a wonderful giveaway. My almost 4-year-old would love it – and I would love the alphabet stamps. Thank you for the giveaway! Happy Holidays to all!
    Courtney’s latest post: halloween

  646. I just tweeted about this under the name @jlgosey! I would love to win this!

  647. My oldest loves to draw people.

  648. i am drooling over this for my daughter – she loves to create, to write, she loves to get a piece of paper and just do what comes to mind!

  649. I just love this caddy! One of my Monkeys is definitely a budding artist and loves all forms of art. However, painting with different mediums is her fav!
    Heather’s latest post: Let the Journey Towards Gratitude Begin

  650. My daughter loves to paint and chalk. This caddy is so beautiful and practical. Thanks for the giveaway!

  651. Ellen Graves says:

    I love the look of this caddy! My two daughters love to draw, one prefers colored pencils and the other markers. It looks like this caddy could hold both of those plus many other supplies (that thrills me, the organizer 🙂

    Mostly my oldest daughter draws animals (both imaginary and real) and my youngest daughter likes to create her own books.

    Good luck to whomever wins–this looks like a wonderful addition to any home!

  652. My son likes to draw on his white board all the time

  653. My 6 yr old son loves crafts. I currently use a cardboard 6 pack holder to house scissors, glue, etc. This would be a huge improvement! : )

  654. This would be handy for all the craft supplies for my creative ones! They love to make “presents” for people.

  655. I love this! My artist is into drawing dinosaurs right now. For Christmas, I am taking one of his creations and embroidering it for him. He would definitely LOVE this kit!
    Ashlee’s latest post: Confession 6

  656. My oldest loves to draw and draw and draw, usually with colored pencils. Oh, this looks perfect for her!

  657. I loved this caddy when I originally saw it on the Playful Learning blog! I have a little one who loves to write letters. He’s constantly writing little love letters to me on a post-it:-)

  658. My son loves to draw with his markers. I’m especially proud of his portrait of me as a baby — complete with spiky pink hair — that only a 3 year old could do.

  659. My granddaughters would love this for their art supplies

  660. Just tweeted about this great giveaway, under hollandsays. Have 2 kiddos who both love to create through art. My son has started drawing his own comics and my daughter loves to color, cut and paste….anything and everything! Thanks,
    Holland Saltsman’s latest post: Fun &amp Fancy foodie stuff

  661. Jessica J. says:

    My 5 year old would love this…he loves to write letters to his grandparents who don’t live close by!

  662. My little artist loves to draw, but her little brother is always losing her supplies. This would help us keep everything together and easy to put away. Thank you for the giveaway.

  663. Oh, my 4 1/2 year old daughter is a lover or art. She is quite the little artists, and my husband and I are always excited to see what she has created. We would be thrilled to have something like this to keep eveything in one place…and to get to play with new supplies!

  664. I am amazed at what my 3 year old daughter creates. And she love drawing with pens and pencils not crayons surprising.

  665. Jenny Runyan says:

    This would be the perfect gift for my 3 year old daughter who has just learned to write her name and letters. She is constantly creating new ‘masterpieces’ complete with pictures and words-she would be in heaven to have this. And I would be in heaven to win it for her!

  666. Yolanda Beltran says:

    My 18 month old has been correctly holding and writing with adult pens and pencils since she was about 10 months. She loves to color and draw and create. This would be the *perfect* gift. THANK YOU!

  667. My daughter has started making “books”–stapled together papers with her pictures inside. I’ve been drooling over this caddy but it doesn’t quite fit the budget. But drool, drool, drool!

  668. My little one loves to paint and color and doodle!

  669. My son is a budding artist. He loves to create anything and everything. He just turned four, so he is really into exploring different art mediums. I would love to have the caddy in our house!!

  670. Anita Conrad says:

    Yes, so many creative artists in our family and I would have to say that probably notecards would be the big winner!

  671. Ana Thomson says:

    That caddy is the best I’ve seen so far. My toddler daughter loves using her watercolors and markers every afternoon and writes her own “books” which we staple together. This caddy would be keep her art cabinet organized and she could just pull it out as needed. Great giveaway!

  672. I have 5 kids. Three of them LOVE to draw and 2 LOVE to write! This would be such an assest to our homeschooling days!!! 🙂

  673. my sweet noel loves to paint!

