A virtual field trip to London, England

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A virtual field trip to London, England
Written by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

Nearly three weeks ago our family flew across the ocean to England. My husband Steve grew up in York, so much of our time has been spent up north visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins as part of our itinerary.

But we first stopped in London, a city we had never before explored as an entire family. It’s definitely a busy, bustling place (a bit much for the introverts among us after a couple of days!), but we wouldn’t have missed this chance to take in the sites together.

Because I’m passionate about helping all of our kids (yours and mine!) fall in love with the world, I always get to thinking about my readers when we travel.

How can I offer you a snapshot of where we are without you having to board the next flight? Another virtual field trip seemed like the best possibility, so gather your kids around the coffee table and come along!
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A Little House virtual field trip

A Little House Virtual Field Trip ~SimpleHomeschool
Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

As I’ve written before, the Little House books have influenced my life since I first read them as a little girl. I’ve read the entire series several times and have always had a dream–a dream that this year is going to come true!

I’ve always wanted to walk where Laura walked, see where she lived, and be inspired as a family along the way. Well, this summer it’s happening!

In June we’ll be heading west as a family–not in a covered wagon, but a minivan–to the Little House sites in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota on a massive road trip.

I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to do this as a family, but then I thought–why not take you guys along with me?

Of course, you won’t all fit in the minivan, but why not put together a virtual field trip so you can take your kids to Laura’s homes from your dining room or coffee table?

Ready? Let’s go!
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Art museums: A perfect field trip destination

Art Museums: A Perfect Field Trip Destination | SimpleHomeschool.net

Written by Angie Kauffman of Real Life at Home.

I have loved art for as long as I can remember. While I haven’t always been very adept at creating my own art, I have loved looking at and studying art.

It’s probably not surprising that this also translated into a love of art museums. Despite this, because my children weren’t particularly interested in art and I was afraid of their boredom, I resisted taking them to an art museum. Even though we were within easy driving distance of a large art museum, I kept skipping out on this amazing field trip opportunity.

Maybe you’ve resisted art museums for some of the same reasons. After taking my children to an art museum, I would urge you to reconsider as well.

You just might be surprised by what happens, if it’s anything like our art museum experience.
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Our Little House on the Prairie road trip

Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

5 states – 2,200 miles – 2 adults – 3 kids – 1 minivan – 9 days – 3 Little House sites…

…and we lived to tell about it!

Since we arrived back from our whirlwind tour of the Midwest a few weeks ago, I’ve been reliving our trip by posting photos on Steady Mom and social media. On one such update a reader asked:

“Won’t you share the specifics of your trip so we can benefit from all your work if we decide to do the same?”

Several other readers also mentioned you might like to check out one or more of the sites some day with your family, so I thought perhaps a post about our experience might help you plan your own Little House site tour.

I’ll go ahead and let you know, though, that I’m pretty sure this is the longest post I’ve ever written anywhere. With so many cool photos to share, and so many tips to include, I wanted to be thorough and include as much information for you as possible.

Here we go – enjoy!
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Pack your bags: Tips for family travel this summer

The following is a guest post written by Gwynyth Kier of Grapefruit Jam.

One of my favorite perks of homeschooling is the flexibility to travel unconstrained by the school calendar. No matter the season, there is always the possibility of adventure on the horizon, and we can all use a break from time to time.

So pack your bags! We are heading out the door.

But where to go?

We can’t always jump on a plane headed for the far corners of the earth, but there are still plenty of opportunities for adventure when you think small:
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