Read the World Summer Book Club 2017

Written by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool

It never dawned on me when Give Your Child the World released that we’d find ourselves doing the Read the World Summer Book Club again this year–but here we are!

Back by popular demand, it’s the 2nd Annual Read the World Summer Book Club. Once again we’ll explore the world this summer, one book at a time!

This year will be less formal–perfect for adding just a touch of gentle learning to lazy summer days while your littles slurp popsicles or take a break after playing in the pool.

And we’ve made it even easier to participate! Here’s how it will work:

The Calendar

Give Your Child the World contains eight chapters of booklists–one for each area of the world.

Our club will devote one week to each chapter, but this year we’ll kick things off earlier, meaning that if you have to skip a week for a vacation or other reason you’ll still have plenty of time to finish by summer’s end!

Here’s how it will break down:

  • June 5th – Multicultural Week
  • June 12th – Africa Week
  • June 19th – Europe Week
  • June 27th – North America Week
  • July 3rd – Middle East Week
  • July 10th – Asia Week
  • July 17th – Latin America Week
  • July 24th – Australia, Oceania, & Polar Regions Week

All of your kids can take part, no matter their age. My book includes book recommendations for ages 4-12, but teens are welcome to join in with picks of their own. And if your younger kids listen in as you read-aloud, that counts too!

Yes, but what will we do, exactly?

Your easy, peasy, summer breezy goal is to read one book each week from a different part of the world, according to the calendar above. Simple, right?!

Last year we had families who took this to a whole other level, carting home a huge stack of books from a new region each week, but that’s not at all necessary to take part.

Do what works for you! There are over 600 book recommendations in Give Your Child the World to choose from.

The Printables

Last summer we released the printables week by week, but this year you’ll get everything right away via email–yay! I hope that makes it easier for you to get organized and prepared ahead of time.

You’ll also get links to the extra materials for each week (recipes, video clips, etc) as soon as you register, meaning you can go ahead and shop for ingredient lists or make additional plans before the club officially kicks off. Hooray for even less summer stress!

The downloads book club members will receive:

  • regional maps to use each week,
  • a low-maintenance log for your readers to keep track of (and rate) titles,
  • coupons to keep your family members motivated,
  • and a certificate you can print out at the end of the summer as a souvenir!

The Hashtag

Last year we had such fun with the #GiveYourChildtheWorld hashtag on Instagram, and I loved seeing the books you chose and all you learned.

It brought a sense of community to our online club and I hope you’ll share this go ’round as well!

Books Are Better Shared

We have a few weeks before we officially kick things off on June 5th, so now’s the perfect time to invite a few friends to join us!

Last summer it warmed my heart to see families joining together to read, cook, share, and explore the world. Or maybe you want to share this post with your co-op so anyone who’s interested can get involved, too.

A chance to give back!

This past winter as part of our Heal the World Book Club, club members asked friends and relatives to pledge a small amount for each book they read. All the money went toward the education of child trafficking survivors in the Philippines (via Love146, where my husband serves as CEO).

If you’d like to add an outreach component to your summer book club, we’d love to have you! The fundraiser will remain open through the end of August for anyone who’d like to take part–any amounts raised in excess of our initial goal will create a scholarship fund for trafficking survivors who dream of attending college.

Just connect with friends or relatives, explain what you’ll be doing, and invite them to pledge. Then follow up at the end of the club, and pass on this direct link where they can easily give:

How to Sign Up for the Book Club

There’s no cost to be a part of this summer’s club–you just need your own copy of Give Your Child the World to use as a reference and you’re all set.

If you still need to order Give Your Child the World, both the paperback and Kindle versions are a terrific price on Amazon right now! You can also find it at Barnes and Noble and Book Depository (free delivery worldwide).

A quick note from Jamie: I was not expecting the level of interest this summer’s club would generate, and neither was Amazon & Book Depository–who sold out of copies of Give Your Child the World! Amazon is working hard to get paperbacks back in stock asap, but I suggest buying the Kindle version or from Barnes & Noble if you need it for book club picks and can’t wait!

Register for the book club right here and you’ll receive an email with immediate access to all the printables and other links you’ll need for the whole summer!

Then when you have my book in hand, choose your titles for the upcoming weeks according to the calendar above. Request them from the library or order your copies so they’ll be ready when you need them.

And just like that, a great summer is served…

Again, here’s the form to register for the book club! And heads up: Make sure you check your Promotions folder in Gmail and your spam/junk folders if you don’t see the email soon after signing up as they seem to get flagged there sometimes! Email Kara here if you still can’t find it after searching.

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She is the co-founder and editor of Simple Homeschool, where she writes about mindful parenting, intentional education, and the joy found in a pile of books. Jamie is also the author of a handful of titles, including her newest release, Give Your Child the World.


  1. Fun! Will there be any new activities or videos from last time for those of us who are doing it again?

    • Hi Marni! This year we are using the same materials from last year, but we hope you can explore any of the links you didn’t last year or research to find your own since we’ve announced it much earlier than before. So glad to have you following along!

  2. Awesome, thanks for doing this again! I bought your book last year but my kids were a bit too young then, and now I’m going to be home with them and starting homeschooling this summer/fall — excited to participate!

  3. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for making everything available up front. It really helps my mama brain plan our summer weeks better.

  4. This sounds great. I’m all signed up. We will do this with some friends who live locally.
    Emma Cummings’s latest post: In Praise for the Average

  5. Fun! Have the book and happy to be part of the club! I recommend the Anna Hibiscus books about a little girl from Africa. They can be purchased from Usbourne books BUT might be available elsewhere. Definitely worth the search;) Jamie I am very interested in your husband’s organization. My husband is Filipino. Trafficking is something I’ve become more aware of and interested in learning about ways to help. So, again, thank you! We’ve been at public school but plan to return to homeschooling next yr. I will be reading anything you share. Love your articles and suggestions. Jamie

  6. How amazing! I bought your book to inspire me while I plan my co-op class for next fall. Is it ok if summer book club members reuse some of the materials in the fall with our homeschool friends?

  7. Hi Jamie
    Thought about you yesterday when we got a brochure in the mail learning about the people that live in Democratic Republic of Congo and them hearing about Jesus. Do you have any books from that region in your book? The kind of people that live there are called Mbuti Pygmy.
    Thank you!

  8. I just went to order your book and it says they aren’t shipping for 2-4 weeks. Is this true 😕

  9. Can I purchase one book and have it available for more than one child and do read alouds? I have several kids. Thank you!

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