  674. Jennifer N says:

    I have four budding artists! This caddy would be PERFECT!!!! One daughter loves drawing outside themes, the youngest keeps drawing our family with our expectant baby in every picture, the boys are more into airplanes, ships and baseball drawings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  675. My oldest son has said that he wants to be a writer when he grows up since he was about four or five. Now in middle school, he started a book club for fellow sixth graders. Writing and reading are very important to him. My younger son plans on being the illustrator. He has a strong sense of design. As an artist and teacher myself I have had my boys creating from the very beginning. Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

  676. I have three aspiring artists and writers. Justine is working on the epilogue to her first book which she also serves as illustrator. Her subjects usually include children and horses. Ethan is the builder and problem solver. He is constructing a tunnel and habitat for his Zhu Zhu pet. He recently made a cardboard pocket for a pair of scissors to protect them from his little brother’s hands. Aidan is all about dinosaurs. He can narrate quite a few greek myths too. He recently drew a stegosaurus with some impressive colors! This caddy will be great for my three children to tote around the house.

  677. My daughter loves to draw animals and flowers with crayons and colored pencils on paper or with chalk outside or even on a steamy shower door. 🙂

  678. my daughter loves to draw and carry her box of crayons from room to room. i think she’s very close to learning to write so this would be so handy on many fronts.

  679. Abigail Gunter says:

    My 4 year old loves to color and draw! I love to see how creative she is becoming! This would be an awesome gift for her!

  680. Oooh! One of these is on my wishlist for my kids this year. I’d love to win one! Thanks for the opportunity.

  681. Just tweeted about the giveaway also. Fingers crossed :o)

  682. my almost four year old is FINALLY starting to enjoy art. he’s daily asking his sister “do ya wanna color with me?”…so cute!
    katie anaya’s latest post: naomi grace- an introduction

  683. My granddaughter would love this. She likes to draw. It’s something she could play with when we visit from out of town.

  684. My oldest loves to color and he is just starting to draw things and then tell me what they are… lately it has been balloons

  685. Sharyn Davis says:

    My 6 year old has been drawing since she could hold a pen.. non-stop. perfect caddy for our house as she (and I) are always looking for pens, pencils etc. which she has scattered around the house. She needs them around her all the time to draw her pictures mostly of animals – horses, tigers (her current theme is saving the tigers!)

  686. Ack!! So cute!! I tried to make something like that with a bathroom/cleaning caddy but it doesn’t work super well. My four year old artist would love to color color and color with an amazing kit like this!!!

  687. my oldest(13) and youngest(3) love all things crafty/artsy. the little one just got done painting and now both of them are making snowflakes out of popcicle sticks!

  688. I have 4 kids who love art! One child especially loves to make drawings. This mom would love a way to keep all their art/writing supplies neat and organized! What a wonderful idea!

  689. Lisa Rogers says:

    My ten year old daughter would love this caddy! She has Aspergers and expresses herself beautifully through art. She appreciates items that are organized well and would be delighted with this gift for Christmas.


  690. We do an art project a day at my house. Anything that requires glue or scissors is a hit.

  691. My 5 year old is just learning to read and write. It is so much fun to see him writing his first awkward and often backwards words! This caddy is a beautiful way to encourage writing (& organizing!).

  692. Hanna DeMaster says:

    My 3 year old is constantly begging me to do “projects” with him (his word for all things crafty). What a fabulous way to keep things organized!

  693. Oh I was looking at this caddy last week. What a great giveway! My son is nearly 4 1/2 and he’s really into painting and using chalk.

  694. My budding writer is 4 and he loves to write about what Daddy does at work and his plans for his future visits at Granma’s farm.

  695. My 4-year-old would love this! Although he’s not much of an artist, he is a born story-teller, and will be churning out books all by himself in just a few years.

  696. My daughter is a budding artist. She loves creating with all sorts of medium – paint, glitter, play doh, etc!
    Danielle’s latest post: 27 and Falling

  697. My middle son is our budding artist and he delights in creating comic strips. He has been developing comic books since he was 9 years old but drawing since he could pick up a writing implement.
    Elle’s latest post: Thanksgiving 30

  698. My son loves to paint and color. I would love this to keep his art materials organized!

  699. We´re all artists at home! And we would love to have a specific place where to keep our supplies organized. (Our favorites are visual arts and music). I´m loving these giveaways!
    Fernanda’s latest post: Trumpeter

  700. That has got to be the coolest writing caddy I’ve seen! My daughters would love it or the botanist kit, either one! Thanks again for the great giveaway!

  701. I home-school my 4 kids and they spend much of their time crafting. My six year old in particular would LOVE this caddy. She often states, ‘I am an artist’. She is so creative.

  702. This giveaway is just great. We are all artists at home and we will finally have a specific place where to organize our creative materials. Thanks for the opportunity. I´m reentring this comment because I don´t see the previous one I posted, sorry in case it´s dupplicated.
    Fernanda’s latest post: Trumpeter

  703. My son, Karl, 5, loves to draw snails right now. He also likes us to write out sample words, which he then copies and posts up around the house, such as “Please do not disturb.”

  704. my kiddos are still quite young, (3 + 2yo twins), but my little girl is my budding artist. give her watercolors or finger paint and she’s happy for an hour.

  705. My little girl who just turn to 3 loves to paint with her fingers and my little boy who is just 1 started to enjoy art. That will be a great gift for them and me want to organize the supplies.

    Thank you~

  706. Kristen T. says:

    I love, love, love this caddy so very much! My 4 1/2 year old loves anything art-related, but can be found drawing with colored pencils, markers, and crayons most of the time.

  707. My oldest is extremely artsy and would love this caddy.
    stephanie’s latest post: Book Review- Emily of Deep Valley

  708. I tweeted it!
    stephanie’s latest post: Book Review- Emily of Deep Valley

  709. We all love art and being creative!

  710. I have a 9, 7 and 6 year old that love drawing. They’re favorite time of the day is when we turn on Mark Kistler Art School and they learn to sketch something new. They can’t get enough of it!!

  711. How fun! My little one (3yrs) loves to colour. This would be great for storing all his supplies!

  712. My daughter loves to make cards and drawings. She takes after her daddy in the creative dept.
    Melanie’s latest post: Talking Bras with My Four Year Old

  713. My daughter loves crafts and art of all kinds.
    Jennifer’s latest post: Random Parenting Tips Ive Learned

  714. My 9 year old son LOVES to write & draw. He will get up early in the morning to do his writing for school. It is so fun to see how he uses descriptive words and how his writing is truly budding!

  715. My daughter loves to “write” and even though she has just started knowing her letters, she “writes” pages and pages of stories. I love it.

  716. My oldest is 5 and he loves to draw all kinds of animals and insects, and he is very good at it.

  717. I have a writer who has just learned to write the alphabet! She loves to write letters and this writing caddy is wonderful!

  718. My daughter is definitely a budding artist. She loves to create pictures and projects. Give her markers, crayons, glue and scissors and she’ll create her own masterpiece.

  719. My budding artist enjoys pencil sketching, origami and knitting.

  720. we have both. my daughter especially loves to create things from found objects or scraps from our art supplies.
    erin’s latest post: gratitude

  721. What a neat design! My four year old daughter is the artist in residence at our house. This caddy would be the perfect addition for her “studio” as she calls it.

  722. I’ve got two budding artists…and one storyteller although it’ll be a few more years until he can write his own tales. LOVE this giveaway, but I’m not a tweeter.
    Tricia’s latest post: See you in Dallas

  723. My daughter just started a sketchbook (gift from Grandma) that she loves to create crayon self-portraits in. This sweet caddy would be a brilliant creative addition!

  724. Terrie Smith says:

    I’d love to have this little art caddy for when the grandchildren come to visit! They are all buddy artists!

  725. My middle son is a FABULOUS artist and his creations amaze me.
    He has little stories that go along with everything he draws….and I normally try to build off of things in our homeschool curriculum for art projects.

    Whether its knights and dragons or dinosaurs in a modern styled home 😉

    I love encouraging him to be a creator and I love his originality…
    this would be a STELLAR Christmas gift <3

    Thank you for making me aware of such a great set!

    Sara Sophia’s latest post: And they gave thanks

  726. I have several budding artists in my family. My oldest two (twins) are in college – both taking art classes. One of my younger girls (almost 11) is can draw very detailed pictures . . . I imagine her going far with it as she uses it for God’s glory. Would so love to win for her! 🙂
    Loni’s latest post: Multitude Monday One Thousand Gifts continues

  727. My son enjoys coloring a lot with crayons & markers…too young to create anything but scribbles at the moment.

  728. And tweeted! (MamaofaDozen)
    Loni’s latest post: Multitude Monday One Thousand Gifts continues

  729. Julie Gonsalves says:

    I have a 5-year-old who IS an artist- just ask her! Almost every day she is busy making personal artwork and writing notes for people. She would love the art supplies and I would love to see them organized!

  730. I have 2 budding artists, ohhh i love this! and the organization would be awesome but the style of it is exquisite.
    lisa todd’s latest post: Christmas Cards…

  731. My son is still on the early side of learning to create, but he loves drawing with crayons!

  732. I have TWO budding artists – and a teeny living space that needs to be organized all the time so this would be wonderful. My girls (4 and 6) love drawing pictures of our family and making cards for our extended family who don’t live close. Love it !

  733. My son loves to color (he’s only 2) and water colors is his new favorite thing–though he usually paints with more water than color!

  734. I tweeted!

  735. I tweeted it!
    Jessica Mueller’s latest post: hope calling out to Hope

  736. My 6 year old loves to create cards for family and friends. This caddy would be PERFECT for him since he always seems to leave a trail of supplies through the house!

  737. I have a budding artist that loves to study famous artists and then create his own works in their style. This week he is into cubism (Picasso)!
    Amy-Cutting Coupons in KC’s latest post: Burger King Chicken Sandwich B1G1 FREE!

  738. I have a five year old that loves to create houss, kites, and hats My three year old loves to draw anything purple!
    Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith’s latest post: Christmas Cookies- Chocolate Spritz

  739. My 6 year old daughter has given me so many of her drawings that I am not sure what to do. She completes about 4 a day and loves to illustrate stories (mostly about princesses!)

  740. My 3 year old loves to trace her hand and make different characters and tell stories for each character.

  741. My daughter would LOVE this … totally a budding artist. She’ll sit for hours, focused and happy, while working on an art project!
    Erika’s latest post: 1-000 Gifts- His still- small voice

  742. All three of my boys are budding artists and writers, and their little sister is following their lead (although it is still a challenge to make sure she draws on paper, and not on the walls!). My boys love to create their own comic books and illustrated chapter books. During the summer, they drew illustrations of every single character in the Harry Potter novels and taped them on the walls and ceiling of their bedroom!

  743. I have two artist/ writers in my house who would love that caddy with supplies.
    Danyelle’s latest post: weekend awakenings

  744. I have a couple of aspiring artists in my home! My almost 4 year loves drawing animals and my 19 month old just loves scribbling with as many colors as he can fit on a page.

  745. #2 does nothing lately but draw draw draw. We’ve been thinking about getting him an art kit for Christmas- this is much better than anything we’ve looked at.

  746. My 4 1/2 year old had no interest in drawing or coloring or creating until this year. Now he loves it so much that we set up an art area in our family room. A day doesn’t go by without him coloring or drawing or creating some kind of art. Today, he wanted to make pop-up cards so we had to find instructions on the Internet. I love seeing his creativity bloom…and I love that his 2 year old sister is following in his foot steps.

  747. Gabrielle Eaton says:

    My 3yo makes wonderful “dry erase board” art…unfortunately, it isn’t permanent, so we sometimes try to take a photo before it gets wiped away.

  748. Jamie Fullman says:

    My 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son both love to create. My daughter does most of her creating in the evening, while my son creates during the day. This caddy would be a fabulous addition to gather our art supplies.

  749. Yes, I sure do have budding artists in my family! Both of my daughters love to create, but it is my oldest who is almost always found with pencils and paper in hand, imagination in full gear. She enjoys drawing and adding color with colored pencils. She currently loves fashion illustration, making mock-up catalog or magazine pages and designing floor plans. She also loves drawing silly creatures with quirky features and writing brief summaries about their personalities. It is a true delight to see the outpouring of creativity from this child!

  750. yes, they are really into creating their own comic strips…it’s so cute-

  751. My husband is a wonderful writer, so we’re hoping our kids follow in his footsteps! This caddy is beautiful and inspiring. 🙂

  752. My four year old is always making something. Her latest favourite is making little books. She draws the pictures and tells me what to write.
    Lisa’s latest post: Eating to Fight Cancer Part 8- Chocolate

  753. My 2-year-old loves coloring, but he hasn’t gotten much past the scribbling stage yet.

  754. Our budding artist wont be born until February, but since both of his parents are artists, this would be a great thing for Mom and Dad to use on birth announcements and then hand down as he gets old enough to start doing his own artistic things.

  755. Tweeted! @MomsGreenList
    Lisa’s latest post: Eating to Fight Cancer Part 8- Chocolate

  756. Oh, it is so neat!!!!

  757. Do you have a budding artist or writer in your family? What does he or she enjoy creating most?

    I have a couple of each in my family! My son’s are all great artist, and my daughter’s love writing!

  758. My son loves to draw pictures of all kinds. Today he came home with three truck drawings. He really gets excited if he can use his glue stick!

  759. Cherith Warner says:

    My 4 year old son loves to make ‘envelopes’ to give to people (mostly his grandparents). He traced his own hand and turned it into a turkey, and then made an envelope for one grandma…….Another project that he did completely on his own was to make an envelope with a bug (mosquito) drawn on it, that he could use to collect money that his preschool was collecting in order to be able to purchase mosquito nets for people in other countries to protect them from malaria.

  760. My son loves to write in his nature journal and collect leaves and other things from the outdoors to put in it. I encourage any activities that don’t involve technology. (as I am on the computer. ha ha)

  761. My daughter would make pictures and cards all day long if I let her, she is definitely a budding artist.

  762. No one in my family likes to write.

  763. My 3 year old loves to draw ships.

  764. WOW, that is so cute! I have a budding artist in my 6 year old. He has decided he wants to be an artist/baseball player when he grows up. ;0) As soon as we start school each day, he asks, “can it be art time now?”

  765. My daughter loves to draw people and I love to write lists! This caddy is beautiful!

  766. My boy enjoy modeling more than anything else.

  767. My girl loves to read. We have a budding writer on our hands!

  768. My five year old currently loves to make cards for friends and family. Her almost 3 year old sister just likes to draw on anything!
    Paula@Motherhood Outloud’s latest post: Thankful for Thanksgiving

  769. I tweeted this!!/paulanix
    Paula@Motherhood Outloud’s latest post: Thankful for Thanksgiving

  770. My toddler is SUCH a budding artist! She’s very into cutting right now… Today’s project was cutting paper dolls, then gluing them into scenes and covering them with glitter glue, etc. All her idea! All such fun!

    This caddy is beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE the contents!
    Carrie S.’s latest post: Handmade Ornaments Preview

  771. Mother of Pearl says:

    My boy loves to sketch any trucks or construction machines that stop nearby, also we have a whole of fleet of drawings of shipwrecks from him.

  772. My daughter is a budding artist. She loves to draw with her markers.

  773. My 3 year old loves to draw and finger paint… I live in China and it is hard to find kid-friendly craft supplies so this would be a huge blessing for us!

  774. Claudia Matthews says:

    My 4 yr old loves creating for everyone he knows. He still needs help with writing everyones names on the cards but he sure tries. The best part is the stick figures he draws of everyone.

  775. My daughter loves to use finger paints to draw animals & flowers

  776. Mandi Bozarth says:

    This caddy is amazing. I would love to have it. My 6 year old keeps a daily journal of writing and drawing. And my three year old loves to draw and write her name. We spend at least an hour everyday at the table drawing and writing. Even my two year old twins join in most days.

  777. sarah chrastina says:

    Our 7 year old daughter is an artist and writer… LOVES drawing pictures for others with a whole story to go with the creation.

  778. My niece Riley is a budding artist and would love this!

  779. If there are two things my 9 year old Sam ( who happens to have Down Syndrome) loves, its creating any and everything and packing any and everything. What better combination than having a great place to “pack” some of his best creating tools!

  780. My daughter loves creating illustrations in colored pencil.
    Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)’s latest post: Buffie Wellies

  781. My 7 year old daughter loves to make books. She staples, draws and writes many stories in the paper books she makes. She is totally in love with art – this would be perfect for her:)

  782. My 3 year old loves to express himself with art. He’s really into drawing, painting, using modeling clay. Lately his favorite is getting “paint with water” his words for water colors.

  783. Wow – what a gorgeous gift! My 4yo is really into writing at the moment, she loves to make cards for her friends. My 18mo loves to “write” too, in very careful little scribbles. 🙂

  784. I tweeted about this giveaway too! Would really love to win…
    Michelle @ The Parent Vortex’s latest post: Do You Have a Parenting Mission Statement

  785. My godson would love this! He is really into coloring! 🙂

  786. My older guy is really into a drawing phase right now, and this would be really cool!

  787. Tracy Smith says:

    My son Stephen is our budding artist. He loves to create cities out of boxes and very detailed sketches. He’s 12 but he’s been at this since he was about 4. He would LOVE this caddy for his desk.

  788. Oh for sure. My artist loves to write stories.

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